Sunday, January 06, 2013

Father of Jyoti Singh Pandey Wants Her Remembered

The father of Delhi rape victim Jyoti Singh Pandey wants the world to know his daughter's name.

May She Rest in Peace.

UPDATE: Based on feedback from you all, I've taken down the photo which I believed to be of her. Apologies for any error on my part. I'll try to find out more as more facts become available.


Invention Review said...

May Ms Jyoti Singh Pandey be with the Lord and have a good rebirth.

May we know the source of the photograph?

Unknown said...

Salutes, For Our Brave Bold Martyr in the War Against Humanity

george said...

please have a look at this link.
What wrong did this girl in kochi do! Before you post anything i would kindly ask you to do a research on the topic. Now that you have posted something wrong. It would be really appreciated if you remove this post and give a public apology!

Admin said...

This is a fake picture. So far her real picture is not shared by her parents to any one. many fake pictures are under circulation by attention seeking people.

Suhas Nayak said...

Yeah, but is this the photo of Jyoti..... I believe it is of some Keralite girl whose father had later on objected to this photo and raised an FIR

non-carborundum said...

San should be jailed!

Statement from the wimps at The Chindu

"Section 228A of the Indian Penal Code, which prohibits publication of the name of a deceased rape victim without the permission of her next of kin, lays down a specific procedure by which this permission is to be accorded: it must be given in writing to a welfare organisation or institution recognised by the Central or State governments.

....To the best of my knowledge, this procedure, which was introduced into law as an added layer of protection for the victim and her family, has not yet been followed."

JOAN'S JOINT said...

HELP PLEASE.we want to do an article in our magazine on this terrible occurence. where do i get the picture of Jyoti as on your site?

Kind regards

joan yarnold

Uttar Pradesh said...

MRIP Miss BraveHeart!

nizhal yoddha said...

arun said:


Just saw san's post .. the picture on that looks similar to the one on ... please double check

nizhal yoddha said...

i am a little concerned that this picture is a fake. however, the supposed google+ page that has been posted above also looks like a fake.

i have asked san for his source.

if the picture is found to

nizhal yoddha said...

if the picture is found to be not authentic, i will take it off. in the meantime, let me point out:

a) nirbhaya is an extremely unusual name for any kerala girl, so the purported google+ page of this girl (and also the people followed by this id) appear to be fakes.

b) the girl, and the vegetation, both look quite like they are from kerala. the low-hanging (mango?) tree is fairly common in kerala. so i can believe this is a picture of a kerala girl.

the evidence is contradictory, so unless there is proof forthcoming, do consider this unconfirmed for the moment.

souixsie said...

Rest in peace, Jyoti Pandey.You were a brave heart.

I am curious about the name Amanat that the media seems to have foisted. Does it have Urdu roots? Most pictures of protesting students carried placards that used the pseudonym Damini, which seems to be Sanskrit based. Was this just the media morons pushing Urdu terms on the public? Apologies if this Southie got it wrong.

Anonymous said...

nirbhaya/jyoti singh pandey was killed by the 6th accused.—-Mohd. Afroze , the minor the Muslim of the group, it was Afroze who lured her into the bus, who started the fight, who raped her twice, who pulled out her intestines. bloody Muslims.