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Christian Deceptions, Conversions and Aggressions in Kandhamal (Orissa) (VHP Press Release)

jan 18th, 2008

the truth that never gets any airplay. all the media only quote the christists -- obviously a non-neutral party, with a severe conflict of interest. the other side of the picture gets totally swept under the carpet, even though it is the truth.

standard christist scum operating procedure. convert, steal land, oppress and force more conversion. this is how they did so well in kerala, mizoram, nagaland, etc. and at this rate soon they will have orissa, MP, AP as well.

these criminals need to be stopped.

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Subject: Christian Deceptions, Conversions and Aggressions in Kandhamal (Orissa) (VHP Press Release)



Christian Atrocities in Kandhamal

14/01/2008 02:45:49 VHP Press Release


Evil intention of foreign funded Organisations and Church

establishments to get more funds is the main cause of disturbance in

Kandhamal (Orissa)


A four-member delegation representing the Kandhmal (Orissa) tribals

and other Hindus affected by the recent murderous Christian attacks

met Her Excellency the President of India today and submitted a

Memorandum that demanded that -


1. Government of India should check foreign funding to the NGOs and

Church establishments and frame laws to scrutinize the activities of

these organizations;


2. To protect all the rights and facilities provided to the SCs

(Scheduled Castes) and STs (Scheduled Tribes) and to prevent others

(non-SCs & non-STs including convertees) from taking away those

facilities by fraud;


3. Duly check and audit their such income and expenditure profiles and

seize and confiscate their accounts wherever those may be in existence;


4. 'Propagation of Religion' does not mean the 'right to convert'.

Therefore, all conversion activities, that undermine the holistic

indigenous culture and religious traditions and work against the unity

of the people by breeding disaffection amongst them and threaten the

integrity of the country, must be banned;


5. To arrest, prosecute and punish those offenders and their

accomplices who murdered an innocent person and made an attempt on the

life of HH Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswati and torched the houses of



6. Let a Central Law be made to prohibit conversions by force,

allurement and fraudulent means presently going on in Bharat.


7. Restrain those that converted to Christianity from being declared

as ST.


Addressing a Press Conference, they said: "...The incidents that

happened in Kandhamal district of Orissa were unfortunate. We are very

much worried about the life and property of the minority Hindu

community of Daringbadi block of Kandhamal district who were very much

affected by the recent violence.


The most dangerous facts which comes out of the analysis of the

incidents happened during this period indicates the aggressive

attitude and evil design of the converted Pano Christans motivated by

Church and other Christian Organisation like YMCA, World Vision,

Phulbani, Jan Kalyan Sabha etc. You can better understand from the

following instances:


1. Brahmanigaon :


Conflict started at Brahmanigaon on 20th December 2007 as the Church

people with the local Christians constructed a huge gate covering the

main road and a portion of the Durga Puja Mandap. When prevented by

the local public on 23rd Christians started beating and even dishonor

the peace meeting of the administration.


2. Attack on Swami Laxmananda Saraswatiji Maharaj:


Fatal attack on Swami Laxmananda Saraswatiji, his driver, security and

his associates obstructing his vehicle on way to Bramhanigaon at

Darsingbadi by a group of armed Christians on 24th December 2007


Barakhama killing of Khageswar Mallick


Christian women petted stones at the Hindus returning from a

procession when an old tribal Khageswar Mallick fell down, he was

brutally stoned to death on 24th evening.


When Bhikari Sethi a Vendor of Birikot village of Gajapati district

was alone near Bramhanigon some Christians burnt him with kerosene. He

is saved by the Police and other Hindu villagers and now undergoing

treatment at M KC G Medical College hospital.


On 27th nearly 3000 Christians of nearby villages of Ganjam, Gajapati

with the local Christians attacked the Bramhanigaon villagers with

arms and ammunitions and also with the help of naxales. When the

villagers fled away and surrendered at the police station, the

Christians torched the whole village and attacked the police station.

Exchange of fire continued for more than four hours. One police and

the Gajapati S.P. who were there at that time were injured. One

Christian was killed by the police firing.


