Saturday, January 26, 2008

Uninspiring President.

jan 26th, 2008

comment from someone who watched the republic day parade. interesting. the non-PM did his "i am a butler" thing in the US congress. the non-president is doing it on TV.

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From: Ra

Watching the lady was most depressing. The head of the state of this glorious civilisation must look good, sound good. Is that too much to expect. We had the greatness of this nation marching proudly and here was this lady accepting their respects.
A nation's symbols must look good, make one feel proud and feel inspired. Our presidents so far looked good in their achkans tho many of them failed to inspire but this president neither looked good nor sound good. 
All that zari draped over the shoulder, the coat hanging long and loose, unless a woman looks like Indira Gandhi, winter clothes even if worn on a flashy silk saree is unkind to women whom you would not notice anywhere in any gathering.
Indira Gandhi looked imperious and powerful even when she was wading in knee-deep water. Few women can hold themselves like that. Our rashtrapati havan, our people deserved better. This President looks like our newly minted one and two re coins - for all that they shine with newness, they are vacuous.

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karyakarta92 said...

I watched it on TV too. The body language was completely uninspiring. I also watched 2 minutes of Barckha Dutt interviewing Shikhandi MMS. That bastard is so inarticulate. One can't make out for the love of God what on earth he mumbles. The fellow with the Oxford "education" is neither audible nor legible. He is in serious need of some kind of speech therapy. It is sad, but the entire civilian leadership look like a bunch of jelly fish.