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Facts on Orissa attacks by Christist groups

jan 13th, 2008

it was the same successful modus operandi in kerala. they just one fine day planted all these crosses and just took over huge amounts of government and forest land. and plied the tribals with liquor and got them to sign over their traditional lands to them, violated their women, and then told them they were christists.

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Namaskar Rajeev,
I had written up this detailed account (below) of the recent murderous attack on Swami Laxmanananda by Church-sponsored groups on Christmas eve.
Please feel free to correct this report and circulate in original or modified form to all concerned.
Other relevant articles are also attached.
Jai Jagannath.
In Orissa, Christian missionaries hatched a violent plot to ambush and kill the 83-year old Hindu monk Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati who was on his way to a Yajna in Brahmanigaon village on Christmas eve.

On 24 December 2007, a 500-strong Christian mob armed with daggers, axes and machetes had waited patiently for Swamiji after they had first felled huge roadside trees and used them up as road-blocks/barriers on the road near Darsingbadi village (in Phulbani district). When the Jeep carrying Swamiji approached the village, the Christian missionaries ordered two trucks to drive up and block the road to the rear of Swamiji's Jeep so that he was now effectively trapped between the trucks and the felled trees.

As his Jeep stopped, the 500-strong mob of Christian converts violently attacked Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati with sharp weapons and tried to kill him. Fortunately, with the help of his injured bodyguard Kishore Chandra Pradhan and wounded driver Naresh Kanhar who barely managed to steer the Jeep away between the barriers, Swamiji escaped the murderous attack but was severely injured and was taken to nearby hospital where he has been admitted to an Intensive Care Unit. The driver and bodyguard were also admitted in critical condition to the hospital. The Jeep was severely damaged in the attack.

Not content with the murderous attack on Swamiji, that marauding band of Christian thugs had then proceeded to the village Hindu temple and burnt it down. A Hindu Vanavasi youth was hacked to death by Christians in a separate incident in the same district.

These terror attacks triggered a domino effect among the Hindus, especially our Vanavasi brothers, and some retaliated by burning some thatched-roof churches. In more retaliatory attacks by Christians, Hindu homes and temples were also burnt down.

Local Hindu organisations also report that the Christian missionaries had already converted the Pana Dalit community (which accounted for 20 percent of the population in Kandhamal distict) by offering jobs, houses, school admissions and financial inducements and that they were now using the Pana Christians to convert the Kandha (Hindu Vanavasi) community who now constitute 80 percent of the population in Kandhamal.

The tension in Kandhamal heightened after the Centre announced reservation for the Dalit Christians from the share meant to uplift poorer Hindu Dalits and Vanvasis. In Orissa, the Pana converts had received ample financial help from the missionaries and were economically well-off in comparison to the Hindu Vanvasis who did not convert; but ironically Pana Christians were now declared as being eligible for "Scheduled Tribe" reservations as well. This travesty angered the Hindu Vanavasi community even further and the Kui Samaj had announced a state-wide bandth to protest this injustice.

Kabiser Mallick, who belongs to the economically poor Kandha Vanavasi community, said, "We feel neglected here because even though Kandha Vanvasis are the numerical majority, our political representatives are all Pana Christians. Panas are paid convert to Christianity and are well off. Then why should they receive reservations meant for Scheduled Tribes?", he wondered.

This grievance is illustrated by the Christmas-eve attack on Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati being planned, paid for and executed by Christian missionary and "World Vision" NGO's chief, Radhakanta Nayak, who is also the Congress (I) Member of Parliament from the area.

The 83-year old Swamiji has been a figurehead of the Orissa Hindu revival and social reform struggle for nearly 40 years now. He has been the nemesis of the devious evangelistic conversion activity in Orissa since May 1970 when a Christian mob had set on fire the sacred icon (Murti) of Lord Birupakhya at the famous Shiva temple in the small tribal village of Chakapad in the Kandhamal district.

In 1969-70, he arrived at Phulbani district headquarters of Kandhamal district. The Church had chalked out a dangerous plan to finish the Hindus in those areas. The plan "Mission Christ Sthan" was intended to create one separate territory for the Christians. The missionaries were keen to make their programme successful in Koraput, Gajpati, Phulbani, Kalahandi, Bolangir, Bhanjanagar, Daspalla, Khanda-pada, Boudh, Sonapur, Athamallik and Angul districts. Huge funds from Christian countries were flowing into these regions for conversion activities.

"When I heard about the plan of the pastors to create a "Christ Sthan", I decided to visit those areas. Communication was not as good as it is today. I did not have any money even to travel. Hence, I begged alms in places like Khurda and Nayagarh and managed to collect 30 rupees. With this amount in hand, and taking the blessings of Lord Jagannath, I reached there," he said.

Swamiji reached Chakapad, a small tribal village, 30 kms from the Phulbani district headquarters. He established his ashram there in 1969 and dedicated himself to the service of mankind.

