Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Quick notes: Cooper tires, Kaangress model...

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  • Kejriwal Tweets About Bowel Problems

    AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal seems to talk more about his personal digestive problems than about his policy platform:


    It's a sure sign that AAP can only take India down the toilet.

    Sunday, December 29, 2013

    Govt Denies Visa to Sikh-Canadian MP

    A Sikh-Canadian MP says the Indian govt has denied his application for a visa to visit India, due to his outspokenness on the issue of justice to those killed in the Congress-perpetrated 1984 Riots:


    Given all the "liberal" activism over riots in India, it's rather noteworthy that these activists are silent over the ruling govt's attempt to ban people from entry purely because they want justice for 1984 atrocities.

    Growing Sino-Russian Cooperation

    Growing Sino-Russian cooperation appears to be targeting the US, however India should also be wary of receiving collateral damage from this:


    Saturday, December 28, 2013

    Quick notes: Smuggling revived, sham surgery works...

    • India gold tax revives smuggling: PC's gift to friends of Kaangress.

    • Anti-aam aadmi water policy: Yogendra Yadav, ideologue czar of AAP, admitted to the fact that the philosophy of AAP was socialist.

    • Common Knee Surgery no better than a fake operation: There was no significant difference between the people who had real surgery and the ones who had sham surgery.

    • Universe is a hologram: A ten-dimensional theory of gravity makes the same predictions as standard quantum physics in fewer dimensions.

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  • ISRO and Defense Ministry to Study Manned Moon Mission

    ISRO and the Ministry of Defense have signed an agreement to study the feasibility of a manned mission to the Moon:

    At the current state of things, it would probably only be possible for India to attempt a manned landing on the Moon in the 2020s, but even for that it would be necessary to start development efforts now.

    Thursday, December 26, 2013

    Quick notes: Delhi's Prachanda, Boxing Day...

    • Till he became PM of Nepal, Prachanda was unstoppable. Then people began to see him in his underwear. Today, he heads a splinter group of Maoists, a mere shadow of his former self. Now Delhi gets its own Prachanda as its CM.

    • Buy, buy, buy: Consumer madness, excess spending and consumptive orgy, all in the name of Christism. That is what Boxing Day represents.

    • Madrassa Murderers: In Tirupur, an Arabic teacher caused burns using an iron box on a boy for being naughty. In Dharmapuri, B. Irfan (10), who studied in the Madrassa at Palacode, was allegedly caned to death by his teacher M. Hidhayathullah.

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  • Land of the Pure, State of Denial

    Land of the Pure, Pakistan, continues to be in a state of denial about its actions in East Bengal in 1971:


    Wednesday, December 25, 2013

    Badly Behaved US Diplomats

    Have US diplomats all been angels overseas? Here's an article which says otherwise:


    Another reason why "shooparpawar" status is for the birds.

    Khobragade Dad to Enter Politics

    Fearing the fallout from his role in the Adarsh scam, Uttam Khobragade is now looking to enter politics:


    It's not clear which party is going to take him, or how much of his Dalit vote bank he can bring with him.

    Tuesday, December 24, 2013

    Yoga gurus selling out to Yesu

    Yoga divorced from its Hindu roots is nothing. Unfortunately, Hindu yogis sell this concoction to increase its marketability. Even greats like Paramahansa Yogananda we're not immune from this - even though I am a small person to critique them. I am always shocked when I visit their ashrams and see the level of christist infiltration.

    The picture is a sign post outside the "chapel" in the Ashram founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in Encinitas, California. No further elaboration is needed.

    Merry Mithraeus

    a very merry festival of mithra to all that know the true way of the ancients

    i hope the grand old man of the german pagans will visit you on his magnificent, non-flying, Sleipnir  - bearing many gifts and much mirth-making.

    why drink someone's blood when you can drink fine ale

    India Downgrades Immunity for US Diplomatic Staff

    India has downgraded the diplomatic immunity of US consular staff in India, and completely withdrawn it for family members of the staff:


    Now this is more like it. Why the hell should they receive more immunity than our people do? There must always be reciprocity in diplomatic relations.


