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Pak Admits Terrorists Confessing - Why?

Suddenly we’re seeing confessions from Pak-based Lashkar terrorists being aired by Pak police. What gives? Why would Pak now be suddenly looking to publicize confessions of involvement in Mumbai by its own homegrown terrorist groups?

Is it possible that the civilian govt of Zardari is making a move against the generals and their precious jihadi apparatus? Why now? Is it because of new US pressure/threats? Or is it possibly because of a new US carrot — ie. the announcement by the UN of a probe in Benazir’s assassination?

I’m thinking that if a UN probe is conducted into the Benazir assassination, then it holds the prospect of Zardari/PPP coming out a big winner, benefitting politically from a public backlash that puts its military/ISI chaperone on the ropes.

But would the Pak military allow this plan to succeed? Would it just sit around meekly, waiting for the axe to inevitably fall on it through damaging UN revelations? I’m thinking that if the investigation came anywhere near implicating the hyperaggressive Musharraf, that he’d quickly go running around to cobble together another coup. I’m thinking that the Pak hardliners would attempt to pre-empt their fate by some kind of stunt, rather than allow themselves to be cornered. For instance, they might seek another Mumbai attack or some other pretext for war with India, or otherwise do something to keep their necks away from the noose.

Brzezinski on Gaza War

Zbigniew Brzezinski loses his cool on daughter Mika's morning news program, while discussing the latest battle between Israel and Hamas in Gaza:

Gee, I hope he remembered to take his geritol that morning.

Our Motherland

dec 31st, 2008

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A quote that touches the depth of my being each time that I read it, so I thought I should share it with you all.

Have a most wonderful day.



 Our Motherland


Whosoever stands on this sacred land, whether alien or child of the soil, feels himself surrounded –unless his soul is degraded to the level of brute animals-by the living thoughts of the earth's best and purest sons, who have been working to raise the animal to the divine through centuries, whose beginning history fails to trace.


Here and here alone the human heart expanded till it included not only the human, but birds, beasts, and plants: from the highest gods to grains of sand, the highest and the lowest, all find a place in the heart of man, grown great and infinite. And here alone, the human soul studied the universe as one unbroken unity whose every pulse was his own pulse.


We all hear so much about the degradation of India. There was a time when I also believed in it. But today standing on the vantage –ground of experience, with eyes cleared of obstructive predispositions and above all, of the highly coloured pictures of many other countries toned down to their proper shade and light by contact, I confess, in all humility I was wrong. Thou blessed land of  Bharat, thou was never degraded. Sceptres have been broken and thrown away, the ball of power has passed from hand to hand, but in India, courts and kings always touched only a few: the vast mass of people, from the highest to the lowest, has been left to pursue its own inevitable course, the current national life flowing at times slow and half conscious, at others, strong awakened. I stand in awe before the unbroken procession of scores of shining centuries, with here and there a dim link in the chain, only to flare up with added briallance in the next, and there she is walking with her own majestic steps- my Motherland-to fulfil her glorious destiny, which no power on earth or in heaven can check- the regeneration of man the brute into man the God.                                 Swami Vivekananda


4M Report - 30 Dec 2008

dec 31st, 2008

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SABHA - 4M Report Arvind Kumar, 30 Dec 2008

Your regular dose of pseudosecularism

  1. Hemant Karkare nominates himself for the Darwin Award

    Hemant Karkare of the Anti Terrorism Squad must surely rank as the front runner for winning the Darwin Award. Wikipedia quotes Wendy Northcutt, author of Darwin Award books, and explains the awards.
    "The Awards honor people who ensure the long-term survival of the human race by removing themselves from the gene pool in a sublimely idiotic fashion."
    Karkare ignored terrorists and instead came up with an elaborate conspiracy theory according to which a former Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Lt. Gen. SK Sinha, Art of Living Foundation, the Indian Army, Praveen Togadia of VHP, some members of parliament and many others were involved in one grand conspiracy to terrorize innocent Muslims. Intelligence reports about the terrorist strike in Mumbai were received in advance but Karkare's squad did nothing about it.

    When Karkare finally faced real terrorists, he lasted less than 90 seconds. Apparently, he was clumsy at handling his helmet and he rushed in to meet the real terrorists ensuring that he removed himself from the human gene pool. The terrorists then took his jeep and used it to carry out more acts of terror.

    Karkare also leaked operational information to members of the public. Click here to read about how he leaked information to one Julio Ribeiro, a member of the public.

  2. SABHA Moron of the Month award

    Self-nomination for the Darwin Award automatically ensures that one gets SABHA's Moron of the Month Award. So Hemant Karkare gets this award as well.
  3. Hindu Zionists and Mossad behind Mumbai terror attacks!

    Leading intellectuals from Baltistan and Waziristan and experts from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan have cracked the Mumbai terror case.
    A Pakistani TV station has claimed "Hindu Zionists" and the Mossad carried out the Mumbai terrorist attacks, which it said were a "botched" imitation of the 9/11 attacks on the United States.
    Hamid said that it was a "badly planned" operation that had gone horribly wrong. "The Americans executed the 9/11 attack perfectly. They managed the media very well. The Indians tried to repeat the formula but goofed up. The idiots made a complete mess of it," he argued.

  4. Pakistani claims Hindu Zionist is his son

    A Pakistani man claimed that the Hindu Zionist who was captured alive during the Mumbai terror attack is his son.
    A man who said he was Amir Kasab confirmed to Dawn that the young man whose face had been beamed over the media was his son.

  5. Nepal's Maoists to be given degrees for their "skills"

    Nepal Maoist combatants, who were involved in a decade-long insurgency in the country, are set to be rewarded with academic degrees by the ultra left Government in 'recognition' of their 'skills' and sacrifice. Nepal's Finance Minister Bhattarai said on Thursday that preparations are underway to distribute academic certificates to the individuals who could not pursue their education due to their involvement in the civil war.

    "Our friends abandoned study and got involved in the revolution (armed conflict). Whatever skill and knowledge they earned, they must receive recognition," he said. Bhattarai, the second in command of the CPN (Maoist) party which leads the coalition Government in Nepal, said the people 'who could not receive formal education due to financial problem and other reasons but possess sufficient skill and knowledge' must also be provided with degree.

    "We are of the opinion that their skill and knowledge must be changed into academic degree and distributed through an open university," he added.
    Nepal is now expected to attract a number of international students from Pakistan who seek degrees under the Jihad quota.
  6. Communists run away from gunfire

    Murli points out that a member of parliament belonging to the Communist Party of India (Marxist) was dining at the posh Taj Hotel along with his colleagues when the terrorists entered the hotel. The MP and his colleagues fled the place and were eventually rescued by the police.
    It was a night without end for Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) MP N N Krishnadas who was having dinner at the Taj hotel in Mumbai when masked militants barged in.
    "I was having dinner with some of my colleagues when two masked militants barged into the restaurant. They fired indiscriminately, I saw three people being shot. The terrorists left the room soon after that," Krishnadas said over the phone from Mumbai.

  7. The case of the Missing Apples

    Remember the Muslims in Kashmir who wanted to march to Muzaffarabad in Pakistan with their apples instead of trading with other Indians? They have stopped sending apples to Pakistan. This is what Haji Farooq Ahmed, the President of Kashmir Valley's Fruit Buyer's Association, says:
    "We don't know what happened to the 7,000 fruit boxes we sent to Muzaffarabad."
    Here is a guess - we think the Pakistanis ate the apples. Hopefully this information will help Haji Farooq Ahmed.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stratfor on Pak Nuclear Threats

Stratfor gives a brief on Pakistan's use of nuclear threats.

The Priest Biz

India's export business in priesthood is featured by NYT/IHT.

