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Apple travesty is a reminder why Britain must leave the lawless EU

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FT View on India taxing Vodafone (Feb 12 2014):

"India's tax laws are deterring investors - Foreign companies become alarmed by unpredictable and aggressive treatment"

FT View on EU taxing Apple retrospectively (August 30 2016) :

"Brussels strikes at Apple's tax planning - EU ruling on Irish scheme raises bar against aggressive fiscal deals"

Both are cases of retrospective taxation, should be condemned. But FT seems to think quite differently of EU's action.

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This article pulls no punches. Not to condone retrospective taxation, but all the international pink press worthies who went hammer and tongs at India for imposing retrospective taxes are strangely - or not so strangely - silent at the EU's conduct. This says a lot about the international media.

Apple travesty is a reminder why Britain must leave the lawless EU

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

August 31 2016

Europe's Competition Directorate commands the shock troops of the EU power structure. Ensconced in its fortress at Place Madou, it can dispatch swat teams on corporate dawn raids across Europe without a search warrant. 

It operates outside the normal judicial control that we take for granted in a developed democracy. The US Justice Department could never dream of acting in such a fashion.

Known as 'DG Comp', it acts as judge, jury, and executioner, and can in effect impose fines large enough to constitute criminal sanctions, but without the due process protection of criminal law. It misused evidence so badly in pursuit of the US chipmaker Intel that the company alleged a violation of human rights.

Apple is just the latest of the great US digital companies to face this Star Chamber. It has vowed to appeal the monster €13bn fine handed down from Brussels this week for violation of EU state aid rules, but the only recourse is the European Court of Justice. This is usually a forlorn ritual. The ECJ is a political body, the enforcer of the EU's teleological doctrines. It ratifies executive power.  

We can mostly agree that Apple, Google, Starbucks, and others have gamed the international system, finding legal loopholes to whittle down their tax liabilities and enrich shareholders at the expense of society. It is such moral conduct that has driven wealth inequality to alarming levels, and provoked a potent backlash against globalisation.

But the 'Double Irish' or the 'Dutch Sandwich' and other such tax avoidance schemes are being phased out systematically by the G20 and by a series of tightening rules from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The global machinery of "profit shifting" will face a new regime by 2018.

We can agree too that Apple's cosy EU arrangements should never have been permitted. It paid the standard 12.5pc corporate tax on its Irish earnings - and is the country biggest taxpayers - but the Commission alleges that its effective rate of tax on broader earnings in 2014 was 0.005pc, achieved by shuffling profits into a special 'stateless company' with its headquarters in Ireland. 

"The profits did not have any factual or economic justification. The "head office" had no employees, no premises and no real activities," said Margrethe Vestager, the EU competition chief.

This may be true but that does not empower the Commission to act arbitrarily, retroactively, and beyond the rule of law. What is really going on - as often in EU affairs - is a complex political attack on multiple fronts. It is a reminder of why Britain must remove itself entirely and forever from the clutches of this Caesaropapist construction.

Apple's chief executive, Tim Cook, has €13bn axe to grind, but he is almost certainly right in arguing that Mrs Vestager is making up state aid rules as she goes along, and has yet to produce evidence that Dublin granted Apple a sweetheart deal on taxes. "This claim has no basis in fact or in law," he said.

"The Commission's move is unprecedented and it has serious, wide-reaching implications. It is effectively proposing to replace Irish tax laws. This would strike a devastating blow to the sovereignty of EU member states over their own tax matters, and to the principle of certainty of law in Europe," he said.

Ireland is now in the odd position of being told that it must claw back €13bn of back taxes from Apple even though it categorically rejects the legal arguments of Mrs Vestager.

"They're overreaching their competence. The European treaties say the individual states are responsible for taxation policy. This is an approach through the back door to try and influence tax policy through competition law," said Ireland's finance minister, Michael Noonan. 

We have to see this for what it is - a highly politically-motivated targeting of a small member state along with a clear bias against US multinationalsMichael Hayes, Fine Gael MP

The EU authorities are trying to subvert the sovereign prerogative of the elected Dail to determine Irish tax and fiscal policies, and some are clearly hoping to shut down Ireland's special low tax model and end its role as an off-shore aircraft carrier for US companies.

"We have to see this for what it is - a highly politically-motivated targeting of a small member state along with a clear bias against US multinationals," said Fine Gael MP, Michael Hayes.

Washington is outraged. The US Treasury Jacob Lew warned Brussels earlier this year that it was seeking "to impose penalties retroactively based on a new and expansive interpretation of state aid rules," and that it appeared to be "targeting US companies disproportionately".

Last week the US Treasury accused Mrs Vestager of "chilling" Transatlantic ties in a blistering report on the EU's campaign of state aid probes. It said Brussels was deviating from established case law and had "collapsed the concepts of 'advantage' and 'selectivity'. The report came within a whisker of alleging outright chicanery, deception, and lies.

Needless to say, there is Treasury money at stake. American companies are allowed to deduct their payments to foreign tax authorities, so such fines cut US tax revenue dollar for dollar. "That outcome is deeply troubling, as it would effectively constitute a transfer of revenue to the EU from the US government and its taxpayers," said the report.

Washington has invited the problem by failing to reform the US corporate tax system. The US rate is badly out of line with the rest of the world at 35pc - and higher under some effective rates - and this is compounded by the effects of its world-wide tax code.

