Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kaumudi USA's support for christists' false propaganda

jan 14th, 2008

a hindu-owned newspaper has been conned into giving space for this vile trash by a christist organization in the US: home of the famed pallekonda father and son. you saw how that disgusting pallekonda junior reacted to the fact that his dad's assault on a 79-year-old had been observed by people and booked by the cops.

FIACONA's and all christist missionaries' motto: bring on the 79-year-olds and 83-year-olds! we'll show how virile we are by attempting to murder these people!

monsters, worshippers of satan, these people are.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ram

The article mentioned is here -
Please forward to friends and ask them to 'pound' the mailbox of kaumudi to remove this hate article

From: "Ram
To: news@kaumudiusa.com, NEWS@KERALAKAUMUDI.COM, editor@ekaumudi.com
Subject: Kaumudi USA's false propoganda

Dear Sir

I happened to read a hate filled article regarding the recent Orissa
violence and an organization named FIOCONA fanning communal hatred
against Indians. The NRIs in USA very well know the shady characters
and intolerant leaders of fascist organization like FIOCONA. Kindly
avoid giving space to these kind of terrorists and we have high regard
for Kaumudi but recently Kaumudi USA has turned to a second-rung
christian propoganda machine.

Indian media has cleverly identified the real reasons behind the
Orissa violence which was in fact triggered by Christian terrorists on
poor hindu tribals. Christian mob attacked a Saint and they wanted to
erect a flag post near a temple (usual tactic we see in Kerala).
Another reason was the predatory tactics of religious conversions and
also trying to prevent the tribals in getting the reservation

Having done all these atrocities, now FIOCONA and their supporters are
using the media space in Kaumudi to propogate false-hood. This is
against the Kaumudi culture. Kindly avoid such false propoganda and converting the site into a hate machine


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Kanhoji said...

dear Nizhal,

Interesting link coming 4m a dhimmi website!! it's here - http://www.rediff.com/money/2008/jan/15dow.htm.

Dow Jones based on Hindu & Buddhist principles!! Are the western/secular dhimmis mad??