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down with the plastic bag

jun 30th, 2007

Rage Boy is All the Rage!

That Kashmiri activist who has become the face of Islamic protest for the press corps is now evolving into some kind of new internet cult fad phenom. At this rate, I think he'll have to hire an agent, and put himself on the talkshow circuit. Maybe he can land some product endorsement contracts, or something.

Remember -- All Your Rage Are Belong to Us!

Hero of Balochistan Not Forgotten

Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti is lauded by former Balochistan corps commander-turned-governor Abdul Qadir Baloch, who has announced his intention to run in the upcoming elections.
“Bugti is my hero and his vision is my vision,” Lt-General Baloch said in an exclusive interview with Daily Times.
Not many people have the courage of that old man in meeting his fiery end confronting the Pak Army.

More - India's Patil Sopranos
More on the Criminal Enterprise of India's next first family. How shocking!
And where are all the Jhollawallah leftist intellectuals who love to tell us about how education and teaching is so honorable that we should not attach a profit motive to it?

But why should this surprise anyone. With Antonia on the remote control - we will now have the Indian version of The Sopranos in Rashtrapati Bhavan

Attack on Glasgow Airport

Some Asian men with firebombs have crashed a burning car into the main terminal building of the airport in Glasgow, Scotland, apparently setting themselves on fire in the process. Suicide bombing seems to be the Islamist path to Darwinism. Here's a picture of the burning vehicle. And here is some news video footage.

Invading The Sacred - By Aditi Banerjee

jun 30th, 2007

well written. aditi does write with great clarity.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Moksha

Invading The Sacred - By Aditi Banerjee

In college, I was exposed to Jeffrey Kripal's "theory" of Sri
Ramakrishna as a homosexual who had homoerotic feelings about (and
possibly abused) Swami Vivekananda. It was presented to me not as
speculation but as an academically established and authoritative
truth. All my life, I had looked upon Sri Ramakrishna and Swami
Vivekananda as holy saints who had revived Hinduism during colonial
rule in India. I had a picture of Sri Ramakrishna and Sarada Devi to
which I daily offered aarti, and I eagerly read Swami Vivekananda's
complete works--one of the few compilations on Hinduism widely
available in English that is written from a Hindu perspective. They
had been my portal to Hinduism, but I felt shaken by these academic
allegations. Instinctively, I knew such claims were baseless, and yet,
these claims were made and vouched for by bona fide professors with
Ivy League credentials, so they could not be completely wrong.

Could they?


more at:

Friday, June 29, 2007

How I Couldn't Learn to Love the Brzezinski

Here's a recently published review in the Asian Age on the wonderful world of Dr Zbigniew Brzezinski. He is of course famous for having founded the Trilateral Commission, which is a nice little shadowy group of people who like to meet behind closed doors. He later also became famous for his clever little ploy of engineering the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, which caused us Indians a whole lot of death in the 1980s and 1990s. Oh well, I guess we were just unfortunately in the man's way, and took some 'collateral damage'. Personally, I think the most uncanny thing about Dr Brzezinski is his resemblance to Dr Strangelove.

Britain - Smith warns of 'sustained' threat
Londonistan now being humped by the camel. How can Britain deal with this? Well let's see - perhaps Prince Charles can finally convert and lead the faithful to prayer in the 'Jama Masjid' of Vilayat?

Note to reader abhishek - please voluntarily delete all personalized attacks against reader matthew from this blog. I have requested the Blog Administrator to do this as soon as it is possible. Also if you continue to engage in personalized attacks I would be happy to start the process of making you persona non-grata on this forum (a la iamfordemocracy)

World's wealthy worth $37.2 trillion


India - legal notice on British auction house
This is a welcome development; the more you threaten the meeker they get.
India has for too long been the victim of sundry 'collectors' who buy stolen antiquities from various such 'auction houses' - the said 'auction houses' being nothing but a marketing front for thieves and smugglers. The Vaman Ghia operation comes to mind, and many others!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

naturally. the atlanticist just loves these two 'historians'

jun 27th, 2007

as they would.

1. ramachandra guha whose main claim to fame is that he is a
bowel-movement historian

2. martha nussbaum whose main claim to fame is that even amartya sen
couldn't stand her as a girlfriend

there is no end to the 'atlanticists' hostility towards india.

another attack on hindu practices by the 'economist' while forgetting worse christist practices

jun 27th, 2007

i have mentioned here before the assault on hinduism as 'ecologically
unsound' -- the attack is by the christists. here's an example of

funny, hinduism has existed for 10,000 years without india being
devastated ecologically. because hinduism coexists with nature.

christism, in the other hand, has existed for 1,700 years (from the
council of nicea) and has brought the earth to the verge of complete
ecological ruin. this is based on its glorification of greed and its
casual sanction to rape and pillage the earth. being a desert cult it
doesn't understand the value of nature: its goal is to turn wherever
it goes into a desert.

i have mentioned before the 242nd reason why christism is a dumb cult:
the practice of keeping the moldy remains of their dead in the ground,
occupying space. now let's take a look at the statistics of the damage
that's creating.

each christist will need about 8 ft x 3 ft of space. assume there are
3 billion christists around, and that 10% die every year, ie there are
300 million dead christists per year. 300 million x 24 sq ft = 7200
million sq ft.

converting this into meters, 7200 million sq ft/9 = 800 million sq meters

converting this into kilometers, 800 x 1,000,000 sq m/1000*1000 = 800
square kilometers

this is the amount of space permanently put out of circulation every
year. for ever. this is good agricultural land being converted into
useless eyesores all over the place. and remember this is not marginal
land in some hillside or desert, it's in the middle of good habitable
urban or rural land.

at this rate, in a few centuries, *all* the good agricultural land in
the world will be turned into christist cemeteries! now isn't that an
ecological catastrophe?

and all because of a stupid superstition that their bodies (or the
worm infested dried pieces of bone that remain) will be raised as is
to 'heaven'!

how dumb can you get?

More on the Declassified CIA Documents

Here's more on the documents recently declassified by the CIA, relating to the Sino-Indian conflict and the activities of the Communist Party of India. From what I can see, their current shadowy support for militant activities like Naxalism are even more aggressive than what they were doing in 1962.

Spindian Express -- taking cudgels for the left

More spin from the Spindian Express.

Of particular note is the opening line:
Left parties have, justifiably, prided themselves on two attributes: probity in public life and a secular, modern outlook that takes a particularly dim view of public religiosity.

This is good to know -- by this yardstick, the Left rascals should have no compunctions in coming clean about their high treason in 1962 during the Indo-China war.

And by the way -- the left does not like Religiosity unless it is to their God -- Mao.
In that, they're like the other exclusivist ideologies that strut around calling themselves "Religions".

Indian Commies in India-China War - CIA Analysis
Should make for interesting reading; someone sent me the link only today and I confess I have not read the documents. They have a big expose on Nehru - Kapidhwaja shared the TOI article before. Here is a list of the documents

Shame that Indians have to learn about our national humiliation from American sources. Why not an open inquiry on what happened on the Himalayan heights? Remember Sonia prancing around the country saying "Hamare mann mein kuch sawaal hain?" when Kargil happened? How come her heart has no questions about 1962? - I guess she was not our daughter-in-law at that time!

Be open and inclusive, China tells India, US, Japan, Aus

Hahaha, this article made my day. Its such a treat to watch the Hans tremble like any other bully when they are administered the same treatment...

Here is a more detailed article of the same.

Chinese deception, Nehru's naivete led to '62 war: CIA papers

For all you Nehru lovers, here is a very interesting article of CIA's analysis of the Sino-Indo 1962 war...

Interesting thing is that pig-headed Nehru continued with his folly even after the then Burmese premier warned him of Chinese perfidy.

History for dummies

For a few good laughs, read this
A few gems include
- In fact, according to N R Farooqi(heh!), professor of History at Allahabad University, the Mughals probably borrowed purdah from the Rajputs.

- Farooqi says Mughal women were introduced to the purdah only after Akbar married a Rajput princess, who may have brought this custom along with her.

Ohh yeah, sure, Mr Farooqi, the custom then spread all over the islamic world from the mughals.. So ultimately, islam is a religion of peace, gives equal rights to women, etc but it was made radical by Hindus. Nice spin by the so called "eminent historians". I wonder about the quality of history education in India, when someone cannot make out the difference between a ghoonghat and a long black veiled female ninja dress !!

Wait, there is more
- Many other popular perceptions are often mistaken for historical fact, such as Islam being brought to India by Muslim invaders. Most historians concur that India’s introduction to Islam was, in fact, through Arab traders.

Ohh well, they were rather peaceful guys, werent they? And it spread like wildfire from Kerala to Punjab, Sindh, UP and Kashmir. We unwashed Hindus are always wrong, arent we?

- Myths, however, become intertwined with history, often overshadowing it. That’s why the fictional Salim-Anarkali romance is more popular than the real Jahangir-Noorjahan love story.

