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India's Fortune: The Prospects of a Country on the Rise

jun 30th, 2009
this edward luce character is deeply anti-hindu, and has been since his days in delhi (another james astill-type snot-nosed little limey). see his sneering about temples etc. why doesn't he also sneer at the churches where the brown guys worship blond/blue-eyed white people, or the mosques where they worship... a building in mecca?

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India's Fortune
The Prospects of a Country on the Rise

Edward Luce

Nandan Nilekani has produced one of the best and most thought-provoking books on India in years.

EDWARD LUCE is Washington Bureau Chief of the Financial Times and the author of In Spite of the Gods: The Strange Rise of Modern India.

"Businessmen, after all, do not usually make good public intellectuals," writes Nandan Nilekani early in his book, as he recalls discussing with a friend whether to put finger to keyboard. A few pages later, he describes himself as an "avid amateur" when it comes to modern India's political economy. Avid and proficient, it turns out, for his efforts have produced one of the best and most thought-provoking books on India in years. Few Indian, or indeed Western, businesspeople would be capable of drafting such a dispassionate and self-critical account of their country's prospects. And perhaps no other Indian public intellectual could write across so many disciplines -- politics, economics, finance, education, the environment -- with as much clarity and acuity.

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china's empire extending into the bay of bengal

jun 30th, 2009

india's very clever mandarins and economists (i mean manmohan singh and p chidambaram) contrived to lose the gas fields that ONGC is a part-owner of! bloody kkkangress guys couldn't say 'boo' to the bangladeshis -- of course, being mohammedans, they are superior as far as the kkkangress is concerned, and they pee in their pants rather than 'discipline' bangladesh, which would be quite easy since the barrage on the brahmaputra is in our hands. we should have kicked bangladeshi ass when they killed our soldiers and trussed them like pigs on a pole some years ago. instead, the kkkangress are happily inviting bangladeshi mohammedans to come in and mohammedanize the entire vicinity; and there will be 120 million of them invading india as soon as their benighted land disappears underwater as sea levels rise. 

china's imperial airs: chris lingle, mint

jun 30th, 2009

i have corresponded with christopher lingle before. he seems to understand what a lot of white people don't: when the chinese say 'G2', they actually mean 'G1', namely themselves as the Masters of the Universe. they are being polite to the yanks by including them, patronisingly, in 'G2'. 

caveat emptor: Taxmann's Budget Analysis 2009-10

jun 30th, 2009
for whatever it's worth. i know nothing about these guys or the value of their opinions.

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We shall be uploading Budget Analysis on Direct Tax, Service Tax, and Excise & Custom after the Budget 2009 is tabled in the Parliament. 


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vietnamese war hero says china is poisonous

jun 30th, 2009

general giap has to be taken seriously. he knows the enemy. the vietnamese irregular troops' victory under giap's command over the french at dien bien phu is a classic of modern warfare. (i remember in one of satyajit ray's 'calcutta trilogy' films -- was it 'seemabaddha' or 'jana aranya'? -- the young man in an interview when asked "what was the most important event of the last 50 years?", says "dien bien phu", to the obvious irritation of the interviewers, who were expecting him to say "man on the moon" or something. well, that was a nice little dig, but i am not sure i agree with the young man. anyway.)

i am not sure giap had as much of a role to play in the defeat of the americans. it was more a result of american arrogance and their underestimation of the nationalism and the determination of the vietnamese, along with an unwillingness to accept the truth, that they were being defeated. (a lot like the soviets in afghanistan, and the americans in iraq now). 

he tells the truth, like george fernandes did once: china is the enemy. period. 

Monday, June 29, 2009

uganda tries to jump-start agriculture: india should, too

jun 29th, 2009

this would be what a sensible government would do, not waste money on industrial policy.

but then nobody has accused the kkkangress of being sensible, only of being bloodsuckers.

Fake Chinese orgasms, fake Chinese economic stats, fake Chinese baby milk powder, fake Chinese ....

jun 29th, 2009

chinese are good at diplomatic theater, as well as at economic theater. make-believe is their middle name. 

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Why do prostitutes fake orgasms? Same reason as Chinese Communists fake national economic statistics!
Ghatotkacha Nair.

rvaidya:stolen funds secreted abroad are not just a tax issue

jun 29th, 2009

news items

jun 29th, 2009

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Some 5 news items that I've not seen on your blog yet that you may find important/pertinent.
Followed by two questions.

1. http://www.assamtribune.com/scripts/details.asp?id=jun2309/State3
Shocking Stories from Assam - Gun Point Conversions by Christian Terrorists
22/06/2009 13:48:48
Conversion bid by armed men resented

2. http://www.scribd.com/doc/16639906/Hindu-Masjids-?autodown=pdf
Images of what are obviously Hindu temples converted into masjids.

3. http://haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=8842&SKIN=C
Know more about Love Jihad in Kerala and in other places
Another scribd document - disturbing, must read.

Please, would you ask your readership to spread this through blogs and especially online social groups like orkut, so that more Hindu parents and young Hindu adults (male and female) become aware of this scheme?
That way they may be on guard against such situations and also young men may be more alert to what's going on with the Hindu family members/friends/classmates in their midst.

4. Christianism: timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Chennai/Child-sexual-abuse-Childrens-photos-DVDs-found/articleshow/4678154.cms
Child sexual abuse: Children's photos, DVDs found

5.Christian castaism: christian terrorist beats up Hindu Harijan

Dalit driver tonsured for missing work in Kerala

Ramesh Babu, Hindustan Times
Email Author
Thiruvananthapuram, June 22, 2009
First Published: 00:39 IST(22/6/2009)
Last Updated: 00:39 IST(22/6/2009)

In a shocking incident, a Dalit was thrashed and his hair and moustache partly clipped by his employer in Thrissur, 75 km north of Kochi.
His crime: he couldn't attend duty for two days due to ill health.
K. Subramanyan, 42, a driver with a private English medium school, was hospitalised on Saturday morning.
Station house officer of Guruvayur K. Abhilash, who took proprietor John Rafi, 43, and his aides into custody, confirmed the crime.

