Tuesday, January 15, 2008

sonia gandhi goes slow on ram sethu destruction

jan 15th, 2008

i think the ram sethu issue is beginning to have a good bit of fallout. even sonia (that is, vincent george) has realized that this may hand the BJP a winning platform of the order of ayodhya. the few acts of violence after the ASI report must have done the trick. all these villains respect violence. sonia in particular is deathly afraid of someone targeting her and her little kingini-kuttan (brat with anklets). and benazir's case is probably very salutary. no wonder there is furious backpedaling.

wonder what the 'dravidian' creeps like t r baalu and m karunanidhi have to say to this.



hUmDiNgEr said...

Taliban snatches Waziristan fort from Pak army...


vivek said...

Godhra style attack on Ayyappa devotees by x'tians in Kerala: Hundreds of devotees beaten up severely:


Anonymous said...

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