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Monday, October 22, 2012

Taliban rearing its ugly head in Kerala

Moplah Taliban persecute a female school teacher in "God's own country", i.e. Khairallah - for not complying with their diktat to
wear a black tarpaulin aka Burka.

This outrage occurred in a government aided (read Hindu taxpayer funded) "Minority" educational institution.

Where is the "Human rights" mafia now? Where is the
Pink Panty (TM) brigade?
Where are all the usual "Secular Progressive" NGO busybodies?

Cat got your tongue, eh?

No surprises there. The "secular" mafia is engaged in enabling Jihadi demographic warfare and therefore is exercised about the "rights" of teenage Hindu girls - namely the
right to be seduced by a Love Jihadi, the right to wear a black
tarpaulin aka Burka, lthe right to become a baby producing factory for the Arab imperialistic cult etc.

Samuel Reddy's ghost and Christist war in Andhra

How is it "secular" to hold public rallies with a Bible in hand? Is this not a blatant infringement of the electoral code of conduct? Or will the Election commission of India look the other way - based on some technicality - such as "elections are X months away" etc?

It was interesting to see the Dalal media's attempt to negate
Samuel Reddy's christist identity - post the unfortunate helicopter incident, what with rampant stories about a "cremation" (sic)
of his mor(t)al remains.

It is still not too late, despite the 20% Christist population - for the stupid "secular" people to see the YSR Congress in its true naked ugliness - a CWG
(Christist War Group) akin to the
PWG (Peepul's War Group of naxalites, who are predominantly stealth christist anyway)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Dalit woman gangraped in M.P

Make an educated guess as to the perpetrators' identity.

Shameful incidents like these keep occurring with sickening regularity. There was an incident about 2 months ago when a 12 year old Dalit girl child was gang raped and murdered.

This is a wake up call for dormant Hindus, reminds me of the protagonist of the movie
"A time to kill".

The perpetrators of these ghastly crimes invariably are adherents of the same cult that riots at the drop of a hat
and kills diplomats at the silliest of pretexts, sat some film or cartoon.

Where are all the shrill usual advocates of "Dalit freedom" now? Where is the BSP of "Aadarneeya Behenji Mayawati"? Where is Mullah Mulayam? Where is Kaancha Iliah with his racist theology?

Shame on these opportunist anti-Hindu partisans. Hindus are
3rd class citizens in India just like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan under the Taliban.

Raping infidel women and forcibly converting them is one of the founding tenets of the Arabian desert cult to demonstrate the defenselessness of infidels under Islamic subjugation,
assert the supremacy of the "Religion of Peace" and acts as a force multiplier in its implied demographic war.

Will there be an appropriate punishment for this bestial crime delivered by our Dhimmi "NyayaMoortis" (aka "Justices")
or will some Dhimmi concoct an inquiry report of "spontaneous rape" (like Dhimmi Justice Bannerji's spontaneous combustion at Godhra) or will the poor woman be asked to literally take it lying down in the spirit if Gandhian secularism and
"communal harmony"

Monday, September 10, 2012

Persecuted Hindus Fleeing Pakistan

"You can kill us here, but we do not want to go back to Pakistan. Every day we face persecution and our troubles have doubled with the rise of Islamic extremism". 
In 2005, India granted citizenship to 13,000 Pakistani Hindus.

BBC News: More  Pakistani Hindus return to India

Fit for an episode of Satyameva Jayate

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Threats To Students From Assam?

