Saturday, January 19, 2008

Blackest Substance Invented

Dr Pulickel Ajayan at Rice University has invented the blackest substance ever made, having a surface made out of a forest of carbon nanotubes, which is capable of absorbing 99.9% of all light. This substance could prove to be invaluable for optics, astronomy, solar power conversion, television displays, or even military stealth technology. The applications for a "perfect absorber" could be enormous.


truti said...

Where is Pulickel? Is it near Nilakkal?

nizhal yoddha said...

i think pulickel is more likely to be a taravad (hindu extended family) name rather than a place.

ah, nilakkal. where the christist 'found' a 2000-year-old wooden cross 'intact', which had been buried there by the 'saint' thomas. ROTFL.

how many impossibilities and hoaxes can you put together in a single sentence. yeah, right, 2000 years of tropical humidity later, the 'cross' was intact. yes, a true miracle, just like thomas' other 'miracle' -- his two skeletons.

actually, translation of the cross 'discovery': christists wanted to take over sabarimala as they perceive, rightly, that ayyappan worship is a threat to their soul-harvesting. once they grabbed nilakkal, they'd slowly extend their tentacles to the rest of sabarimala, as they are doing with the tribal land in orissa. (it's worth repeating that christists set fire to sabarimala in the 1950s. in any normal country that would have led to a serious reaction, possibly against all those alleged 'ancient' churches allegedly set up by thomas -- the fellow who never set foot in india. but this being tolerant hindus, nothing happened.)