When Rafi summoned Subramanyan on Saturday night, the driver never expected such treatment from his employer.
"My hands and legs were tied after I reached his house. He started beating me with a cane," Subramanyan, now admitted in a hospital, told HT.
"Later, he ordered two of his aides to bring a pair of scissors and my hair and moustache were cut partly. I begged him not to do it but he didn't listen."
"While hitting me, he kept on insulting my caste and abused me badly," he added.

Subramanyan was initially reluctant to lodge a complaint with the police, fearing a reprisal from his employer.
A police official said Subramanyan hadn't reported for work at the Vanivilasom School for two days after he was taken ill.
The proprietor, a local toughie, then decided to "discipline" him.
A relative of the accused claimed the driver was punished for "drink driving".
"We are investigating the case thoroughly. We are also looking into some of the earlier complaints against the proprietor," the SHO said.
Local MLA M. Murali and others have condemned the incident.

6. Finally, not a news item, but a worry: "Swamy" agnivesh has somehow managed to sneak himself into the respectable list of Hindu Heritage Endowments (HHE) which attract donations from Hindus.
See http://www.hheonline.org/cgi-bin/hheFundInfo.cgi?fundid=29 "Swami Agnivesh Endowment Fund. Provides support to the outstanding social service programs overseen by Swami Agnivesh of New Delhi."
Look how it is nestled 'innocently' among the Hindu organisations at http://www.hheonline.org/cgi-bin/hheFundDescriptions.cgi

Is there anything that can be done?
Would you expose this villain in your blog when you find the time, and ask your readers to write in to correct any Hindus advertising for him. He truly needs to be exposed: too many people are falling into his trap of cementing power in the Arya Samaj and among Hindus, because he has ensured good PR coverage (unwitting Hindu organisations supporting him out of complete ignorance).
I know you're busy, but you are influential and Hindus know you to be a reliable source of information and sympathetic to Hindu Dharma. They will not doubt you if you exposed him.

If you get the time, will you consider warning HHE of the anti-Hindu agnivesh? I have written them already and plan to write to their affiliated HinduismToday magazine since it repeatedly advertises for him. But I suspect it will have far more effect coming from you. I wish RR and SJ would turn their attention to exposing this villain who appears to now also have his own talkshow bashing Hindu Dharma on Doordarshan.

7. Do you know of any reliably *Hindu* charities to help the Hindus of Sri Lanka affected by the current war there?
The vultures have started a project to missionise among the victims already. And since the plight is kept largely silent in the news, the field is attracting the attention of the carrion-fowl only.

Every email I send you tends to be one-way request traffic. But I *am* grateful for your help, as well as for the work you do. (Naturally, I understand if you can not deal with either of 6 or 7, due to lack of time or for whatever reasons.)


A special report--Time to rise for Sanatan Dharma has come - Mohan Rao Bhagwat's Jammu call

jun 29th, 2009

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Syama Prasad Mookerjee's martyrdom day observed in Jammu in an unprecedented day long event attended by stalwarts 

Time to rise for Sanatan Dharma has come.Ideology is the only way. No 'rightists' or 'leftists', we are Hindus representing civilizational roots -Says RSS Sarsanghchalak Mohan Rao Bhagwat in Jammu

Victory or defeat will not deviate from the ideological Hindutva path -Rajnath Singh, BJP President

End discrimination with Ladakh-We pay our tributes to Dr. Mookerjee- Thupstan Chhewang, President, Ladakh U.T.Morcha
China will turn more abrasive and may go back on Sikkim promise-P. Stobdan

If this is how Home Ministry functions, better to get away with it. The main threat to nation comes from incompetent politicians and not from China or Pakistan-K.P.S. Gill, former D.G., Punjab Police 

Scholars from all over India deliberated on Northern frontiers security in Jammu University unique day long intellectual discourse on security and ideology held to observe Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee's martyrdom day-23rd June in Jammu

A report by our correspondent

India's nationality, as defined by Sri Aurobindo is Sanatan Dharma. You may call it Bharatiyata or Indianism, it doesn't alter the truth behind it. The time has come now to see it gain the glory it had in the past to ensure co-existence on this planet embattled with the exclusivist ideologies- said Shri Mohan Rao Bhagwat, Sarsanghchalak (Chief) of the RSS at a valedictory function of a daylong seminar marking the martyrdom day of Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee at Jammu University's General Zorawar Singh Auditorium.

He said, a hundred years before Sri Aurobindo had exhorted in his famous Uttarpara speech about the need to follow the tenets of Sanatan Dharma, India's nationality, for the greater good of the mankind. The relevance of these words has become all the stronger in our times than it was ever before. Shri Mohan Bhagwat said that the world is facing a  bitter conflict with the totalitarian ideologies preaching uniformity and a single way of living abhorring diversities. These ideologies proclaimed that they are creating a path of peace, but instead they created rivers of bloodbath. They said they are preaching love but instead they ended up pushing people in their flock by hook or crook in a ruthless manner. Totalitarianism is an attitude aiming to subjugate the entire world without caring if it will get destroyed because of such attempts. Hence the victimized world is searching a path, a way of living and an ideology that would ensure the diversities and wont necessitate foregoing one's identity for opportunities to grow.  That ideology is Sanatan Dharma, also known as Hindutva which has given the mantra of sarve api sukhinaha santu-let all the creatures be happy and be without any disease. Our ideology doesn't limit itself to humans alone but to entire creation. Sanatan Dharma alone provides a path to remove the dangers of climate change, global warming and nature's destruction. This attitude of respecting the creation-humans and nature alike, alone kept the world happy for thousands of years. But it got bruised because of the advent of ideologies that proclaimed that they alone are true and the rest must follow them. Those who refuse to follow their path, invite bloodshed. This attitude breeds hate and terrorism. We have to defeat this attitude and such ideologies. The truth is with us but the hateful ideologies allege we are communal. This doesn't affect our march towards Dharma. We are adhering the truth and we know truth alone triumphs-Satyamev Jayate. Even if people influenced with hateful ideologies put hurdles in our programmes we don't care-our march continues.