10 people from Northeastern states, most of them students, have been beaten up in separate incidents in the last three days in Kondhwa and Pune Camp areas of the city, police said today.
DNA: Assam riots fall-out: Ten from Northeast attacked in Pune
Some of the students who called up local news channels in Guwahati complained of receiving anonymous calls threatening them to leave Hyderabad where they are studying.
There were reports in the local media of some Bodo students being targeted in Pune where they are pursuing their higher studies in different educational institutions. The local TV news channels also claimed that a number of students have already boarded the train following the threat in Hyderabad and Bengaluru.
 DC: Assam Resents Student Exodus

Monday, August 22, 2011

Anna Health Deteriorating, Wants Direct Talks with Rahul

Now we cut to the chase. There aren't too many good options for Congress -- with Hazare's health going downhill, the novice Rahul could end up with a death on his hands, which would destroy his political aspirations forever. Or else Rahul "saves the day" -- after meeting directly with Anna, the young prince has a "change of heart" and feels moved to present to parliament an anti-corruption bill satisfactory to critics -- in which case, Manmohan, Chidambaram & Co get ditched.

That latter option would be more Congress' style, preserving the Family's future, while its generals have to fall on their swords, and bow out into the shadows. But we know from Indian and even Japanese politics, that tainted and unpopular politicians still get to remain powerful backroom men. The problem for Congress is that without corruption and black money to keep it alive, Congress could gradually be marginalized and superceded by more populist Leftist/casteist parties, just like its old opponent Janata Dal. That could one day lead to BJP aligning with Congress in the far future, like it supports Nitish in Bihar.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

UK Muslim Population Rising 10x Faster Than Brits

The population of Muslims in the UK is rising 10 times faster than everyone else there. So with a doubling time of every 4 years, then that should put an end to Britain in about 20 years or less.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jammu Agitation - Wake up call for Indians on Islamisation

A previous post lamented the process of linguistic bastardisation in the Indian electronic media, culminating in the virtual replacement of Shuddh Hindi
with Urdu, an illegitimate tongue originating in the barracks of Mohammedan invaders and their harems.

The link is to an editorial in the Panchjanya, in Shuddh Hindi, by Shri. Devendra Swarup.

His main contentions - The Mohammedan sedition is not even about land, per se. Rather, it is all about Complete Islamisation of Kashmir, Jammu & Ladakh. The present Mohammedan intransigence is simply a reaffirmation that the centuries long Jihad to transform Kashmir from a "Dar Ul Harb" into a "Dar Ul Islam" is nearing completion. The current episode of bigotry serves as the last nail in India's coffin (or, so the ROP adherents opine).

The heroic and determined resistance put up by the Hindus of the Jammu region - is unprecedented in the history of "independent" (sic) Indian dhimmocracy. It is unparalleled, other than possibly, the Ram Janmabhoomi movement of the late 80's to early 90's and constitutes a Wake Up Call for Hindus on the holocaust that Mohammedans have in store for us throughout the length and breadth of the country, if we capitulate meekly ro their genocidal warfare.

It is always a treat to read Shri. Swarup and the purity of his prose. This
is one of the best analyses of the Kashmiri Jihad by anyone that I've read till date.

Who needs Dhimmi Star News? Who needs The Chindu or the psec TOIlet rag? When, we have the Panchjanya to espouse the Hindu nationalist perspective. It would be great if the Sangh Parivar could publish translations of this journal in all Indian languages and start a TV News Channel, FM radio stations
to demolish psec propaganda and advocate the Hindu viewpoint. No one could possibly miss the NDTV/Star bimbos or the demise of their tabloid trash.

Isn't that the role of the legendary "Panchjanya" in the epic Mahabharata, namely to issue a clarion call for the purification of the atmosphere vitiated by Adharmic forces and the establishment of Dharma?

Friday, June 20, 2008

goldman sachs: ten things for india to achieve its 2050 potential

jun 20th, 2008

i'd add an 11th commandment:

11. get rid of manmohan "i must have the nuke deal or else i'll resign" singh, palaniappan "mr. 11%" chidambaram, sonia "numbered swiss account" nehru

most appropriate, now that these worthies have managed to get inflation up to (an admitted) 11%, although in reality it is closer to 25%

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hindu man burnt for dating ROP woman

In London, that is. Quick - Lallu Yadav (Peace Be Upon Him), rush a Bangali psec judge to the British Isles to expound on the infamous theory of spontaneous combustion. Will Manmohan Singh lose any sleep for this Hindu victim of Jihad? I doubt it. The ROP has an exclusive right to perpetrate terror against infidels, especially when those infidels happen to Hindoo.