Brahma: surge, bribe and run in afghanistan!4913C7C8A2EA4A30!945.entry

Dr. Chellaney is on the money as always

the yanks have had enough in afghanistan, but cannot be seen as crying for mommy. hence the next best thing "Declare victory and go home" to paraphrase the memorable George Aiken. only in this case they will bribe, declare victory and then go home.

india should not send troops to afghanistan. if we do so - we will be left holding america's second tar-baby.

meanwhile in nepal - another stalinist tramples over hindu temple tradition

The Christist Prachanda wishes you merry christmas - now hand over the money and get lost!!!

The Pashupatinath temple priests have always been Namboodiri's from Kerala - not anymore. local "brahmins' (interesting that one of them was named Dahal i.e. Prachanda's family name) will now be deputed and the temple money will be stolen by his holiness prachanda and handed over to the vatican - so that more christist priests can have "spiritual refreshments" with Nepali boys

this prchanda is showing himself to be every bit the crypto-christist. he will eventually turn into an asian version of tin-pot african dictators like idi amin 'dada' or that mobutu seko blighter

a devanagiri hindi version of the events here on Amitabh Tripathi's news network site-


What happens when....

dec 30th, 2008

comment on an 'economist' article.

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From: U

Going by the history of Indian response to Pakistan sponsored mayhem in India so far,this is what will happen when Pakistan launches a nuclear strike on an Indian City:

Pakistani nuclear strike on an Indian city.

Indian P.M Says that this is a cowardly attack to destroy the universalistic, pluralistic secular fabric of India.

Indian Govt appoints commission to study if the big hole where a city was has been caused by a Nuclear weapon.

Pakistan claims "Non state" missiles carried the nuclear weapons to India.

India appeals to the international community to put pressure on Pakistan to hand over Dawood and Gen.Kayani.

Indian minister for minority affairs says it could be Hindu fundamentalists or CIA elements who detonated a nuclear weapon in an Indian City to destroy the secular pluralistic ethos of India.

Famous Indian actor says that he was so scared for the first time in his life that he went to bed with a AK-47 at Night just in case Pakistan launches another nuclear missile.

Famous TV anchor talks nostalgically about the good times at Japanese restaurant in a 5 star hotel which is no longer there now.

In the background the NSG is trying to reach a consensus on how to launch a counter attack.

Ten days have passed and the world praises India's restraint.

Getting really tough, India threatens to stop peace negotiations with Pakistan.

Booker prize winning author writes emotional article on how the evil and oppressive Indian state brought all this destruction upon itself. Says that Pakistani Generals are human too .

The Govt praises the resilience of the common man in India.
Dawood goes bankrupt as his main sources of income in India has been rendered radioactive for he next thousand years. 
Tries to take revenge on ISI for choosing the wrong city to attack.

The Indian Govt scores significant diplomatic victory with the US and EU condemning the nuclear attack by Pakistan and promises not to retaliate.

Artistic photo of young girl's face gently illuminated by the light from a candle she has lit for the million who have died in the Pakistani nuclear attack appears in the front page of news papers

Now, why wouldn't Pakistan launch a nuclear attack?

"south asian" guy in bay area racks up $121 million gambling losses; forces associates to cough up $65 million in bribes

dec 30th, 2008

a lovely "south asian" success story in america. i would love to have all the 'south asianitis' afflicted people bailing this fellow out. yes, out with your wallets, angana, biju, vijay, akhila.

Local Muslim terrorists involved in Mumbai attacks

Terror strikes are not possible without local support.

This is what I meant in my previous post when I said that the terrorists are right here.  There is no need to go to Pakistan. 

A month has gone by and there is still no outcome of the "We will take action" statements by sundry Congressis.  Instead, we find Madmoron releasing Pakistani prisoners, appealing to Saudi and China, of all, to restrain pakistan, and taking no action against Antulay (vote bank ka sawaal hai bhai).  We will never learn, we have brought this upon ourselves when we vote for morons like these. 

If you cannot take action against terrorists holed up in pakistan, atleast hunt them down in India.  Ohh of course, thats not possible.  You see, the elections are near. 

Monday, December 29, 2008

India Planning Troop Deployment to Afghanistan?

Is India planning to deploy troops to Afghanistan? thinks so. They India is looking to make this offer to the incoming Obama administration.
How many troops? They're saying 120,000. That's quite a heavy number. Apparently, it would be politically much easier for Indian troops to use Russia and Iran as supply routes than for the US to do so.
It's most likely just a psychological ploy to get Pak to reverse its withdrawal of forces from the fight against Taliban. But either way, we'd benefit. It can't get much worse than where we are now.
It's upto the US to say yes/no, but hopefully Obama's self-styled out-of-the-box thinking would at least give us a hearing.

'christmas' offering by RoL: Protestant terrorist army hack 45 Catholics to pieces in Uganda church

dec 30th, 2008

typical 'love' offering for 'christmas' [sic]. this is the open face of christist terrorism. we are seeing a variant of this in orissa -- the christists are simply shooting hindus.

kony, former altar boy, was probably raped by some godman, and that has permanently warped the fellow and made him a killer. he was already on track to be one by being indoctrinated as a christist, but this has made even more wicked.

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From: Ravi

The brutal intra-Christian massacre death toll in Uganda now runs in 100s.... Please see this article
The Lord's Resistance Army rebel group has waged one of Africa's longest and most brutal wars for the last two decades. In the past, aid and rights groups have accused the rebels of cutting off the lips of civilians and forcing thousands of children to serve as soldiers or sex slaves. The conflict has spilled out of northern Uganda and into Sudan and Congo.

"The scene at the church was unbelievable. It was horrendous. On the floor were dead bodies of mostly women and children cut in pieces," Magezi told The Associated Press. He blamed the Lord's Resistance Army for the massacre and quoted witnesses as saying the rebels used machetes, clubs and swords in Friday's attack.

File photo of a woman in 2006 in northern Uganda who escaped capture by the Lord's Resistance Army -- but not before they cut off her lips, nose and ears. The rebels killed almost 200 people in a campaign in northeast Democratic Republic of Congo, a UN agency said in a report released Monday.

(AFP/File/Tugela Ridley)


On Sun, Dec 28, 2008 at 8:49 PM, Ravi

Protestant militants hack 45 Catholics to pieces in Uganda church

KAMPALA (AFP) – The Ugandan army on Sunday accused Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebels of hacking to death 45 people in a church in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Magezi said the victims, mostly women, children and the elderly, were mutilated in the style used by Hutu extremists during the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

Magezi later said 13 of the insurgents were shot dead by the forces.


Kony's rebels are accused of having raped and mutilated civilians, forcibly enlisting child soldiers and of massacring thousands during two decades of conflict.

Kony, a semi-literate former altar boy, took charge in 1988 of a regional rebellion among northern Uganda's ethnic Acholi minority

Christian women persecuted in India - by the Catholic church

Sister Abhaya was murdered by catholic clergymen & women with brutal strikes to the head with an axe - the ghastly crime perpetrated to cover up the bestial abuse indulged in by the Kerala christist "Fathers", who incidentally are among the most perverted and hateful bigots to be found anywhere.

Too bad that the professional "activists" like Teesta Setalvad and incendiary agitators in the Indian "SECULAR" media do not consider the abuse of Indian christian women by the church - a fit issue to raise hell, unlike the concocted incidents of Zaheera Shaikh et al in Gujarat. Report from The Pioneer on the debauchery of the Catholic church in India follows..

Nun struck Sister Abhaya in head with axe: CBI

Kerala was on Monday shocked to hear the CBI’s revelation in the Sr Abhaya murder case that it was Knanaya Catholic nun Sr Seffi, then 26 years of age, who had struck Sr Abhyaya in her head with an axe before throwing her in the well of the convent at an unearthly hour on March 27, 1992.

