Sunday, January 20, 2008

'South Asians' prevented from practising Peace in Madrid

jan 21st, 2008

thanks to k.

will manmohan singh now have multiple sleepless nights because a mohammedan is accused of being a terrorist. i mean, *two* mohammedans from india? quick, send a diplomatic demarche to spain! (but not, of course, to malaysia when it bullies hindus of indian origin).

manmohan of course is totally unconcerned about three hindu indian students being shot dead in america within a month. bobby 'i am almost white' jindal was also totally blase about 2 of them being killed in his state, now that he and his converted family are safely ensconced in the governor's mansion. notice that is wife (hindu converted by him to christism) is very light-skinned, natural for a skin-color-crazy racist.

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From: K

And, of course, the government "of dhimmis, by dhimmis, for momeen" is all in a flutter, requesting "details" and such about its most important constituents.  Of course, no details were asked about the poor Sikh ( i.e. non-Abrahamic) who starved to death in a US prison.  Never asked "details" of the Kanishka tragedy - and the Canadian government sent that to a landfill.  Why, even 23 years after Bhopal, there are still no "details" forthcoming from anybody, least of all Dow.  And, lest we forget, what of the "details" surrounding the Indian soldiers missing in action since 1965 at least?  The dreary list goes on and on...and another Republic Day is around the corner, with the Prime Chef and rest of the Kitchen Cabinet deliberating on the correct protocol to welcome Sarkozy's girlfriend.  

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witan said...

Twelve from Pakistan, and only TWO from India! This is very unfair. The number of Mussulmans in India is mucdh higher than in Pakistan, and the Spanish government ought to have given proportionate representation. we should immediately protest.

karyakarta92 said...

Yet another Indian student in the U.S
shot dead, this time in North Carolina. Since he was not an adherent of one of the Abrahamic death cults, No prizes for predicting GOI's response.