The ROP is indeed so "peaceful" that any infidel who dares to "encroach upon their turf" is to be dealt with in the excessively "compassionate" ways that uniquely distinguish the ROP even by the standards of violent binary cults.

The Jihadi worldview dictates that women are merely baby producing factories to be employed in the ultimate goal of establishing a global Islamic Caliphate by terror and silent demographic conquest. So, how dare that infidel Hindu
even contemplate misappropriating a resource that rightfully belongs to the ROP?

"Human rights", you say? They simply do not apply in this case. Infidels, by definition are "wicked" and sub-human and only Mohammedans can be "innocent". Hindu infidels are doubly offensive to the ROP by their very existence. Yes, The Book says so. And this wicked, sub-human infidel was potentially committing "genocide" against the ROP. How? Because every woman can potentially swell the ROP's numbers by a few dozen and the infidel's romantic liaison her was "killing" dozens of potential Mohammedans!

Now, that constitutes "genocide" in the Indian "secularist" lexicon. Cedric Prakash would nod his head in vigorous approval and Veerappa Moily, Digvijay Singh would advocate that the "diabolical Hindu fundamentalist bigot" be prosecuted in the International Court of Justice for crimes
against humanity. Because, by definition, the ROP is synonymous with "humanity". The Book says so. What do you think?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another instance of false SOUTH ASIA solidarity

Yet another contribution to the decimation of what little national sovereignty exists. The UPA dhimmis have started a direct train service between Calcutta and "Bangladesh", as if the threat to national security from porous borders
and unchecked Bangladeshi Mohammedan demographic warfare to the tune of 50 million (5 crores), by some accounts is not sufficient damage inflicted.

What justifies this SOUTH ASIA solidarity fest? Has "Bangladesh" stopped mutilating Indian soldiers? Has it agreed to sell natural gas to India? Has it ceased logistics support to North Eastern terrorist groups and inspiration to Mohammedan terrorists who routinely massacre and maim unsuspecting civilians in India? Or has it stopped raping and lynching the oppressed Hindu minority that still survives in East Pakistan?

This should be good news for all the "Gandhians", i.e. Binary cult lovers. Indeed, here goes the "eminent" dhimmi, Nirmala Deshpande with her shameless call for a SOUTH ASIA UNION.

"Ms Deshpande claimed that the formation of the South Asian Union would lead to more peace in the continent.

"As on date, the changes taking place across the South Asian region are very encouraging. There is peace everywhere, whether it be Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka. Pakistan has even gone to the extent of electing a woman as the Speaker of Parliament," said the Gandhian.

"The Maoists in Nepal, who were waging a war with the state, have joined mainstream politics and are contesting parliamentary elections. These are all welcome changes," she said. She was evasive when asked about Tibet.

Ms Deshpande claimed that Gandhians were making deep inroads into the Maoist-infested regions in Chhattisgargh, Orissa, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh."

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pseudo-liberal justification of demographic warfare by Bangladeshi Mohammedans

There he goes again - Vir Sanghvi, with his disingenuous minimisation of Mohammedan demographic warfare aimed at the decimation of Hindu civilisation once and for all.

The dhimmi nut doesn't just stop with minimisation of the scale of "Bangladeshi" aggression. He actually has the audacity to rationalise it with the chimera of SOUTH ASIAN solidarity!! This one sentence is a colossal insult without parallel to the memory of millions of Hindu victims of Islamic genocide on Indian soil, particularly those hundreds of thousands of dishonoured female victims of "Direct Action" by Muslim League thugs.
"So, there are many Bangladeshis in the border districts of West Bengal. Because there are few cultural differences, they fit in easily with the local people. Many of these Bangladeshis do then make their way to such cities as Calcutta or Delhi.