The CBI told the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Ernakulam that Sr Seffi had struck Abhaya three times in the head at St Pius X Convent, Kottayam before hurling the nun's body in the well behind the convent in the wee hours of the day. Sr Seffi had struck Sr Abhaya with the back of an axe twice behind her right year and a third time right in the top of the head, inside the kitchen of the convent.

The investigating team of the CBI said in the court that with the strike in the top of the head, Sr Abhaya had gone unconscious. The investigators explained the brutality of the act of Sr Seffi, now 42, and her companions towards a younger co-nun by saying the perpetrators of the crime had left the spot only after ensuring that Sr Abhaya was dead in the well. Sr Seffi was presently the third accused in the case in which Knanaya Church's senior priests Fr Thomas M Kottoor (59) and Fr Jose Puthrukayil (56) are first and second accused respectively.

Hasina Wins Big in Bangladesh Elections

Sheikh Hasina has won by a much wider than expected margin in the Bangladesh elections. Well, she's better than her India-baiting opponent, Khaleda Zia.

why the world listens when you are strong

I have no way of verifying if these are actually the Nixon tapes

4:30 minutes into this youtube video - listen how Nixon and Kissinger are caught doing nothing more than hand-wringing and breast beating on how India forced the situation in "East Pakistan".
Listen to laments about "Indian atrocities" and "unpopular indians staying in Bangladesh" forever.

much has been made about Nixon's "bitch" comment on Indira Gandhi - that is because he knew she had him by the short and curlies

QED when you go around playing victim - you get a pat on the back. when you act in strength - you get respect

P.S. I guess manmohan singh can vouchsafe for Nixon's comments on the female being deadlier - what with his lady boss running him around and everything!!!

No Easy Choices for India

There are no easy choices ahead for India, writes Somini Sepoy in NYT. Nevertheless Arun Shourie offers some:
“You can’t fire the same bullet twice,” said Arun Shourie, a member of Parliament from the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party, or B.J.P., which was in power at the time. In a speech in Parliament last week, Mr. Shourie said neither a punitive airstrike nor a conventional troop mobilization was viable now.

The only safeguard against a future attack, he offered, would be to “do a Kashmir on Pakistan” — to provide aid to insurgents against the Pakistani state inside its restive provinces, including Baluchistan in the west.
Anyway, as I've said, destabilization of Sindh should be used to turn it into a conduit for destabilization of Balochistan, with which we have no direct border. This would be just like how Pak used Khalistan to eventually set J&K on fire. If Pak strikes back in India, it will only hurt its ally Congress in the polls - our enemy within.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Neil Joeck's Talk

A talk on Pakistan, by Neil Joeck at the Commonwealth Club of California. He deals with issues of nuclear non-proliferation in SouthAsia. The repetition of Pakistan's national myth about Chaudhry Rahmat Ali having coined the name 'Pakistan' as an acronym for Punjab-Afghania-Kashmir seems to only do a disservice to resolving the Indo-Pakistani conflict. If East Bengal formed 55% of Pakistan's population at Partition, then how the hell was this Pakistani majority left out of the name? Again, to me this acronym fable simply amounts to contrived revisionist history. The phrase 'ret-conning' comes to mind.

Arguing for war

The overwhelming belief in most India drawing rooms and minds seems to be "India cannot afford a war". Probe a little deeper, and you realise that Indians are petrified of war because of the inconvenience it will cause them. Most Indians also believe that we cannot go to war against a 'nuclear' Pakistan.

All arguments are likely false -- Pakistan wants us to believe that India cannot afford a conflict. I believe that India can afford a conflict -- and a well thought through conflict can actually significantly handicap pakistan.

India's strengths come from a number of drivers:
The economy is one -- despite a slowdown, India's economy is orders of magnitude larger than the pakistani economy and also significantly more robust. Recent commodity price drops -- especially oil -- are also working in our favour.

Second, despite gaps in Indian military firepower, the scales are tipped in our favour. Certainly in conventional terms and perhaps nuclear (despite Manmohan's best efforts at emasculating Indias forces).

Third, is geography -- Pakistan is far more vulnerable to being totally wiped out vis-a-vis india.

So prima facie, India is much better off and use of force must be strategically calibrated to build on these advantages. As a direct result, India should probably not go for a conventional attack doctrine, instead, it should launch surgical strikes against terror camps and perhaps some nuclear installations.

Pakistan would like us to believe that they'd retaliate with nukes; for fear of escalating the conflict, they likely wont because while a Pakistani offensive could wipe out a few cities, an Indian response could take out the entire state. It is this asymmetry (driven also be geography) that India is ignoring. As an aside, forgetting our strengths and going abegging, Manmohan style, are natural for India. I still, for example, do not know why we've not turned off the sluices on our Baglihar dam?

Back to the topic, the worst outcome of a Pakistani retaliation is the wipeout of a city or two -- perhaps Mumbai and Ahmedabad (the ISI has too many friends in Delhi, they wont target the capital). The loss, though horrific, is frankly something India can easily absorb (I live in Mumbai, in case readers assume i am being flippant) and easily mount a counter offensive that takes out all major Pak centers.

It is this possibility -- and this possibility alone -- that will dissuade even the most psychotic of paki army guys to think twice. In other words, India needs to start bulking up her nuclear arsenal -- and do so visibly to give her a very strong deterrent.
As the cold war has shown, the risk of total annihilation tends to keep people sane.
As further signals, India should also make highly visible efforts to 'nuclear protect' her cities -- such as purchasing Patriot systems etc.

In the face of strong preparedness, any pakistan's response is likely to be totally conventional.
Neutered of a nuclear response, pakistan can do precious little.

Whatever the direction of the conflict -- India must also ensure one more thing: that by the end of this conflict, India claims back territory from pakistan -- perhaps even large chunks of PoK. This is critical to inflict a psychological blow to the pak ISI-military-jihadi complex.

India needs to keep this in mind. That we wont is our tragedy.

Of course, all these scenarios make significant assumptions:
1. That blue turban and his jokers can think
2. That they have guts
3. that the 'death by a thousand cuts' they have launched against our armed forces has not dhimmified them and neutered our nuclear response.
4. That India will work with good guys like the israelis; all they need is a place for their kFir's to refuel and fly with out boys to Kahuta.

All in all, India is in a strong position to deliver a significant, crushing blow to Pakistan.

Given blue turban's -- and his government's -- multiple anatomic deficiencies (absence of a mind, spine and guts), however, these assumptions are not likely to hold. It is unclear whether even a BJP-led government will have what it takes to make such chanakya-like decisions.

Thoughts and comments welcome.

Brzezinski's Rantings

Zbigniew makes use of his daughter Mika's morning news show to pitch his views on the US military buildup in Afghanistan. His ties with Obama and GatesIII notwithstanding, the US is planning to send 30,000 more troops there, doubling its force levels. At least Brzezinki admits that "Durand Line" (Afghan-Pak border) is a phony construct. Then he makes a pitch for China, which he regards as his Far Emperor. Note that Brzezinski, as the architect of Trilateralism, once deemed Japan as the Asian pillar of his anti-Soviet triad. But no longer - the Japanese are now being discarded, now that Brzezinski has found someone better to shack up with. Finally, he says that India's treatment of its Muslims is responsible for the Mumbai attacks.