"American companies feel squeezed by the new rules coming and that is why they do these complex tax deals in Europe. If the US tax rate came down to the low 20s, they wouldn't bother any more," said one official.

"Obama didn't grapple with this issue because it is a can of worms, but it is a can that has to be opened," he said.

Behind the shadow boxing is a strong suspicion that powerful forces in the EU are trying to use state aid probes to break the global dominance of America's technology giants, vainly hoping to nurture its own 'Silicon Valley' behind a digital wall. Amazon, Facebook, Google, as well as Apple, are all under fire, and Microsoft has fought an epic battle.

The view in Washington is that Mrs Vestager's probe of the Russian gas giant Gazprom is being conducted with kid gloves, and that she is strangely accommodating over the Nord Stream pipeline so favoured by Germany. It is almost as if some in Brussels view America as the real enemy.

The US has in the past played down the episodic outbursts of anti-Americanism, but patience is wearing thin and the strategic calculus is shifting. Donald Trump has already warned that he is willing to "walk away" from NATO altogether.

Others question ever more loudly exactly why the US should continue to guarantee the EU's eastern border against Vladimir Putin's Russia if Brussels is behaving in such an unfriendly fashion - and without the American security blanket a disarmed Europe is almost completely defenceless.  The EU needs to watch its step.


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Fwd: The wages of "love" is flight...

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What prompted you to leave India in 2012? Don't you think it's time you returned?

When I left India in June 2012, I did not think I would be staying away for this long. Following the Mumbai crucifix miracle exposure over a TV panel discussion, the situation went out of my control. Apart from the cases that they tried to impose on me by misusing the archaic Section 295(A) of the Indian Penal Code, there have been direct and indirect attacks on me from the side of the Catholic Church....

....So, following the TV debate with the Mumbai bishop, a group of goons were sent to the studio with sticks to attack me. After several hours, the studio crew had to save me by opening a new way out. As church panellists threatened in the TV programme, several complaints were filed against me in Mumbai police stations. There were calls to get me arrested for at least one night so that they could get rid of me by a co-prisoner.

All these forced me to go into hiding. And, protected by trusted friends, I gave interviews and appeared on TV programmes. In my last weeks in India, I was hiding in a hostel room at the Jawaharlal Nehru University. It was from there I left for Finland two weeks ahead of a pre-scheduled lecture tour in Poland.

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how oil has hurt us all

राजीवः श्रीनिवासः Retweeted Brahma Chellaney

oil has three severe consequences: climate change, plastics in the ocean, and fundamentalism.

राजीवः श्रीनिवासः added,

Brahma Chellaney @Chellaney
OILING WHEELS OF TERROR—Buying Saudi oil means funding Wahhabism that now "assaults our security & our civilization" 

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Huma Abedin May Get Axed by Clinton

Huma Abedin, the Saudi-raised Pakistani aide to Hillary Clinton who is her closest confidante, and described as Hillary's "second daughter", may finally be about to get axed from the Clinton team. The reasons are Abedin's involvement in the email scandal dogging Clinton, as well as her role in the Clinton Foundation and possible conflicts of interest therein, and now finally the emergence of a sex scandal involving Abedin's promiscuous husband, the infamous Anthony Weiner, who has been caught for a 3rd time in "sexting" (sexually propositioning) young women through social media. More details around Abedin's past have surfaced in recent weeks.

Fwd: Treating the Scorpene sting+Modi’s provocations raises the risk for India+Is PM Modi’s reference to Balochistan Threat to CPEC+Return of Haji Pir Pass still haunts us

as predicted, the hans are "huffing and puffing and blowing the house down". just ignore them.

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1. Is India heading for an alliance with the U.S. OPED global times 30.8.16
'If India hastily joins the US alliance system, it may irritate China, Pakistan or even Russia. It may not make India feel safer, but will bring strategic troubles to itself and make itself a center of geopolitical rivalries in Asia.
Due to its non-alignment policy, India has been given attention from all the major powers such as the US, Japan, China and Russia in recent years. Therefore, India will not lean toward the US, because it will not only hurt India's self-esteem, more importantly, India can gain more strategic benefits by striking a balance between China and the US.'
1A. Modi's provocations raises the risk for India 30.8.16 by xie chao
'But the long-term cost will be the moral blow to India when it tries to manage its own insurgencies and secessionist movements, which tends to invite international attention and intervention.'
4. Is PM Modi's reference to Balochistan Threat to CPEC 30.8.16 by brig nk bhatia
Equally important is the fact that Chinese scholars have expressed apprehensions to the fact that it is the first time wherein India has openly made a reference to Balochistan, having kept itself out of the troubled region in spite of allusion to Indian role in fomenting insurgency in Balochistan by Pakistan leadership and agencies. The Chinese scholars also feel that any 'asymmetric activity' similar to what Pakistan propagates in its neighbouhood is likely to threaten development of CPEC and w .. '
5. Return of Haji Pir Pass still haunts us by dinesh kumar 30.8.16
'The 8,652 feet high Haji Pir Pass, a dominating feature located on the western fringe of the formidable Pir Panjal range that divides the Kashmir Valley from Jammu region, provides a direct road link between Poonch, located west of the Pir Panjal in Jammu region, and Uri, located across the mountain range in the Kashmir Valley. Apart from significantly reducing the road distance between Poonch and Uri to just 56 km compared to the current 282 km long revived old Mughal route via the Poonch Valley, Shopian and Srinagar, the Haji Pir Bulge provides a direct ingress to both the Jammu region and the Kashmir Valley. And it is through this since militarily heavy fortified Pass, infamously returned to Pakistan five months after its capture, that Islamabad has been infiltrating terrorists into J&K for the last 27 years.'

