Saturday, October 31, 2009

Islamic Bomb Coming?

I thought it already arrived - with Pak. But according to the Washington Times, it will be arriving with Iran's nuclearization. I doubt it - because Iran's main enemy is Israel, and they back up their words with action. Pakistan's main enemy is only India, and we've all seen what our record is on deterrence - not very good at all.

Balochistan: Pak's Hidden Problem

TIME reports on Balochistan, the problem that Pakistan least wants to discuss.

oh joy - after tampered EVM, chinese encryption for our defence

who is the defence minister - oh wait - it is yet another 'saint' of the Kerala christist persuasion.
the air-force is the only viable strategic option in the NE agains the chinese. that is because the chinese troops have a better supply line thanks to their railway. we have no railway for our troops. in fact we barely have a road - so we need the planes.

no planes now - they have the cipher !!!!

congress-lover sings for his supper

i am sickened by the never-ending Indira hysteria on the 25th year of her passing - such as this unsemly piece by congress-lover; calling her a "a secular, true-blue Indian patriot"

indira was the worst disaster to befell india. worse than aurangzeb, worse even than her papa-nehru. no other "democratic" person has ever done so much to subvert institutions and weaken the national fabric. when i think of Indira - I think of the massacre of the sikhs at the hands of kkkangress goons. a true pogrom if ever there was one in India.

the only good thing she did was to stand up to those war-crime bullies nixon and kissinger. for that she has my salute. alas no Indian politician since has had the cojones

Clever Approach to Water Desalination

A clever new method has been shown for cheaper desalination of water. It basically uses solar heating to convert seawater into concentrated brine, and then uses the ionic gradient between the concentrated brine and two seawater streams to pull salt ions from from a 3rd seawater stream, thereby desalinating it.

Given that the spineless Kaangress govt will see Indian rivers dry up after China dams them from their side, we'd better invest more effort into desalination technologies to mitigate the looming water crisis.

Maoists Spread Their Deadly Reach

NYT reports on how Maoists are spreading their deadly reach across India. To me, the timing couldn't be more obvious - this is happening in the post-9/11 years, when Pakistan and China find it politically riskier to fund Islamist jihadis against India, and are therefore compelled to bolster an alternative proxy.

We can see that the Maoists are playing a game of "politique du pire" and could care less about resolving social issues. Violence is their first preference and not their last resort.

India has Predator-type drones in its arsenal, and it should use them for surgical strikes against the Maoist leadership. They should be taught a painful lesson that terrorism is not an entertaining leisure pursuit, but a dangerous activity with severe consequences.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Rumour of paper idol desecration sparks violence

oct 30th, 2009

the koran is the ultimate idol (along with the bible). hard to believe a piece of paper can become 'holy' just because there are some ink marks on it.

this is just like the stinking desert has become the 'holy land' [sic] -- truth by repeated assertion.

"The monotheist reaches the limit of the ludicrous when he struts around as an iconoclast or a butshikan, saying that the false Gods of the infidels could not save themselves from his sword and fire. He secretly expects the idols to perform the same sort of miracles as he attributes to the saliva, the hair, the shoe, the shirt, and the shroud of his own prophets and saints. But if he is requested that his own relics be subjected to the same physical test, he loses his balance, shouts that his religion is being insulted, and takes to violence at very short notice."

sino-mohammedan nexus is alive and well

oct 28th, 2009

sorry, all reports of its demise were premature.

the comrades and the mohammedans are planning to turn god's own country in satan's own country.

freaknomics guys bite off more than they can chew; get spanked

oct 28th, 2009

the freakonomics boys thought they had the answer: they could explain everything based on creative use of the 'dismal science'. apparently not.

california gubernatorial politics: A message from Jerry Brown

oct 30th, 2009
so gavin newsom quits the race for california governor, and jerry "moonbeam" brown considers throwing his hat in the ring.
this should be entertaining, the race to replace the governator arnold.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jerry Brown <>
Date: Sat, Oct 31, 2009 at 6:16 AM
Subject: A message from Jerry Brown
To: rajeev

Jerry Brown 2010


Recently I formed the "Brown for Governor 2010 Exploratory Committee". Through this committee, I intend to raise funds for a possible campaign for governor next year.

As you may know, two very wealthy Republican candidates have pledged to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to get elected. This financial takeover of the electoral process is unprecedented. For any Democrat to have a chance requires a massive grassroots outpouring.


I hope you can be part of such an undertaking and enlist as many like-minded friends and neighbors.

