Thursday, January 24, 2008

so when rahul becomes king, 0% of aid will go to the poor

jan 24th, 2008

when rajiv was pm, 15% of aid went to the poor, and 85% was stolen by the kkkaangress

when sonia is acting pm, 5% of aid goes to the poor, and 95% is stolen by the kkkaangress

when rahul becomes pm, 0% of aid will go to the poor, and 100% will be stolen by the kkkaaangress

who died and made him a 'senior politician'?

and the limeys are giving aid to india because of 'moral reasons'. ROTFL. the creeps stole $10 trillion (or is it now $12.5 trillion) from us, and they are talking about morals.


prickles said...

attack on rss office.... what say?

RealityBites said...

It's been decades since Cong. first cried 'Garibi Hatao'. It may very well have meant within the party, not the nation. And when the UPA was sworn in, it promptly declared it was there for the 'aam aadmi'. After 4 years it has nothing to show towards that claim. The Indian 'aadmi' continues to be 'aam'.

sands said...

sorry guyz for the OFT but could not resist this ROFTL .. rajdeep sardesai and barkha dutt have "won the padma shri !!!!! drum roll...!!! really ROFTL last year it was teesta seetvald !!!

Kaunteya said...

dude sands, it pays to be on the side of the establishment

sansk said...

A government award for a government minister. The Wonders of a Indian Banana Republic !

karyakarta92 said...

His name is RAOUL, not "Rahul". Folks, please refer to the pos by his correct name. Thanks.

rathore said...

Can someone please provide sources that reference the $10 trillion (Net Present Value) loot figure? Thank you. I've been under the mistaken view that it is $1,5 to 2 trillion.

I highly recommend Will Durant's "The Case for India" (brought out by Shanbag's Strand Book Stall) that extensively documents British perfidy and loot during pre-independence years.