Saturday, July 31, 2004

Shadow Warrior: Why?

In the spirit of the Akira Kurosawa film, "Kagemusha". There the shadow warrior is a warlord's alter-ego, and is hired to rally the troops when the warlord is seriously ill. The point I wish to emphasize, though, is that when the enemy is strong, it is important to avoid head-on battles, but to take diversionary tactics. Thus, you have to be fluid, phantom-like: difficult to pinpoint, appearing and disappearing at will, wearing the enemy down. Guerillas, if you like. Forcing the enemy to fight shadows. That is the sense I use the term in, as opposed to the other sense of someone tilting at shadows or windmills. Nizhal yoddha means shadow warrior in Malayalam.

Another example is that of the shadow warriors of Linux as compared to the imperial legions of Microsoft. Unlike its normal foes, whom it can vanquish through well-established means, Microsoft has found it frustrating to deal with the phantom warriors of the GNU/Linux world. See an old column of mine as well:

Speaking of Kurosawa, he would have appreciated the element of surrealism about the way history is handled in India. Each protagonist interprets history in ways that are self-serving, "Rashomon"-like; and each insists that his own point of view is the only one that is authentic. None are more prone to this than the Marxists of India.


Mr.Swoosh said...

To put it blatantly,

shadow warrior = coward

Anonymous said...

Seems like Mr. Swoosh himself is a coward.
He conveniently hid behind a non-existent profile and a non-existent blog.

Sachetan said...

To put it blatantly,

Mr. Swoosh = Mr. Sucker (of *** of Marxists, Macaulay, Mulla and Missionaries)

Anonymous said...


very enlightening and lucid. Ignore the comments of the ignoramuses. When faced with a higher intellect they turn to insults and character assasinations.

People with sh*t for brains usually have no problem spewing from the mouth.

nizhal yoddha said...

thanks for the support! but really, there are plenty of shoot-and-scoot scam artists like mr. swoosh around, and it doesnt pay to be concerned about them. i'd say, ignore them!

Anonymous said...

one more suckers spot to spend their time. Good luck Rajeev does RSS pay you for this?

Anonymous said...

Nizhal Yodha,

Feel free to ignore the Swooshes, but since I have some time on my hands, and Mr. Swoosh has not responded ...

There was this loser Mr. Swoosh
Who thought brevity was "Khush"
He tried to spit and run
but the rest of us killed his fun
And he slunk away clutching his tush!

Mahesh said...

I have been reading your writings for the past one year. A thought just struck me; your nickname "shadow warrior" derives motivation from a japanese movie but you are so passionate about Hindu culture. I am surprised you did not find motivation in there.

khaqsar said...

Please get in touch with me we need to discuss lots of things..

I am at

smarthana said...

Come on man you do it well. Don't bother about the Marxist,Psedo-Secularist and Mullahs. We are really more sucking idiots in this world. Ohterwise had we allowed persons from desert land to stay in our holy land even after Partition. But now see the reality.
there are more mullahs in india then anywhere in the world, why the need for partition.It's all because of Hair Brained Donky Nehru, I think he would have expected Nobel prize or any such sorts, he is a sole(hell hole) reason for India's present day problems. Starting from Kashmir, Tibet, Coco islands( The RED monitors india's missile testing from out there) and so called minority. We lost Indus valey, Mount Kailsh, Confluence of Ganges, Brahmabutra, we lost almost our identity. Still we lunatics don't accept and realize our people's sufferings and cultural degradion(How many times and how many temples in india demolised by foreign forces,wites and mullahs). But we worry about Gujrat riots and minority death.

Atleast here after ,Let the air of wisdom come from everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring. I hope some day we can pack mallu Maos from keralam to Shanghai "gulags".

kartofeln said...

Well Mr Rajeev,
What kind of discontent have you undergone? Man you have turned parnoid, just like other "kutty togadias". I've read your old articles, you were not like this before.

Anonymous said...


Great! Keep up the good work. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead, stop not till rvery convert is reconverted back to Hinduism.

Kalyani said...

Hi Rajeev,

Happy VijayaDasami!

Is it alright if I post comments as before? Honestly,I still feel scared.I would not want to create problems for you too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajeev,

Could you post this on your blog. It is a protest petition against M.F. Hussain.

S. Raman

sulabh said...

You are doing a great job against all odds. Keep it up.
God bless you..
Some sucking people mostly so called secularists and maxists have not learnt from history. They don't mind selling thier mothers/sisters and india to foreigners..

sulabh said...

It is utter disgusting to note that Hindus are still made to feel and treated as second class citizens. Mughals did that and muslims are doing that in every other country.
Muslims have extracted their peace of land for the reason that they do not want to leave with Hindus and called Pakistan..