6. A French Solution to India's Defence Acquisition Problem 29.8.16 by laxman behera
7. 'Pellet Guns vs PAVA shells: Save "innocent" individuals but don't compromise safety of forces' by lt gen prakash katoch
My take – When I was in Valley in Oct 2014 was told of stories of how rich Sikhs sent their families esp daughters to Jammu because they were unsure of how secure they were in Valley. Stories or reality!
10. Yet another Nawaz gimmick 29.8.15 by g parthasarathy
BS is now a pay site, so read paper or subscribe online.
Warm Regards
sanjeev nayyar
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AAP Showing Fundamental Chinks in Its Armour

AAP's inherent structural weaknesses are increasingly being exposed. Beyond the obvious liabilities of their nutty and eccentric leader and his fake crusading politics, the intrinsic limits of AAP's viability are manifesting themselves.

My Take
On the one hand, Kejriwal rather behaves like a foreign plant - a cat thrown among the pigeons - zealously seeking political office without any genuine ideological mooring or any real constituency, ethnic or otherwise - which clearly doesn't add up. Nextly, he wants to be an autocrat like the other Lefty kingpins to assure his own agenda for personal power. Finally, he wants to pursue national ambitions - at a minimum hopping from one precinct to another, in order to keep outrunning his failed policies and ensuing voter rejection. These goals are mutually incompatible for the following reasons:

Other Lefty kingpins have each stayed entrenched within their respective local ethnic bastions and haven't been able to spread beyond their local fiefdoms to successfully pursue a national agenda. Most Lefty kingpins have periodically been tossed out of power, and yet were willing and able to bide their time to return back, relying on the ethnic Vote Banks they cultivated to help their return. Kejriwal has no particularly strong Vote Bank support to help him endure - and if he's an American catspaw, as he suspiciously looks like, then it's unlikely that he'll court the leaderless Muslim Vote Bank, since their politics and worldview conflict with America's geopolitical needs (the fact that he keeps that particular Vote Bank at arm's length seems to be prima facie evidence of who's sponsoring him, in my opinion). He can't court any of the other Vote Banks, which all have their own leaders already, while he himself can't claim  membership in those groups to directly represent them. Kjeriwal's need to hold power autocratically means he can't cut deals with other Vote Bank leaders, who will demand concessions in the form of seat blocs. Thus AAP's lack of a strongly-affiliated Vote Bank or natural constituency inherently cripples its ability to survive. It wants to win in Punjab in order to outlive its failure and inevitable ouster from its current Delhi satrap, but autocrat Kejriwal can't accommodate any Punjabi demands for representative power-sharing. AAP can't even emulate the faltering Congress monarchy, because Kejriwal lacks the big-name Nehru-Gandhi aura to bind regional factions together, as well as the massive party machine which took Congress decades to build up. Without that, AAP would be naturally vulnerable to regional splits anyway.

There is no natural niche space for AAP in India's political spectrum. If Kejriwal fails to carry Punjab, the AAP may likely disappear as quickly as it appeared in the first place. If AAP is somehow able to win Punjab, it may not be able to hold onto the Punjab faction for long, as Kejriwal's autocratic style would soon be rejected. This would lead to the emergence of a separate party, and Kejriwal's effective marginalization from politics. The question is whether such a separate breakaway faction in Punjab would become its own rogue force - lacking any affinity to any national party, as is the case with Punjab Congress or the BJP-affiliated Akalis. Given the growing geopolitical confrontation in the region, we don't need any new loose cannons in Punjab, or a return to the 1980s - hopefully that won't be the AAP's legacy..

Fwd: The re-emergence of Russia in the World Politics+Film Indian Deities Worshipped in Japan’+ When Cornered China’s Diplomacy: Borders on being Boorish+ bHUTAN: recent developments

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1. China, Russia and the concert of Eurasia 26.8.16  Last week Chinese media announced that Vladimir Putin would be the guest of honor when China hosts the G20 summit in Hangzhou on September 4.
2. Film Indian Deities Worshipped in Japan' by Benoy Behl, art-historian photographer and film maker. "There is a very important bridge of culture joining the countries of India and Japan. In the words of HE Mr. Yasukuni Enoki, Former Ambassador of Japan, "It is very important for the Japanese to know that in the bottom of Japanese culture, Indian culture is very firmly imprinted". Buddhist and Hindu deities of India are worshiped by the people of Japan. The 5th century Sanskrit script is revered in Japan and its letters."
3. U.S. Russia achieve clarity on Syria 27.8.16
4. Chinese firms can learn from Japan ASEAN strategy 26.8.16
5. Reviving airfields in Arunachal to help local admin 27.8.16
6. The re-emergence of Russia in the World Politics 27.8.16 by bharat lather
Russia's elite and much of its public believes that Russia can never be secured if Ukraine becomes a hostile nation and particularly if it joins a hostile alliance – NATO
7. When Cornered China's Diplomacy: Borders on being Boorish 28.8.16 by lt gen js bajwa
My take – recently visited Rezang la War Memorial in Chishul, Ladakh. On 18/11/1962 app 123 soldiers and officers led by Maj Shaitan Singh mowed down over 1300 Chinese soldiers. Where ever leadership was strong we took on the Chinese in 1962 said a army officer. Let us not underestimate our selves, importantly not be over-confident.