A young Christian who was seriously injured in the fighting later

found hiding in the Christian Sahi confessed the plan and program of

the attackers before the S.P. which has been recorded.


The most important factor which has made the Kondh tribal most

disturbed is the illegal demand of S.T. status to some converted Pano

Christians who are deprived of S.C facilities due to their conversion

by a planned conspiracy. Radhakant Nayak an Retd I A S now M.P Rajya

Sabha, who is a converted Christian got SC facility stating himself as

Hindu is charged as the main conspirator by the Kandha community.


A large number of Christians who are converted are getting SC

facilities by false Caste certificates and some of them even got S.T.

certificates and serving in various Government departments like

Radhakant Nayank, John Nayak IPS retd, Isac Behera IAS retd and

several others. A list of 130 such names has been submitted by Kandh

organization to the State Government.


Christians have forcibly and illegally constructed houses, Churches

and other Christian establishments on lands of tribals which they

could not get back after Court order causing resentment amongst the

tribal like Barakhama and Sukhananda and many other places (published

in Samaj Oriya Daily dated 4-1-08)


Houses, shops and vehicles of Hindus are looted and burnt in many

villages where Hindus are in minority.


During the whole incidents not a single Christian was attacked. Nearly

25 Hindus were injured by Christians at different places. Large

quantity of Arms were seized from the Houses of Christians at



Christians have beaten and threatened to kill in many villages where

Hindus are in minority like Gadapur, Katingia, Tiarigaon etc which

compelled the villagers to flee to the jungle or to a safer place. 95

families comprising 430 persons in Katingia and Tiarigaon of

Bramahnigaon P.S are fled away to Merikot of Ganjam and several others

are in the jungles.


Knowing that Government will provide them with Indira Awas Christians

themselves burnt the houses. Similarly church institutions torched

their so-called Jhopadi churches to get foreign aid and leveled blame

on nearby Hindu community. Several such instances were reported false

by courts in the previous years. Now it has been also supported by the

Statement of D.G. Police (Published in the Indian Express on 5-1-2008)


All India Christian Forum leader John Dayal has admitted that

Christians have attacked Bramahanigaon village and involved in the



From the above facts one can easily understand the poor innocent

Christians of such remote areas could not have done such things in a

planned way without the support of any big foreign funding

organization. There is hidden hand of world vision, YMCA, NISWASS etc

and Church organization behind such incidents.


The evil intention of these foreign funded organization and

Institutions are to create social disharmony and conflict by which

they will get more foreign fund and tarnish the image of the Nation.


Therefore we demand


1) Govt of India should check foreign funding to the NGOs and Church

establishments and frame laws to scrutinize the activities of these



2) To protect all the rights and facilities provided to the SCs & STs

and to prevent others (non SC & ST) from taking away those facilities

by fraud..."


- Released by Gauri Prasad Rath, General Secretary VHP-Orissa & Dr

Laxmi Kant Dash, General Secretary, Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram-Orissa from

Delhi Camp


Eternalsoul said...

The President, being a stooge of the UPA, will, in all probability, install an 'Enquiry Commission' to make a show of having done something regarding the matter. This committee will do nothing concrete but waste tax payer's money and after a while everybody will have forgotten everything till ofcourse the next such incident comes about and the whole thing will be repeated ad nauseum!
What a sham!

drisyadrisya said...

well, can't really complain about Pratibha Patil.. she is busy doing other things.... promoting other people like her


President Pratibha Patil elevated tainted judge Jagdish Bhalla as the new Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh.

Justice Bhalla had been officiating as acting Chief Justice of the Chattisgarh High Court. Himachal's new chief justice designate has been accused by eminent jurists of impropriety and misconduct.

Former President APJ Abdul Kalam had refused to clear Justice Bhalla's elevation as Chief Justice of Kerala High Court and had returned the file to the government over allegations that Justice Bhalla's family was involved in a land scam worth crores.

NDTV citing a sub-divisional magistrate's report points out that Justice Bhalla's wife Renu had bought 7,200 sq meters of land in Noida, whose market value at that time was allegedly estimated to be worth Rs 7.2 crores, for Rs 5 lakhs.