Shri Mohan Rao Bhagwat said that Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee lived the path of this truth-the Sanatan Dharma. He left a well-established party organization and put his energies to create a new one in the form of Jana Sangh. He wanted to make a new experiment successful in India's polity. Even after his death, the Jana Sangh ran successfully proving the effectiveness and popularity of a party with a different path and ideology.

How it could have become possible? Simply because Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee lived honestly the path of ideology. He laid his life to change the system and didn't accept to be a slave of prevailing system under any pretext. That was the reason that his life and martyrdom made Jana Sangh survive and progress even after he attained martyrdom. We must remember the life and works of Dr. Mookerjee and try to live emulating his ideals. When we live the spoken words, then alone our speeches carry credibility and impact public mind. Otherwise the words we utter have no influence on people, as the duality in our words and deeds gets exposed before them.

Shri Bhagwat clearly discarded the use of words like 'leftists' and 'rightists' . He said we are Hindus and belong to a great civilization. Our lexicon must contain our spirit and experiences and we shouldn't express our ideological contours through the usage of words like 'left' or 'right'. 

BJP President Shri Rajnath Singh, in his  speech said that the Hindutva, which is synonymous with Indian spirit  or Bharatiyata, is the lifeline of the BJP as was espoused by Dr. Mookerjee. He said that those who analyze that BJP was defeated because of its adherence to Hindutva should reply that whether this election was a referendum on our ideology? He said come what may, in victory or in defeat BJP shall never leave the path of ideological firmness.

In his scintillating speech the firebrand leader of Ladakh, Shri Thupstan Chhewang won the hearts of all listeners. His speech was enthralling right from the very first sentence. He said –'had Dr. Mookerjee been around he would have indeed been happy to notice that a Ladakhi Buddhist today is presiding over a function at a venue named after Gen. Zorawar Singh. How fast the history changes. This is one of those occasions when it has changed for the better. This shows the distance we have traveled together in pursuit of our common goal of building a strong nation based on mutual respect.'

Paying his tributes his said," Dr. Mookerjee was a great visionary. His words, 'ek desh mein do Vidhan, do pradhan, do Nishan nahin chalenge' ( a nation cant have two constitutions,two prime Ministers and two national emblems) have indeed turned out to be prophetic. Had the country paid heed to them in time we would not have suffered as we have done for the last many decades. I salute that seer among politicians on his Balidan Diwas."

Shri Thupstan Chhewang, in a significant move said, the failure of a well-knit party based on an ideology lends credence to dynastic succession in the other, which is anathema to democracy. it is because of nationalistic philosophy of BJP that we have thrown our lot with NDA. He said they want Union Territory status for Ladakh to strengthen their ties with Delhi, as they have no hopes to get justice from rulers, the Congress led govt. in Srinagar. 

The remembrance programme, second in the daylong deliberations, on national security and peoples' awakening was preceded by a unique seminar on 'Security of the Northern Frontiers and National Integration.' It was unique because an extraordinary number of people, mostly young students, faculty members from Jammu university, noted lawyers, doctors and other professionals turned up, that too on a working day and stayed glued to their chairs from 10.00 am till 2 pm, for the seminar without even a tea break and then two and half hours in the afternoon. Even the corridors leading to the dais were packed with people.

Seminar on Security of Northern frontiers

It was a tribute to the intellectual stamina of the Jammu people and the high level of papers read at the seminar by some of the most distinguished scholars and defence experts from across the country like KPS Gill, Ambassador Rangachari, Prof. P. Stobdan, K.N.Pandita, Lt. Gen. M.C.Bhandari, and Prof. Narendra Singh . Indeed a befitting tribute to a great educationist like Dr Syama Prasad who rose to become vice chancellor of Calcutta University at the age of 32. 

The seminar began late because of the University authority's decision to block and cancel the event stating that the political people were participating in it. In fact the same university had allowed a Congress Sewa Dal meeting sometime ago. Though the authorities , after a discussion had agreed to the seminar, yet the gates were not opened till nine, the seminar was scheduled to begin at 09.30 and the stage set up needed at least an hour. Guests were told outside the gate by security persons that the seminar has been cancelled and the power supply was cut off for quite some time.

Mr. K.P.S. Gill, while entering the hall asked, oh the seminar has created a controversy even before it started. Shri Tarun Vijay, the convener of the programme and director of the foundation said, Sir, they wanted us to realize that we are in a different state, a state that has two flags while every other state has one-only tricolour. He smiled and inaugurated the seminar by lighting a lamp before the portraits of Pt. Prem Nath Dogra and Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee. Little girls, the children of terrorist affected families of Jammu and Kashmir, belonging to Ladakh, Doda and other areas, welcomed the guests with Khataks (Ladakhi silken scarf) and a vermillion tilak. Mayor of Jammu, Shri Kavindra Gupta presented pictures of Mata Vaishno Devi as souvenirs to the guests and Shri K.N.Sahani, former Governor, welcomed the guests. Dr. Harsh Vardhan , Secretary of the foundation gave an introduction to the SPMRF activities.

Prof P. Stobdan, senior fellow of the IDSA presented the background note and began the session on Af-Pak policy. He said in his note, that ,'the rapidly changing situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan calls for the review of security environment impacting India's Northern frontiers. The US under the Obama administration has decided to review its policy under the 'Af-Pak' plan. Much as it may echo India's traditional concerns; it may turn out to be contrary to India's interest with unseen implications in the longer term, although many tend to view the Af-Pak plan as a 'game changer' approach. While US officials claimed that Islamic extremism posed and 'existential threat' to the nuclear armed-Pakistani state, they also gave reasons to believe that Pakistan needed the Taliban to deter the threat posed by India. While US interlocutors would wish to remove the India threat from the Pakistani psyche, Islamabad seems to be winning the case for no-strings attached support with swansongs about the threat posed to it from India. Indian presence in Afghanistan and military build up along the Kashmir front.