To cite an earlier example, in 1998-99, the Joint Working Group set up to address the India-China boundary question had proposed conduct of joint adventure activities by the India Army and Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) of the then Lanzhou Military Area Command. The first such adventure activity planned was a mountaineering expedition to the twin peaks of Nun-Kun in the J&K Himalayas. The Chinese backed out of the expedition stating that since J&K was a disputed area between India and Paki ..
A strong military force is not meant to fight as it is to ensure peace and non-interference. India is today militarily most adequately poised to avenge any 1962 type misadventure by China. In addition, Indian government is standing firm in not being jostled by China's machinations, which has rattled the Chinese. India, too, needs to pursue and secure its own interests above anything else; it has the soft and hard power to do just that. It needs to muster the WILL.'

8. bHUTAN: recent developments by Dr S Chandrashekharan 28.8.16

Warm Regards
sanjeev nayyar
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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Reusable Scramjet Engine Tested Successfully

ISRO has successfully tested its Supersonic Combustion Ramjet (Scramjet), which is meant to power future reusable launch vehicles that will spend much of their time accelerating through the atmosphere to reach orbital velocity. A scramjet is distinct from a rocket, in that it burns fuel by using air from the atmosphere rather than onboard liquid oxygen. The advantage of this is in not having to carry the weight of that onboard oxygen, which normally makes up most of the starting launch mass of any rocket - and thus the vehicle can be far lighter.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hindus Blamed for Koran Burning in Pak

Another Koran burning has Hindus fleeing their village in Pakistan, as extremists attempt to scapegoat them:

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Goldman Sachs Upbeat on India

Goldman-Sachs is positive about India's improving pace of economic growth, expecting more reforms to further boost the economy:

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Top Secret Files Leaked on India's French Subs

India's naval security seems to have suffered a serious setback, as someone appears to have leaked all the secrets about India's upcoming Scorpene-class submarines being built by the French:

I wonder if this is the work of Chinese hackers, punishing India for its recent moves on the South China Sea.

The source of the leak appears to have occurred in France:

North Korea Tests Submarine-Launched Missile

North Korea has fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile, according to reports from South Korea:

The launch is the latest in a series of tests - this missile was fired in April

As we know, both North Korea and Pakistan are China's twin fists or attack dogs.

Pakistan, which is ahead on nuclear warhead technology, has shared this with North Korea - and North Korea, which is ahead on missile technology, has shared theirs with Pakistan. China benefits from the rogue activities of both.

So don't be surprised if submarine-launched missiles soon show up in Pakistan's submarine fleet in the not too distant future.

Karachi to Be Run by Jailed Politician

Once again highlighting Pakistan's precariously unstable domestic politics, the elections for mayor of Karachi have been won by a politician currently serving a jail sentence:

Monday, August 22, 2016

Balochistan: Turning the Tables On Pakistan

The best defense is a good offense, and the Modi govt's move to turn the tables on Pakistan by raising the questions over Gilgit & Baltistan, POK, as well as Balochistan will now vigorously put the ball back in Pakistan's court on ending its aggression towards neighbors. We have not only Afghanistan but also Bangladesh on our side - and probably some quiet tacit acceptance from the Americans, given their own frustrations with Pakistan.

And if China tries to up the ante against India by challenging us over the NorthEast, then we'd better immediately respond by raising the issue of Tibet. They're already picking fights with their other neighbors, and it's upto them on whether they want to simultaneously escalate a fight with us.

If Baloch are ethnically related to the Kurds, then Hindus will be like the vulnerable Yazidis as Pak fights back using Taliban-type jihadis to support its army.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

BBC Continuing Propaganda Against India

I think the BBC must be infested with British Pakistanis, to be so doggedly pursuing anti-Indian propaganda:

Friday, August 19, 2016

Afghanistan's Karzai Supports Modi on Balochistan

Afghan leader Hamid Karzai has voiced his support for Modi's stand on the Balochistan issue:

The vital support of Afghanistan, which shares a troubled border with the area, could help make the case for stronger Indian support to Balochistan's independence movement:

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Badminton player P.V Sindhu a "right wing" Hindu?

#PVSindhu India's Olympic Gold medal hope. 

She is seen here praying to Goddess Mahankali at the Temple in Hyderabad and making an offering for good luck; vowing to return every year - prior to her departure for the Rio Olympics.

That absolutely makes her a "communal", "obscurantist", "right wing", "fundamentalist" Hindutvawaadi in the lexicon of the Macaulayites.

I hope she wins Gold tomorrow and makes us all proud - except those who would "leave" the country protesting against a "fascist" Hindu's victory at the Olympics!

Jai Telangana! Vande Mataram!

