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kanchan gupta: How US helps fund jihad

jan 16th, 2008

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The Pioneer / Edit page main article / Jan 16, 2008.

How US helps fund jihad

American Government and military officials have told The New York
Times that much of the aid provided by the Bush Administration to
Pakistan to fight Al Qaeda and the Taliban has been diverted for
Islamabad's jihad against New Delhi. According to The New York Times
report, funds have been "diverted to help finance weapons systems
designed to counter India" and pay "tens of millions of dollars in
inflated Pakistani reimbursement claims for fuel, ammunition and other
costs". An European diplomat, aware of this diversion, has told the
newspaper, "I wonder if the Americans have been taken for a ride."
The revelation has been greeted with sullen silence by the Bush
Administration, which continues to invest faith in Gen Pervez
Musharraf and still treats him as a "staunch ally" in the war on
terror even as Pakistan falls, bit by bit, to the advancing hordes of
barbarians who think nothing of slaughtering both believers and
non-believers to further the cause of fanatical Islam. Pakistani
officials, however, are "incensed at what they see as American
ingratitude for Pakistani counter-terrorism" efforts.

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Gagan said...

Here's the link:

karyakarta92 said...

Here's a recent case of a US Congressman, a Republican from Michigan fundraising for Jihad. That's even worse than the indirect funding of the Pakistani jihad.