Again, giving an example of a myth like Anarkali, to spread more myths. BTW, I thought jahangir noorjahan wasnt a love story, it was a kidnap story. A mughal king who took the wife of a conquered 2-paise-ka-sultan as his wife.

Pratibha Patil might be another yesman (yeswoman?) of La Madame, she may be a typical corrupt Congressi politician, but she is atleast right when she says that the ghoonghat was introduced because of the muslim hordes. The fact that Pratibha Patil is stating it does not mean that the fact regarding ghoonghat is wrong. A wrong person is saying the right thing here. Logically, if we think about it, why is the ghoonghat more common in Rajasthan, particularly amongst Rajputs, as compared to other parts of India?

BTW, why is Shivsena supporting Pratibha Patil? Is her being a daughter-of-the-soil more important than national interests? Shivsena is a lot more parochial and regionalistic, much like the Dravidians. They have something against non-Maharashtrians, even though the non-Maharashtrians may be Hindus. By putting up Puppeta Patil, Congress has attained two goals. First they get more votes in the presidential polls, plus a split in the rival alliance.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rage Boy

SHOCKING IF TRUE! arun shourie's expose of pratibha patil: *this* is a presidential candidate?

jun 27th, 2007

i have been very sick with a viral fever and away from the computer
for a while. just got this mail. i cant vouch for its authenticity as
i got no URL, but thought it was startling, and the parting shot very
true: pick someone vulnerable.

it's still not clear shourie wrote this, but this blog has the full text. the allegations are indeed shocking.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Anand

Pratibha Patil, True Story - by Arun Shourie (Disturbing Credentials)

(the financial frauds, the murder, the deliberate derailment of the

'A big step for women... This shows India has a lot of respect for
women... My nomination will inspire other women and help their
empowerment...' - that is how Pratibha Patil described her selection
as the UPA candidate for being our President.


Monday, June 25, 2007

Australia Reads Muslims the Riot Act

In an impressive display of frank talk, the Australian govt's spokesman on multiculturalism addressed a conference of imams in a forthright way:

The Howard Government's multicultural spokesman, Andrew Robb, yesterday told an audience of 100 imams who address Australia's mosques that these were tough times requiring great personal resolve.
Mr Robb also called on them to shun a victim mentality that branded any criticism as discrimination.

"We live in a world of terrorism where evil acts are being regularly perpetrated in the name of your faith," Mr Robb said at the Sydney conference.

"And because it is your faith that is being invoked as justification for these evil acts, it is your problem.

"You can't wish it away, or ignore it, just because it has been caused by others.

"Instead, speak up and condemn terrorism, defend your role in the way of life that we all share here in Australia."

Mr Robb said unless Muslims took responsibility for their destiny and tackled the causes of terrorism, Australia would become divided.
Some Indians complain that Australians are racist, but I think the Aussie style of plain-speaking is necessary today, in order to combat the excesses of the new generation of ummahgrants and assorted dhimmigrants (Islamist immigrants and assorted allied left-wing PC "SouthAsian" immigrants). Ummahgration and dhimmigration pose a growing threat to the developed world and also to India, which gets more and more Bangladeshis everyday.

Yankee billion $$ Corp.'s - causing Vidharba suicides
Brain Riedl exposes the fraud behind the $25 billion US Farm subsidies. The terrible {subsidy-overproduction-more subsidy} cycle that Riedl exposes has the effect of globally depressing crop prices in essentials such as cotton, rice and wheat.
America's - and even more Europe's - billion-dollar 'farm' handouts cause farmer suicides in India.
Do have a special look at who got how much in the last ten years -

Islamist Credibility

Islamists never cease their efforts to impress everyone else with their incredible powers of logic, reason and wisdom. The latest protests against Rushdie's knighthood are an example of this. I suppose this is why so many of them are genuinely puzzled at criticism directed at them. It's strange that the rest of us just aren't upto their speed.

Helpless Minorities Imprisoned

A group of helpless minorities were imprisoned by the evil fascist Indian state today, for having done nothing more than innocently killed a fascist oppressor. What is the world coming to?

Brahma on the Chinese Brahmaputra Dam
On the money - as always
The Chinese will destabilize and threaten us with cutting-off water supplies and try to provoke India into a war it may not be ready to fight. All that surplus male population - the testosterone has to be redirected somehow!!
The Brahmaputra is only the start - the Hans have us by the short and curlies on this one

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Poor Christian Liberation Movement
Hear it from the mouth of the ones who have been 'graced by the miracle'; - life continues as before. Where are the ones to multiply their bread? How come there are no interviews with these people and highlighting of their oppression? Could it be because the oppressor here is the Church?
Of course - the real problem is that people are still subject to the 'horrors of the caste system' even after being converted. That is the Hindu's fault too. The Lord fails in India because of these 'Satanic' people!!!

NGO's - Child Labor Scheme?
According to Sandhya Jain (refer article below), the NGO in question was ostensibly linked to that super patriot Sandeep Pandey
There is no question of what ought to be done here
1- Bring the NGO's under the Right to Information Act
2- Have disclosure and accounting norms for all NGO's registered to operate in the land
3- Conduct social audits and have a NGO rating system - like the Moody's or S&P Credit Rating system

Of course - if you do this - the toadies will cry about the 'food being snatched from the hungry mouth' - about the 'high cost of disclosure reporting'. Also look forward to wailing and breast-beating by Atlanticists such as the NYT and the Economist; as if having paedophiles is a better deal.

China Scandal - Slave Labor
Of course the talk-out-of-both-sides-of-your-mouth duo of Yechury and Karat will never admit that there could be a problem in the new 'only Fatherland'.
And the 'secular' liberal media - led by the likes of the Chindu will keep running stories about how we are eternally hobbled and left behind. Of course - our growth is non-inclusive and the Chinese model is more humane. Nevermind the government permits required to live in slums in cities.
There are none so blind as those that will not see.

Walker on the Brahmaputra dam
More on the proposed Han project of constructing a dam on the Brahmaputra and convert Bangladesh and Eastern India to a desert. Make no mistake - without the water and the soil replenishment - another series of famines beckons in Sonar Bangla
This is inevitable - irrespective of what the Secular Spin Doctors say - did Sanjay Baru not say that we should put this 'rumor' to rest? China needs to feed 20% of the world's population with 7% of the world's arable land - a lot of which is now poisoned thanks to the 'great leap forward'

This is also just the start - watch as the Hans block all other rivers flowing into India as well. We may choke their oil in the Starits of Malacca - in return they will choke our water.

Thank you Panditji for being asleep at the wheel when Tibet was swallowed!

U.S. Group Says Pakistan Is Building New Reactor - New York Times

Why are the Yankees not talking about 'Pakistan-specific safeguards'? Anyone for more 'intrusive' IAEA inspection?
Where are the brave letter-writing Tom Lantos and his crew? Where are the phantasmal 'India favoring Democrats' that some readers of this blog keep talking about?
Nowhere - no lecturing to Pakistan about it's naughty behavior - too scared the Yankee Dhimmis of trouble in the Pakistani street - scared of the Mullah displacing their favorite 'elected' politicians - No articles full of bile about Chinese proliferation

The ISIS study the article refers to is here

Our Sunita complex
Tavleen puts words to the thoughts that were probably in every Indian's (at least NRI's) guts. I never understood what the Sunita hoopla with the Indian media was - it made barely an impression in any western and even American media outlet
What she did not point out is that her own paper (or the 'Brown Shekhar Gupta's') was at the forefront in promoting the Sunita cult!

Hilarious -- Pseudosecular wag on the purdah

Some wonk (dhimmi? pseudosecular? uber-liberal?) at the ToI-let paper claims that the imposition of purdah on women is not courtesy Islam!
When UPA presidential nominee Pratibha Patil mentioned that the purdah had been in existence since Mughal times, she was being historically inaccurate, but voicing a commonly held misconception.

In fact, according to N R Farooqi, professor of History at Allahabad University, the Mughals probably borrowed purdah from the Rajputs. Historian Harbans Mukhia, in his book, The Mughals of India, cites the Baburnama and the Humayunnama to state that the Mughals were never in purdah. Farooqi says Mughal women were introduced to the purdah only after Akbar married a Rajput princess, who may have brought this custom along with her.
Mughal women were not covered! Yeah, right -- they cavorted around freely -- much like women in islamic nations today do.

This would be funny if it had not been pathetic.

Fortunately, not too many have fallen for this rubbish: many of the replies note -- with sources -- that the purdah is mandated in Islamic scriptures.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Conversion Machine
I never know what to make of a Jesuit who is still "attached to his Catholic belief" while writing about conversions in India; however I am all for taking anything that questions the received wisdom of the Conversion Machine (aka the Church); especially when it is written by one of their own.
It makes it harder for the "Secularists" - the Useful Idiots of the Church to oppose it!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Tawang: Some Indian Plain-Speaking at last, by B.Raman

From his article,

It was the failure of Jawaharlal Nehru and V.K.Krishna Menon and those in India's Ministry of External Affairs who were their advisers to understand the Chinese mind-set, which led to the national humiliation in the Sino-Indian war of 1962. Repeated warnings from the Intelligence Bureau about the large-scale Chinese intrusions into the Aksai Chin area of Ladakh and their construction of a road there were not only ignored, but these disturbing developments were kept away from the knowledge of the public and the Parliament. They fondly believed that they would be able to make the Chinese see reason and withdraw from this region by observing a policy of silence and not articulating our concerns in public. Their fond hopes were belied.