Prof K.N. Pandita a noted scholar formerly of Jammu University said that the root cause of all the discrimination against Kashmiri Hindus and regions like Jammu and Ladakh is the communal biases of Srinagar's rulers and Delhi's secular blinkers. He gave a detailed analysis of the horrifying situation in J&K.

Lt. Gen M.C.Bhandari, PVSM, AVSM, lamented that even after three decades of facing the-terror war, India has not evolved a proper strategy to combat violence against its nationals. He said the time has come to wage a 'Aar Paar ki Ladhai'. If Britain can go up-to Falkland to defend its interest, we just have to cross a few miles in the national interest.

Prof. Narendra Singh, member national executive, ABVP said that the real cause of the security threats faced in J&K from within is the continuation of article 370 and a mindset that discriminates with Jammu and Ladakh on communal basis.

Ambassdor  TCA Rangachari spoke about understanding Chinese and its geo-political game plan. He said the progress and the abilities China has achieved is to be understood. It can set targets and achieve it, while we cant . We are not even 30% of what China has achieved,  In the China session, Prof. Stobdan said that China will be more abrasive and arrogant in times to come against Indian interests. It may even go back on its promise on Sikkim , some signs indicating this have already appeared. 

Shri K.P.S. Gill was his very best.  He said- well, we are discussing what should be the strategy for our security for a better future. But the only point occupying the minds  of those who govern us and run this copuntry is to find a strategy to make Rahul Gandhi next Prime Minister.  He severely criticized the statement of Shri P. Chidambaram who had said in Srinagar that the local J&K police will be given more freedom for security matters in the state after withdrawing central forces He said its demeaning and demoralizing for the security forces who have been shedding their blood to defend national interests and motherland. If at all this plan was to be implemented Home Minister should have discussed it with the Chief Minister and not in the public. He said the way a politicized Home Ministry is being run it will be better to get away with it and have the money being spent to maintain it distributed amongst the states for providing better security to their people. That will work better, he said. Shri K.P.S. Gill said that it's not good to keep on raising the bogey of threats from China and Pakistan. In fact the biggest threat that the country faces is from the incompetent and indecisive political set up. If the political powers are strong and decisive, none can pose a danger to us. 

The programme had a historic impact on Jammu and Kashmir. It was the first one that Shri Mohan Rao Bhagwat had accepted after assuming the responsibility of Sarsanghchalak in Nagpur. About a hundred workers worked tirelessly for a month including those from Rashtra Sewika Samiti, ABVP, Bharat Vikas Parishad, etc. Shri Shamsher Singh the untiring gen secy. of state BJP led a team of youngsters to take care of logistics. Shri Ramesh Sabharwal, member state executive of the RSS and Shri Neeraj Puri were coordinators to the entire programme. Shri Tarun Vijay, Director of Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation conducted both the events.


Picture captions

1. Shri  KPS Gill, lighting the lamp before the portrait of Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee with  Shri  Thupstan Chhewang, lt. Gen. Bhandari and Shri K.N.Sahani at the inaugural of the seminar in Gen. Zorawar Singh Auditorium, Jammu.

2. Dignitaries at the seminar singing Vande Mataram. ) L to R)- Shri K.N.Pandita, Prof. Stobdan, Shri Thupstan Chhewang, Ambassador Rangachari,Lt. Gen. M.C.Bhandari, and others.

3. Shri  KPS Gill speaking at the seminar

4. RSS Chief Shri  Mohan Rao Bhagwat inaugurating the remembrance convention to mark Dr. Mookerjee's martyrdom day. On his right are Shri Rajnath Singh, Shri K.N.Sahani and others.

5. With an impressive backdrop of Dr. Mookerjee and Kashmir, dignitaries on the dais( from L to R ) Shri Amarnath Vaishnavi, President, Kashmiri Pandit Dharma Sabha, Shri Chaman Lal Gupta, Shri Thupstan Chhewang, Shri Ashok Khajuria, Shri Mohan Rao Bhagwat, Shri Rajnath Singh, Shri K.N.Sahani, Dr. Nirmal Singh, Shri Kavindra Gupta,Shri Ramakant Dube (president VHP, J&K), Shri Shyam Jaju, Dr. Harsh Vardhan and Shri Tarun Vijay

6. Shri Thupstan Chhewang, from Ladakh giving his speech adorning a Dogri turban

7. Shri Mohan Rao Bhagwat speaking at the programme adorning the warrior's Dogri turban.

8. Shri Rajnath Singh

9. A jam packed hall stood to sing Vande Mataram.

10. Shri Mohan Rao Bhagwat and Shri Rajnath Singh.

Allocation for space research ridiculous : U R Rao

jun 29th, 2009

but it is only natural, after all the white massas have to be placated. their needs are greater than india's!

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Rs 26 Crores for Cambridge University, Rs 23 Crores for Indian Space Research!
Professor U R Rao, the former chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the incumbent chairman of the Governing Council of Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, has called the Rs 23 crore fund allocation for space research in India, as "ridiculous".
He said given the amount of possibilities and the pace at which space research has evolved in the country, "we must provide enough support and allow scientists to work at their pace."

Sanatana Dharma: Beacon of Human Consciousness - By George Augustine

jun 29th, 2009

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From: <info@

Sanatana Dharma: Beacon of Human Consciousness 

By George Augustine

The awareness of dharma as the underlying principle of all nature is the basic characteristic of a Hindu. Every other principle is considered subordinate to this. There are many definitions of this word and various translations that include “righteousness,” “justice,”  “duty,” “religion,” etc., but any or all of these indicate parts of it and consist of something more.