Bangladesh Supports Modi on Balochistan

Bangladesh has expressed its support to PM Modi on Balochistan, saying that Pakistan hasn't learned any lessons from 1971:

It would be great if Afghanistan could likewise join in with its voice, too. With enough voices to highlight the issue internationally, then Pakistan will be on the back foot.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sindhu Beats Wang in Olympic Upset

India's PV Sindhu beat China's Wang Yihan in the Women's Badminton quarter-finals at the Rio Olympics, in a major upset. Wang had been ranked No.2 in the world.

Sindhu will now go on to the semi-finals.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Soros Hacked, Agenda Exposed

Russian hackers have exposed something that some have long complained about -- ie. that billionaire George Soros seems to be using his wealth to pursue a pro-Muslim anti-nationalist agenda which encourages open borders and the dissolution of states. Soros has founded and funded a variety of organizations for this purpose, including the Open Society Foundations
In the memo, Open Society Foundations (OSF) executives lamented that progressive groups and members of the Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and South Asian (AMEMSA) -American community lacked “high quality opposition research” to combat “anti-Muslim xenophobia and to promote tolerance.”

Soros is one of the wealthier underwriters of Atlanticism and Globalism, having initially made his wealth through global currency trading and hedge funds.

It's too bad that RSS and other Indian nationalists are stuck in the backward era of lathis, when they could be cultivating Indian cyber-expertise in liberating useful information from various Indian lefty NGOs as well as their patrons overseas. It would be beneficial to know exactly which "South Asian" activists Soros is funding, whether in India or abroad. We certainly can't afford to be behind in the information warfare race.

Monday, August 15, 2016

China Deploys Quantum Communications Satellite

In a breakthrough which has leapfrogged the West, China has launched and deployed a Quantum Communication satellite, which can securely transmit communications without vulnerability to hacking or eavesdropping:

Trump Buckles Down - Demands Political Tests for Immigrants

After taking a beating from the media following his public feud with Pakistani immigrant Khizr Khan, Donald Trump is now fighting back, attacking the media for attacking him, and now unveiling his global strategy against Islamic extremism by proposing new tests on immigrants to the United States, to ensure those with extremist ideologies are not allowed in:

The question is - will it work? Trump himself has previously noted how he has been able to draw in many new voters who previously never bothered to vote, because of his willingness to take bolder stands on issues that others have shied away from. Is this further right-ward turn going to pay the dividends he needs in order to win the US electoral race?

india grows a backbone re PoK, gilgit and #baloch?

enough with the nice guy routine.

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

India Re-Attempting NSG Bid

After meeting with China's envoy, India is suddenly re-launching its bid to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group:

Could it be the Chinese have suddenly had a change of heart towards us, now that we've pushed back boldly on the South China Sea, and on Balochistan? Both of these places could cause headaches for China as it attempts to improve its situation on multiple fronts.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

One Belt, One Road - One Trap, One Slap, One Trip, One Slip

Prem Shankar Jha claims that India must embrace China's "One Belt, One Road" plan - as if!

India should really respond to "One Belt, One Road" by putting potholes and roadblocks in the way - and this should start in places like Balochistan. And we should rope in the Americans to help us, since they stand to lose even more from "One Belt, One Road" than we do.

The fact that a derailment or substantive delay to OBOR would put China under intolerable strain, would only be an extra incentive to us. As any terrorist knows, it's much easier to wreck or delay something than to build it, which puts the odds in our favor.

Hyperloop Targeting Indian Market

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) is looking to target India as a market for its revolutionary new high-speed passenger transport system, which is based on an idea conceived by Elon Musk.

The interesting thing about this technology is that compared to maglev bullet trains, this offers higher speeds - and at one-tenth the cost. The reason is that maglev bullet trains work on magnetic levitation and require expensive superconductive magnets to be laid out all along the entire track. Meanwhile, the hyperloop approach uses such magnets to accelerate out of the train station, as well as to decelerate it when arriving at the destination station, but in between the starting and stopping points it's mainly just cheap plastic tubing, since the traincar/pod is being propelled by an airflow like an air-hockey puck or those old pneumatic message tubes.

The problem of course is that the idea is still in development and has yet to be validated as an actual functioning mass-transportation system.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Quick notes: Driverless tractors, Soul harvest...

  • Is Mahindra developing driverless tractors? Anand Mahindra says driverless tractors could change the future of food production

  • 3,000 NGOs get over Rs. 22,000 cr in 2014-15: The highest foreign contribution in 2011-12 was received by the World Vision of India, Tamil Nadu, (Rs. 233 cr), followed by the Believers Church India, Kerala (Rs. 190 cr), Rural Development Trust, Andhra Pradesh (Rs. 144 cr), Indian Society Of Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, Delhi (Rs. 131 cr). Granular data with details of funders and recipients is not available after 2011-12.

  • "Fake Gau Rakshaks": BJP abolishes 6-year-old ‘cow awareness’ cell nationally.

  • KKKangress trying fake Hindutva: 'Modi doing mere lip service on gau raksha', says Sheila Dikshit

  • Dhanraj Pillay: "During 1994 Asian Games, one minister questioned me about the way I was playing. Those who never held a hockey stick in their life, tried to teach me about the sport. Why is there a need for 40 officials to go for the Olympic Games."

  • Diverting forest land: Just in the last one month (July, 2016), 240 sq km of forest land is proposed for diversion, based on proposals submitted by state governments.