Ramberg's Ramblings

Bennett Ramberg claims that India must let Kashmir go. No word on him asking Pakistan to let go of NWFP or Balochistan.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

america, saudi arabia, iran - somebody please do something

there has been nothing more disheartening than to see our selected Prime Minister going about offering evidence of Paki terrorism to all and sundry - while all the time doing nothing himself.

by what leap of strategic thinking does he expect terror central's sponsors - the Saudis - to put pressure on Pakistan? and after saying that all of India 'loves' Bush - and voting against the Iranian's in the UN; why does he think the Iranians will come to help?

there is only one thing worse than being a victim - bleating and showing of your victim status!

TRIZ: Russian Theory of Science Innovation

Businessweek has an article on TRIZ, a Russian-developed theory/process for science innovation.

Samuel Huntington Dies

Samuel Huntington, the author of "Clash of Civilizations" is dead.

Mengal on Balochistan

Noordin Mengal, grandson of the chief of the Mengal tribe, addresses the UN Human Rights Council:


Another kind of protest:

and various other videos here.

bangalore demonstration on dec 30th about the UPA's pathetic failure

dec 27th, 2008

forwarded by sandeep of i like his work, esp his translation of bhyrappa as well as his earlier ruminations on poseurs like karnad, so i am sending this on, not knowing much about this group. but what they say seems quite sensible.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sandeep

Please circulate this widely.

PS: Sathyavalokana is a pro-Hindu forum based in Bangalore. It's
pretty new and a person I know requested me to pass this on.

Thanks and regards,



In view of the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai and the overall
threat to the security of India under the spineless dispensation of
the UPA headed by Sonia, Sathyavalokana has decided to organize a
demonstration on 30 Dec 2008. The broad theme of the demonstration is
to bring public attention to Sonia's shameless track record of
misgovernance, Hindu-baiting, and mollycoddling terrorists. We will
lend our voices through slogans aimed at exposing the UPA's
all-encompassing failures.

DATE: 30 Dec 2008
TIME: 10 AM -- 1 PM
VENUE: In front of Town Hall, Bangalore

Please circulate this widely and participate in large numbers.

For your information, here is the list of slogans.

1.India under Sonia! A Heaven for Terrorists

2. Stop the Secular defence of Terrorism

3.Uproot Terrorism, Establish Harmony

4. Hang Terrorists, Protect Bharat

5. Don't terrorize the progress of Bharat

6. Sonia's command to Un Parliamentary Association (UPA)

 Sacrifice police officers, murder and jail Saints & Sadhivs

7. Oust illegal Pakis & Banglas

8. Dr. Headless Wonder Singh, show some guts!

9.Mr. P.M. don't cry for help!

10. Mr. P.M. Stop being a puppet, think on your feet

Dr. S.R. Leela
Former Prof. & H.O.D. Dept. of Sanskrit
N.M.K.R.V. College for Women, Bangalore
Managing Trustee, Abhinaya Bharati
Ph.: 080-26692904, 9448092904

wsj: yasheng huang says china = singur multiplied n times: ie screw the peasants

dec 27th, 2008

which means there has been no improvement in the ability of the masses to consume. in other words, when america stops buying, all that 'rubber dogshit' just piles up. this is true co-dependency.

not a good place to be, eh, han boys? the yanks do have you by the short and curlies.

huang, of mit, has written before, with tarun khanna of harvard, about how the indian entrepreneurial story has more sustainability than china's export-dominated story.

hat tip to manju.

Bruce Riedel on 'War on Terror'

Anti-terrorism analyst Bruce Riedel is part of Obama's administration, is featured in this NYT story.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Cong MP, Christist (but of course), "mastermind" in Swami Lakshmananda's murder, about to be nabbed

dec 27th, 2008

the white brigade will weep buckets for this murderer, just like they are doing in kerala for the murderers of abhaya.

i think the white brigade are the worst hypocrites, even worse than the green brigade and the red brigade. they shamelessly suck up to whites and they whitewash every one of their lies with saccharine statements.

i have been thinking the christists need a 'color' name: what better than the 'white brigade'? after all, it is the color of death and mourning in india. so suitable for a horrid death cult.

news from witan.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: R

[Mailed by witan]

Net closes in on Cong MP for Orissa swami's murder

Debabrata Mohanty

The Indian Express | Posted online: Saturday, Dec 27, 2008 at 0138 hrs

Bhubaneswar : The BJD-BJP government in Orissa is closing in on Congress Rajya Sabha member and former civil servant Radhakanta Nayak for his "alleged role in the conspiracy to kill Lakshmanananda Saraswati."

Sources say that Nayak, the most high-profile Christian political leader in the State, may be arrested shortly. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has alleged that the plot to kill Lakshamananda Saraswati was "hatched in the presence of Nayak."

... deleted

Viagra lure for Afghan warlords

dec 27th, 2008

whatever works. afghans are in particular famous for their 'kuttan' (boy-chick) love. sex with women for procreation, with boys for recreation.

i do like the 4-4-4 alliteration below, though.

news item courtesy witan.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: R

[mailed by Witan]

'Viagra lure' for Afghan warlords

CIA has found a novel way to gain information from fickle Afghan warlords - supplying sex-enhancing drug Viagra

Global Research, Friday, December 26, 2008

America's CIA has found a novel way to gain information from fickle Afghan warlords - supplying sex-enhancing drug Viagra, a US media report says.

The Washington Post said it was one of a number of enticements being used.

In one case, a 60-year-old warlord with four wives was given four pills and four days later detailed Taleban movements in return for more.

... deleted

Brzezinski showing his true colors already

dec 27th, 2008

can't wait for more from obama's atlanticists.

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From: <tambidude

UN to Launch Inquiry into Bhutto's Murder

The UN will launch an investigation into the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. I'm wondering if this might be a US pressure tactic to put the Pak military on the defensive, given its jihadist links to the recent attacks on Mumbai, as well as those on NATO convoys. If such an investigation were to uncover complicity by the Pak military establishment in Bhutto's assassination, then it could create a huge rift between the public and the army, thus increasing the latter's political isolation.

I'm thinking that Pakistan's latest redeployment of its troops to the border with India may have prompted this latest UN investigation measure by the US. India hasn't even massed any troops on the border, and yet Pakistan is already claiming a pretext to shift its troops. Therefore this investigation may be yet another lever the US has come up with to show the Pak military its displeasure. I'm sure we all remember how the US-prompted UN probe into the assassination of Lebanon's Rafiq Harriri was used to turn the thumbscrews on the Syrian military.

the forgotten Abu Ghraib

though this blog has explicit policy on such content - I will refrain from reproducing the very explicit and disturbing photograph of the hostages during the Mumbai terror attacks.

is this any different from Abu Ghraib? how come oyu do not see fiery editorials and breast beating in the english 'liberal' media in india. simple - as non-muslims were abused by muslims, no human rights were violated. all is forgiven to those that serve allh - no?

Barkha Weaving Back and Forth

Barkha Dutt blabbers about how War is Not an Option for India, but then later ends up saying that India may need to take some kind of action - "an unconventional solution that lies somewhere between war and peace."

Indians always end up seeking unconventional solutions because they usually live by rationalizing their vices so that they wind up in ridiculous predicaments. We end up innovating frugal Tata Nanos because we don't have the spine to create sweeping industrial revolutions which created a middle class in Japan, Korea, or Europe and the US a century ago. We end up relying upon software to power our economic turnaround, because we don't have the guts to confront entrenched labour lobbies blocking industrial reform. We ended up relying on nuclear weapons because we didn't have the guts to confront aggressive neighbors back during the pre-nuclear days.

We always seem to end up relying on innovating band-aid "solutions". As I said in a previous post, it looks like we're going for a token strike, under an expectation brokered by the US. The goal of this is to politically salvage Congress' political prospects so that they can claim some nominal superficial 'victory', while the powers-that-be in Pak can claim some kind of 'victory' on their side, in some kind of bizarre Rashomonic theatre. Manmohan will say 'we taught Pak a lesson', Zardari or Kayani will say 'we resisted the Hindooo aggressors'. Uncle Sam will of course bolster each claim in front of its local domestic audience, while ensuring its 'War on Terror' remains uninterrupted.