Dharma transcends belief. For a Hindu, it is an inner certitude. It arises from the certainty that upholding dharma is not only the right way, but the only natural way to think and act. Dharma is ethical and adharma, which is the absence of dharma, is unethical and is termed ‘paapa’ (sin). One upholds dharma by rightful conduct; by doing the right thing at the right time at the right place.

Dharma is directly related to one’s consciousness. One can sense dharma in every situation and in every stage and station of our life. It manifests as one’s awareness of a transcendental ideal that prompts us to make decisions and act in a certain way.

Major H. Subramanian defines dharma as “(the) ‘ought consciousness’ – a passion to do only what is right and refrain from doing what is not right is known in our culture as ‘dharma’.” [1]

Whatever connotations the word ‘dharma’ evoke as applied in a context, it is the idea of ‘Sanatana Dharma’ which knits all Hindus together, whether they be in Nepal, India, or in the Caribbean. Every Hindu knows what dharma is. Every Hindu also knows that dharma is sanatana (without beginning or end, perennial) as it transcends phenomena. It is more than a belief or a maxim which has had a phenomenal birth and which therefore would also have a phenomenal death.

Dharma is bound to the human soul (atman) just as heat is bound to fire, or fluidity to water [2]. Dharma is bound to an object as its inseparable function. When one speaks of ‘Sanatana Dharma,’ one is speaking of an eternal bond that is indivisible from human beings; you cannot separate heat from fire. For an individual, the supreme dharma (the supreme function) is the realization of the supreme truth.

The Puranas and the two Hindu epics, and indeed all great literature, are demonstrative of the active principle of dharma that leads humans on their march to the final realization. The Dharmasutras are ethical guidelines written by human beings for individuals to uphold dharma that will propel them towards the final goal. However, we find from experience that codified ethics are neither rigid nor mandatory, but vary according to time.

At the end of the Mahabharata battle, dharma is shown as irredeemable, except by a subterfuge. “Unlike Rama, Krishna did not adhere to an external code of Dharma. Rather, he saw to the essence of each situation and acted in such a way as to manifest the greatest divine good” [3]. Krishna himself says in the epic: “The era of Kali has arrived, when the laws of a previous age cannot apply” [4].

Dharma is a natural progression of the human being to its full-fledged function – the realisation of the truth. In order to reach our full function of realisation, we hold on to dharma by thinking and acting in the only right way to think and act in such a circumstance and such a place. We hold on to dharma not for the reward it will fetch or the benefit it will reap, but just for the sake of dharma.

It is in this sense that dharma is mentioned as the “path of religion.” An act of dharma is devoid of motivation itself, because the act as a whole is a response of our natural essence to a situation. An individual upholds dharma not to attain heaven or to avoid hell, but that is the natural instinct.

In order to relate to dharma in modern terminology, it is worthwhile to examine etymology to find the curious relationship of concepts. The word ‘dharma’ is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘dhri’, even as ‘gadh’ is. The English ‘good’ from which ‘god’ is derived is also derived from ‘gadh’.

The etymological relationship points out that the qualitative noun ‘good’ is derived from a verb – ‘to hold fast.’ The idea of ‘goodness’ is derived from a verb. Therefore, it is not an abstract concept, but is derived from something active in consciousness. The word ‘God’ is defined as the “being perfect in goodness” [5]. The worship or pursuit of this perfection of goodness is religion. For Hindus, dharma is the pursuit of perfection of goodness. A thought or action holding fast to dharma is characterised by its goodness. This pursuit is an ethical function and not just a belief or faith. Doing something good for the sake of goodness is an ideal unique to Hindus and is singularly denoted by the term ‘dharma’.


Dhri (that which holds)







Gadh (to hold fast)











Sanatana Dharma is the link that connects the present to the pre-historic past. It is the oldest religion on earth, and it still exists as vibrant as ever, because it subsists from holding on to goodness. It is demonstrated very clearly in Mahabharata that the upholding of dharma is possible only by humans, not by gods. It falls on Yudhishtira (also called Dharmaputra - ‘son of dharma’) to save dharma from perishing. Dharma comprises the continuum of human consciousness. And the whole of humanity owes to the Hindus for redeeming dharma or positive goodness from the onslaught of evil, which is nothing but positive ignorance that has consumed all other ancient religions in its wake. The ancient slogan: ‘dharmo rakshati rakshite’ (dharma saves the one who saves dharma) speaks for itself.

The greatest expositor of dharma, Sage Vyasa, speaks at the end of Mahabharata: “Dharma is that by which everything endures. It is the substratum of everything. It is untranslatable in any language. Through desire for wealth or out of greed or fear, do not give up dharma, aye, even to save your own life. Dharma is eternal happiness” [6] 

1] Major H. Subramanian in “Smritis and Their Application to Modern Societies”,
2] Introduction to Swami Prabhupada’s Bhagavad-Gita, The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, 1987
3] See “What is Dharma?” (
4] C. Rajagopalachari, Mahabharata (New Delhi: The Hindustan Times)
5] Merriam-Webster’s OnLine
6] C. Rajagopalachari, Mahabharata


[gsb-alumni-bayarea]: Event for Entrepreneurs: Revenue Bootcamp, July 10

jun 29th, 2009
for the entrepreneurs amongst you.
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From: GSB Alumni Mail Groups

An upcoming event you may be interested in attending.

Revenue Bootcamp Conference: Because generating revenue is the best way to fund your business!

July 10, 2009 8:30am - 5:00pm
Microsoft Building 1
1065 La Avenida Street
Mountain View, CA 94043


Revenue Bootcamp is a conference for entrepreneurs to energize their strategies for generating revenue. The conference covers maximizing traffic, generating leads, online advertising, non-traditional monetization strategies, and raising capital. Attendees will hear from industry experts and from entrepreneurs in the trenches, including Chris Anderson, author of Free: The Future of a Radical Price, Charlene Li, author of Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies, Mike Moritz of Sequoia Capital, and Garage's own Guy Kawasaki.

