Saturday, January 26, 2008

more of bill gates' money to go into conversion activities

jan 26th, 2008

ashok alexander, head of the bill gates foundation in india, will surely be in charge of this money when it comes to india.

what are the chances that these funds will be discreetly channeled into samuel reddy's conversion activities?

on a bigger scale, why is it that all foreign NGOs in india necessarily have chrisists as their heads? it is part of the job description.

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rathore said...

Meanwhile, another instance of taxpayer-funded propaganda by the BBC.

Religious organisations are gearing up to make the most of a massive new propaganda coup presented to them by the BBC.

The corporation has spent millions making yet another version of the Jesus story, imaginatively called The Passion, which it will broadcast at peak time on BBC1 as a serial over the Easter period.

The BBC is inviting a hundred Christian leaders to a preview screening of the series in February. Meanwhile a panel of speakers has been formed to contribute to national press, radio and TV discussions. The Passion website also has ideas to help local churches prepare for the series.

Terry Sanderson of the National Secular Society(UK), said: “Once more the BBC seems to think it has a duty to proselytise and evangelise on behalf of the churches.