Monday, January 14, 2008

"China doesn't want entire Arunachal, just Tawang":Chinese Scholar

article. So Tawang is "non-negotiable", huh? As Rajeev keeps saying the Chinks & Pakis always go by, "What is mine is mine, What is yours is negotiable".

I say India should state that it does not want the whole of China, just Tibet alone, which is 1/3rd the size of China--gobbled up by Mao, thanks to Nehru.

But expect the invertebrate now on a visit to China to give up not just Arunachal, but the whole of the North-East which the PLA really wants, and has stated in so many words.


ramesh said...

this is interesting. asia times. it appears that not just the bible, the koran too is a hoax.

Eternalsoul said...

With politicians, who are traitorous, corrupt,self-seeking and having a complete disregard of our national interests,at the helm of affairs, we are set on a suicidal mission of losing large tracts of India to China and Pakistan. Its only a matter of time.

socal said...

Though I see your point, for the record, India does not want Tibet. It was an independent country, and it should be so.

Sudarshan said...

Trust the Chinese read PLA to keep rubbing India's nose in the panchsheel excrescence. It was the same tune which Nehru was merrily warbling while the PLA took over large parts of Indian territory.