    Monday, December 23, 2013

    #aap, brought to you by ... (drum roll!)

    the producers:

    the ford foundation, the new york times, and xinhua

    the directors:

    the congress dirty tricks department

    the stars:

    you know who

    with cameo roles by naxals and jihadists

    behind the scenes:

    the church

    sent from samsung galaxy note, so please excuse brevity

    Farziwal's solemn oath - one day before polling

    <em> <strong>
    "I swear on my children that I will not give or take support from the Congress" </strong> </em>


    Oh well, it was evident (to the discerning) even at the time of the so-called Lok Pal agitation that this band of anarchists was functioning as a proxy for the Congress(I) establishment. They have now moved beyond covert adultery - coming out of the closet to proclaim their promiscuous 
    relationship to the world. Will the people of Delhi ever learn?

    Adulterous marriage of KKKaangress and Allahu Akbar Party

    New Indian Ambassador to the US

    S Jaishankar is India's new ambassador to the United States:


    He is the son of Dr K Subrahmanyam, the noted Indian strategic affairs analyst.

    Sunday, December 22, 2013

    Strip Search vs Cavity Search

    After her ordeal as a detainee, Indian deputy consul Devyani Khobragade complained in her email that she had broken down multiple times after being forced to undergo strip search and cavity search. The US Marshals Service which handled her subsequently responded to media inquiries by stating that they did not conduct a 'cavity search' on Khobragade but only a 'strip search'.

    But it's necessary to understand here that when USMS refers to 'cavity search', they mean an exam where the officer puts their own fingers and hands into the detainee's bodily orifices. They did however acknowledge that their definition of 'strip search' includes visual inspection of detainee's cavities - which requires the detainee to do certain deeds to themselves in lieu of the officer doing it.

    I just wanted to show you all a video produced by the American Civil Liberties Union which depicts this very Strip Search procedure performed in US prisons, and why they find it so objectionable.

    Warning: the following video contains nudity.

    So really - should a lady Indian diplomat have been forced to undergo this over a falsified form? I don't see how two wrongs add up to a right in this case. But if the Americans can't avoid doing it on our diplomatic personnel, then I see no other option but to do it on theirs when found in breach of our laws. The principle of reciprocity must apply in diplomatic relations.

    Quick notes: Green sipahi, US spying proves costly...

    • Green sipahi to growth juggler: “Main Dilli mein aapka sipahi hoon (I am your soldier in Delhi),” Rahul had told tribal residents in March 2008 when he visited the Niyamgiri hills where tribals were protesting against a bauxite mining project. His comments today were a far cry from the “sipahi” clarion call he had given in Odisha.

    • Brazil Snubs U.S.-Based Boeing In Retaliation For NSA Spying: Documents leaked by Edward Snowden ended up enraging Rousseff and completely changing her plans. Boeing was out, and the Rafale was by far the most expensive of the three jets. That left the Saab Gripen. Many defense analysts said that, independent of the politics, it was a solid choice.

    • Alert On Multitasking: "People who multitask all the time can't filter out irrelevancy. They can't manage a working memory. They're chronically distracted. They're basically terrible at all sorts of cognitive tasks" Nass said. He also warned that the mental strain of taking in an ever-increasing load of information through electronic media hasn't been fully realized. "So when they're writing a paper, they're also Facebooking, listening to music, texting, Twittering, et cetera. And that's something that just couldn't happen in previous generations even if we wanted it to."

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  • Khobragade Involvement in Adarsh Scam

    Apparently, Devyani Khobragade and her father Uttam were involved in the illegal alotment of properties meant for war widows in the Adarsh apartments:


    While this doesn't justify her exposure to the animal control measures of the US incarceration system, it obviously raises questions about the Khobragade family and their honesty.

    NAD Reverses Aging

    Nicotinamide Adenine Di-nucleotide (NAD) has recently been discovered by researchers to have excellent properties for reversing the aging process. It's said that this chemical compound is capable of mimicking the beneficial effects of diet and exercise - especially when it's taken earlier on in the aging process (ie. during early 40s)




    It'll be interesting to see what further trials of this chemical reveal.

    Reciprocity: Why Not Invite Snowden to India?

    The US is justifying its smuggling of Sangeeta Richard's family out of India, essentially declaring our system to be corrupt, worthless and fully bypassable in their eyes. Indian sovereignty, the Indian constitution and its designated organs like the Indian judiciary have no standing with them, and can easily be brushed off. They feel that the family of Sangeeta Richards can be smuggled out without any regard for Indian sovereignty. Likewise, they feel no guilt about striking plea bargains to keep David Headley safe from prosecution in India over his role in the 26-11 attacks.