Will you join me and help us organize the fundraising base we will need?

Meg Whitman has already said her first act as governor would be to gut California's landmark Global Warming law. Steve Poizner said he would chop billions of dollars in revenue from a budget which is already slated to be $7.4 billion in the red come January.

When I see the mess in Sacramento and think about all the people who are suffering as a result, I know it's time for someone to take charge who understands how state government--and its politics--work. It is amazing that the same issues that confronted the state in the 70's are still front and center: water, energy, prisons, education and, of course, living within our means.

But before I make the final decision, I would like to know if it's possible to build a large base of supporters from every part of the state so that we can compete with the enormous sums the opposition promises to spend. To counter this private assault on our democracy, people will have to join together by the thousands and then by the tens of thousands. We need to fight back to overcome what will literally be a hostile takeover of the airwaves during the next governor's campaign.

So would you be willing to join, even at this early date, and donate $25, $50 or $100 to Jerry Brown 2010and help change the corrosive politics that is destroying our state? I intend to do everything I can to turn this state around. But I need your help and your active involvement.

Please forward this e-mail and ask your friends to contribute. Ask them to join our cause, to fundraise, become a supporter on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.

This state is desperately in need of creativity and courage. It also needs the know-how and experience to get an impossible job done right.

If you can today, please consider making a contribution of $25, $50, $100 or any amount you are able to give.

I won't let you down.

With respect,

Jerry Brown


P.S. I obtained your e-mail from the county registrar of voters. After reading this message, should you wish to no longer receive messages from my campaign, click the unsubscribe link below and we won't contact you again.



You have received this email through your subscription to this campaign's email list. If you did not subscribe, or would no longer like to receive email updates

Paid for and Authorized by Jerry Brown 2010

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Photo Essay on Pak Violence often puts up dramatic photo essays on various topics. This time they've done another one on the latest violence in Pakistan.

Slavery in Pakistan

TIME reports on slavery in Pakistan, drawing attention to the plight of bonded labourers there. They are typically minorities, of course - not that anybody on the Left cares to notice.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

indian firms go for frugal engineering to reach low-end customers: kotkin was right after all?

oct 27th, 2009

bottom of the pyramid people being reached by radical innovations in india. and these will then percolate to the rest of the world, in what was called 'innovation blowback' by mckinsey.

joel kotkin may have been right, after all: engineering, ie. intellectual property generation, may well be the oil of the 21st century. and india is well positioned to leverage it.

"luuuuuv" and "piss" erupt in embrace in "holy land" [sic], aka stinking desert

oct 27th, 2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: K
Subject: Peace erupts in "holy" land

yanks bust ISI, LeT plot using white chicago convert to attack india, denmark

oct 27th, 2009

so the cartoon of mohammed still rankles mohammedans. all they did was sketch mohammed, and can they explain why this is a major sin? (of course, the only answer is, "it says so in the book" -- ah, the book as idol!)

by this token, what should that old goat m f hussain be subjected to, considering the way he insults hindu deities with pornographic paintings? should he and and those who support him be attacked regularly?

it would be interesting to find out how the white guy was converted. is he a criminal? was he seduced by a love-jihadi female?

and of course, india, the soft state, is a convenient low-hanging fruit for any jihad anywhere by any mohammedan. some mohammedan wants to attack the danish paper, so he also decides to attack india.

manmohan singh is probably lying awake nights thinking of david headley and the anguish he is feeling because he has been called a terrorist.


FBI busts LeT plot to use American for attacks in India, Denmark Complaint against Headley Complaint against Rana

FBI: Chicago Men Planned Attack Over Danish Cartoon of Prophet

Secret Arrest Three Weeks Ago Revealed Today by Prosecutors

Oct. 27, 2009

Two Chicago men have been arrested by the FBI and charged with planning a terror attack on the Danish newspaper that published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in 2005.

Prosecutors told ABC the men were in direct contact with the leaders of militant groups connected to al Qaeda inPakistan and last year's attacks on hotels inMumbai, India.

One of the men, David Headley, 49, was arrested on Oct. 3 and has been held without public notice since then, according to prosecutors in Chicago. Headley, a U.S. citizen was described as a "white convert" to Islam, had an appearance in court on Oct. 11. and waived his right to an arraignment.


A spokesman for U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald's office had denied the arrest when contacted by ABC News on Oct. 3.

The second man, Tahawar Rana, was arrested on Oct. 18 and will have his first court appearance tomorrow in Chicago.


