Thursday, January 17, 2008

Minorities commission says Orissa Hindus are bigots

In doing so, the National Commission for Minorities confirms that it is at once a propaganda mouthpiece for the Vatican and jihadi Islam. It completely ignores the obvious truth of the rioting in Orissa, i.e. incitement by hateful
activities of evangelicals and loss of life and property suffered, on an unprecedented scale (in Orissa, that is) by impoverished Hindus in christist dominated areas. Is it not curious that the National Commission for Minorities never speaks up for oppressed Hindu minorities in various parts of the country.

When did the NCM worthies last demand any compensation for Kashmiri Pandits or other persecuted Hindu minorities in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Nagaland, etc or the countless mini-Pakistans dotting the face of the nation like a pestilence? In the context of Punjab, the NCM postured that Hindus in Punjab are NOT a minority! That is, "minorities" and the privileges they're entitled to is governed by their un-Hinduness and inversely the level of indoctrination in one of the imperialistic cults.

Given the rate of progress of the Mullah/Missionary conspiracy of demographic conquest, why isn't there a "National Commission for Hindu minorities" or a "Hindu Human rights commission"?

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