For more information, see http://revenuebootcamp.garage.com/

more from the UPA thugs - no surprise which party this is

so much for democratic principles - eh? I guess it is the logicla last step for the UPA thugs. what after placing a pliant president and that chawla in the election commission. it is abut time they get to the judiciary too


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Anti-conversion laws to be repealed by new govt

jun 28th, 2009


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Anti-conversion laws to be repealed by new govt

by Dibin Samuel
Posted: Tuesday, June 23, 2009, 17:46 (IST)

Finally, there might be some good news for Christians in states where anti-conversion laws are in force. The newly elected government has agreed to repeal bills that have restricted the freedom of religion in India.

According to sources, Home Minister P Chidambaram will be reviewing and making recommendations on the controversial anti-conversion bill also known as "Freedom of Religion Acts".

Presently, anti-conversion laws are in force in five states - Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat. In two other states - Arunachal Pradesh and Rajasthan, the laws have been passed but its implementation is awaited.

However, it is unlikely that Rajasthan will enact the bill after Congress wrested power from the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The Centre is set to invalidate the bill after the immediate consent of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

In Madhya Pradesh, where the ruling BJP had proposed amendments to make the existing law stricter, the Centre has decided to withhold assent.

Former chief minister of Madhya Pradesh and senior politician of the Congress, Digvijay Singh, strongly opposed the bill and echoed with the Centre that the bill subjugates religious freedom enshrined in the constitution.

He also pointed that when he was CM for 10 years "there was no case of forcible conversion."

Recently, there was speculation over BJP-led Karnataka government adopting a similar law aimed to restrict conversions.

Minister of State for Law, Suresh Kumar, said there was a strong demand to introduce the anti-conversion law in Karnataka.

This, he said, would be introduced by examining the Tamil Nadu State where the law was introduced but withdrawn shortly.

In Himachal Pradesh, the stringent anti-conversion bill declares that anyone found guilty of forcing an individual to change religion can be punished with a two-year jail term, a fine of up to 25,000 rupees (US$560) or both.

The law also states that a person intending to change her or his religion should inform the government 30 days in advance. Failure to do so is also punishable. The same restrictions are mentioned in the Gujarat bill as well.

Christians argue that such a bill violates the fundamental right of freedom of conscience and freedom to profess, practice and propagate religion under the Article 25 of the constitution.

The bill, which was supposed to curb religious conversions made by "force", "fraud" or "allurement", Christians say, has been 'misused' to arrest and imprison church leaders on fabricated charges.

There have been incidents of deliberate arrests and well-planned attacks on allegations of "forced conversions".

While Hindu nationalists are pushing for a national anti-conversion law, Church leaders have appealed that the anti-conversion legislation in all states be overruled and a minority-friendly atmosphere be created.

Armed Christian rogues forcing Hindus to convert in Assam: Assam Tribune

jun 28th, 2009

not a whimper of protest by all the pseudo-seculars in the ELM.

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From: sri 

Conversion bid by armed men resented
June 22, 2009
*Bhuvan Pahar*, one of the most holy places in south Assam, particularly
in Barak Valley, 38 km from Silchar town, has come under the threat of
miscreants. Gun-totting members of a newly formed militant group, named
Manmasi National Christian Army, comprising 15 rebels, has been forcing
the residents of Bhuban Pahar under the threat of gun to convert to
This information was forwarded to Sonai Police which along with the 5th
Assam Rifles conducted a search operation which led to the arrest of 13
miscreants, including their commander-in-chief. Two SBBL guns and a
country-made pistol along with sufficient quantity of ammunition were
seized from their possession. All the miscreants were handed over to Sonai
Police for further investigation.
This group of miscreants, dressed in black with a red cross on their
back, along with arms, enter from Tipaimukh through Barak river by boat and
mount Bhuvan Pahar. They threatened and asked the Hindu people of Tezpur
village, including the priest of this famous Hindu temple, to convert into
The problem there began when some Hmar miscreants stated themselves to
be members of Manmasi National Christian Army and had started putting
pressure on the Hindu residents of Bhuvan Pahar to become Christians. The local
residents also said that Manmasi National Christian Army cadres had
painted  cross symbol on the walls of the temples with their blood.
Sources said, the pressure from the Hmar militants began at least two
months back when the Congress, led by Lalthanhwala, acquired power in the
neighboring State of Mizoram.
At least seven to eight Hmar youths were frequently visiting Bhuvan
Pahar, which had nearly 700 Hindu people as well as eight Hindu temples. These
Hmar youths approached with gun in one hand and the Bible in the other.
Sources said that the Hmar youths had a meeting with the villagers in
Tezpur village on the Bhuvan Pahar and distributed Bible among the villagers.
They had even built up a church in Tezpur village.
Meanwhile, Rajkumar, priest of Naga mandir on Bhuvan Pahar, told VHP
members that he was forced by the Hmars to show them the tracks on the Pahar at
gunpoint. Further, the Hmars posted a flag, a tabloid and a Holy Cross
on the wall of one of the temples bearing date May 29, 2009.
VHP leaders were shown the video footage containing the Hindu temples
which had blood-stained Holy Cross symbol. A local resident of the area said
that pilgrims from various parts of the country had been visiting Bhuvan
Pahar since 1816, but now Christians were forcing the Hindus to convert. These
Hmar youths come from Mizoram and they have powerful patrons behind
The VHP had asked the administration to arrange for security of the
Hindu temples, priests as well as the Hindu residents there.

Iran media: Obama sent secret letter of support to Khamenei before election

jun 28th, 2009

more 'run with the hares, hunt with the hounds' by obama. 

and oh, the kkkangress are the world's leading experts at BOGU. just show them a white guy. or woman. (and now i guess it's a black guy as well).

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From: m2i3k m2i3k

More BOGU (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=BOGU) from Obama


Kashmiri-origin woman to be US special envoy to islamic community

jun 28th, 2009

i guess she'll now be the official 'sob-sister' for kashmiri mohammedans. of course she'll never mention the mohammedan females kidnapped, raped, tortured, mutilated etc. by the mohammedan bruthas from the ISI.

ah yes, obama is indeed neutral when it comes to india. you can repeat that to yourself 1,000 times today.