    They claim to value their relationship with us - but are we another Pakistan to them? Just another banana republic? When Kerry called up India to express "regret" (mainly regret over our reaction, and not regret over what caused it), he spoke with Indian National Security Advisor Shankar Menon. Why the hell was he expressing himself to Menon, instead of to our designated representatives like the Foreign Minister? Are they telegraphing their attitude that India is a banana republic, and they can deal with us entirely through the prism of security men - just like how they would deal with Pakistan mainly via Kayani and Musharraf?

    India needs to show reciprocity to the US, and stand up for its own sovereignty. If they feel Sangeeta's entire family are deserving of protection from Evil Backwater Cesspool India - not to mention the likes of David Headley - then we need to adopt a similar stance towards the US. We should invite Edward Snowden to India on a full sight-seeing tour, and keep him safely out of the hands of the US during his stay, to advertise the fact that if the US wants to help others brush off Indian law enforcement, we can likewise do the same. Bring Snowden to India, let him wave to the international press and enjoy his freedom, and show everyone that he's not merely confined to being caged up in Russia.

    Saturday, December 21, 2013

    Quick notes: Church vs. Western Ghats, Cool Tigers...


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  • Face-top Computing in 2014

    Computing or at least viewscreens may take a leap from the palm to the face in 2014:


    Hopefully they'll provide decent viewing resolution in a useful way that doesn't give people headaches or other discomforts. There may be complications for those who wear glasses, however.

    Friday, December 20, 2013

    US Media Views

    FOX News is just about the only one giving India sympathetic coverage:

    As you can imagine, on the other end of the spectrum, the NYT doesn't give a damn about what happened to a lady diplomat, conspicuously omitting it to focus on the maid:


    As you can see, India has no supporters among the NYT editorial board.

    Tharoor on India-US Dispute

    Shashi Tharoor on the diplomatic confrontation with the US:

    Tharoor actually makes a salient point that India probably isn't the only country not paying diplomat's assistants less than minimum wage. In which case, why single out India for prosecution? What about all the other developing countries with diplomats in NYC?

    It might be useful for India to enjoin other developing countries to jointly engage in collective bargaining with the US on how this particular aspect of its visa laws are to be handled, and how their diplomats are to be treated. Otherwise, next time it could be any one of them suffering a similar fate.

    Sangeeta Richard - Biting the Hand That Feeds

    Sangeeta Richard, the maid-turned-victim didn't seem to want to go back to India:


    Why would she, when the US refugee system encourages her to make any claim that will diminish the chances of having to go back to India? But while she might be able to earn more in NYC than in Kerala, she may find the cost of living to be higher as well.

    Thursday, December 19, 2013

    Fwd: Bharara: Conspiracy and cover-up on Devyani row. Untold spy story. Gates open: Imran Ahmed Siddiqui

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Avadhuth Kakodkar
    Date: Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 11:03 AM
    Subject: Fwd: Bharara: Conspiracy and cover-up on Devyani row. Untold spy story. Gates open: Imran Ahmed Siddiqui

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: S. Kalyanaraman
    Date: Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 8:42 AM
    Subject: Bharara: Conspiracy and cover-up on Devyani row. Untold spy story. Gates open: Imran Ahmed Siddiqui


    Bharara: Conspiracy and cover-up on Devyani row. Untold spy story. Who is the informant? Who is being shielded?
    Who kept the doors open for evacuation?


    | Friday , December 20 , 2013 |

    How India left gates open for 'evacuation'
    - Devyani filed complaint on July 3 but officials waited and did little to plug loopholes

    New Delhi, Dec. 19: If America "evacuated" the husband of the nanny from right under the nose of the Indian establishment, an unsuspecting New Delhi appeared to have unwittingly facilitated it by leaving the gates wide open for as long as three months.

    Devyani Khobragade, the Indian diplomat who was arrested in New York, had sent a complaint against housekeeper Sangeeta Richard and her husband Philip to Delhi police on July 3 this year. Two days earlier, the same mail had been sent to the external affairs ministry, too.