Deus Ex Sonia

Apparently, Sonia's goddess status has reached new heights. A Congress party official was fired for depicting her as Durga. No doubt such depictions are considered beneath her almighty supreme status. Ah, good cult worshippers are so hard to find.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Veil of Ignorance

Looks like the Atlanticists are suddenly feeling more frustrated with Islam than Fouad Ajami is. Read the latest NYT piece on how the Muslim niqab or veil is straining the fabric of British society. The Atlanticists' momentary frustration will wear off, and their traditional role as apologists for Islamism will eventually be reprised -- perhaps as soon as the Nehruvian Fatah crushes its Islamist rival Hamas to reassert the Banyan Tree political order in Palestine.

Frankly, I feel it's appropriate to ban this ugly gender-swapped version of the Man-in-the-Iron-Mask. More than a mere symbol, it's an ugly, active tool of gender apartheid. The veil is advocated and worn by those who see everything in the world as sexual. It is more than just blinding of and by the wearer -- it is exhibitionist blindness.

Note the obligatory sneering remarks about Hindus:
“If I dressed in a Western way I could be a Hindu, I could be anything,” she said.

China jams AIR and DD in Arunachal Pradesh

As reader Harish mentioned before, here is more "good" news from the Chinese, which would be met with more hand-wringing by the invertebrates in Dilli...

"My heart goes out to the people of Arunachal": First PM of India

summer solstice

jun 21st, 2007

the longest day of the year.

for me, a personally memorable day: the day my father passed away.

china's cavalier attitude towards occupied tibet, in yet another form

jun 20th, 2007

today is also the day we remember refugees.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: noida09

Hi Rajeev,
I really appreciate the time & effort u are put into your blog. Its wonderful i read it everyday.
You may have read the following but i jut tht i'll send it to u: from the toi. They really are a bunch of bloody locusts
China to go ahead with highway to Mt Everest
20 Jun, 2007 l 1407 hrs ISTl PTI

BEIJING: Despite concerns from environmentalists, China on Wednesday said it will press ahead with the construction of a 110-km-long highway in Tibet to Mt Everest and will not also rule out building hotels in future in the fragile Himalayan region.

Construction of a highway on Mt Everest will be completed before August 2008, in time for the Beijing Olympics Games, Chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Regional government Qiangba Puncog told reporters at a press conference.

"We'll ensure completion of the road by all means by next August," he said.

The project aims to turn a 110-km rough road linking Tingri County of Xigaze Prefecture at the foot of the mountain to the Base Camp into a blacktop highway fenced by undulating guardrails.

On completion, the highway will become the major route for tourists and mountaineers who are crowding onto Mt Qomolangma (Chinese name for Mt Everest) in ever larger numbers.

"More tourists are flocking into the Qomolangma Base Camp in the recent two years," said Puncog. "Tourists from Europe and America in particular like to have a glimpse of the Mount Qomolangma."

Some of the tourists, he said, had complained the road there was in poor condition and unsafe.

Organisers of the Beijing Olympics Games have revealed ambitious plans for the longest torch relay in Olympic history -- a 137,000-km, 130-day route that would cross five continents and scale the world's summit, which straddles the border between China and Nepal.

a small success story for hindus in the west

jun 20th, 2007

fortunately, there are occasional such glimmers that help us keep the faith!

vatican's 10 commandments for the road

jun 20th, 2007

this is funny. silly, but funny.

actually they should add another for the benefit of all those randy
baptists in america: you know, the likes of bakke, swaggart, haggard,
and other villains.

11. thou shalt not have sex with prostitutes in cars in public.

okay, haggard was dating a gay prostitute in private, but still...

although i have to admit that indians cannot really point fingers at
white guys' bad driving habits. indians are the very worst drivers
around. i believe this is because of the 'scarcity economy syndrome'.
we are afraid the road will disappear any minute, so we want to hog it
while we can. (this is not an entirely incorrect assumption, either.
roads do disappear quite unnervingly. they come to an end with no
warning. one minute you're driving along, and next there simply is no
road. or there will be a cavalcade of some politician and you're just

'atlanticist' carefully refrains from mentioning pakistan's status as #12 in this list

jun 20th, 2007

pakistan is by far the biggest failed state by population and
therefore the possibility of mischief outside its borders by its

but the 'atlanticist' carefully refrains from mentioning pakistan's
exalted status as failed-state-in-chief.

why? well, pakistan is central to the NATO project of containing
india. this is why the NATO mouthpiece, 'the atlanticist' is so tender
towards pakistan.

imagine if india had been even the 75th member of this list. they
would certainly have highlighted it, sighed, and said that it was
because of the caste system.

i do find the british quite entertaining. they're my favorite people
after the 'dravidians'. they are not called 'perfidious albion' for

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wal-Mart Moving Into Financial Services

The big leviathan Wal-Mart is moving into financial services, even after they had to abandon plans for a bank in the face of opposition from the banking establishment. Good for them, I say. It'll force the rest of the banks to shape up, in the face of the severe competition that Wal-Mart always brings. Like ICICI, I'm sure they'll also tap a section of the population who've been traditionally under-served by existing banks.

Gazprom bid to cut off China gas

jun 20th, 2007

this is great! putin is asserting himself vis-a-vis the chinese as
well. he can put the screws on china to some extent by also
influencing the central asians to not give that much by way of
hydrocarbons to china. the atlanticists really really dont like putin,
do they?

funny, isn't it? all these others are doing more for india than india
does for itself under the invertebrates and dynasties.

latest, i hear Q is going to sue unnamed indian politicians for libel.
i can tell you which indian politicians he *isnt* going to sue -- the
ones that arranged for CBI's momentary memory lapse when it came time
to freezing Q's account.

Q -- what an apt, and absurdly james-bondish name.

sorry for the digression.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Girish

** Gazprom bid to cut off China gas **
Russian gas giant Gazprom asks the government to cancel an agreement
to pipe large quantities of gas to China.
< >

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

India scores over China in job creation
Where are the know-it-all "Socialists" forever telling us that India's growth is not inclusive while China's is? This is not surprising - as high manufacturing creates more jobs for robotic machines than for ordinary people.
India still has a long way to go - sure enough - but please stop looking eastwards for models on "inclusive growth". Inclusive for party apparatchiks that!
The trick is to link Indian agriculture with manufacturing. Dr R.C Majumdar's history of India gives us a picture of light Indian manufacturing integrated with Indian agriculture (e.g. cotton and weaving, or Jute and packaging) in towns like Dhaka and Chittagong. I recognize that the 'economies of scale' argument militates against light manufacturing; but we can and should focus on agriculture and infrastructure.

Prophet's followers drank his urine: Egyptian Mufti

From the article,

Egyptian Mufti Dr. Ali Gum'a wrote that the companions of the Prophet Muhammad would bless themselves by drinking his urine, and described an incident of urine-drinking from a hadith: "Umm Ayman drank the urine of the Prophet, and the prophet told her: 'This stomach will not be dragged through the fire of Hell, because it contains something of our Lord the Messenger of Allah...'

This blessing," Al-Gum'a added, "[can also] be done with the honorable saliva, sweat, hair, urine or blood of the Prophet.

The second Muhammad spat, one of them would immediately hasten [to grab his saliva] and smear it upon his face.'

Also, Paki Minister scratching his balls...

And, there goes the Presidential aspirations of Pratibha Patil,
'Pratibha Patil insulted Islam'

economist finds russia getting to be an appealing business destination

jun 19th, 2007

i haven't read the report, came across this description of it. as san
mentioned, it is a good thing that russia is recovering. they are
going to implode demographically, as their death rates have soared,
their men are dying from drinking not only alcohol, but also strange
things like nail-polish remover, birth rates are plunging, and life
expectancy is falling. odd, when the economy is doing so well. are the
russians facing a death-wish situation?

Fwd: Invitation/ 'Conference for an Independent Tibet'

jun 19th, 2007

good. i hope george, claude arpi et al will inspire at least a few
people to work hard towards the eventual freedom of tibet.

tibet, and jammu-kashmir, deserve our sympathies, not those warring

let me also take a wager that the entire ELM in india will completely
ignore this conference.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Friends of Tibet <>
Date: Jun 19, 2007 10:35 PM
Subject: Invitation/ 'Conference for an Independent Tibet'
To: undisclosed-recipients

'Conference for an Independent Tibet'

A two-day 'Conference for an Independent Tibet' organised by Friends of
Tibet will be inaugurated by former Defence Minister of India Shri George
Fernandes on June 23, 2007 (Saturday) at 10:30am at the Gandhi Peace
Foundation, New Delhi.