  • 'Millions' of Volkswagen cars can be unlocked via hack: A sizeable proportion of 100 million Volkswagen Group cars sold since 1995 can be unlocked remotely by hackers, a team of researchers has said.

Shah Rukh Khan detained by U.S immigration at Los Angeles

The U.S authorities probably have some information on SRK's links with the D-Company or worse. Wary of being labeled "Islamophobes", the Yanks are very unlikely to repeatedly profile an individual like SRK.

The U.S ambassador to India has apparently apologized to SRK for the secondary inspection by USCBP - reinforcing the sense of entitlement of the Bollywood Khans.

What business did the crypto Christist Richard Verma have apologizing to SRK? This is the deleterious effect of uninhibited immigration of the wrong kind of desis to America - meretricious Maoists, Gandhians etc. who bring their emasculated thinking with them to these shores. 

Surgeon general Vivek Murthy is an example - taking the oath of office on the Bhagavad Gita and then asking for repealing the 2nd amendment of the U.S constitution, i.e. the Right to bear arms! Hilarious!

And to top it all, the brainless Government of India and its imbecile Foreign minister - moved with great alacrity to intervene with U.S authorities to secure the Jihadi thug's release in 2 hours flat! This is a most useless Coolie Sarkar that does not deserve the loyalty of its most fervent supporters and their many sacrifices. Hindus are being taken for granted!

Preet Bharara to Investigate Clinton Foundation

An investigation has been opened up by the US Attorney's Office with the support of the FBI, against the Clinton Foundation for allegedly engaging in corrupt activities. The US Attorney leading the investigation into the New York-based Clinton Foundation will be Preet Bharara, famously known for his aggressiveness in past prosecutions like CitiBank, organized crime including the Gotti crime family, insider trading cases like Raj Rajaratnam, scamster Bernie Madoff, and various elected New York officials, etc, etc.

To Indians, he became more famous for his pursuit of a case against Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade.

Bharara has nailed some big fish - but unlike some of his high profile predecessors, Bharara doesn't have the political connections to vault himself someplace higher, like into politics like Giuliani, or to Washington like Comey. So as his tenure comes to an end, he's on his way out - but before he leaves, he'll probably pursue this one last case - which could now become the biggest case of his life. By successfully prosecuting this, he'll have made his biggest mark by bringing in his biggest fish, the Clintons. At a minimum, that will be his legacy. However, if he succeeds, he may reap political rewards that allow him to pursue a path into higher politics.

why GST has hidden dangers, but kudos to PM for courage

i hope it doesn't become a pyrrhic victory, leading to a congress resurgence.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New Clinton Emails Show Influence-Peddling Corruption

Further emails exposed showing Hillary Clinton and her top aides like Huma Abedin engaged in influence-peddling while working at the US State Department, performing favors for rich foreign patrons who donated generously to the Clinton Foundation.

It remains to be seen whether Clinton or her aides would be prosecuted by the FBI for engaging in such activities, since just like India's CBI, the American FBI is a "caged bird".

WikiLeaks' Assange Implies Murdered Democrat Staffer Was Leak Source

Julian Assange, the famous founder of WikiLeaks which published the leaked emails from the Democrat National Committee exposing their biased tilt for Hillary Clinton, has now offered a $20,000 reward for information on the recent murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, implying that he may have been murdered for being the source of the leaked emails. As you may remember, when the scandal broke as the emails were published, the Democrats hotly accused the Russian govt of being behind the leak in an attempt to sabotage the US elections in favor of Donald Trump.

DNC staffer Seth Rich was recently found shot dead in the posh Bloomingdale area of Washington DC. No valuables had been taken from him.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

India Creating Its Own Hague?

India appears to be trying to create its own global hub for international arbitration in Mumbai:

It's good to see India trying to cuiltivate and promote its own alternatives to existing institutions, since these can hold sway in important matters.

Death-defying vault

The single most difficult and dangerous maneuver in women’s gymnastics—and maybe the most daring of the entire Olympic Games—won’t be attempted by anyone on Team USA. Star U.S. gymnast Simone Biles says someone could get killed trying to pull it off. 

WSJ: Why India’s Dipa Karmakar Is One of Few Gymnasts Brave Enough to Attempt ‘Death Vault’ in Rio.

Business Standard: Dipa Karmakar's death-defying vault and why she sticks to it

Monday, August 08, 2016

is hillary seriously ill?

the implications are daunting:

1. we get bill clinton as potus again
2. she is a manchurian or deepstate puppet

Sushma Swaraj: Please don't go to the Vatican

Sushma Swaraj has converted India's Ministry of External affairs into a Coolie agency whose exclusive mandate is rescuing foolhardy Indian Christist missionaries going on suicide missions to Islamic countries like Afghanistan.

The Foreign minister of a great nation such as India personally attending the "canonization" of a hateful bigot like Teresa, the Ghoul of Calcutta - lowers the prestige, both of her office and the nation.

If she absolutely has to attend - Sushma Swaraj must demand at the very least
 1) declaration of the Church's agent Francis Xavier as a war criminal and 2) reparations from the Vatican for the Goa genocide

Please sign the petition to request that the honourable Foreign minister refrain from traveling to the Vatican.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

'Yes We Khan'

Donald Trump's popularity has been badly mauled due to his public feud with Khizr Khan, and polls show him as having fallen 10 points behind Hillary Clinton:

Trump's allies and advisors are counseling him to avoid fights like this, which only play into the hands of his Democrat rivals:

While Mr Khizr Khan claims to have retreated from his public spat with Donald Trump, he still continues to parade himself in front of the media.