More from Brian Ross and the Investigative Team

In a statement, Fitzgerald said his office received permission from a federal court to hold the men in secret, "so as not to compromise further investigative activity."

Authorities say Headley "waived his rights" and has made statements to the FBI about his connection to the Pakistan terror groups.

The FBI arrested Headley at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport as he was about to board a flight to Philadelphia for an onward trip to Denmark.

FBI agents said he was carrying a copy of the newspaper, a street guide for Copenhagen, a list of phone numbers and a computer memory stick with ten short videos of the newspaper's offices and the entrance to a military barracks in Copenhagen.

Authorities said the plot against the Danish newspaper, Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten, was referred to as the "Mickey Mouse Project" in communications between Headley and his contact in Pakistan.

Headley had already traveled to Copenhagen in January and visited two different offices of the newspaper, the FBI said.

His alleged co-conspirator, Rana, had reservations to fly to Copenhagen on Oct. 29, two days from today.

From Denmark, Headley then flew to Pakistan and met with his contact there, according to the complaint.

Authorities identified the contact as Ilyas Kashmiri, a commander of the Lashkar-4-Taiba group, which claimed responsibility for the Mumbai attacks.

Kashmiri recently told reporters in Pakistan that he supported al Qaeda and that attacks such as the ones in Mumbai will be "nothing compared to what has already been planned."

Headley, according to prosecutors, posted a message on an internet site in October, stating, "I feel disposed towards violence for the offending parties" for "making fun of Islam."

Other code words used for targets, according to authorities, included "investments," projects," business," and "action."

"prosperity index" -- india doing better than china?

oct 27th, 2009

even a faux democracy like india does better than a full-fledged totalitarian regime like han china? maybe.

well, the gini coefficient does suggest a similar conclusion.

kotkin more or less accurately forecast the rise of china, and is bullish on india. i interviewed him years ago when he wrote the book 'tribes'. nice quote: "engineering is the oil of the 21st century."

Reva Makes Move Into US Car Market

Indian electric carmaker Reva is betting big on getting its new NXR model rolling in the US market with a new manufacturing operation in New York. For electric cars to progress, they will depend on new advancements in battery technology, such as zinc-air batteries.

DNA: India's lonely furrow

oct 27th, 2009

india is friendless. well, with the insufferable and preachy finger-wagging and moralizing approach india has adopted, why is that a surprise? nobody likes a scold, and we have not offered practical support to anyone. we have screwed our potential friends and fawned over our enemies. we wasted all our efforts on those jerks in the non-aligned movement, banana republics every last one of them, all of them panting after china these days.

pretty much what brahma was saying too: we have put all our eggs in the wrong baskets -- first into russia when it was declining, now into america when *it* is declining. 

tremendous sense of timing, indeed, ministry of external affairs! are you guys blithering idiots or what? half of the MEA act like agents of other countries, not to mention half the ministers -- they generally appear to be worrying about others' interests, not india's.

this is what comes of a command bureaucracy, soviet style: the Great Man always knows best. at least if the Great Man is a nationalist, as in the case of the chinese, it would make some sense. but no, the Great Man is always an internationalist, more worried about cuba or palestine than about india.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: sri v

India's lonely furrow

R Jagannathan

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 22:45 IST

We have never been in this situation before. Just a couple of years
back, in the last years of the Bush regime, it seemed as if an Indo-US
geopolitical alliance was all we needed to move up to the big league.
But enter Obama and all bets are off.

The US embrace is no longer as warm as we imagined it to be.
Meanwhile, the India-China relationship is fraying at the edges;
Pakistan is getting into a Talibanesque mess; Nepal is ambivalent, and
the Maoists positively hostile to us; Sri Lanka is cocky after
subduing its Tamil Tigers; and Bangladesh is unlikely to do anything
to keep its people from spilling over into India or turn overtly

In short we have no real friends anywhere -- neither in the
neighbourhood nor in the wider world of power blocs. How then are we
going to protect our national interests?

One thing is for sure. Lazy diplomacy is not going to help. Nor will
ambivalence about defence preparedness.

We have, in the past, put too much faith in moral posturing,
influenced by the likes of Nehru and Gandhi. But the emerging scenario
needs a Chanakya, not woolly thinking, as every country's foreign
policy is driven by realpolitik. China is bashing up Tibetans and
Uighurs, but has the friendliest of relationships with Pakistan, the
epicentre of jihadi terrorism.