The conference will have a sharper focus and seek to bring in
organisations and individuals who are genuinely opposed to the Chinese
occupation of Tibet and support the on-going Tibetan struggle for
independence inside Tibet. The Conference will try seeking answers to
questions surrounding the Tibetan movement and work towards building a
stronger network of organisations and individuals who aspire for a free
and an independent Tibet.

The 'Conference for an Independent Tibet' will be addressed by eminent
scholars, writers and thinkers like: Jamyang Norbu (Author, The Mandala of
Sherlock Holmes); Lhasang Tsering (Former President, Tibetan Youth
Congress); Claude Arpi (French Writer and Commentator) Dr Alka Acharya
(Member of National Security Advisory Board and Associate Professor,
Chinese Studies, JNU); Rajiv Vora (Gandhian and Educator); Lawrence Liang
(Legal Researcher, Alternative Law Forum); Vijay Crishna (Avid Mountaineer
and Managing Director, Godrej Upstream Limited); Tenzin Tsundue (Tibetan
poet-activist); Shri Raghav Mittal (Brij Foundation, International Forum
for India's Heritage); Vijay Kranti (Photo journalist and writer);
Phuntsok Wangchuk (Former Political Prisoner); Dr Niru Vora (Director,
Swarajpeeth, Formerly with Department of Chinese and Japanese Studies,
Delhi University), Prof Iqbal Hadi Rizvi (Aligarh Muslim University).

For the first time the historical passport used by the former Chief of the
Finance Department of the then Government of Tibet, Tsepon Shakabpa
Wangchuk Dedhen will also be on public display at the Gandhi Peace
Foundation, New Delhi from June 23-24, 2007. The passport was recovered by
Friends of Tibet in 2004 after missing for many years. The document had
received recognition from about seven countries in 1948 when the Tibetan
Minister travelled abroad. The first and the only surviving passport of
independent Tibet, which is now in the safe custody of HH the Dalai Lama
is clear evidence of the historical nationhood of Tibet.

Along side the Conference, 'Indian Cartoonists on Tibet', an exhibition of
30 selected cartoons on the Tibet issue (1950-2005) and the tumultuous
Sino-Indian relations by renowned cartoonists Shankar, Ranga, OV Vijayan,
RK Laxman, Ravi Shankar, Mario Miranda, Rajinder Puri, Prriya Raj,
Yesudasan, Nanda Soobben, Abe Gowda, Kaak, Madhu Omalloor, Balu, Thommy,
Ponnappa, Morparia and Prakash Shetty will also be on display.
Introduction and text by Claude Arpi, author of 'The Fate of Tibet' and
'India and Her Neighbourhood: A French Observer's Views'.

'Two bands and a Tibetan solo artist will also perform during the New
Delhi Conference. 'Dharma Bums' - founded by songwriter-activist Phil
Void in the early 70s and has performed all over the world for cause of a
Free Tibet. The Indian band belongs to the Aligarh Muslim University,
Uttar Pradesh. Tenzin Jampa is a professional singer who has devoted his
talents to singing for a Free Tibet.

Hope to see you there.

Conference Venue: Gandhi Peace Foundation, 221-223, Deen Dayal Upadhyay
Marg, New Delhi 110002, India. Date and Time: June 23-24, 2007; 10am .
5pm. Contact numbers- Aprajita Sarcar :98990-86964 Shibayan
Raha:9891849844 Tarini Mehta:9810513969 Tenzin Tsundue:9971448216

To know more, visit:

Background: Ever since His Holiness the Dalai Lama
announced the Strasbourg proposal on June 15, 1988, in order to seek a
negotiated settlement with China the Tibetan movement has lost its focus.
Since then the struggle has no longer been for an Independent Tibet. As a
result The Tibetan Government-in-Exile and also most Tibet Support Groups
(TSGs) also relinquished their demand for Independence . abandoning their
support to the demand for independence which is the sole wish of the six
million Tibetans who continue to struggle for it living under China's

During the last two decades, some of the crucial questions concerning the
Tibetan struggle have found no answers: What is the future of the Tibetan
struggle led from exile? What is the direction? What is the role of the
global exiled Tibetan community and Tibet Support Groups in the movement?
Why is the Tibetan movement getting diverted form its initial goal to
unrealistic initiatives? With no alternative thinking, does the debate on
Tibet remain merely on an intellectual level . without leading to any
practical plan of action?

Key Speakers of the 'Conference for an Independent Tibet'

George Fernandes: Former Defence Minister of India, George Fernandes is
also a trade unionist, political activist and a journalist. As President
of the All India Railwaymen's Federation George Fernandes led the Railway
strike involving 1.5 million workers in 1974, resulting in thousands being
sent to jail. This was one of the events that led to the imposition of the
Emergency in June 1975; during the Emergency he went underground and
fought the existing rule; arrested in June 1976 on the charge of overawing
and overthrowing the Government in what came to be known as Baroda
Dynamite conspiracy case; fought the 1977 elections from jail. After
appointment as India's Defence Minister in 1998, Fernandes won the
soldiers' respect for his honesty, administrative savviness and frugality
- he himself uses just one room in the mansion for working, eating and
sleeping. India's military brass has been equally impressed by Fernandes'
outspoken criticism of perceived Chinese attempts to tighten the clamps on
India. While most politicians have avoided risking Beijing's ire,
Fernandes has openly accused the Chinese of providing parts for Pakistan
to build its missiles. He also has criticized the Chinese for
strengthening their military might across the Himalayas in Tibet.

Rajiv Vora: Born into a Gandhian family in Gujarat, Rajiv Vora is a
writer, speaker and educator, is a pre-eminent interpreter of Gandhi's
works and in particular his root text, Hind Swaraj. He received his
primary education in the alternative Gandhian residential rural schools. A
scientist and keen student of Indian classical music, he earned his
reputation as a writer, commentator, and public speaker. He is frequently
interviewed in national and international press and is known for his
lucid, fresh, insightful, and unorthodox interpretation of Mahatma
Gandhi's thought and practice. In 1977, Vora walked away from power
politics and joined the Gandhi Peace Foundation. In 1992, he founded
Swarajpeeth with his wife Dr Niru Vora. Swarajpeeth brings a fresh
approach to Gandhian vision, thought, and methods and is involved in
dialogue on non-violence at the community and national level.

Jamyang Norbu: Jamyang Norbu has worked with the Tibetan
government-in-exile in India and was briefly a member of the Tibetan
Resistance Force in Mustang, Nepal. He was the creator of
Tibetans-in-exile taxation scheme (the green book system), which has been
the main source of funding for the exile government since 1972. Norbu has
regularly commented on Tibetan and Chinese affairs. A collection of his
political essays were published as a book, Illusion and Reality (1989), by
the TYC. Chinese authorities in Tibet have, on the other hand, derided his
writings as being inconsequential as "the wings of a fly beating against a
boulder". He has written and produced five plays: The Chinese Horse
(1970), Yuru (1981), The Claws of Karma (1982), Official Problem (1984),
Titanic II (1998) and a traditional opera libretto The Iron Bridge (1983).
His novel 'The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes' has become a best-seller and
has received unanimously enthusiastic reviews in the Indian press. Jamyang
Norbu was the editor of 'Mangtso' (Democracy) the largest independent
Tibetan language newspaper and the founding director of the Amnye Machen

Vijay Crishna: Vijay Crishna is an industrialist, theatre personality and
an avid mountaineer . a person of many facets has done many exploratory
trips to the Chinese-occupied Tibet. He is the Managing Director of Godrej
Upstream, a subsidiary of the Godrej Group. In 1991 he established Naoroji
Godrej Centre for Plant Research in Satara district which researches and
propagates rare and endangered species of medicinal plants endemic to the
Western Ghats. 'Tibet Of Our Minds: A Journey's End' . Vijay Crishna's
audio-visual presentation based on his trips to occupied-Tibet where he
shares his perspectives of Tibet's ancient and modern history and how
these impact us today has been presented across the country. He has been
active in theater since 1965, taking occasional bit role in films . like
Gandhi and Devdaas.

Claude Arpi: Born in France, Claude Arpi's real quest started thirty-three
years ago with a journey to the Indian Himalayas. Since then he has been
an enthusiastic student of the history of Tibet, China and the
subcontinent. He is the author of The Fate of Tibet (Har-Anand
Publications, 1999), Tibet, le pays sacrifié (Calmann-Lévy, Paris, 2000),
La politique française de Nehru: 1947-1954 (Pavilions Series, Auroville,
2001), Cachemire, le paradis perdu (Editions Philippe Picquier, France,
2004) and Born in Sin: the Panchsheel Agreement (Mittal Publications, New
Delhi, 2004), India and Her Neighbourhood (Har-Anand Publciations, 2005).
Claude Arpi has been the Guest Editor of the La Revue de l'Inde (No 4)
Special Tibet-Buddhism and No 7 - Special Kashmir. He writes regularly on
Tibet, China, India and Indo-French relations in The Pioneer, the New
Indian Express, and other Indian and French publications.