    But, for some reason, Delhi police registered the first information report only in October. The long delay suggests Indian officials reposed unquestioning faith in the Americans or did not take the complaint seriously — suspicions that are strengthened by the fact that Philip was not arrested even two months after the FIR had been registered.

    Which meant Philip, accused of being a co-conspirator in an extortion bid, could be "evacuated" without any daredevil operation by the Americans. He applied for a visa, they issued it and he flew out with the couple's two children on December 10, unchallenged by the hawk-eyed Indian immigration.

    On July 3, Devyani had lodged a complaint with Delhi police against Sangeeta and Philip for cheating and hatching a conspiracy "to procure Indian passport and enter the USA to work as freelance servant and earn huge money".

    The diplomat had also sent a draft of the complaint to the ministry of external affairs in Delhi on July 1, a little over a week after the maid disappeared from her official residence.

    "I am sending an FIR against Sangeeta Richard and Philip Richard… for fraud, wilful deceit, harassment and extortion," said the opening line of Devyani's mail to Delhi police.

    But the FIR was registered only on October 9 at Fatehpur Beri police station in south Delhi. The FIR was registered under Section 120B (criminal conspiracy), 387 (an extortion-related charge) and cheating (420) against the couple.

    "Had the police acted promptly on the basis of Khobragade's complaint, he would have been behind bars," said an IPS officer.

    In her email complaint to then police commissioner Neeraj Kumar, Devyani said Sangeeta and Philip, both residents of 45/S 1, Sultanpur Colony in Mehrauli in south Delhi, cheated her. The mail lists an accusation of making an attempt to "earn huge money" but does not elaborate on the extortion demand mentioned in the opening sentence.

    Indian officials had yesterday said that a demand for $10,000 (Rs 6 lakh) was made when Devyani met Sangeeta at a Manhattan attorney's office on July 8 — five days after the email was sent to the police. It is not known if Delhi police were later updated on the fresh allegation.

    Asked about the FIR delay, senior Delhi police officers said they were asked to "go slow" in the case by officials of the foreign ministry.

    The ministry officials attributed the delay to "ongoing negotiations" between Devyani and Sangeeta. "The police were told to register an FIR in the case after the negotiations failed in September," said a senior official of the foreign ministry.

    But the official did not explain why the police did not arrest Philip even after the FIR was registered on October 9. A Delhi court had issued an arrest warrant against Sangeeta in November. Yet, neither the police nor other agencies kept track of her husband.

    In September, the diplomat had moved Delhi High Court, which passed an injunction barring Sangeeta from filing any criminal or civil charges outside India. Some police officers said the guarantee might also have made the ministry complacent.

    M.V. Kini, counsel for Devyani, said: "Given the way police work in our country, it is not surprising that the cops took three months to act on the complaint and lodge an FIR."

    In the complaint, Devyani said that on August 17, 2012, she was posted in New York and was looking for a domestic help to take care of her household. "Both accused approached me stating that they are not having jobs and need money for children's education," according to the email to the police.

    In the complaint, Sangeeta is mentioned as Accused No. 1 and Philip as Accused No. 2.

    The complaint said Sangeeta told Devyani to take her to New York as household assistant for a monthly salary of Rs 30,000 and free accommodation and food.

    On this promise, Sangeeta was given an official passport. "Both the accused were fully aware about the official passport and that it is the property of Government of India and she can hold it as long as she works with her as domestic help," the letter said.

    Sangeeta was provided an air ticket by the government because of her status as domestic assistant. "She was in charge of kitchen, baby-sitting and other domestic work from her landing at New York," the letter said.

    In mid-March 2013, Sangeeta asked Devyani whether she could work outside on her off-days, to which the diplomat told the nanny that her position as a domestic assistant on official passport with dependent visa did not entitle her to such work, according to the complaint.

    "On June 18, Sangeeta went to Devyani's office at the consulate-general of India for the first time and said that that she felt overburdened by work at home and would feel happy to stay and work outside her employer's house from 7pm to 7am," the complainant said.

    Devyani again explained to Sangeeta that her well-being and conduct during stay in New York was the diplomat's responsibility and she could not allow her to work outside. On June 21, the complainant went to New Jersey for the weekend.