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From: m2i3k m2i3k

"Farah received a Master's degree from The Fletcher School of Law and
Diplomacy at Tufts University, where she specialized in International
Security Studies, International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution,
and Islamic Civilizations and Southwest Asia. She concentrated on the
insurgency in Kashmir and has spoken on the subject in international
and domestic forums."

A kashmiri muslim is the envoy to islamic world? What more is needed
to legitimize "kashmiri muslim grievances"?

Also see http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0609/24055.html - "Obama
says he digs Urdu poetry"
 "'I would love to visit. As you know, I had Pakistani roommates in
college who were very close friends of mine. I went to visit them when
I was still in college; was in Karachi and went to Hyderabad. Their
mothers taught me to cook,' said Mr Obama.

'What can you cook?'

'Oh, keema ... daal ... You name it, I can cook it. And so I have a
great affinity for Pakistani culture and the great Urdu poets.'

'You read Urdu poetry?'

'Absolutely. So my hope is that I'm going to have an opportunity at
some point to visit Pakistan,' said Mr Obama."

What would be the scene after Obama's reign is over? Hard to imagine
Kashmir still being part of India then - that is if anything is left
of India after 8 years of aiding and abetting Pakistan and China by
the Obama administration and 10 years of "sleepless" Indian Prime
Ministers (Manmohan till 2010, Kuttan after that).

Inauguration of Vivekananda Kendra Coimbatore (jul 4): invitation letter in tamil

jun 28th, 2009

on american independence day.

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From: प्रमोद कुमार


  Please find attached the invitation card for the inauguration of the Vivekananda Kendra Coimbatore chapter (4th July). Please attend and inform your friends in coimbatore.

warm regards,

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From: VKC <coimbatore@vkendra.org>
Date: 2009/6/29
To: प्रमोद कुमार 

one more successful 'operation baby factory creation'

jun 28th, 2009

no teesta or azmi or other harpies protest when mohammedans rape/murder/execute mohammedan females

jun 28th, 2009

the whole shopian rape/murder thing, as is most everything else in kashmir, is purely intended to get the place under pakistani rule. 

this is, of course, obama's goal as well.

all good little mohammedans and crypto-mohammedans have just one goal: world conquest.

after drugs, now chinese are selling fake "indian" clothes in africa

jun 25th, 2009

as i said before, we should be selling, no giving away, weapons marked 'made in china' to the baluchis and weapons marked 'made in pakistan' to the uighurs.

fine example of 'christist by injection'

jun 25th, 2009

this usha uthup is married to a christist, which the laudatory article about jesus (existence be upon him!) is quiet about: uthup is a kerala christist name.

so she's clearly become 'christist by injection' even though she was born a hindu.

of course, the rest of what she says suggests 'christism by brainwashing' through their brainwashing centers known as schools.

this is what these blighters are achieving through insidious means.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Brzezinski Strongly Favors 'G2' Sino-US Alliance

Brzezinski Strongly Favors 'G2' Sino-US Alliance
A leading proponent of the G2 is former US national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, who advised President Barack Obama during his campaign.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

rajeev on mint about the coming oil shock

jun 25th, 2009


interesting comment by a reader on EVM fraud

jun 25th, 2009

EVM Fraud for sure. Just think:

CEC and elections officers dont know their elbow from their [expletive deleted -- ED] about IT and electronics, they will simply sign on the dotted line and go home to their wives and cry on their shoulders how helpless they are. I wish CECT Seshan (aka Alsatian) was in charge, he would have gotten to the bottom of this. Rest all policitcal appointees mouthing congress spin. (chawla)

These machines are stored under CRPF protection and programmed by "badge wielding" programmers (ahem).

So machines are pre programmed depending ow where they go (serial #) right here in delhi itself. The "correct" machines are sent to the "correct" constituencies. (EXAMPLE DMK sending the appropriate evm to Vaiko's constinuencies, all serial marked, and the appropriate election staff will also be "posted" in these sensitive constituencies to "take care" of "business" ie keep an eye)

Why did Maran (who is the king of IT, read EVM fraud setup) join hands with his uincle Karaunanithi at the last minute before the polls? because they have Rs20,000 crore each (Maran family, and Karunanidhi family EACH) to protect.

CRPF will "protect" all EVMs as instructed, including all the preprogrammed EVMS to "sensitive" constituencies. People will see the gun wielding sealed security bandbast from CRPF and believe everything is fair. That is like putting goodas in a ladies hostel locking and securing the outerdoors with security, so people from outside think the girls must be safe, see there is security outside!!)

I think DMK even fooled congress in the EVM fraud (Maran) -- tht is why they even tried to kill P Chandambaram';s election --- but PC and his son saved the election at the last minutes, with new EVMS prepolled for PC) Parallel frauds and game within game going on)

Mind you, in order to not make the WHOLE THING suspect, Congress and allies will only win ENOUGH to hold power, not try to og overboard. This is also a part of the election stealing agenda.

Not everyone in the parties know this EVM fraud (obviously). except Sonia, Maran, Rahul, KAruna etc etc) NO WONDER lesser party officials kept expressing "SURPRISE" at the results, while the top frauders were smugly mouthing grandoise reasons for the victory.

EVMS should be banned completely, even at the cost of paper and ink waste.

Otherwise the same partities will continue to win (the chances of the fight among thioeves is always there, but iunlikely -- too much money is involved) for exam[ple. see the congress-dmk severe strains in the relationship, but the relationship itself did not break.

NO EVMS, or we are doomed to fraud by the smooth, sophisticated political elite.

parrikar@yahoo.com: God's Own Country

jun 25th, 2009

rajan does a great job with his camera. highly evocative photos.