Lhasang Tsering: Graduated from Wynberg Allen School, Mussoorie, Lhasang
Tsering was offered a scholarship to study medicine in the US. However, he
refused to accept the offer and joined the Tibetan resistance who were
then operating from Mustang in Western Nepal instead. After the guerrilla
base was closed in 1974 he returned to Dharamshala and worked for the
Tibetan Government-in-Exile in the Department of Security and also, the
now defunct, Tibetan Office of Research and Analysis. In 1986 Lhasang was
elected President of the Tibetan Youth Congress and it was in this
capacity that he became the first Tibetan to publicly question in 1988 the
so-called Middle Way Policy of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to seek only
'Genuine Autonomy' for Tibet within China and not to continue the struggle
for independence. Among other magazines and newsletters, Lhasang was the
Acting Editor of the 'Tibetan Review'; Editor of 'Rangzen' and Editor of

Prof Iqbal Hadi Rizvi: After LL.M from Kashmir University, he joined
second LL.M programme in Continental Law in University of Rome, Italy.
After returning to India in late 80s, he taught Law at the Delhi
University and Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. During the course
of teaching in Delhi University, he worked as a consultant with SC-ST
Commission. Since last one decade, he is teaching Law in Aligarh Muslim

Raghav Mittal: After graduating from IIT Kharagpur in the year 2004
securing his B-Tech and M-Tech degrees in Computer Science & Engineering,
Raghav worked for a while in the industry. But his heart was elsewhere in
the developmental sector. He soon joined the ongoing drive to conserve the
rich cultural heritage of Braj region . the land of Lord Krishna.
Currently he is based at Mathura and has founded a pan-indian students'
organisation namely Students' Forum for India's Heritage. He is also the
convener of Bharat Bandhu Network . an initiative to network all those
individuals and organizations dedicated to Indian resurgence.

Tenzin Tsundue: Tenzin Tsundue published his first book of poems 'Crossing
The Border' while studying in Bombay and won him the first-ever
'Outlook-Picador Award for Non-Fiction' in 2001. He represented Tibet in
the Second South Asian Literary Conference in New Delhi in January 2005.
He is the General Secretary of Friends of Tibet (India). In January 2002
his profile peaked when he scaled scaffolding to the 14th floor of the
Oberoi Towers in Mumbai to unfurl a Tibetan national flag and a banner
which read "Free Tibet" down the hotel's facade. China's Premier Zhu
Rongji was inside the hotel addressing a conference of Indian business
tycoons. The world's media featured Tsundue's feat and Indian police
officials reportedly congratulated him in prison for standing up for his
rights. Recently, in April 2005 he repeated a similar feat with a stunning
protest that captured the imagination of the world. Single-handedly, he
snatched the world media attention from the visiting Chinese Prime
Minister Wen Jia Bao in the south Indian city, Bangalore.

Vijay Kranti: Vijay Kranti is a prominent journalist and a long-time
friend of Tibet. He is the first ever Indian journalist who travelled
inside China controlled Tibet for eight days as an ordinary tourist
without Beijing's patronisation or direct control. He is also the editor
of Tibbat Desh, a bi-monthly magazine in Hindi.

Lawrence Liang: A graduate form National Law School subsequently pursued
his Masters degree in Warwick, England on a Chevening Scholarship. His key
areas of interest are law, technology and culture, the politics of
copyright and he has been working closely with Sarai, New Delhi on a joint
research project Intellectual Property and the Knowledge/Culture Commons.
A keen follower of the open source movement in software, Lawrence has been
working on ways of translating the open source ideas into the cultural
domain. Lawrence Liang is the author of 'Guide to Open Content Licenses'
published by Piet Zwart Institute. He works with the Alternative Law
Forum, Bangalore as a legal researcher.

Dr Niru Vora: Formerly with the Dept. of Chinese and Japanese Studies,
Delhi University, among the founders of Delhi unit of Sangharsha Vehini
under JP Narayan's guidance, founder member of Mahila Dakshata Samiti and
Swarajpeeth Compiled and edited "Gandhi's Dialogue with Christianity".

Phuntsok Wangchuk: Phuntsok Wangchuk is a former political prisoner from
Tibet who was sentenced to five years imprisonment for counter
revolutionary activities. In the prison, he was one the youth leaders who
refused to salute when the jail authorities were forcing all prisoners to
stand and respect the China's national flag which flared up what is now
known as the "1998 Drapchi prison protest". This resulted in police
shooting leaving behind two deaths and many injured. Phuntsok Wangchuk
lives in Dharamshala and works with Gu-Chu-Sum, an ex-political prisoners

Dr Alka Acharya: Alka Acharya is a member of the National Security
Advisory Board of the Government of India and Chairperson/Associate
Professor of Chinese Studies in the Centre for East Asian Studies, School
of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University. She has been
teaching courses on Chinese Foreign Policy and Political Economy to the
Masters and M.Phil students and guiding doctoral research since 1993. She
is also an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Chinese Studies and the
Editor of China Report, a journal of East Asian Affairs. She is the joint
editor of the book "Crossing A Bridge of Dreams: 50 years of India-China",
published in 2002, has contributed chapters to many books and regularly
features in the Economic and Political Weekly, published from Mumbai,
India. She has written widely on India-China Relations and other aspects
of China's foreign policy. Her current research focuses on the settlement
of the PRC's territorial disputes, India-China-Russia Trilateral
Cooperation and the Chinese strategic response to the post-cold war
globalising politico-security architecture, with special reference to
China's neighborhood.

. . .
Friends of Tibet, PO Box: 16674, Bombay 400050, India.
. . .
Friends of Tibet is a global movement to keep alive the issue of Tibet
through direct action. Our activities are aimed at ending China's
occupation of Tibet and the suffering of the Tibetan people. Friends of
Tibet supports the continued struggle of the Tibetan people for
independence. To know more, visit:
. . .

China and India

Bharat Karnad is bang on target as he compares China and India. Hope the non-PM and assorted "patriotic" invertebrates in Dilli who kowtow to Massa, read it.

From his article,
China understands what matters in power politics and has prioritized the development of megaton thermonuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles to put its strongest adversary and the world on notice. India is satisfied with fielding simple fission weapons and mostly short-range missiles that do not frighten even Pakistan.

fouad ajami tells an inconvenient truth: all palestinians are mindless fundies

jun 19th, 2007

amazed that the nytimes actually carried this article. they are
usually so keen to toe the palestinians-as-victims line. i once upon a
time used to believe that line, but over time i came to see them, as
ajami points out -- and he should know, being a lebanese himself -- a
bunch of people who are never going to live in peace. if they have no
others to kill, they kill each other on minor pretexts. (actually this
is true of arabs in general, see the iraqi sunnis blowing up the shia
mosque. in fact it is true of wannabe-arabs too, see pakistan).

i have liked prof ajami ever since he said edward said was a
self-aggrandizing liar (or words to that effect). i liked him even
more when he said amartya sen was an idiot (in so many words, i think.
i posted his bashing -- well-reasoned and thoughtful -- of sen on this
blog some time ago). now he tells a very inconvenient truth: the
emperor has no clothes. the palestinians have been so puffed-up with
all this victimhood talk that they will never be satisfied. even if
israel ceases to exist. they will then want parts of north africa as
their homeland. why, after all, they are palestinians, the favorite
'victims' of the communists and other useful idiots.

note how the kashmiri pundits have been treated much worse than the
palestinians, put upon by an occupying force of mohammedan terrorists
supported by the oh-so-nice-nice local mohammedans. they have been
ethnically cleansed and pushed into refugee camps. so far the picture
is the same. yet nobody pays the slightest attention to them. the only
difference is that the kashmiri pundits are not out there doing acts
of terrorism and killing people on a large scale. if they were, i am
sure their problems would get a lot more attention.

oh, i forgot, the other difference is that (most) palestinians are
mohammedans. since mohammedan, by the communist/liberal definition, is
'victim', they get all the sympathy in the world. curiously, by the
mohammedans' own definition, they are not 'victims', but 'victors'.
indeed, superior and victimizers who beat up anybody else. i think the
communists must be dyslexic; they see 'victor' and read it as
'victim'. yeah, that's the ticket.

also, the saudis are giving the palestinians money to kill people,
though not to rehabilitate them. that's another difference.

Quota Quagmire

Good article written by Rajinder Puri on the folly of caste-based reservations. From his article, here is what the Supreme Court said recently,

"It has to be noted that nowhere else in the world do castes, classes or communities queue up for the sake of gaining backward status. Nowhere else in the world is there competition to assert backwardness and then to claim we are more backward than you."