This by itself should not be a cause for much concern. We were all part of the same country till 1947 and it is inevitable that people will keep moving between the nations of South Asia, no matter how the international boundaries are drawn....."

The pseudo-secular atrocity is compounded further by his equation of Hindu refugees from West and East Pakistan with illegal Mohammedan aggressors. Genocide of Hindus by the Islamists is apparently not sufficient to whet the appetite of the Indian "secularist" masochists. Any Hindu survivors fleeing Islamic holocaust have to be equated with the "economic migrant" Mohammedans, branded "illegal" and deported back to Jihadi hell!
Only then perhaps, the dhimmi lust for Hindu beating gets satiated.
Really, I'm not inventing all this. Vir Sanghvi says so in his article in the "Hindustan Times". This fellow should be tried for treason.
"Not only is the answer obvious but here’s another fact: many of those who have left Bangladesh and opted for India are Hindus who feel increasingly alienated because of the Islam-isation of Bangladeshi society. But, do you ever hear of a drive against illegal Hindu immigrants? On the contrary, such parties as the BJP have invited Bangladeshi Hindus to seek shelter in India...."

Friday, February 15, 2008

Bollywood dhimmis romanticising historical record of Mohammedan demographic warfare

As if the perverted negationism perfected into a fine art by "eminent historians" of the JNU pseudo-liberal school were not enough, Bollywood dhimmis are trying their hand at celebrating the Mughal butcher Akbar, the poster boy for India's perverted Nehruvian Stalinist "secularism". To these sick dhimmis, a Rajput woman forced under duress to convert to the binary death cult from Arabia and serve as a concubine in the Mohammedan baby producing factory is the most exalted example of "secularism", the illegitimate Mohammedan progeny born out of such forced relationships the greatest living examples of "Composite Culture"(Or "Ganga-Jamuni Tahzeeb" in Hindi heartland Kaangress dhimmi speak)

If a butcher like Akbar is praised to the skies, no doubt the "secularist" intent is that the lives of Hindu women forced to serve as "comfort girls" for Mohammedan invaders, gets emulated in the present day. These JNU & Bollywood dhimmis are collaborators in the Mohammedan demographic aggression on Hindu soil. It is no coincidence, therefore that many of these "eminent" dhimmis happen to be of "composite" parentage themselves. By the way, see how the idiot Yankee dhimmis quickly digest JNU lunatic propaganda. They're very receptive to such crap, although adamant when it comes to presenting Hindus in a fair light in their history text books; CAPEEM's struggle is a case in point.

Hindus will naturally find glorification of their Mohammedan oppressors offensive. The psecs find any resistance coming from Hindus unbearable! Here's some Bollywood dhimmi moron indulging in typical dhimmispeak and I quote:
“We have taken every precaution. A tremendous amount of research has gone into the movie,” Siddharth Roy Kapoor, executive vice president (Marketing and Distribution) of UTV Motion Pictures, told PTI.

He said “certain elements” were trying to create problems to force filmmakers to stay away from certain topics ."

Of course, you moron! These "elements" see no value in your crappy movie or it's vulgar celebration of Mohammedan genocide.
For a small glimpse of the psec poster boy's babarism, I shall quote from Sitaram Goel's book THE STORY OF ISLAMIC IMPERIALISM IN INDIA.