Needless to say, a movement has sprung up to get Khizr Khan to run for political office:

If Khan were to manage to get elected as a US Congressman, he could become the new voice for Pakistan in the US Congress:

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Quick notes: Mosque funding, EV pollution...

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Fwd: Rajiv Malhotra: The role Government of India should play in promoting scholarship

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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

why we need mandatory evacuation insurance for expatriates

else they're abusing taxpayer money. some people actually go back after evacation and have to be rescued again, at taxpayer expense. 

don't tell me about remittances, unless you've paid income tax on overseas income. it went into your private bank account, and the taxpayer got nothing out of it.

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rajeev on abplive about the exodus of indians from the middle east

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Fwd: What is upsetting Barkha Dutts Or Gusse ke peechhe kya hai?

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01 August, 2016
Ratan Sharda
Many people have called it spat between two best known names in Electronic Media. I would say, it's a challenge for fight by Barkha, because Arnab never named her, nor has he joined the ugly one sided debate so far. It is social media that has converted this into a spat.
On one side, all the usual suspects from left-secular brigade have sprung to Barkha's side or egged her on, on the other side it is mostly social media crowd that has responded to Barkha. Now a few like R. Jagannathan and Prabhu Chawla have come out to question this high profile fight.
Is it really about gagging of media or is the fight deeper - about ideological chasm that is widening into hard Amazonian depths. Is it about domination of English News space by one person and continuous shrinking TRP of the other, once the biggest name in TV?
I believe excuse of 'press gagging' is a facade to hide hard core left Marxist agenda that is losing its charm since last two decades specially. It's clear that Arnab called for 'questioning' anyone if one has broken a law or worked against national interests. Nothing wrong in it.
Falling TRPs of left secular oriented media versus rising TRPs of nationalist oriented media not just in English but even in other language media is sign of changing mood of the nation which left oriented 'internationalist' (nation is an outdated concept etc) media has refused to acknowledge though viewership establishes this fact firmly.
This disenchantment with a narrative that was going against the grain of common Indian's rooted thinking became pronounced since Modi took centre stage. But it was building up much earlier. With advent of social media it found voice. And suddenly all hell broke loose for 'opinion makers'. Set ideas of decades and set thought processes lost people's respect. Those who caught the wind sailed ahead.
Recall, Times Now was the first to start live broadcast Modi rallies. Other channels, including NDTV had no choice but to cover these rallies as they were losing audience faster than we middle aged people loose hair. After all, media is not social service anymore. It is hard core commerce.
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Wednesday, 03 August 2016 | Anirban Ganguly
A third category of people who have spread a Goebbelesian propaganda against Mookerjee's legacy are the communist apologists. For them, his legacy is troublesome. They have, therefore, tried to marginalise any genuine nationalist who has challenged their world
A third category of people who have in the last fortnight barked at Syama Prasad Mookerjee's legacy and spread a Goebbelesian propaganda against him are the communist apologists for the Muslim League, admirers of Jinnah, supporters of separatism and those 'anti-nationals' who are now passing themselves off as 'secular nationalists' but are in essence pseudo-nationalists whose only obsession is to see India fragment. Describing the then Communist Party's role, Mookerjee had once noted in his diary, "The Communist Party which all along had played a shameless role in attacking the foundation of Indian nationalism", one wonders whether the situation has altered today.
In fact, as early as 1944, Veer Savarkar had referred to 'pseudo-nationalism' and had pointed out how some, by giving lip service to nationalism and passing themselves off as nationalists, are in fact, assiduously working to wreck apart the national fabric. The 'pseudo-nationalists' abound today and are vocal through their pseudo-espousals. One hears them shout loudest for tolerance, for equal treatment, for the right of every part to secede from India, for the right of self-determination of nationalities within the Indian 'subcontinent', for the right to reject the Constitution and to fan the flames of separatism, for the right of terrorists to survive and carry on their trade and all these in the name of democracy, freedom of expression and human rights.
These pseudo-nationalist have new tune today which argues that they alone are the inheritors of the 'anti-colonialist nationalist' legacy. A laughable assertion, if one was to take into account their collaborationist past.
For the apologists of separatism and 'Bharat ke barbadi', Mookerjee's legacy is troublesome, it reminds them of the strength and resilience of genuine nationalism and nationalists, it reminds them of the determination that such nationalism gives rise to in one who is driven and inspired by it. The genuine nationalists' have faith in the integrity of India, the genuine nationalists' belief in the fundamental oneness within India's many diversities is an unsettling belief for the pseudo-nationalists who have always believed in the theory of many nationalities within India and espoused the eventual separation of these leading to India becoming a congeries of nations. These elements have, therefore, ceaselessly tried to minimise and marginalise any personality or genuine nationalist who has challenged their world either in the past or in the present.
Their favourite, false and now much clichéd accusation against Mookerjee is that he collaborated with the British. Again a study of the plethora of papers, booklets, statement and correspondences that exist at the Nehru Memorial Museum & Library in Delhi repeatedly puncture a hole and deflate such propaganda.
In fact it is again amusing to hear this from those very scholars whose ideological progenitors themselves collaborated with the British to sabotage the saboteurs of British rule during the Quit India movement. Stacks, if not mounds of files, still exist that tell the entire story of how the communists 'sabotaged' the 'anti-saboteurs' of the Quit India movement and sought accolades and protection from their white masters.
The other churlish accusation against Mookerjee is that he did precious little during the great Bengal famine. Again the documents belie such a claim, Mookerjee's own diaries, debates in the Assembly of that period, records of famine relief work reveal the herculean effort he had made to mitigate the epochal disaster. There has been little reference to or study of his interventions during this period, though Madhushree Mukherjee in her opus, Churchill's Secret War, has for example, briefly touched upon his role and Chatterjee in his political biography of Mookerjee has addressed his role in great academic detail. But the reason why Mookerjee's role of providing relief during the great famine is suppressed or misinterpreted is perhaps because it militates against a stereotype — how could a Hindu Mahasabha leader be one of the principal mover for famine relief during a famine which saw the Muslim peasantry being severely affected. Mookerjee's role during the Bengal famine did not fit into the stereotype that some would like us to believe and absorb.
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(This article is the third in a four part series on SP Mookerjee. The author is Director of the Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation, New Delhi)