And AlQaeda/Lashkar will prepare to strike again. They are not refined theatre-going types, you see.

Kanchan Gupta on what happened at Kandahar

The REAL criminals: Indians (predominantly Hindus) -- who're willing to sacrifice anything and everything for their kith and kin. In complete contrast to what the Gita said

On Christmas eve, after news of the hijacking broke, there was stunned all-round silence. But by noon on December 25, orchestrated protests outside the Prime Minister’s residence began, with women beating their chests and tearing their clothes. The crowd swelled by the hour as the day progressed.

Ms Brinda Karat came to commiserate with the relatives of the hostages who were camping outside the main gate of 7, Race Course Road. In fact, she became a regular visitor over the next few days. There was a steady clamour that the Government should pay any price to bring the hostages back home, safe and sound. This continued till December 30.

No senior Minister in the CCS was willing to meet the families. Mr Jaswant Singh volunteered to do so. He asked me to accompany him to the canopy under which the families had gathered. Once there, we were literally mobbed. He tried to explain the situation but was shouted down.

“We want our relatives back. What difference does it make to us what you have to give the hijackers?” a man shouted. “We don’t care if you have to give away Kashmir,” a woman screamed and others took up the refrain, chanting: “Kashmir de do, kuchh bhi de do, hamare logon ko ghar wapas lao.” Another woman sobbed, “Mera beta… hai mera beta…” and made a great show of fainting of grief.

On another evening, there was a surprise visitor at the PMO: The widow of Squadron Leader Ajay Ahuja, whose plane was shot down during the Kargil war. She insisted that she should be taken to meet the relatives of the hostages. At Race Course Road, she spoke to mediapersons and the hostages’ relatives, explaining why India must not be seen giving in to the hijackers, that it was a question of national honour, and gave her own example of fortitude in the face of adversity.

“She has become a widow, now she wants others to become widows. Who is she to lecture us? Yeh kahan se aayi?” someone shouted from the crowd. Others heckled her. The young widow stood her ground, displaying great dignity and courage. As the mood turned increasingly ugly, she had to be led away. Similar appeals were made by others who had lost their sons, husbands and fathers in the Kargil war that summer. Col Virendra Thapar, whose son Lt Vijayant Thapar was martyred in the war, made a fervent appeal for people to stand united against the hijackers. It fell on deaf ears.

CA textbooks lawsuit: Appeal

dec 26th, 2008

please donate generously. i have given what i can afford to. this effort is reaching a point of critical mass, and it is worth supporting it wholeheartedly.

since many of you may be considering year-end tax-deduction donations, this is one good avenue. as you can see, these guys are actually getting somewhere with this lawsuit, and the fallout from winning this one can be quite large -- various sepoys and anti-hindu bigots would feel the heat on their ample bottoms.

i am going to leave this up on top of this blog for the next week or two to emphasize the point -- please donate. help this very fine cause.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Sun, Dec 14, 2008 at 11:32 PM
Subject: CA textbooks lawsuit: Appeal

Dear Friend,

As we approach the end of the year, CAPEEM would like to appeal to your generosity and seek funds for the next phase of its lawsuit.

On December 12, the Expert Discovery phase came to an end in our lawsuit against the officials of the California Department of Education (CDE) and members of the State Board of Education (SBE).

During this phase that began in September this year, both CAPEEM and the Defendants presented expert statements. Prof. Joe Barnhart, an authority on Christianity, and Prof. Nathan Katz, an expert in religious studies, provided statements on behalf of CAPEEM. The Defendants provided statements from Luis Gonzalez-Reimann and Dr. Herbert Weissman who is a psychologist. Prof. Shiva Bajpai whose Historical Atlas of South Asia is the standard reference book on the history of the Indian subcontinent and Dr. Marlene Winell who is the author of Leaving the Fold submitted rebuttals to Gonzalez-Reimann and Dr. Weissman respectively.

While Prof. Barnhart's statement questioned the historicity of several biblical claims made in the textbook, Prof. Katz's report focused on castes among people in India who were not Hindus. Although Gonzalez-Reimann was the Defendants' expert, his report agreed with CAPEEM's claims on some points and he pointed out that the usage of the word 'Christ' in history books would amount to religious indoctrination. It must be noted that Romila Thapar, one of the opponents of our efforts to remove biblical indoctrination from textbooks, uses the word 'Christ' instead of the name Jesus in her book, and Gonzalez-Riemann's report can be seen as an attack on Romila Thapar's belief in the historicity of Jesus. Gonzalez-Reimann has also been used as an expert on DNA analysis, archaeology, Christian indoctrination and other topics despite having no qualification in these fields. He has challenged the findings of scientists published in leading journals in the field of genetics. Gonzalez-Reimann's description of Hinduism in his report also shows that his understanding of the topic is superficial.

During the Expert Discovery phase, Defendants filed two motions against us and took the deposition of Prof. Bajpai causing tremendous strain to our resources. At this point, we have completed most of the work related to technical issues, and the next few weeks should see summary judgment motions being filed by both sides. After the ruling on these motions, the case will go to trial.

The intensity of the process has drained us of our resources and we urgently require money to sustain our efforts in the coming weeks. While it is almost certain that the Defendants will file a motion for summary judgment, our decision to file such a pre-trial motion will depend on our ability to quickly raise sufficient money for the motion.

We hope that you will consider making a donation to CAPEEM so that we can not only fight off the motion that the Defendants are certain to file, but also have the resources to file our own summary judgment motion.

You can donate to CAPEEM by writing a check in favor of CAPEEM and mailing it to

PO Box 280442
Northridge, CA 91328

You can also donate online by going to and clicking on the link to donate. CAPEEM is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization with tax ID 56-2565521.

Thank you,
Arvind Kumar
Director, California Parents for the Equalization of Educational Materials
(646) 594-4397

CAPEEM's is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization with tax ID 56-2565521.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

AlJazeera's Taqiyya

Here's the latest AlJazeera feature on Afghanistan:

Oh, and look - it has a very composed and articulate Zaid Hamid providing his insight.
You do remember Zaid Hamid, don't you? I recall posting a previous commentary from him on here before - when he was shrieking his head off about 'Hindu-Zionist-Fascists' (do they even distinguish between these words anymore?)

Soviet Manipulation of Indians

Here's the first of a set of Youtube videos sent by one reader:

These videos describe how Soviet agents were trained to indoctrinate and subvert foreign officials and intellectuals, including those from India.

Hindus flee persecution in Pakistan: Dhimmis refuse Indian citizenship

According to several estimates borne out by experience on the ground, 50-60 million, i.e 5-6 Crore illegal Mohammedan infiltrators from "Bangladesh"
aka East Pakistan infest India - with the active connivance and collaboration of the "SECULARS". And it is becoming increasingly commonplace for bigots from West Pakistan proper to infiltrate by various avenues open to then, courtesy the Psecs, i.e. "People to people contact", "Cultural exchange", "Dilli-Lawhore Bus Yatra", marriage to Kaangress wallahs daughters etc.

This adds insult to injury - compounding the Islamist genocide of 5 million
Hindus and Sikhs in the partition and usurpation of Hindu land in 1947. The presence of illegal Mohammedan "immigrants", their convenient blending in with the indigenous Mohammedans fifth column and functioning in service of Jihadi terror and Daawa constitutes an extremely grave provocation.