"Humayun had hardly any time free from troubles to devote to the service of Islam. But his son, Akbar, made quite a good start as a ghãzî. He stabbed the half-dead Himu with his sword after the Second Battle of Panipat. The ritual was then followed by many more brave warriors of Islam led by Bairam Khan who drove their swords in the dead body. In 1568 AD Akbar ordered a general massacre at Chittor after the fort had fallen. Abul Fazl records in his Akbar-Nãma as follows. There were 8,000 fighting Rajputs collected in the fortress, but there were more than 40,000 peasants who took part in watching and serving. From early dawn till midday the bodies of those ill-starred men were consumed by the majesty of the great warrior. Nearly 30,000 men were killed When Sultan Alauddin (Khalji) took the fort after six months and seven days, the peasantry were not put to death as they had not engaged in fighting. But on this occasion they had shown great zeal and activity. Their excuses after the emergence of victory were of no avail, and orders were given for a general massacre. Akbar thus improved on the record of Alauddin Khalji. Watching the war and serving the warriors were re-interpreted as acts of war! To top it all, Akbar travelled post-haste to Ajmer where he offered profuse thanks to Allah and the Prophet, and his (Akbar's) patron saint, Muinuddin Chishti, and issued a Fathnãma in which many appropriate verses of the Quran were cited in order to prove that he had followed faithfully in the footsteps of the Prophet. "

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Kareena Kapoor's Nikah wedding?

I know this blog does not dabble in Bollywood bimbo trivia or Cricket. But, this is consequential in that it sets a bad example for young Hindus and confers a
certain legitimacy to the Mohammedan demographic warfare against Hindu cvilisation. There is a close parallel to the rumours about Britney Spears conversion to Islam. The permissive atmosphere manufactured by the pseudo-liberals is enabling the success of the "Islamisation through rapid
and "Islamisation through deliberate targeting of infidel women for breeding" project in dhimmocracies everywhere.

Only a mentally unstable and psychotic individual would wilfully consider converting to the genocidal Arab cult, particularly someone who has descended from a family that has experienced Jihadi holocaust first hand. Come to think of it, a psychotic state of mind is an essential ingredient for adherence to the
Koranic injunctions of slaughter. Britney's recent behaviour only confirms that! And Bollywood, naturally, has to imitate Western debauchery in toto.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sick Dhimmi woman eulogising Mohammedan demographic warfare

This Jyoti Punwani is a real nauseating sicko psec woman. Where the heck do these idiot dhimmis get indoctrinated with extreme capitulationist dhimmitude? There she goes again, in the TOILet paper with her perverted advocacy of the seduction of Hindu women by Mohammedan demographic warriors against the Indic civilisation. Next, these bloody psecs will demand that GOI subsidise the litter produced by Islamist warfare. Is there no limit to this sick dhimmitude? Isn't this sick woman aware of the status of women in Islam as objects of sexual gratification and baby producing factories?

Since the Bajrang Dal and the VHP are demonised by the psecs as "fascist" anyway, they might as well silence dangerous enemies of Hindu civilisation like this obnoxious woman.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Was Dec 6, 1992 a set back for Hindu nationalism?

Article from The Pioneer by Shri. Devendra Swarup - RSS ideologue and historian. In a few days, 15 years would have elapsed since that momentous event in Hindu history, equalled in significance only by the Shakti round of nuclear tests in 1998. So, was the Ayodhya demolition a setback for Hindu nationalism? It certainly served as cannon fodder for psec propaganda and made the task of demonising Hindu organisations and Hindus easier, as did the Graham Stain incident and the Gujarat riots - regardless of the devious and deliberate misrepresentation of facts by the psecs. However, neither the holocaust of Hindus nor the collaboration of psecs and communist fellow travelers with imperialistic death cults was caused by the Ayodhya movement. That is, the provocations for Hindu nationalist reaction were a pre-existing condition and the Ayodhya demolition only a temporary setback. Hindus have absolutely nothing to regret or apologise for.

Since 1992, however and certainly since the summer of 2004, Hindus are staring at far more serious and existential threats. Therefore, Hindu nationalist posture has necessarily changed from an offensive one in 1992 to a defensive one today. The Ayodhya issue remains an important issue pertaining to our faith, primarily symbolic, though not warranting any surrender to the insatiable Mohammedan quest for domination. The more immediate and mortal dangers are manifested in the form of not so subtle cultural denigration in the name of "modernity", demographic explosion of hostile elements on our own turf (by procreation and proselytisation) and terrorism (jihadi and maovadi and yesuvadi).