Monday, June 18, 2007

Rajan Menon Speaks at CATO

As you know, CATO is neither in the classic conservative Republican nor the classic liberal Democrat mold. They're more Libertarian, if anything. But listen to what Dr Menon has to say. It's about The End of Alliances. He's attracting a lot of attention with this thesis. To me, it's not a bad idea for weaning the US away from its traditional cronyist old-school ties with the Europeans (Atlanticism), Israel and even Japan. The US is reaping decreasing returns from these alliances, and so these traditional pillars of its foreign relations may eventually collapse. The Libertarians may be our best bet for a sympathetic pro-Indian audience in the US, unprejudiced by obstructive ideological baggage.

this is such unadulterated bullshit! momentous, my foot!

jun 18th, 2007

a. nobody cares what the UN declares 'day of the whatever'; if i gave
them enough money, they'd declare 'day of the triffids' and nobody
would know what triffids were
b. nobody in the kaangress cares about what gandhi stood for or didn't
c. it is increasingly clear that gandhi was not exactly the saint he's
portrayed to be

Kashmir and Arunachal

jun 18th, 2007

here's a suggestion from an investment banker reader of this blog.
what do you folks think? money talks, and that gives i-bankers a
fairly unique perspective, which should be taken seriously.

v, i have a simple suggestion that could be implemented quite easily:
which is to shut down every 'kashmiri emporium' and repatriate all
kashmiri mohammedans in all parts of india back to j&k. that would
immediately reduce terrorism in india by 50% as i have reason to
believe these are all sleeper cells. nobody ever buys anything from
them, and they are *everywhere*, even 'selling' rugs in sweltering
kanyakumari. this cannot be explained by pure economics -- they don't
break even, they are being subsidized for other purposes. also, a
'kashmiri emporium' in hampi recently was found to harbor a terrorist
plotting to bomb bangalore.

a second step would be to stop central dole-outs to j&k. unbeknownst
to all, j&k is the least poor part of india, with a poverty rate
around 3% and falling. it will soon have nobody below the poverty
line. why? the center gives every man, woman and child in india 8x the
grants, yes free money, that the average indian gets. don't people in
bihar etc deserve this more than these ungrateful wretches in j&k?

a third step would be to experiment by making noises about pulling out
the army from j&k (as a tactical exercise, while quietly beefing up
its presence in actuality). the kashmiri mohammedans will then sing a
different tune, as they know that the pakistanis are going to beat the
crap out of them, as they do to their counterparts in PoK, not to
speak of the huge amounts of money the military spends in j&k. they
will *demand* that the army not leave. if they don't, well, of course,
the initiative can be quietly dropped.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: v

Dear Rajeev,

I have loved your blogspot and columns over the years but have a small
suggestion to make: instead of simply highlighting the problems that Hindu
India faces, can we also highlight solutions? It is not for us to get them
implemented; we are unfortunately not amongst the decision makers of polity
in India, but maybe our solutions too might find as much resonance as your
work thus far has.

My solution for Kashmir is as below:

1. Get Hindus from dispreviledged parts of India to infiltrate into Kashmir
in large numbers. There is already a large number of Bihari migrants that
works there -- encourage them to settle down there and not come back.
Critics will harp back shouting Article 370. But if Bangladesh can
infiltrate 2 crore Bangladeshis into India over 25 years, why can we not
infiltrate a few lac 'Mainland' Hindus into Kashmir?
2. The numbers required are not large. Leh/Ladakh and Jammu are already
pro-India. Only the Valley is a problem. Now the Valley's population is
only about 50 lacs; certainly less than 75 lacs. So if you infiltrate about
20-25 lac people there you will dramatically change demographics. It may be
illegal on paper, but who cares? Lets use the lax judicial system in this
case to the advantage of the nation. What has the judiciary done in any
case with the Bangladeshi infiltration? If only the RSS were to use its
energies to facilitate this than drain it over clamoring for a repeal of
Article 370 (which practically speaking is not likely to happen anytime
soon) things might get moving.
3. In terms of timing, this is opportune as the Army has managed to bring
down violence levels there dramatically. One may even take the help of the
Army and paramilitary forces in getting this done. Rather than go around
re-building mosques and getting fatwas issued against them for doing so,
they might as well facilitate this.
4. Provide arms for village protection groups of these migrants.
Essentially that is being done in large numbers in Doda, might as well do
so here.

After they have migrated there in large numbers and managed to get ration
cards etc and become part of the Valley, I am sure all politicians will
start to court them and that in itself will force them to lower their
rhetoric. Essentially politicians are masters at giving the public what
they believe the public wants to hear; once the ground reality changes,
everything else too will.
We can then even have a referendum there which we will win hands down -- we
can always bribe the bona fide Kashmiris to voting for it -- that will be a
far more effective way than subsidize them in large recurring amounts we
currently do. Once the referendum is won, withdraw all subsidies and
tighten your grip.

Its a 10-15 yr plan but worth pursuing in earnest.

My solution for Arunachal in one word is Tata Power/Anil Ambani. Arunachal
has 84,000 MW of proven hydro electric potential (which is perhaps why the
newly awakened Chinese interest in claiming the territory). Get Reliance
Power and Tata Power to developing this on a war front. The main problem
doing so is lack of transmission links to the North East which the Power
Grid Corporation can provide -- or these folks can build on their own. Once
there are several billion sunk into Arunachal, these Corporate worthies
will perhaps put more pressure on the Government to defend the territory.
Raise the stakes that Corproate India has in the place, in short. Surely
if the Tatas can think of investing several billions into Bangladesh, they
might as well try Arunachal, which seems significantly lower risk than the

Would love to hear your thoughts. Lets try and flag these things and maybe
someone somewhere might take notice, sit up and do what it takes to get
these plans into motion.


Dhimmi watch deconstructing Indian Dhimmis

jun 18th, 2007

sanjay, according to a) the kaangress, b) the white guys, india *is* a
mohammedan country. this is why the US routinely includes india not in
'asia', but in 'middle east'. of course, to them, 'asia' = chinese
territory, 'middle east' = mohammedan territory, so i guess it's a
matter of small mercies that india is not (yet) considered chinese
territory by yanks.

or look at those unreasonably lionized, second-rate hacks like william
dalrymple, who i suspect has something to do with british covert
operations. he is pretty clear that india is a mohammedan country, or
if not, it should forthwith be (excepting those portions that should
be christist-stan, of course). this is traditional british policy.

which is the reason, with apologies to my good british friends, that i
am amused at londonistan becoming the capital of mohammedan eurabia
and our good mohammedan friends turning up the heat there with an
occasional bombing spree.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sanjay

Please see Hugh Fitzgerald's commentary on Dhimmi watch regarding
Kashmiri Muslims protesting Israeli military officer's visit :

Nice critique of Amratya Sen, Martha Nussbaum of Dhimmis Inc.

The secular taliban will predictably make some noise like they did when
Ariel Sharon came on a state visit a few years ago.

Prakash Karat/Sitaram Yechury/Prafool Bidwai etc wanted the Govt of India
to cease all military purchases with Israel. Do these morons realize that
is doing us a favour by supplying the force multipliers like the Phalcon
Barak missiles, Arrow missile defense systems etc which the Yanks won't sell
us ?

During the Kargil conflict, Israel delivered urgently required ordnance to
Indian air force by cannibalising the Israeli air force's operating

And yet, we have that scumbag Edapattah Ahamed, Hamas agent in the govt
of India, going on state visits to Israel as India's Minister of state,
External affairs
and ignoring the Israelis entirely. Instead choosing to meet "Palestininan"

In this background, wouldn't Israel be within it's rights to respond to
overtures of friendship ? Wouldn't they be right in expecting some give &
take ?

During the recent Richard Gere/Shilpa Shetty kissing controversy, I remember
saying something to the effect that "this is not how we treat guests in our
Ok, Shilpa can use that excuse to entertain Richard saab.

But, where is our sense of "atithi devo bhava" when it comes to our Israeli
allies ?

Why do we have MMS issuing demarches on behalf of the Indian republic to
the Danish government over Muhammad cartoons ? Has MMS spared a thought
for Sikh immigrants in western countries & the possible problems it may
create for them ?

How would westerners tell the difference between a Taliban and a Sikh when
both sport
beards/turbans and hail from the same approximate geographical area ?
It is a horrible irony that post 9/11, Sikhs were targeted in mistaken
identity hate crimes.
MMS is simply complicating things further by lodging diplomatic protests on
behalf of India.

It is almost as if India is already a Muslim country.


