Monday, January 21, 2008

planting for food or for fuel: a new dilemma

jan 21st, 2008

yet another reason why india needs to invest enormously in agriculture.

the energy of the future *should* not be coming from the arabs or the murderous malays. we should have our own oilseeds as well as solar, wind and other renewable resources.

the irony though is that the plantations making so much money for the mohammedan malays are manned by those poor, exploited, hindu malaysians of indian tamil extraction. in fact, the 'worker' in the photograph is probably tamil from his dark skin color and from the fact that lots of tamils are working on plantations (ps. don't call me a racist or colorist or whatever -- i am not making value judgments here, but the chinese in malaysia are yellow-skinned, and the malays are light-brown, and many tamils tend to have dark-brown skin there: this is what i have observed).

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