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From: parrikar

God's Own Country
Source: parrikar.com


oh, chawla says they are tamper-proof. of course, we don't need to worry about them any more

jun 24th, 2009

when a person of chawla's sterling reputation for fairness and integrity -- a veritable marcus aurelius. he is -- vouches for the EVMs, then all of doubting thomases must surely slink away, tail between our legs and ashamed of ourselves for doubting a process presided over such a paragon of virtue.


and who says these were stand-alone machines? can chawla prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there were no remote-controllable radio-knowledgeable chips swapped in?

who makes the chips, the operating system, the circuit boards, etc? why is there no transparency about them?

sorry, me bad. how could i doubt that the illustrious chawla (prior claim to fame: authorized biography of m. teresa, one of the most corrupt people on earth) and his assurances?

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From: S. Kalyanaraman

Reprogrammed EVMs (with date/time stamping) vulnerable for tampering.

Introduction of time-stamping programs in EVMs make the machines vulnerable for tampering 

Chief Election Commissioner Chawla in his remark of June 23, 2009, does NOT refer to the fact that the EVMs control systems were modified in January 2009 to introduce time-date stamping. 

A total of about 13,60,000 EVMs were used in the 2009 polls in 828,000 polling booths. 

OF these, 180,000 EVMs supplied by BEL and ECIL were EVMs with improvised program features for date/time stamping. The news report seems to indicate that this improvised program was NOT incorporated in ALL the 13,60,000 EVMs. This means that machines with different program features were used in different polling booths. 

On the introduction of the date/time stamp improvised program modification 

This changes the nature of the EVMs from 'stand-alone' machines which Navin Chawla claims 'Cannot be manipulated'. 

Starting time and date have to be external inputs in to the Programmable Read Only Memory (PROM) and then alone the EVMs (Balloting units) can continue to maintain the time clock. Any number of manipulations could have been made in the chip which contained this time-stamping program. What internal and external auditing procedures were adopte by EC to ensure that the new machines supplied in January 2009 did in fact function as per the specifications prescribed by the EC? 


EVMs cannot be tampered, vouches CED Chawla

June 23, 2009

Allaying all doubts on the possibility of Electronic Voting Machine tampering, Chief Election Commissioner Navin Chawla on Tuesday said the machines used in India are stand-alone machines and cannot be manipulated.


... deleted

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

EVM randomisation for the first time. Aha, how clever ! EVM Nos. assigned to DEO known !!

jun 24th, 2009

there needs to be far more systematic public-private key encryption of the voting lists etc. as outlined in the tanenbaum paper in ieee computer may 2009. this randomization garbage is just a band aid meant to make the thing more opaque. it is just 'security by obscurity' which doesn't work in practice.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: S. Kalyanaraman

So, selective district level tampering of EVMs for district level constituencies were possible during 2009 polls. Together with new smarter EVMs introduced for 2009 elections, the responsibility for EC for auditing the systems increased many fold. Was EC equal to the gigantic system auditing task? Was systems audit in fact done for the EVMs with smarter programs? The public nature of the election process demands answers from EC. 

Who is to bell the cat?



EC to undertake EVM randomisation for the first time

Press Trust of India / New Delhi April 5, 2009, 16:20 IST

In a bid to prevent any tampering of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), the Election Commission (EC) has decided to use for the first time a two-stage randomisation of the machines to avoid pre-programming in favour of any particular candidate.

Under the process, the machines will be selected randomly before being sent to the polling stations to make sure that nobody comes to know beforehand to which polling station a specific EVM will be used.

"EVM randomisation procedure is being introduced in this general elections. This is a precautionary measure to ensure that nobody can know beforehand about which constituency or polling station a specific EVM will be sent or used," a senior election official told PTI here.

During the first stage, serial numbers of the EVMs will be listed under the jurisdiction of a District Election Officer. Then, the EVMs, to be used in a particular constituency, will be randomly selected through a computerised process.

Further randomisation will be done by Returning Officer afterwards to determine which specific EVM will be used in a particular polling station of that constituency.

EVM randomisation procedure was introduced in the recent assembly elections, including to that of the Delhi assembly, the official said.                                                                                                                                   



Smarter EVMs used during 2009 polls -- BEL GM Newaskar

jun 24th, 2009

yes, 'smarter'. that is, with lots of additional trojan horses in them.

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From: S. Kalyanaraman

Smarter EVMs to make voting tamper proof

The Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) supplied for the April-May elections have more improvised features than the older ones

Published on 3/30/2009 4:29:18 PM
By Azera Rahman

New Delhi: The Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) supplied for the April-May elections have more improvised features than the older ones. The new and improved machines will also give hourly updates of balloting besides registering vote and the exact time of casting it.

" It has improvised features like in-built clocks which record the exact time a ballot is cast," Bharat Electronics (BEL) General Manager, Amol Newaskar said.

... deleted



How to Trust Electronic Voting. Reagan gave the answer about Russian missiles: trust, but verify.

jun 24th, 2009

i don't think the doctored jan 2009 machines were the only ones used in the election, but they were probably the ones sent to the constituencies where fraud was to occur. these, if you remember from azeera rahman's article, were the ones that were 'improvised' (read 'had the trojan horse implanted in them')

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: S. Kalyanaraman

A request under RTI Act should be made to EC of India to clarify: 1. If programs used on EVMs were modified in January 2009 to install date/time-recoding of a ballot; 2. if all the new EVMs (about 200,000) acquired in January 2009 were the only ones used in the 2009 elections; and 3. procedures adopted to audit and validate transparently, in consultation with political parties, to ensure that Jan. 2009 revisions were properly implemented without allowing for any external tampering using wireless chip implants in selected constituencies.



How to Trust Electronic Voting

June 22, 2009


Electronic voting machines that do not produce a paper record of every vote cast cannot be trusted. In 2008, more than one-third of the states, including New Jersey and Texas, still did not require all votes to be recorded on paper. Representative Rush Holt has introduced a good bill that would ban paperless electronic voting in all federal elections. Congress should pass it while there is still time to get ready for 2010.

... deleted