Kashmiri Hindus

jun 18th, 2007

that is only natural, usha. it is the job description of hindus to be
decimated, and that of mohammedans to do the decimation. the
english-language media understands this completely.

now i am waiting for the news, peripherally, that central minister e.
ahamed is spending a lot of time in saudi arabia to save one naushad,
a kerala mohammedan, who has been sentenced to death. naushad, married
with kids in kerala, apparently married a sri lankan woman in saudi
arabia, then conspired with her and her pals to rob and murder his
employer, some arab. during the murder, they gagged and choked to
death an old woman, possibly the arab's mother. now, eye for an eye is
mohammedan justice. so naturally the saudis sentenced naushad and sri
lankan woman to death. but since he's a mohammedan, the full force of
the center's whining will be directed at saving alleged murderer
naushad's ass. (remember the case of another kerala mohammedan, who
was slated to lose an eye for having blinded an arab? after e. ahamed
spent many days supplicating at taxpayer expense, the saudis agreed to
not poke out his eye).

moral of story: india is dhimmi territory. mohammedans can do
anything, it's acceptable, as they are superior human beings.
(shahabuddin explained this once: mohammedans are superior because
they are monotheists. obviously, case closed. QED).

look at the afzal guru case. need i say more? usually (especially if a
hindu is wrongly accused of something) the communists screech: let the
law take its course! when the law does take its course and sentences
this terrorist to death, the communists and mullahs screech: don't let
the law take its course.

one rule for hindus, another for mohammedans. don't you know this,
usha? sheesh! for instance, kashmiri mohammedans can set up terrorist
sleeper cells (also known as 'kashmiri emporia') anywhere in india.
but no indian can settle in kashmir.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Usha

Hi Rajeev,
I am a long time reader of your blog. I thought the following article
should be highlighted, mainly because it exposes the bias of the
media. If a cause is Hindu, it isnt worth promoting. If the abuser is
Muslim, bury it


Yahoo! oneSearch: Finally, mobile search that gives answers, not web links.

Govt. of India scales down Missile Range

Chasing the mirage of a nuke deal, our non-PM has been busy axing
other vital strategic projects such as our ICBMs in order to not annoy Massa...

Thanks to reader Harish, here is an article portraying the brand of true "Patriotism" of our secretive non-PM.

yahoo kicks out terry semel

jun 18th, 2007

probably a good thing. the company has been failing under him.

china exporting pollution

jun 18th, 2007

ROTFL - Pakis enraged at Rushdie Knighthood
I guess Londonistan cannot make up it's mind on which side it wants to be on. It slides to the Islamist position and then lurches to Western values; slides and lurches ..... ad infinitum
I do not know why they are upset- Rushdie is a dyed-in-the-wool leftie "secular-wallah". When the Satanic Verses crisis happened he never told his fellow Muslims to "go to hell" - but was always focussed on how he also is a good Muslim.

Maybe now he can show them what he means by refusing the knighthood!!!

Nuke Deal--Ball in US Court: Indian Scientists

Atleast our nuke scientists have the backbone, and are truly patriotic unlike our non-PM and his coterie of "Strategic Advisors"...

Article - "Fatal Hospital Mistakes" showing Indian doctor

jun 17th, 2007

i glanced at these topics in readers' digest, and yes, it was
gratuitous to use an indian doctor. (incidentally, this is exactly
like saying all SC/ST doctors are incompetent, but i wont go down that

interesting tibdit about the huge shortage of nurses. no wonder
nursing colleges are coming up like mushrooms in kerala. one of
india's biggest exports: kerala christist nurses. a major source of
foreign exchange. i suspect that there are 1 million of these women
(and increasingly men too) who send back on average 10,000 dollars a
year to india, ie. 10 billion dollars.

---------- Forwarded message ----------


See the following link:

The article is entitled, "Fatal Hospital Mistakes" and it clearly
shows an Indian doctor. Wow, I guess they weren't able to find a white
doctor anywhere! That's because they were all out that day. The
implication for the more simple-minded and gullible populace is that
Indian doctors are clearly incompetent and you only go to them if you
want to risk your life...

I guess the attacks will now be ever so subtle...ALL Indians of all
stripes better be careful. They will divide us along communal lines
then we'll be easy to pick off. This is definitely the plan. If they
can divide us along religion, state, language, etc. we're sitting
ducks. Do we want to be humiliated like this forever? We really need
to set aside our differences. They are using Sonia Gandhi Maino to
bring down the Indian software industry, they are using Muslims to
attack Hindus, Hindus to Attack Muslims, Christians and Hindus to
attack each other, Tamils to hate Telegus....we are totally playing
into their hands again. Why are we so stupid?

Would the Indian press EVER show a picture of a white doctor and
entitle the article--"Fatal Hospital Mistakes"? I doubt it. We had
better start being more united like they are. We must set aside our

Sunday, June 17, 2007

ROTFL: End the veil system: Presidential candidate Pratibha Patil

jun 17th, 2007

what is it, death wish on the part of this lady? the communists and
the mullahs will now be screaming bloody murder.

i wish i could have seen romila thapar's and irfan habib's faces when
they heard about this.

an ill-timed and premature discovery of vertebrae by the woman who
would be president?

or should we now say, "would-have-been-president"?

i do feel sorry for her press secretary.

yes, she has been afflicted by the vasundhara raje virus :-), or maybe
the truth virus. after all, she's merely telling the truth.

thanks to AH for the pointer.


End the veil system: Pratibha

Special Correspondent


Rajasthan Governor and UPA Presidential candidate Pratibha Patil on
Sunday left historians and Muslim social activists astounded by her
remarks that the purdah (veil) system was introduced in India to
protect women from Mughal aggressors.

Atlanticists discover beggars on Delhi Streets
Trust the inhabitants of Londonistan to find something to beat India up with. They have finally discovered begging in Delhi streets. Of course what they will not tell you is
1- Indian penury is the result of astronomical Agri-subsidies in the US and Europe - which depress prices of agricultural goods; causing migration from rural India
2- All the 'migrants' come from areas governed by the Atlanticists favorite 'secular' politicians, who suck up to the Muslim Vote Bank. Ever wonder why there are no farmer suicides in "Right Wing Hindu Nationalist BJP' ruled Gujarat?
3- Indian intellectuals pointing to the 'evils of alms' may not be moved by a deeply touching spirit - but that is way better than having people need 'state permits' to migrate to cities. And if the pesky little buggers migrate without said permits - they get to 'participate' in state-sponsored organ harvesting scheme (hint hint - guess the country)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Govt reopening closed nuclear issues

jun 16th, 2007

don't have a URL for this, but it's an important issue. subrahmanyam has been suspiciously shrill in his support for the US position. we can only conjecture about how his support has been er... ensured.

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From: Kanchan Gupta

Sunday Pioneer / Agenda / Column: Coffee Break / June 17, 2007

Govt reopening nuclear issues

On his way back from Heiligendamm, the Baltic Sea coast resort where the G-8 summit was held, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh issued an astounding statement, demanding that all "patriotic Indians" should support the India-US civilian nuclear deal. By implication, therefore, all those who do not support the deal in its present, hugely flawed form, are not patriotic Indians. On the other hand, those who support the deal despite, to quote Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon, the glaring "gaps" in it, whose consequences can only be disastrous for India's nuclear programme, are patriotic Indians. If the Prime Minister's convoluted logic is to be taken seriously, placing India's interests above those of a foreign country, in this case not surprisingly the US, is an utterly unpatriotic act and those who refuse to blindly support the nuclear deal should be shamed and shunned.

Hence, the strategic affairs specialists and commentators who have been seeking to caution the Government against allowing the Americans to set the terms of engagement, the parliamentarians who have been highlighting the manner in which the deal is being weighed against India despite the Prime Minister's repeated assurances that there shall be no digression from the July 18, 2005 joint statement, and the scientists who have been toiling for a pittance at our nuclear establishments and have refused to cravenly applaud the deal as it stands are an unpatriotic lot. These are sad times indeed if we have to learn patriotism and patriotic values from a person who crawls without being asked to bend both at home and abroad. It is equally sad and tragic that media should applaud such perverse notions of patriotism: For instance, a national daily has described the Prime Minister's statement as "remarkable not for its content as much as the new political spunk behind it".

But if Mr Singh's statement, made after his meeting with US President George Bush at Heiligendamm, was astounding, the subsequent action of his Government, such as it is, was astonishing. It has set up a task force, headed by Mr K Subrahmanyam, who is in the forefront of those pushing the nuclear deal at any cost and hence meets Mr Singh's criterion of a "patriotic Indian". The other two members of the task force are also overtly pro-deal - Ms Arundhati Ghose, India's former Ambassador to the disarmament conference, and Mr Shyam Saran, former Foreign Secretary and the Prime Minister's 'Special Envoy' on the nuclear deal. Despite his designated role, Mr Sharan has been elbowed out of the 123 Agreement talks by Mr Menon; insiders say that till the new assignment came up, the Prime Minister's 'Special Envoy' was busy working on India's strategic fuel requirements. Such mighty preoccupation, for the moment, will have to take a backseat.

Officially, the task force has been given the responsibility of formulating the "correct position" on key disarmament related issues like nuclear non-proliferation and fissile material controls. Those who have interacted with the task force say that discussions are primarily focussed on Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty and connected issues that impinge on India's nuclear doctrine as well as posture. Understandably, the Ministry of External Affairs is miffed that such a task force should have been set up; after all, there is a disarmament division in the Ministry that has been dealing with CTBT and FMCT while sensitive issues related to India's nuclear doctrine and posture are long settled.