Swamiji started his service and social reform work, making Chakapad his centre. To promote education, he established a school and a Sanskrit college at Chakapad in 1969. To save the Vanvasis from the clutches of missionaries, he started a unique plan. He inspired the locals to have a kirtan mandali in each village. He started delivering religious preaching among Vanvasis, which proved advantageous in curbing the missionary activities. Swamiji united the Vanvasis of Kandhamal and educated them to be conscious of the missionary activities and to develop their economic and social conditions. As a result, the missionaries had no way but to cancel their "Christ Sthan" project when they realized that they now have a strong Hindu challenge that stood firmly in their way of fully converting Kandhamal.

The Swami, known for his untiring zeal to check conversion of tribals into Christians in the entire southern and western Orissa, has been running the Shankaracharya Sanskruta Kanya Ashram at Jalespata, 30km south of Baliguda in Kandhamal for more than three decades now.

"The Christian missionaries want to convert Hindus to Christianity and convert India into a Christian land. We are opposed to that and that is the source of all disputes and fights," said Swami Laxmanananda.

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Here is the statement by Mr. Ashok Sahu, IPS (Retd.), Former Inspector General of Police, Orissa:

Facts on 'Clashes among Christian Missionaries and the Tribals in Kandhamal District of Orissa':

Reports of communal violence involving the converted Christians led by the Missionaries on one hand and the Tribals on the other, in Kandhamal District of Orissa by the media since 25 th December 2007 are vastly distorted and motivated which in public interest need be clarified much before the national image is tarnished before the general public and the international community.

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Local factors led to Kandhamal violence
Ram Madhav
January 08, 2008

For days, one TV Channel ran visuals of how Christians have been targeted for violence in Orissa's Kandhamal district. Several other so-called national channels too joined the chorus sufficient enough for Mombattiwalas (candlelight activists) to plunge into the ring and declare that 'entire Orissa', if not 'entire India', is in the grip of violence unleashed against 'innocent minorities' by 'Hindu nationalists'.

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Subject: Kandha reaction

Kandha Janajati Surakhya Manch

         The recent spurt of violence has its immediate cause in the unprovoked and preplanned attack on Swami Laxananada Saraswati on the 24th December 2007. Nevertheless, before that the situation in the whole of Kandhamal district was surcharged with contempt against the converted 'Pana' Christians, who are guided by the Missionary Churches. Kandhamal District is overwhelmingly dominated by the tribal inhabitations who speak Kui dialect. There were small pockets of 'Pana' people who are scheduled castes but their percentage in 1950 census was very negligible as compared to that of the Kandha STs. The Missionary Churches had selected the district from British days for full conversion of its population. The Kandha tribals are characteristically very proud of their Hindu traditions and culture, though poor and uneducated. On the other hand, the 'Pana' SCc were vulnerable to the allurement of money, English education, employment assurance, foreign tours, etc. by the Missionaries, a section of whom got converted to Christianity. The Church using the converted Christians like Radhakanta Nayak, IAS (Retd.), John Nayak, IPS (Retd.), Isaac Behera, IAS and many others started grabbing the cultivable land belonging to the Kandha families and in the name of land disputes convert them under duress. Large number of 'Pana' SCs also started coming from adjacent districts and got settled in Kandhamal with an ulterior motive to out number the reticent Kandha tribals. Now since 2002, there has been a concerted effort to notify the 'Pana' caste capable of speaking Kui dialect, including those converted to Christianity as Scheduled Tribe under Article 342 of the Constitution by manipulating a Presidential notification in this regard. This move would greatly harm the socio-economic and political interests of the genuine tribal population of the State as a whole.

          In 1983, the first Church came into existence in Katingia village. Initially the Church distributes medicines, clothes, food articles, alcohol drinks and then money to the poor and uneducated villagers. Later they demolish their place of worship called 'Dharani Penu'. One fine morning they are all told that they have all become Christians. Thatched houses are built on government land/ village land and named as churches. The Christian Missionaries are systematically grabbing the lands belonging to the local Kandha tribe in spite of High Court orders to the contrary. Until date, 22 acres in Barakhoma, 7 acres in Kelapada, 5 acres in Gresinga under Udayagiri Block, besides many in other parts of the district, are under illegal possession of the Church and the Christians, which actually belong to the Tribes.  Since 1983, a large population has been converted to Christianity taking advantage of their illiteracy, extreme poverty, deprivation of medical facility and basics like communication, drinking water etc. In order to curb conversion by bribery, allurements, fraud and cheating the State Legislature has enacted a law in 1967. Not a single conversion has the support of the provisions of the said Act. Now and then, the Church priests have played with the simplicity and innocence of the tribal population to win over the tribals for conversion. The Missionaries operate also through many NGOs as front organisations. The World Vision is chief among those.  Many schools with financial aid from the government operate where tribal children are compelled to read Bible. Preferential treatment on basis of religion is meted in the hostels and schools in matters of tuition fees. Ranganatha Mishra Committee report had suggested the extension of reservation facilities even to the converted Christians that sparked spontaneous reaction among the scheduled tribes in the district. False Caste / Tribe certificates were issued to the converted Christians for getting government employment from the reservation quota, which was protested, by the genuine SCs and STs. Therefore, the simmering discontent against conversion, land grabbing by the Churches and contempt against the conspiracy to extend reservation facility to the undeserving converted Christians under tutelage of converted 'Pana's like Radhakanta Nayak had already prepared the stage for the volcano to erupt which was ignited by the developments in Brahmanigaon on the eve of Christmas. 