Yet, the Dhimmi idiot from the "Union Home ministry" states without batting an eyelid that granting Indian citizenship to Hindu victims of Pakistani genocide would somehow "adversely affect relations" with the Jihadi rogue state!!!

Atrocious brutes like these deserve capital punishment, perhaps even more
than the Jihadi terrorists.

Pak Hindus hide in Punjab

CHANDIGARH: Fearing persecution in Pakistan, more than 150 families of Pakistani Hindus have been hiding in Punjab and Haryana for the past two years without valid documents to support their stay in India.

Police in the two states have not initiated any legal action against them, though their stay has been termed “grossly illegal”. The police said about 5,000 to 6,000 Pakistani Hindus are living in the two states. “The refugees are refusing to go back to their country,” said a senior police officer.

Om Prakash, a Pakistani Hindu, said: “We lived in the Mianwali area of Pakistan. While many of our relatives crossed over to India in 1947, we failed to do so.”

“We were tortured in Pakistan. Daughters of poor Hindu families were abducted. There was no point in complaining to the police as they refused to help,” they said.

Om Parkash, who used to run a small shop near Peshawar, said in the past few years many Hindus had been killed by criminals for ransom or for not converting to Islam.

Many of the refugees are keen on taking Indian citizenship. Official sources said the problem had been brought to the notice of the Union home ministry. “If we give them Indian citizenship, our relation with Pakistan may be affected. That is why their cases have been pending for so long,” the sources said.

Appeal to Hindus from a Hindu NGO

IDRF is not one of those tainted Missionary/Marxist/Mullah NGOs. It is sympathetic to and does valuable work in the social sector to mitigate the suffering of underprivileged, dispossessed & disenfranchised Hindus in Stalinist India. IDRF needs our support to continue it's work that protects destitute Hindu Karnas from soul harvesting by Christist Duryodhanas.

Dear Friend,

I would personally like to thank you for your benelovance: you have been an IDRF supporter through your magnanimous donations. I am also aware of the current economic/financial global meltdown (including USA), which has severely affected each one of us. Thereby, all of us are facing unprecedented challenge in our ability to fulfill all our desires. Unfortunately, the deprived and underprivileged people in India are also very severely affected by the ongoing global situation.

Yet, together with your helping hand we have been consciously sharing our well-being with the most disadvantaged/deprived people of India. Many among us had the privilege of having access to quality education in India or USA, but not everyone in India (and for that matter in USA) is fortunate to have such access. These are exceptionally hard times, especially for the poor and underprivileged children, boys, girls, and women in India. With your continued support, they can keep on marching towards acquiring their economic self-reliance and self-empowerment.

Fortunately, having long experience of over two decades, IDRF has developed a network of its partner NGOs in India, where we can be assured that your hard-earned money is most effectively and efficiently used. As a part of our sustained effort towards visiting the project sites and gain first hand experience, I am delighted to share information about my recent visit to India at Recent Visit to Projects in India.

I would therefore urge you to enhance your contribution if you can, and if not, at least sustain your earlier contributions. For latest information regarding our campaign appeal, you may please visit or go directly to the below links.

IDRF- Supported Programs/ Projects
Utilization of Your Donations in 2007 Letter from IDRF's President Dr. Vinod Prakash
Functional Distribution of of IDRF's 2007 Grants
Frequently Asked Questions/Answers
Please issue your check in favor of "IDRF" and mail it to 5821 Mossrock Drive, North Bethesda, MD 20852-3238, USA.
Alternatively, if you wish, you can donate online using your Credit Card via Paypal

Once again, thanks for your sustained support to IDRF.

Vinod Prakash


Vinod Prakash, PhD

President, India Development & Relief Fund, Inc.,

5821 Mossrock Drive, North Bethesda, MD 20852-3238, USA

email: Cell: (301) 704 0032

Foreign Aid to NGOs Soars by 56%

Foreign funding to NGOs in India has soared by 56%, according to figures released by the govt. Apparently, Pakistan is among the donors.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Stratfor Sees Indo-Pak War Within Days

Stratfor claims it sees an Indian attack on Pak within days. Let's look at some possible outcomes:

1) If India is able to inflict significant damage on Pak without the latter mounting any significant response, then it would amount to a major psychological breakthrough on the subcontinent. Once we see how easy it is, then from that point onwards we'd be much more willing to resort to direct military pressure on Pak. Congress might also be able to use a military victory to considerable advantage in the upcoming elections. At the same time, if Zardari's govt is humiliated, he might end up sharing the fate of the ousted Nawaz, if not that of his own father-in-law. Perhaps the US might even like seeing the Pak military back in charge again, since the latter would again be out in front and facing the additional burden of public expectations/pressures, rather than ruling comfortably from the shadows as they normally prefer to do. This might again make them more vulnerable to US pressure. Kayani would be forced to walk the same tightrope as Musharraf did, eventually suffering a similar fate as his predecessor.

2) If Pakistan is able to fend off some half-hearted Indian attack, and still continue laughing in India's face while making New Delhi look impotent, then Islamabad's intransigence will deepen, with its leaders turning a blind eye as hardliners take advantage in staging further jihadi attacks on India in the future. Congress and its American patron can be relied upon to try and claim anything as a victory, no matter how good or bad the outcome, but their electoral prospects would be hit hard if a military operation fails -- especially if there are more follow-up terror attacks.

To me, it seems more likely #2 than #1, as India's military preparations don't look too heavy. I'm thinking that the US has tried to broker a "face-saving" solution for Congress, whereby the latter get to launch some minimal attack that Pakistan will accept, with both sides agreeing not to let it spiral out of control. Then each can respectively go in front of their voters and claim it as a victory. Manmohan will be able to say he "gave Pakistan a fitting punishment" while Zardari will say he valiantly "repulsed the Evil Kaffirs." US officials would echo the claims of each puppet, as they visit each capitol in turn. The more obvious the farce is, the more AlQaeda and Lashkar will smell blood, whetting their appetite for more repeat operations.

Why No NSG Hub for Bangalore?

Karnataka's Chief Minister is complaining about the Centre's decision to not locate an NSG hub in Bangalore. I have to wonder what the Centre is thinking - are they just doling out these hubs as political sops? Bangalore seems like the next big target for sure, since the terrorists openly state that they want to attack India's economy.

CSM Article on Kashmir

The Christian Science Monitor decides Kashmiri activists are the great new hope for Kashmir.

Analysis of Pak by Richard Bennett

Here's an analysis of the situation in Pakistan by Richard Bennett, courtesy of Rediff.

Brahma: Oil and Islamism

Brahma states the obvious i.e. unearned oil wealth has led to radical Islamisation in the middle east - which is then exported by international subsidies to terrorist organizations (not to mention some Indian NGO's). Islamic ideology is full of concepts like Jihad, dar-ul-harb and houris - but in modern times the fuel for this fire has been petro-dollars.

the ideas of a shiite revival are further elaborated in Vali Nasr's very fine book - I am actually glad to see the Sunni domination of the muslim world end. not because I am fond of the shia's - but because for india, the muslim world is better divided than united. this divide is actually very vicious - there used be riots in Lucknow about Shia processions during Muharram

Brahma ends on a quizzical note - asking for the democratization of the region rather than Saud type autarky - I hope he does not have more of the Bush-style democratisation of Iraq in mind. I am also sad that he has not called for the ultimate weapon of destruction of oil sheikhdoms - solar power!

Interview with Dr Richard Benkin

Here's an interview with Dr Richard Benkin (was it an interview, or a debate?). Also, various articles of interest in the sidebar.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

CSM: Media 'Jingoism' from Dutt & Sardesai?