Two points have arisen from the interactions of the task force that merit the attention of Indians, especially those who are not "patriotic" enough to declare unconditional, unquestioning and unequivocal support for current form and content of the India-US nuclear deal. The first relates to the timing of setting up the task force and its agenda: Both coincide with the discussions on the text of the 123 Agreement entering a crucial phase. Do we really need to discuss disarmament related issues on a domestic forum at this point of time? And, to what purpose? The task force, more specifically Mr Subrahmanyam, is believed to have told security and strategic affairs specialists that India must revisit what are considered settled issues "in the light of new realities".

The second point relates to the "new realities", primarily obsessive American interest in controlling the future course of India's nuclear programme and thus influencing posture, apart from getting more than a toehold in India's nuclear establishments. Is an effort on to reorient standing policy on CTBT and FMCT? Till now, India's position, and this is the official line unless it is turned on its head after the task force is through with its exercise, has been that though we have co-sponsored both CTBT and FMCT, we are opposed to control regimes that are unfair, inequitable and lack effective international verification. The original purpose was to sign and join the high table; if there is no high table to join, then why should India agree to harsh control regimes? What is particularly obnoxious (for 'unpatriotic' Indians) is the US attempt to convert FMCT into an instrument of intrusive American verification from universally applicable effective international verification.

Alarmists, whose patriotic credentials I wouldn't dare question because they are unimpeachable, suggest that a surreptitious and sly effort is on, in keeping with the character of those who have arrogated to themselves the right to decide what is good for India although they lack the appropriate mandate to do so, to tamper with India's nuclear doctrine and posture. A task force member, during his interaction with a certain individual, insisted that neither nuclear doctrine nor posture has been codified as yet. Of course, that's bunkum, and he was politely told to refer to Government documents and a Press release issued on January 4, 2003 following a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Security Affairs.

There is nothing innocently naïve about the task Mr Subrahmanyam has set for the team that is seeking to reopen closed issues in the "light of new realities". Just as there is nothing coincidental about the fact that he should head the task force set up at this juncture of discussions on the 123 Agreement, discussions in which India's Ambassador to Singapore, Mr S Jaishankar, an unabashed votary of the nuclear deal, routinely participates although he is accredited to a third Government. Mr Jaishankar happens to be Mr Subrahmanyam's son.

Kanchan Gupta

gyanputra, please contact me

jun 16th, 2007

to the person who posts on the website sulekha as gyanputra, will you
please send me mail at rajeev dot srinivasan at gmail dot com?

Fwd: Senator Barack Obama's campaign staff's alleged "anti-Indian American stereotyping"

jun 16th

obama demonstrates his semitic roots. is this the christist
fundamentalism of his upbringing, or is it the mohammedan
fundamentalism of his birth? nature vs. nurture, and in any case, it
hurts india and hindus, who are the primary target of all random

and where are all those who always promise that the Democrats are
going to be india's salvation?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ram Narayanan

Dear Rajeev Srinivasan:

United States India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) Chairman
Sanjay Puri sent a letter yesterday asking Senator Barack Obama to
respond to recent allegations reported by the media that his
presidential campaign staff has been promoting hurtful stereotypes
against the Indian American community.

In the letter Chairman Puri states, "As representatives of the Indian
American community, we have been encouraged by your message of
inclusion and your promise to bring a new kind of politics to our
country. This is why we are so concerned about media reports
indicating your staff may be engaging in the worst kind of anti Indian
American stereotyping."

Furthermore, Chairman Puri asks, "We request that you respond directly
to these media reports and let us know if indeed your staff is
promoting these hurtful stereotypes. We trust that you will take all
appropriate action on this matter and look forward to your response on
this issue of great concern to the Indian American community."

Following is the full text of the letter:

June 15, 2007

Senator Obama
Obama for America
P.O. Box 8102
Chicago, IL 60680

I am writing on behalf of the over 50,000 members of USINPAC, the
largest bi-partisan political action committee representing the Indian
American community. As representatives of the Indian American
community, we have been encouraged by your message of inclusion and
your promise to bring a new kind of politics to our country. This is
why we are so concerned about media reports indicating your staff may
be engaging in the worst kind of anti Indian American stereotyping.

We are very proud of the contributions Indian Americans have made, and
continue to make, to our country. USINPAC represents members across
the nation, from all walks of life, who are caring for the sick,
building businesses, educating our children and supporting their
families. We are extremely proud to be Americans, and are working
everyday for the brighter future you regularly speak about.

We are also proud of the strong relationship shared by the United
States and India. This is a vital partnership between the two largest
democracies who share common values. Our sincere hope is that you will
seek to strengthen this relationship and celebrate the contributions
Indian Americans make to our country and the world.

We request that you respond directly to these media reports and let us
know if indeed your staff is promoting these hurtful stereotypes. We
trust that you will take all appropriate action on this matter and
look forward to your response on this issue of great concern to the
Indian American community.

Sanjay Puri

For background information on the subject, please log on to the
following stories:
Obama Oppo Targets Hillary's India Ties
POLITICS: Obama digs in, plays the outsourcing card
Obama camp attacks Hillary's Indian links
A New Kind of Politics Closely Resembles the Old
Indian American group denounces Obama's campaign
caught in Hillary-Obama campaign crossfire

Indian Americans are now looking for two things from Senator Obama: a
statement addressing the issue and a face-to-face meeting for the
community to express its concerns.

Will the Senator respond?

Ram Narayanan
US-India Friendship


PS: Please forward this message to all your friends and relatives
living in the United States.
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Gaza Does a Bangladesh

Gaza pulls a Bangladesh:

But what about the stranded Biharis? Will West Bankistan repatriate them, or will it only focus on sending jihadis across the Durand Line into Jordan, to gain strategic depth against the infidels?

I want to see if Iran or Al-Qaeda try to quickly shack up with Hamas in Gaza.

brahma chellaney: Broken principles

jun 15th, 2007

more on chinese perfidy. and our 'beloved leaders' genuflect to these monsters.

this article must be on brahma's blogsite. see the blogroll on the
left. i am only forwarding a para or two, and he did not send me a

i really like that quote from sardar patel. i too had used the quote
when i wrote about 'the sacrifice of tibet' on my other blog

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Brahma Chellaney

Chinese Diplomacy: Make Principles to Lull Your Foe

Unprincipled Principles

Brahma Chellaney

Asian Age, June 16, 2007

One passion of Chinese diplomacy is to go in for numbered policy
pronouncements, like the "10-pronged strategy" unveiled in the joint
declaration with India during President Hu Jintao's visit last
November. Another fetish is to enunciate diplomatic principles with
another state and later, at an opportune time, reinterpret them
unilaterally to add force to Chinese claims and ambitions.

Defining high-sounding principles to advance bilateral relations or
dispute resolution helps Beijing to hold the other side to basic
parameters, including a one-China policy, and foster a belief that the
enunciation of cadenced concepts is progress by itself. Yet the idea
behind formulating such principles is to bind the other party to them
more than oneself. The principles devised are invariably so general
and nebulous that Beijing, in any event, has ample room to reinterpret
them or emphasize a single principle over the rest.

.... deleted

Sardar Vallabhai Patel was the first Indian leader to grasp the
enormity of the challenge from China. What he wrote 57 years ago still
resonates today: "We have to take note of a thoroughly unscrupulous,
unreliable and determined power practically at our doors… Any friendly
or appeasing approaches from us would either be mistaken for weakness
or be exploited in furtherance of their ultimate aim."

Why Did Buddhism Vanish from India?

jun 15th, 2007

primary reason was that the mohammedans cut off the heads of all the
monks they could find. since buddhism was centralized in the buddha
viharas, this meant it could be eradicated easily.

guess who else is centralized in a few holy places? :-)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Yash

Why Did Buddhism Vanish from India?


Sick sense of humor? Visit Yahoo! TV's
Comedy with an Edge to see what's on, when. Article: Viewpoint: Indian outsourcers can learn from Japan's mistake

jun 15th, 2007

so bloomberg thinks products are the answer. but they're much riskier
and more marketing-intensive (read expensive) than services.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: gir

Viewpoint: Indian outsourcers can learn from Japan's mistake
By Andy Mukherjee Bloomberg News
Tuesday, June 5, 2007

For India's software exporters, there is a somber message in the Plaza
Accord of 1985. Following that agreement, the Japanese currency began
a steep climb. The yen reached 121 to the dollar in December 1987,
from almost 263 in February 1985.

Friday, June 15, 2007

will the bushies stand up for india in this case?

jun 15th, 2007

of course not.

the us wants to get all the advantages of having the UN located in new york.

three good responses to this:

1. make noise to get the UN out of new york
2. threaten to quit the UN
3. suddenly increase the tax rates related to US properties such as
the embassy, consulates, USIS, in india. mysteriously, these increased
taxes will add up to $37 million

you know china would have done all three of these, and the net result
would be that the yanks would back off.

india will do none of the above, and will pay $37 million. india will
not even bring up the issue of a few $billion that the US has
illegally grabbed in payroll taxes from H1-B indians who are not
eligible for any benefits from the US govt.

invertebrates rule!