Friday, January 25, 2008

How the mighty have fallen

The TOI put out an interesting link to their reportage 58 years ago - on the proclamation of the Indian republic. It makes interesting reading.

The two news items that will catch your eyes
1- The Commies had terrorist like plans to - DISRUPT REPUBLIC DAY PROCLAMATION - that's right folks - so much love for the people
2- Muslims of Jabalpur voluntarily gave up eating beef.

How things have changed from the days when the TOI actually reported news like this. A great fall indeed!!!!


Sameer said...

Happy Republic Day to all....

Was watching the Republic Day parade on DD1. The picture and transmission quality was of the stypcal DD dtsndard, was focusing on the politicians esp. Kaangressi variety instead of the tanks and aircrafts.
Ans also somehow felt uncomfy with the rubberstamp President and PM.

Dosabandit said...

And, Barkha Dutt & Rajdeep Sardesai get the Padmashree!!

Happy Republic Day by beloved countrymen!

socal said...

GhostWrite, San et al.,

Since this blog generates quite a few hits, you guys might want to use the poll feature that's now available with blogger. Just a suggestion.