85% perecent of Hindus are being ruled by Christians and Muslims now who do not mind humiliating hindus..
Presidnet is a Muslim, PM is a Sikh, Ruling party is dominated by Christians and Muslims with hindus(?) as their chamchas..
There is no difference b/n earlier Mughal/british rule except that this is called democracy.
How can you expect justice? Hindus themselves are to blame for this. They have not yet learnt from History. What a shame!

Here is another link to what is happening Bangladesh.

Where are hour so called Secularists/english media.?
Where are muslims who protest loudly if it the victim is a muslim..

Chandragupt said...

The Caste system in India !

Every civilized society has a caste system based on some form of religio-economic status. In modern day economies, its Upper class, Middle class, and Lower class. In Christians/Islam, its Master and Slave. But Hindus have a distinction based on occupational grounds. Those who did occupations involving lowly things became shudras, those who fought in battles became Kshatriyas. And those who recited vedas called themselves Brahmins. And those who did trade were called Vaishnavs.

Is this ideology still relevent in modern society ? I guess not, Hindus should let go off their caste consciousness by attacking the following issues,
1. A different name system, rather than having a First-name and family name system, it should be first name and Father's or Mother's name.
2. Every Science Graduate should be confered a title of Brahmin. Every Commerce Grad should be called a Vaishnav. Every soldier should be called a Kshatriya. Rest all should be common Hindus.

I believe that till Hinduism and its people practice casteism, its impossible to bridge the deep ethnic divide that separates the hindus, and which enabled Ambedkar to convert millions of Hindus to Buddhism.

Please provide your suggestions as to what can be done to improve this situation.

Chandragupt said...

Hi Guys,

I was searching for people with similar "Brain Waves", its really difficult to find people who write about the plight of Hindu in Hindustan. I would like to express my opinion and get a poll done on it to understand public opinion of the Hindu.

1. Does Bharat, Hindustan, India, really belong to the Hindu ?
2. If it doesn't, what should be done to create a Modern Purely Hindu Fanatic state like Pakistan ?
3. Can the Constitution of India be amended to make India from being a "Secular democracy" to that being a "Hindu Republic" ?
4. Hindu have a multi-ethnic diversity inside India itself, how can this be unified with a central religious order like that of vatican/pop ? (I think the Shankacharya isn't doing much these days to care for the Hindus)
5. How can casteism be completely eliminated ?
6. Why don't the Hindu create a new religious order, like the Sikhs, and mandatory laws like Shariya, which can be above the existing legal order, which will protect the Hindu religion and its people from converting to other religions ?
7. Why doesn't the Hindu expand its boundaries ? Is it not high time to expand our horizons ? Why is Hindu diminishing ? Why is Islam flourishing ?
8. Gandhi could be the "Father of India", but was he the voice of all the Hindus, as Jinnah was the voice of muslims ? Should we still call him the Father of the nation when Netaji Shubash Chandra Bose, gave his life for the liberation of India, while this man instead sat doing nothing to help the war efforts of Netaji. In fact he colloborated with the British by being passive. Shouldn't such a person be branded a Traitor ?

The Hindu already enjoys the most freedom that any religion can endow upon its people. Its only because of the plague of Islamic conquest, that the Hindu has adopted harsh culture.

Please pour in your opinions, and suggest ways to improve the awareness among the Hindu.

sulabh75 said...

I appreciate your idea of dropping the caste name from the name. Every Hindu should conciously do this.
Caste/sects are in other religions also like sunni,shiya,patan, protestant,orthodox( they are not religions but political organistions with a constition called Bible or Kuran)
Since these orders are new, they don't have many castes as in india.
If we follow the other religious orders, there will not be any differnce. I think organisations like VHP should have central authority and all other religious institutions should be affilitated to it.
gurus/mutts should be advised to develop hindu consiousness,hindu unity among their followers. They should all give awareness to thier followers/bhaktas about the ileffects of islam/christian on India and world over..

sulabh75 said...

'In 1758, a powerful Maratha army under Gopal Rao Patwardhan invaded Bangalore. The Maharaja of Mysore deputed Hyder Ali to oppose the invaders, and he succeeded in driving them away. Bangalore came as jagir to Hyder Ali along with the title Nawab Bahadur'.

Then we all know what happened, Hyder ali himself became sulan of the state whose sujects were mostly hindus.. Country has not learnt lesson from this. We make muslims/christians president, PMs, party presidents and hindus willingly do their chamchagiri.
Anything is possible in such a setup. We are not sure that they always work for the welfare of the country and people. though in democracy mejority always plays a big role.

hinduismdefense said...