    When she returned on June 23, Sangeeta was not at home. "As every Sunday, Sangeeta used to go to church and meet friends at beauty parlour, Devyani treated her absence as routine…," the complaint said.

    However, when she did not return on Sunday night, Devyani tried calling Sangeeta over phone but there was no response.

    On enquiry, Devyani's husband told her that Sangeeta had left the house on June 21 afternoon, saying she was stepping out for shopping.

    The diplomat called Sangeeta's husband on June 24. Philip said he was not aware of the whereabouts of his wife. Thereafter, she checked Sangeeta's room and found that she had left with most of her belongings and the passport.

    Devyani then requested Philip to send a missing person complaint by email so that a case could be registered with the local police in New York. Philip refused to do so, the complaint said.

    "After repeated requests, Philip confirmed to the complainant that his wife contacted him on June 28 but he did not give the phone number. It is evident from the conduct of both accused that they made a false promise to work as domestic assistant just to procure official passport and enter the USA by misusing position as domestic assistant and thereafter to work as freelance servant and earn huge money," the letter said.

    Published on Dec 19, 2013
    Devyani the only victim in this case India rebuts Bharara
    Responding strongly to Preet Bharara, the US federal prosecutor whose decision to charge highly ranked diplomat Devyani Khobragade in New York last week created a storm in India, the government said that the 39-year-old diplomat is the only victim in this case.


    Diplomat's arrest: US distances itself from Preet Bharara's comments; India wants apology, case dropped

    TNN | Dec 20, 2013, 01.59 AM IST

    NEW DELHI: The American "regret", conveyed on Wednesday night by US secretary of state John Kerry, has left India unimpressed. New Delhi on Thursday clarified that it has two demands - that the case against Khobragade be dropped and that the US tender an apology for the diplomat's humiliation.

    This nudged Washington to follow up Kerry's call with more overtures. Late on Thursday evening, US under secretary of state for political affairs Wendy Sherman called up foreign secretary Sujatha Singh to convey that the US government does not share US attorney Preet Bharara's views on this case. She also offered a consular dialogue between India and US to resolve the problems of domestic staff and immunity issues.

    Sherman indicated that Khobragade would get her new diplomatic ID card from the State Department. Khobragade applied for her UN accreditation on Thursday and expects to get it in a day, following which she will apply to State Department for her US ID card. Indians are now confident she will get it within days, which will grant her full diplomatic immunity.

    That will also enable her to retrieve her passport and India could bring her back or post her elsewhere. For the longer term, India has asked the US for full diplomatic immunity to be extended to all consular officials of both countries. At present, Indian officials in consulates don't enjoy immunity, while after India's retaliatory steps, US officials have been denied theirs.

    India is also keen that the US makes necessary amends to bring back bilateral ties on an even keel. While demanding that the Khobragade case be dropped, foreign minister Salman Khurshid also said, "Our relationship has a lot of investment, it is an irreversible matter and we have to deal with it sensibly."

    Khurshid said the only logical step the US can take at this point is to drop the case against Khobragade. "The case does not deserve to be pursued," he told journalists. Earlier, minister for parliamentary affairs Kamal Nath said that India was expecting an apology from the US.

    Although John Kerry tried the healing touch by expressing regret over the treatment in a phone call to India's National Security Advisor Shiv Shankar Menon, New Delhi indicated it was not enough. In fact, India snubbed Kerry by not making available his counterpart, Salman Khurshid, and said nothing short of an outright apology would suffice.

    The White House too stepped into the picture after President Obama was briefed about the spat. The President's spokesman Jay Carney repeated the State Department brief about understanding "that this is a sensitive issue for many in India, and we are looking into the intake procedures surrounding this arrest," but a more sincere expression of unqualified regret and contrition were absent.

    On not taking Kerry's call, Khurshid said, "I was not available when John Kerry called. We are trying to lock a time for a call this evening or may be tomorrow. Kerry is in the Philippines and there is a huge time difference." He added he was "looking forward" to the conversation.

    The window of opportunity for both countries is actually until the indictment hearing on the case which is scheduled for early January. The Indian priority is to retrieve Khobragade's diplomatic passport so she can be brought back to India. Khobragade had to submit her passport to the court and furnish a $250,000 bond, signed by other diplomatic colleagues, also unprecedented.