Christian Science Monitor claims that the Indian media were jingoistic in their coverage of the Mumbai attacks, and that this has caused public outrage. As examples of this, CSM somehow cites Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai. While I certainly agree that Dutt and Sardesai are unprofessional idiots, I don't know how it's claimed they lean towards jingoism. Next thing you know, they'll be citing Brinda Karat's huge bindi as proof she's from the 'saffron brigade' (if it gets any bigger, we'll all have to salute her while shouting 'Banzai!')

Breaking Free of Nehru: Let’s Unleash India

dec 23rd, 2008

forwarded by a friend. i have no idea about the content. all i know about sanjeev is some comments he left about my writing somewhere -- but if says nehru needs to be discarded, along with nehruvian stalinism, i guess i would agree.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Gopi

Breaking Free of Nehru: Let's Unleash India
by Sanjeev Sabhlok
Anthem, Rs 495
This book is written by somebody who has had an interesting career. He quit the IAS after 18 years, went off to do a PhD in economi cs in the US , and has since worked in the Australian public sector. In all this, however, his gaze never shifted from Evolving India. The book is a result of years of observation leading up to ideas and opinions, told in the compulsive style of the blogger that he is. Above all, Sabhlok does not feel that "writing a book will solve India 's problems

Send instant messages to your online friends

brahma: Defensive measures alone won't suffice

dec 23rd, 2008

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Brahma

To fight terrorism, be proactive

Defensive measures alone won't suffice


Terrorism cannot be fought as a law-and-order problem. What India needs is a comprehensive approach that blends different key elements to form a credible counter-terror strategy. An excess emphasis on defensive measures would only play into the terrorists' designs to instil a siege mentality.


Brahma Chellaney

The Hindu newspaper, December 20, 2008


For nearly a millennium, India was repeatedly invaded, raped and subjugated by those who came primarily to plunder its wealth, with some staying on to rule by conquest. Now again, raiders from the northwest are repeatedly assaulting India, not to cart away its riches but to undermine its rising economic strength after a long historical period of humiliation. That is why India's commercial capital has been repeatedly attacked by the raiders, who have chosen their targets there carefully — from the stock exchange and financial institutions in 1993 and city trains in 2006 to its landmark luxury hotels in 2008.!4913C7C8A2EA4A30!940.entry


21st cent is the age of engineering, but of the responsible, sensible kind: papadapoulos, douglas

dec 23rd, 2008

good thoughts. yes, engineers have to start looking at the broader issues of society, not be narrow technologists.

some years ago, joel kotkin, a sociologist at pepperdine, told me that engineering will be the "oil of the 21st cent CE". which is good news for india, in that engineering is a competitive advantage for india.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Indian Strike Imminent?

Stratfor feels India is about to launch military strikes against Pakistan. They feel India has been using the talktime thusfar to make preparations for war. I think he's giving us too much credit. On the other hand, the US did announce its plans for alternate supply routes some weeks ago.

more on mitrotsavam i.e. winter solstice i.e. not X'mas

these two very readable (and not very long) articles are good eye openers for how Christism stole from every possible tradition before they snuffed the tradition out.

as noted, the alleged X'mas had nothing to do with the birth of an alleged godman with multiple foreskins (force(kin) multiplier effect) - rather, it was a celebration of the sun god in older nature venerating traditions

interesting that the alleged Easter is a take off on a Germanic festival for the goddess of fertility at the springtime equinox. makes complete sense of course - spring being the season when life would burst forth after an icy germanic winter


Here's something that will give the Brzezinski types some heartburn. Russia is backing independence for Ruthenia. Let's see how much longer Atlanticists continue to carp over Kashmir, once they experience a similar situation in their own midst. If they keep trying to bring Kashmir to the UN, then we can always mention the question of Ruthenia's right to self-determination, which I'm sure they won't like to discuss at all.

I wonder what will happen when Ruthenians demand a plebiscite? I think they could benefit from a little Hurriyat-style organization, don't you? As I recall, it was Robin Raphel who helped bring about the Hurriyat to create a thorn in our side in Kashmir. I think we should find a way to return the favor.

4-Day Work Week?

An interesting article in Businessweek on the rise of the 4-day work week. Employees are being kept on with reduced hours/pay, as an alternative to laying them off. This keeps them in place and ready for when business does return to full strength. I think this is exactly what Indian companies need to do as well, given the turnover challenges they already face.

US Protecting Dawood?

Is the CIA protecting Dawood Ibrahim by insulating him from culpability in Mumbai?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mitrotsavam 2008

dec 22nd, 2008

the indo-european deity mitra (aka mithras, surya) was worshipped especially on the winter solstice, the shortest and gloomiest day of the year, as the ancients had figured out that the sun would then start on its northward trek on that day: ie. uttarayanam begins, the auspicious time of year.

this is why many ancient monuments (eg. stonehenge) in europe are focused on the winter solstice.

thus the 'aryan' deity surya/mitra forms a continuous link between western europe and india.

however, christists annexed the winter-solstice festival of mitra and claimed their godman jesus was born on that day. there is no evidence that jesus existed, so his so-called birthday is a pure artifice.

strange, isn't it, that the 'aryan-invasion' hoax-worshippers of india do not tell the christists this little fact and demand that the so-called christmas should be celebrated as mitrotsava.

in fact, it is being celebrated in kerala. kerala, protected as it was from the mohammedan invasions by the bulwark of vijayanagar, is the place where the most ancient traditions have had a precarious foothold. for instance, the great vedic rituals --agnicayana -- of the fire sacrifice, with the altars n the shape of a falcon, have been held most recently in kerala (see frits staal, the vedic ritual of the fire altar, the book was originally published by and is available in very limited quantities, with video tapes, by motilal banarsidass ). however, once the communists were able to decimate the nambudiri brahmins, these rituals have vanished there too. but someone is still celebrating the millennia-old mitratsava.

happy mitrotsava to all! and happy makara sankranti (which of course is the winter solstice).

Eyewitness account of Karkare, Kamte and Salaskar's death

dec 22nd, 2008

antulay must have been right there with the terrorists shooting karkare et al.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: sri

Witness account of Karkare, Kamte and Salaskar's death

Posted: Nov 29, 2008 at 1250 hrs IST

Mumbai A constable, who was in the hijacked Mumbai police vehicle,
survived the Wednesday night mayhem to recount the horror of how ATS
chief Hemant Karkare and two other top officers of Mumbai police were
gunned down inside the Toyota Qualis by a terrorist duo fleeing from

Injured Constable Arun Jadhav was in the vehicle whose tyre burst when
the desperadoes had commandeered it in their attempt to flee from
police chase.

... deleted

A Sonia for New York?

The Kennedy clan and their coterie are pulling out all the stops to get the life-long recluse Caroline Kennedy into Hillary Clinton's vacated Senate seat. But is New York as submissive as Amethi? Here's an article and video from CBS News.

Here's some more follow-up blog analyses.

panIIT 2008

dec 21st, 2008

i was at panIIT dec 19-20-21st at iit madras: a rather interesting conclave, very well organized, except they spoiled it some extent by inviting goofballs like amartya sen and stephen cohen. no, shilpa shetty did not make an appearance, but hema malini did to rather universal acclaim, oddly enough. raghuram rajan gave an extremely good keynote on the economic meltdown, and ck prahalad and  three top CEOs from tata -- muthuraman of tata steel, ravi kant of tata motors, and ramadorai of tcs -- did an excellent job in another keynote. unfortunately, there was another goofball from p&g who wasted everybody's time. and they weren't even a sponsor of the event!

i have a few clips taken on my flip video (perfect for youtube) and i have to figure out how to upload the stuff, and where. i am on a slow connection now, using my phone as a modem.

happy winter solstice

dec 21st, 2008

dec 22nd is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. according to the hindu calendar, this is the makara sankranti (the day the sun reaches the tropic of capricorn, or makara). unfortunately, because of the precession of the earth's axis over 5,000 years (from the beginning of the kali yuga in 3102 BCE), the hindu calendar is off by a couple of weeks, which is why we celebrate makara sankranti/pongal/makara vilakku around january 14th.

let me wish all of you a happy makara sankranti in advance.

of course, it is the winter solstice and the ancient worship of the indo-european god mitra that the christists swiped and by repeated assertion have got everyone to believe it is the alleged birthday of the non-existent jesus christ.

i got some interesting information on mitra pooja which i will post shortly.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Journalistic integrity, NDTV style

Burkha Dutt and company at it again, with their spin.