          The local Church had decided this year, to celebrate the Christmas on the same altar where Hindus celebrate Durgapuja in Brahmanigaon. There was large scale protest and reaction among the Hindu villagers and the local Superintendent of Police interefered to assuage the tension and suggested to build a separate structure for X-mass celebration maintaining reasonable distance from the Puja mandap. In reaction, on 23 December 2007, the converted Christians set one Hotel and three shops to fire at Brahmanigaon in the very presence of the SP and the District Magistrate. The same morning, they started construction of their pandal on the plot which was protested by the Hindus. On 24 December Swamiji was on his way to Brahmanigaon, when at Darsingbadi a village with almost 100% converted Christians about 200 armed assailants attacked Swamiji.  The injured Swamiji along with his injured PSO and driver went to the nearest  Daringbadi PS seeking protection. By that time about 2000 supported of Swamiji had gathered near the PS. Soon after departure of the Swamiji for medical aid, the Police lathicharged the supporters of Swamiji at Daringbadi. This action of the Police was utterly uncalled for and highly provocative to the Kandha people.

          In order to protest against the conspiracy to reschedule the Kui speaking 'Pana' as scheduled tribe, there was a call for Bundh on 25 December for which the protestors had already started putting logs on the roads etc. from midnight in the area. Shri Lambodar Kanhar and party were attacked by the converted Christians helped by Police at Surudukumpa in the evening on 24 December 2007. There was lot of tension spreading like bonfire whole over the district. On 25 December 2007 at Jaleswarpada the Kui Sanskrutika Parishad had a prefixed meeting. But the Christians attacked the Kanyashrama and torched two dwelling houses. There was mass scale stoning on the peaceful protestors by the Christians who had gathered in the Church premises as preplanned. One Khageswar Mullick was lynched to death by the Christians by hitting with stones as he was left behind by the protestors.

          On 27 December, there was large scale arson on Hindu pockets in Brahmanigaon with the help of armed Maoists. In the carnage, the SP of Gajapati District and a constable were severely injured. The anti-riot CRPF personnel could arrest Maoists and seized more than 20 guns, AK – 47 Rifles and crude bombs from the arrested persons. One thing is at least proved that there was plan to commit violence on the eve of X-Mass with the direct collusion with the armed Maoists and provoke the tribals by attacking and killing the Swamijee. By putting, many Churches made of thatch and mud walls, unto fire, blame and defame India and the Hindus in the international circle. This will not only tarnish the secular image of India abroad but also help in attracting lots of fund from foreign countries. Finally, it would also benefit by terrorizing the tribals conversion among them as it is done in the North-East India.

A-16,Kharavel nagar,Bhubaneswar



Sampad Mahapatra

Thursday, January 10, 2008 (Kandhmal)

"The Orissa government will inquire into allegations by Hindu outfits that there is an unholy nexus between some NGOs operating in riot-hit Kandhamal and the Maoists and that the ultras did play a role in the communal strife.

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karyakarta92 said...

And these scum bleat "persecution" when they have their butts kicked in reaction to their terrorism.
The elimination of that terrorist
Stain was used for the bleating to reach a crescendo.

The World Vision
bastards are soliciting donations from Hindus on Indian news portals to use for conversions! Check out any site, Indian Express, Hindu, Rediff etc - the bastards are omnipresent. A lot of our own people fall for this crap in ignorance. It is of supreme importance to regain control of fiscal vigilance agencies, perhaps under someone like Arun Shourie to throttle the flow of christist evangelical monies. This should be a top priority for the BJP.

Namal said...

Those who wrote the articles know verywell that the facts are wrong. I would like to post these questions....Please think over it and READ IT BEFORE YOU DELETE IT.

1. One day we all face the reality of death.What will happen to you after death? Are you sure that you are saved from eternal distruction?

2.Do you have peace in your mind?

3. Do you THINK that someone can convert a person spiritually unless he/she agree or belive in their HEARTS THAT WHAT HE/SHE IS GOING TO PLACE THERE TRUST/FAITH IS TRUE?

4. Dont you think that a change of faith will happen in inside ones heart which nobody can see?


nizhal yoddha said...

this is hilarious tripe.

understand, buffoon:

1. jesus didn't exist. he was never born, therefore he didn't die

2. jesus didn't exist. therefore he could never love anyone

3. the jesus hoax is a complete fabrication by satanists

4. people convert because they are coerced or forced or given monetary inducement. this is known as 'rice christism', which is the major form of christism all over the world.