    Sources said the US could utilize the transfer of Khobragade to the UN mission as a way to restore full diplomatic immunity and tell Bharara's office that the case does not hold and be allowed to lapse. Since India has not contested the fact that there was a discrepancy in the statements made by Khobragade for the visas, it is possible the Indian government could use this to get Khobragade out of the US.

    The maid, Sangeeta Richard could continue to file another case against Khobragade at another court. Even if the State Department agrees to a change in Khobragade's immunity status, she would continue to be dogged by court summons.

    Indians point to two instances. In the first, Raymond Davis, a CIA contractor in Lahore who had been arrested for murder was declared to have full diplomatic immunity by no less than US president Barack Obama. Lahore is a consular post, and by US law Davis was not eligible for immunity.

    The second is a more recent case. A group of Russian diplomats targeted by Preet Bharara's office for social security fraud were not arrested at the last minute, because the State Department stepped in and told Bharara's office that all of them enjoyed full diplomatic immunity, even though many of the diplomats were nowhere as senior as Khobragade.

    In recent times, former ISI chief Shuja Pasha was also declared to have full immunity, even though he was listed as an accused in a 26/11 case in a New York court. Sources said it happened because Pakistan threatened to cut off intelligence cooperation. India and US are yet to get to that stage.

    S. Kalyanaraman

    sent from samsung galaxy note, so please excuse brevity

    India-Japan Joint Military Exercises

    India and Japan are conducting joint military exercises designed to promote closer military cooperation:


    Khobragade Case Facts

    It turns out that Khobragade had already been handling the matter through the Indian and US legal systems, before she was arrested:


    sandhya jain lays it out clearly re #devyani

    more interesting info on #devyani

    so there is a revenge motive too.


    sent from samsung galaxy note, so please excuse brevity

    on double standards: indians are expendable, russians are not #devyani

    the benefits of poodle-dom, as it were.


    sent from samsung galaxy note, so please excuse brevity

    Wednesday, December 18, 2013

    #devyani timeline. sangeeta richards looks fishy. very fishy.

    Fwd: What Gandhi's media loves to do

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Radha Rajan
    Date: Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 7:39 AM
    Subject: What Gandhi's media loves to do

    Self explanatory. RR


    sent from samsung galaxy note, so please excuse brevity

    Fwd: American Ambassador to India must be asked to leave

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Radha Rajan
    Date: Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 10:23 AM
    Subject: American Ambassador to India must be asked to leave

    The US State Deaprtment and all spittle licking Indians in american slavery-employment are throwing american laws on our face let us throw the most powerful law we now have on their collective asuric head.
    Our Supreme Court has refused to decriminalise homosexuality and Sec. 377 of the IPC stands firmly. The US in typical uncultured, uncivilised and unrefined manner that is typically American sent an alleged  lesbian to India as Ambassador.
    While the lady's sexual perversions are her private business India cannot entertain a lady who is alleged to be a lesbian as Ambassador of the world's oldest and most vulgar democracy.
    In India our courts say homosexualiry is still a crime. Let our parliament and government throw this weapon on the amerivan face with absoliutely no compounction. Ask the ambassador to leave. Of course India being an ancient timeless Hindu civilization we wont do to the ambassador what her government did to our diplomat - strip search, cavity search. So will just ask her impolitely to go.
    Homosexuality is against the law in my country. So America has to respect my country's laws and call back a lady who violates my country's laws. RR   

    sent from samsung galaxy note, so please excuse brevity

    on #devyani

    1. Another sangeeta richard play by cia #Devyani | Bolivia says U.S. orchestrated getaway of detained New Yorker http://uk.reuters.com/article/idUKBRE9BH1H420131218?p=BRE9BH1H5 

    2. i use 'ugly american' not necessarily pejoratively, i am referring to 1958 book of the same name.

    3. in s e asia the culprit was kissinger. wonder who the grey eminence is this time.

    4. next step in s asia i suspect will be the formal secession of mizo/naga RoL lands, followed by creation of 'greater bangladesh'

    5. Ugly Americans toyed with s e asia and ruined it, killed millions: cambodia, laos, vietnam etc. now with s asia: nepal the first domino

    6. this whole sordid tale of #devyani's maid's family being spirited away to the US reminds me of the last helicopter taking off from saigon

    sent from samsung galaxy note, so please excuse brevity