By S.P. Attri (USA)
1. News reports coming out of India, point to an expert orchestration of terrorist strikes against Mumbai’s local trains on 11 July 2006. The blasts in Mumbai local trains, are supposedly carried out through Al-Qaeda’s surrogates, Lashkar-E-Tayiba, and SIMI (Students Islamic Movement Of India). Isn’t this the direct-fruit of India’s foolish repeal of anti-terrorist law of POTA?

2. Moslems’s urge for Jehad is well known, Moslems have “Always” regarded Non-Moslem Kafir lands, as Dar-Ul-Harb (the battle-ground), and the financial capital of Kafir-India, Mumbai, is an ideal hunting ground for Islamic-Predators. You can be certain that there is no shortage of Jehadi-Recruits, willing to do the dirty work of Islam. These recruits feel proud of themselves, they feel in control, as they are calling the shots, when they are killing Kafirs.

3. George W. Bush tells us that, Moslems are members of a religion that, is so full of love. Judging by the behavior of Moslems during the last 1400 years, it is total mythology to label Islam as a religion of peace, and Moslems as so full of love. Contrary to what Simple George has been spoon-fed, Islam is anything but love. It is extremely necessary to separate fact from fiction, and mythology from reality. The actual existent historical data of last 1400 years, clearly shows Moslems murder of Non-Moslems Kafirs, and their genocide, in Islam’s eternal precipitous war of Kafir-Hatred.

4. These are the same “Loving-Moslems” who recently killed five Kafir-Hindus in Kashmir, by slitting the throat of one, and cutting off the tongues and noses of four others, repeatedly shouting slogans at them, of being Kafirs and informers of police.

These are the same Loving-Moslems, who cross over from Pakistan into Indian Kashmir, and slaughter Kafir-Hindus. During the last 15 years, they have murdered more than 50,000 Hindus, and evicted more than 300,000 Hindus from their homes in Kashmir.

5. Marketing Islam as a religion of peace, and labeling Killer-Moslems as Loving-Moslems, may be politically correct, as well as a vote-getting gimmick for Phoney-Liberal politicians of India, but it does not belie the true nature of Islam, nor can it ever refute:


Like wolves and sharks, Moslems are predators, and history is a strong guide that their mission is to wipe off, all Kafirs from the map of the world.

6. For Hindus, Moslems Kafir-Hatred and killing of Non-Moslem Kafirs, is not a simple human rights issue, but is illustrative of a mandatory necessity, to plan some strong countermeasures, to hunt down these barbaric-predators. Islam’s threat against Non-Moslem Kafirs is especially worrisome, in the light of Moslem’s sacred duty of Jehad, and their yearning to establish Allah’s Empire all over the earth.

7. After centuries of Hindu-Slaughter, at the hands of Moslems, the issue before the Hindu right now, is a Hamletian-Conumdrum:

“TO STRIKE OR NOT TO STRIKE (against the Predatory-Moslems), THAT IS THE QUESTION.”

Surinder Paul Attri

trailblazer82 said...

By the way Osama Bin Laden and many other islamic terrorists are also shadow warriors. No one knows for sure whether he is still alive or not. Whenever people tend to be accepting that Osama might be dead, is is alleged that al-qaeda uses past (before Osama's death) video recordings to confuse everybody into thinking that he is still alive. There are allegations against communists also for using similar tactics.

Considering that Islamic fanatics and Communist fascists had been the perpetrators of biggest crimes against India, it is high time we learn our enemies' "shadow warrior" tactic to defeat the same enemies.

However a word of caution from Friedrich Nietzsche.
Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.


trailblazer82 said...
Ketman (Arabic kitmān كتمان "secrecy, concealment") is the act of paying lip service to authority while holding personal opposition. It is a sort of political or religious camouflage, for the purpose of survival, because, if you said publicly that you are against those in power, the consequences for you and your family would be immediate and catastrophic. So you can teach your children, in deep secrecy, to practice ketman exactly the same as you, but never to forget the real truth, as you see it. This can go on through many generations, and erupt one distant day in the form of revolutions, uprisings, etc.

Though the term was originally used exclusively in regards to Islamic authority, the term is most frequently encountered in reference to Communist authoritarianism.

Vinod said...

Hi Rajeev,

This is owrth outting on the blog:

Church of Scientology Could Be Dissolved in France Over Fraud Lawsuit,2933,521678,00.html

trailblazer82 said...

Hi Rajeevji,

Did you watch this video?
Nandan Nilekani's ideas for India's future
I didn't appreciate his notion that our unsustainable population is an asset.
But what surprised me is that, @ 10:16 in the video, he displays a slide where some young girls are displaying placards which read
1. Now do we say "Vande Mata-Rome"?
2. India for India born. Amend the constitution.

