Saturday, January 26, 2008

Is the Dravidian christist Baalu a marine engineer?

Neither the illiterate christist neanderthal TR Baalu nor half literate head "Dravidian" neanderthal Karunanidhi have any technical credentials or economic management background whatsoever. Therefore, by their own argument, they have no locus standi on what is merely a matter of Rama's engineering degree (according to them). The chief of Naval staff, Admiral Suresh Mehta has gone on record stating that the Sethusamudram project will be inconsequential to defense preparedness. Dravidian christist Baalu immediately bleated against the Admiral's statement to the Union Defence minister, who happens to be a Kerala christist, allegedly with a "clean" image! Therefore, this is a legitimate question that needs to be asked. Are these Dravidian neanderthals qualified in marine geology, marine archaeology, structural engineering, strategic planning etc. Given the obnoxious behaviour of the "Dravidian" swines, there is clearly a case for the military not deferring to civilian "authority" in Indian dhimmocracy.

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