Sunday, January 13, 2008

Farooq Kathwari's Son the Jihadist

jan 13th, 2008

so there goes another great 'moderate' 'peacemaker' in kashmir -- exposed as a jihadi. or at least his son died a jihadi.

i wonder why manmohan singh didn't cry his eyes out about this incident.

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From: Kumar

Very interesting...I wonder if the Ethan Allen shareholders know about this?


Insplog said...

Hm.. I didn't know Ethan Allen is a Kashmir Emporium. :)

habc said...

sorry for OT
After Nano, Ratan Tata on clean water drive

another human hardship that has touched his heart is the lack of access to safe drinking water for millions of people in the country. Tata and his team have been working towards finding a low-cost solution to this problem with a water purification system.

RIL in $6-8 b coal-to-oil project

Shivaji's Blog said...

Several years ago, Farooq Kathwari gave a lecture to the "Pakistani Club" at the University of Chicago School of Business. Apparently, he specifically told his assistants that NO Indians (read "Hindus") were to be permitted during his talk. Not sure how he enforced this.

In any case, Farooq and most of these kashmiriyats are incredibly anti-Hindu, anti-Jew, and also anti-American. They do not voice their hatred of Americans lest they lose their livelihoods. Especially in this climate where everyone is on edge about islamic terror, they have to be very careful. But, these kashmiris are extremely vocal about hating Hindus and Jews.

Farooq is pretty subtle. I know some people who hang with him and they say that he is very careful about showing his true colors. He doesn't want to turn Indian businessmen, bankers, IT professionals, doctors, etc. against him. There is a lot of pro-India sentiment in the US business community and he's afraid that if he is found to have anti-Hindu feelings then people will start to dig and then he'll be exposed as a virulent anti-Semite and anti-American.

The key for kashmiri muslims is to conceal the "islamic" flavor of their "freedom fight". If they do this, then all bets are off.