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Fwd: The sun may be setting on the age of western wealth and freedom may be ending

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2 AUGUST 2016 • 7:55AM
In recent centuries, the greatest crises in British history have been accompanied by deep divisions among our allies, and sometimes within our own country, in the face of the sudden emergence of new dangers.
The French Revolution sparked intense debate within Britain, and required a quarter of century of rallying reluctant allies before the final victory at Waterloo. The rise of the Nazis initially produced apathy and admiration as well as hostility, and only after two years of their violent conquests did the democratic world unite to defeat them.
In our own lifetimes, by contrast, we have become used to the idea that our western values are successful and that we are as one in making sure of that success.
Since 1945, US presidents have never given up their global leadership, morally or militarily, even though they have varied in effectiveness. Nato triumphed in the Cold War and grew alongside the European Union. The West has retained the greatest centres of innovation, finance, education and culture. Our languages and computer codes have dominated the discourse of the world.
The idea of freedom, we assume, will repel and ultimately overcome any alternative. The information revolution we have spawned will corrode dictatorships and undermine rigid ideologies. Our prosperity will always allow us the technological edge to defend ourselves.
Yet look more closely, as the smoke clears after each fresh bout of disorder in our present century, and you will find the values and security of the West are in steady retreat. Russia has turned emphatically against liberal democracy, and reinvented brute power in the settling of European borders. Turkey first drifted, and now marches, towards authoritarian rule and the exploitation of the vulnerabilities of western Europe.
In the Middle East, hopes of freedom have been crushed between arbitrary government and fundamentalist revolt, each feeding off each other in an accelerating cycle that leaves no space for tolerance or debate. And the demographic bulge of that region is about to push new millions of disaffected young men into the arms of religious fanaticism.
In China, the creation of the world's biggest middle class and rival biggest economy is not bringing anything that looks like western values. On the contrary, a necessary anti-corruption drive is being accompanied by tight political centralisation, an intensified crackdown on dissent and a much-strengthened emphasis on Marxist ideology.
If these trends continue, future historians will identify the start of this new millennium as the period when free and open societies faltered and fell back, weakened further by internal divisions and the turning of our own inventions against us.
In 2016, Donald Trump is within striking distance of the White House and speaks openly of America's allies having to look after themselves. He and others question the free trade on which so much western prosperity has been based. Central banks feed an addiction to easy money, exacerbating inequality and discouraging saving.
Social media, while permitting a greater flow of information and argument, has begun to polarise politics, and elevate the quick and uninformed opinion to the same level as the considered and balanced one.
Whether through opportunism or strategy, rival forces take advantage of these and other weaknesses. Russia uses energy supplies to divide Europe, recruits western journalists to broadcast the propaganda of its TV station, Russia Today, and seems to have had a hand in hacking Hillary Clinton's emails to sway the US election.
In Ankara, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will demand a steadily higher price for holding back immigrants from Europe, while playing off his western allies against a new closeness to Moscow.
Islamic State in Iraq and Levant uses social media to spread hate across the globe, advertise its crimes, and inspire supporters in democratic countries to carry out terrorism. Western communication firms' determination to give their customers unbreakable encryption could provide such people new chances to make their plans undetected.
China, meanwhile, is now widely acknowledged to have engaged in the massive theft of intellectual property from western technology firms and defence manufacturers, through hacking on a grand scale. And it will be looking to the British exit from the EU to open the way to ending the long-standing European embargo on arms exports to Beijing, particularly those involving high technology.
In whichever direction you look, the autocrats, the dictators, the terrorists and the corrupt and cynical opportunists are fighting back. They are demonstrating daily that the lazy assumption of western triumph may be mistaken. Accordingly, it is time to relearn the lessons of history: that free societies do generally triumph in the end, but they need constant vigilance to protect them, and they often need a mixture of strong leadership, determined unity and a good measure of low cunning to help them along.
The time is coming for leaders and opinion-formers to promote the need for a more unified strategy of the West, before it is too late.

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