Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hapless Tamils vote with feet - may soon turn on Stalin's Papa


Dravidstan must surely be the only place in the world where you can name your kid Stalin and people feel you are not joking!

On a serious note this must have been a high impact event for even the dreaded HT to report it in glowing terms. Cardinal Karunanidhi may have pushed the Hindus too far with the Ram Sethu (oops did I say ram Sethu - my bad - Adam's Bridge)


delram said...

i'm really surprised..nay..shocked!! Maybe they were ADMK types along with some Mylapore folks

In Tamil Nadu ?? !!
I dont live there anymore.. Can someone who does comment on this ?

I'llo wait till they capture some seats int he assembly, but even this is progress! Was a time when this wouldnt happen

Gagan said...

Two things come to my mind after reading another news item about Modi's popularity:

(1) How exactly those second rung and newer generation BJP leader are going to handle him and his apparent clout?

(2) Modi should better watch out for his safety.