NDTV 'logic' : a mohammedan shoe seller and a minor reporter agree with Antulay
Conclusion: Many in Mumbai believe Antulay has spoken the truth.
Of course, there is no need to question anyone on the other side of this 'divide'

Why bother, when the conclusion has already been made, and data is sought only to reinforce it?

US Worried Brits Soft on Afghan Fight

US defense chiefs are concerned that Brits don't have the stomach to fight in Afghanistan.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Cop tears apart Susanne Roy's "thinking" in Outlook

The Indian state, whose sworn servant I am, is by no means a perfect entity. It is certainly corrupt, it is sometimes brutal and it is often indifferent to the sufferings of the weak and the powerless. But it does have a vision and aim based on certain civilizational values that are uniquely Indian. Demography and history dictates that these values have a prominently Hindu flavour. It is undeniable that these values have come under attack at times from the Hindu right as well. But even the most rabid of the Hindutva forces do not see the world united under the saffron flag by force of arms, as is the Islamist project of one world under the Green Crescent, or the Naxal project of one world under the Red Star. It would take a pretty breathless and brainless leap of logic to equate violent, local outbursts of Hindu chauvinism, abetted by the sins of commission and omission of the state apparatus, in themselves however repugnant and indefensible, with the atrocities on a global scale that were inflicted by Communism in the 20th century or the outrages that are now threatened across all parts of the world by jihadi Islam
The liberties you have exercised in the past and continue to do today, however gratuitously and offensively, do not exist in a vacuum. I am not sure if any of these liberties would have a place in a Naxalite Utopia or a Jihadi Caliphate or even in a self-determined Kashmiri paradise that you eloquently espoused. As visions of human perfectability they are far more flawed than the vision of India that you love to denigrate. In any case, the liberties that you have recently taken with the sensibilities of proud Indians too exist in a cultural, political and constitutional context, a context that is ultimately safeguarded by men such as Hemant Karkare and Major Unnikrishnan with disregard for their own life. Remember that the next time you use your poisoned pen to vent your twisted logic on a polity that deserves better from its intellectuals.
Emphasis mine.
Don't think Susanne-Arundhati would be reading this, though.
She's probably too busy swooning over some jihadist.

Way to go Abhinav-ji -- we still have a fighting chance.

in defense of satyam

dec 19th, 2008

i think this sort of thing happens in indian companies all the time, as they are controlled by the original entrepreneurs with only a small stake. the other directors go along with what the entrepreneurs want. what do you think reliance and even tata does?

satyam's error was doing this in a visible manner. if they had been advised better by their investment bankers, they could have hidden this in a thicket of cross-holdings, and nobody would have been the wiser.

it is especially entertaining to see anglo-americans getting all steamed up about 'corporate governance' and all that. where was your 'corporate governance' when enron did its thing? when goldman sachs et al created the biggest ponzi scheme in history, ie the sub-prime crisis? when madoff was cleaning you all out?

let us not get all sanctimonious on satyam and dump all over them. i think they made two poor decisions: one, maytas's winning bid for the hyderabad metro was too low, so they are strapped for cash and are finding it difficult to raise funds in the illiquid market. two, satyam, instead of routing funds to maytas through murky offshore transactions and p chidambaram's favorite, p-notes, did the straightforward thing.

i feel bad for the rajus. they are good people, and were poorly served by their M&A lawyers and PR people and investment bankers. these people should have suggested the kind of shady deals i touched upon above.

Michio Kaku: Type I, II & III Civilizations

Here's an interesting interview with Dr. Michio Kaku, a truly profound-thinking physicist, who is like a successor to Carl Sagan, imho. He talks about the 3 most significant types of civilizations that would exist in our universe, based on the Kardashev scale proposed in 1964.

For a civilization to rank as Type-I, it has to be capable of harnessing the entire power of a planet, and dominate its processes, including its weather, geothermal energy, etc. It should be able to construct facilities anywhere it wants to on the planet.

For a civilization to rank as Type-II, it has to be capable of harnessing the power of its local star, and subsidiary planets.

For a civilization to rank as Type-III, it has to become inter-stellar/multi-stellar, capable of expanding across multiple star systems, and eventually the entire galaxy.

We are of course currently at the zero-point-something mark on this scale.

Mothers of all Scams; two scams of UPA chamchas (Amar-Spectrum nuke-telecom deals)

dec 19th, 2008

this seems to be prime time for scams.

these are the sins of the UPA, and then there's madoff, and the real mother of all scams, the entire sub-prime crisis. i personally still cannot believe madoff got away with this ponzi scheme for decades.

the kkkangress has been into scams for a long time. remember bofors? remember natwar singh and the iraq oil scam? not surprising to see amar singh and saudi arabia being among the biggest donors to clinton. they are in bed after all.

and where did the UPA get all this money from? scams like the NREGS, this spectrum scam etc. surely the guys who made billions on spectrum ownership would have paid a large portion of it to the kkkangress and i guess the DMK.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: S. Kalyanaraman

Amar Singh contributed millions to Clinton Foundation

 Aziz Haniffa in Washington, DC

December 19, 2008 09:23 IST

Samajwadi Party General Secretary Amar Singh contributed anywhere from $1 to $5 million to the Clinton Foundation, and so did industrialist Lakshmi Mittal, chief executive of ArcelorMittal, according to information released by the non-profit organisation set up by the former President Bill Clinton to fund a variety of charitable activities around the world, including combating the scourge of HIV/AIDS. ..

Clinton donors list reveals Indian tycoons, lobbyists paid to be 'Friends of Bill'

Pioneer News Service | New Delhi Saturday, December 20, 2008


From the Government of Saudi Arabia to Bill Gates to dodgy Russian mining tycoons, the William J Clinton Foundation has released 200,000 names of individuals and entities who have collectively donated half a billion dollars to it in the past decade.

The names, hitherto confidential, have been revealed as part of Bill Clinton's commitment with President-elect Barack Obama to ensure full transparency and outline potential conflicts of interest before his wife, Hillary Clinton, takes over as Secretary of State.

There is a stronger-than-expected Indian presence in the donor list. In the $1 million to $5 million category --- specific amounts are not mentioned in the list --- three Indian names appear: steel tycoon Laksmi Mittal, wind power company Suzlon Energy and Samajwadi Party politician Amar Singh.

The scam of the decade

Prabir Purkayastha (Pioneer, Saturday, December 20, 2008)

Just as we were wondering if the UPA's term would end without any king-sized lootings, here comes The Pioneer's expose on Spectrum – the mother of all scams

The award of the 2G GSM licenses to new mobile and CDMA operators has created a huge controversy. The extent of the money lost by the country is estimated to be of the order of Rs 100,000 crore, with companies who have got their new licenses selling them within a few months for 6-7 times of what they paid. This appears to be a plain and simple loot of the exchequer -- price the licenses and spectrum cheap and allow the companies to resell at market value without any restrictions.

-- The writer, an engineer, is a columnist on scientific issues and a member of the Delhi Science Forum