We have noticed that NR Narayanamurty was a strong Congress supporter. He gave a strong endorsement of Manmohan Singh before 2009 election.
Also he was angry with BJP because of it's protests to his playing instrumental version of national anthem in order not to embarrass foreign audience.
More about the controversy here

So does it prove that Nilekani is anti-congress OR esp anti-Sonia?

PS: I didn't know how to mail the blog writers. So I am leaving a comment since I believe Nilekani's speech merits the blog's attention.

Anonymous said...
Here the congress guy is spreading the propaganda overseas that Indians are also very racist and this works as justification for assaults against Indians.
Outlook was running cover story with rhetorical question "Are we not racist too?". Ofcourse Sonia and Rahul don't want to let their white race identity enter the consciousness of the masses. They might even be afraid whether the racist attacks on Indians in Aus provoke any backlash against Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka.

Anonymous said...

Warning about impending "Learned Helplessness" among Hindutvavadis.
Here Nicholas Kristoff explains some psychological workings of human mind.

What I found relevant with the article here is that just like bleeding heart liberals who parade the horrible images of poverty and destitution in Africa to elicit support & donations from Americans and Europeans, many aggressive Hindutva websites parade the horrible injustices being committed against Hindus civilization.
But just like rich whites becoming indifferent sensing the African poverty problem is too enormous and one's individual contribution is too small to make any significant change, many patriotic Hindus also may get depressed and indifferent unless they are made aware of the progress made by all this online Hindutva movement.

In short many bloggers are coming across as "Bleeding Heart Hindutvavadis".

Over time I have been realizing similarly that the problem of Hindu Civilization is too enormous to for one individual like me to make any significant +ve difference.
There are many reasons for me embracing such helplessness.
Here I list few major ones.
1. BJP seemed totally incompetent and insincere in it's commitment to Ram. Incompetent because forget about building Ram temple it almost couldn't stop the demolition of Ram-Setu. Insincere because it seems be trying to whip us Hindu emotions to get votes by shouting Ram only to later ditch the Hindu concerns after getting power.
2. Besides post-2009 election analysis by Kanchan Gupta reveals that BJP is using Hindutva sentiment to gain power, whereas it should be considering attainment of political power as just another means of implementing Hindutva goals.
3. Most depressing is the way BJP leaders are complacent to make alliances in states like Andhra Pradesh, Orissa etc rather than actually working hard to widen their base there. It is doing so in order not to have too many contenders for top jobs at the center.
4. While BJP tries to whip up angry sentiment over Bangladeshi immigrants, Vajpayee actually proposed citizenship cards for illegal immigrants and even a common currency b/n India and Bangladesh. Can there be anything more criminal than that?

Anyway my point is that I suspect all these "Bleeding Heart Hindutvavadi" bloggers are preaching dangerous suicidal behavior called "learned helplessness".
It is a condition of a human being or an animal in which it has learned to behave helplessly, even when the opportunity is restored for it to help itself by avoiding an unpleasant or harmful circumstance to which it has been subjected.

Eg. When a baby elephant is tied up in it's childhood, it struggles a lot to break out of it. But over time it learns that resisting is useless and when it grows up it no longer resists even though now it is strong enough to break out. True Story.

So my suggestion is just like Kristoff pointed the need for donors to be made aware of the improvements made possible by their contributions, Hindutva bloggers also should let their supporters know of the improvements made by all this online activism. Unfortunately I didn't see any improvement. It was all downhill ever since Vajpayee took over as PM in 2nd term. But may be, I hope I am wrong and being cynical.
trailblazer82ak at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Jante Law -- This Law explains the snobbery and intolerance of Armies of Pseudo-Secular Media against anyone they don't agree with.

1. Don't think that you are special.
2. Don't think that you are of the same standing as us.
3. Don't think that you are smarter than us.
4. Don't fancy yourself as being better than us.
5. Don't think that you know more than us.
6. Don't think that you are more important than us.
7. Don't think that you are good at anything.
8. Don't laugh at us.
9. Don't think that anyone of us cares about you.
10. Don't think that you can teach us anything.

Further in the book: 11. Don't think that there is something we don't know about you.

Anonymous said...

Evgeny Morozov: How the Internet strengthens dictatorships
This applies to Congress pseudo-secularist pseudo-democracy also.

More about the speaker:

makarand said...

This is a news update from a perceived conservative, republican and mormon state of US - Utah.

more than 15 thousand americans attended the Holi festival celebrated at an Iskon temple!