Friday, January 11, 2008

meanwhile in Pakistan - more growling dogs
The Yanks may have started to pressure Musharraf - though they know fully well that they have been played. Overall, it would be in India's interest to have the Yanks in the FATA - it will keep the worst of these Jihadi scum defending their own turf with little time to plan the killing of our security forces; so we must do everything we can to make it happen

This report apparently drew a sharp rebuke from our man Mush. I will let the Malayalam speakers on this forum compliment this post with the saying about the dog that ate the rice, bit the housewife etc.


truti said...

Question for Rajeev. This MK Bhadrakumar guy seems to be from Kerala. Know anything about him? Looks like a bootlicker.

sansk said...

MK bhadrakumar is Resident Idiot of atimes.coms

Like most indian diplomats, this guy too is clueless about the interest of indian nation. Given that in the Orwellian (and Anti-Darwinian) world of power politics inflicted on india by CONs, he certainly is hoping for some crumbs thrown his way by Chinease stooges.

nizhal yoddha said...

thank you, ghost, for the chance to show off my vast knowledge of the malayalam idiom :-)

ari thinnathum pora, asarichiye kadichathum pora, pinneyum naykka murumuruppu

not content with having (stolen and) eaten the rice, and having bitten the housewife, still the dog is growling and muttering darkly

true, musharraf (or is it that villainous dog of his, butch?) is truly growly and carrying on as usual. yanks just love guys in uniforum -- they find this democracy business quite tiresome.

nizhal yoddha said...

i know amb. bhadrakumar. his dad was my dad's friend, and a CPI MP. i knew bhadran chettan when i was a kid, although he is quite a bit older. we are in email contact now, quite cordial. but we are mutually appalled at each other's perspective. i think he's a decent person, and is not working for chinese money. i just think he's emblematic of a lost generation in india which has been misled and brainwashed by the christist education system and the communist media.