... deleted

even china's paper now recognizes love-jihad

oct 28th, 2009

of course, with a communist twist where this sudha claims -- natural for 'useful idiot' communists -- that mohammedans are innocent, by definition. however, the fact that christists are screeching loudly seems to have caught the communists' attention. in this particular case, it is useful for hindus to form a tactical alliance with christists -- it is not possible for anyone to scream "minority rights", they can only say, weakly, "jihad is not war, it is an internal struggle". yeah, right, ask any true jihadi.

Wrong move in Sino-Indian chess by Brahma C

oct 27th, 2009

yup, 1962 redux.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sanjeev N

Tensions in the China-India-U.S. triangle

Wrong move in Sino-Indian chess -!4913C7C8A2EA4A30!1123.entry

The Indo-US strategic tie-up has served as the key instigation in China's hardening stance towards India

Brahma Chellaney Mint October 26, 2009

The India-China relationship has entered choppy waters due to a perceptible hardening in the Chinese stance. Anti-India rhetoric in the state-run Chinese media has intensified, even as China has stepped up military pressure along the disputed Himalayan frontier through frequent cross-border incursions. Beijing also has resurrected its long dormant claim to Arunachal Pradesh.

The more muscular Chinese stance clearly is tied to the new US-India strategic partnership, symbolized by the nuclear deal and deepening military cooperation. As former US president George W. Bush declared in his valedictory speech, "We opened a new historic and strategic partnership with India."

The Barack Obama administration, although committed to promoting that strategic partnership, has been reluctant to take New Delhi's side in any of its disputes with Beijing. This has emboldened China to up the ante against India.

Indeed, the present pattern of border provocations, new force deployments and mutual recriminations is redolent of the situation that prevailed 47 years ago when China—taking advantage of the advent of the Cuban missile crisis, which brought the world to the brink of a nuclear Armageddon—routed the unprepared Indian military in a surprise two-front aggression.

... deleted

(Australia) Muslim jailed over violent attack on Sikh student that left him in coma

oct 27th, 2009

it was the lebanese mohammedans first. now it is the turn of the black mohammedans to kill hindus and sikhs.

this monster is a refugee, for heaven's sake! shows what comes of giving refuge to trash.

the other, unnamed assailants are below 18, presumably all also mohammedans and somalis.

the only thing mohammedans will respond to is violence in return. 

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ravi

(Australia) Muslim jailed over violent attack on Sikh student that left him in coma

Zakarie Hussein is the name of the attacker.

Other savage attacks on Hindu/Sikh students (as well as whites) in Australia have been carried out by either Somali or Lebanese Muslim thugs.

Man jailed over racist attack on Indian student

October 23, 2009 

Racist attack ... Indian student Sukhraj Singh, 28, was in a coma for 15 days after being brutally bashed.

Racist attack ... Indian student Sukhraj Singh, 28, was in a coma for 15 days after being brutally bashed. Photo: Michael Clayton-Jones

A gang of racist youths nearly killed a man during an armed rampage in an Indian grocery store in Melbourne's west for the "sheer thrill" of the attack, a judge said today.

Drunk and carrying wooden planks ripped up from a nearby bus stop seat, the seven youths raided the Impex shop in Sunshine yelling "are you Indian?" as they randomly struck their victims on December 1 last year, the County Court heard today.

Indian student Sukhraj Singh, 28, was in a coma for 15 days and will suffer the effects of a severe acquired brain injury for the rest of his life after being beaten during the assault.

Eight men were punched and hit with the weapons and most suffered minor injuries but Mr Singh was beaten unconscious and spent months in hospital and rehabilitation after being struck three times to the head and body.

In sentencing one of the attackers, Zakarie Hussein, 21, of Braybrook, Judge Pamela Jenkins said today the group had deliberately targeted victims of Indian ethnicity in the "unprovoked rampage".

The youths had been drinking beer in a park for about four hours before they went to the store in City Place just after 6.30pm where two of the teens began a racist argument with two customers, the court heard.

About five minutes later, the pair returned with their friends, most armed with wooden bars and one with a fluorescent light tube, and began smashing up the store and indiscriminately striking customers and staff as they yelled "are you Indian?" and "bloody Indians, f--- off".

The shop's cash register was stolen and the loot divided up among the offenders. Hussein received about $15.

In a victim impact statement tendered to the court, Mr Singh said metal plates had been inserted into his face, he had shed up to 15 kilograms and been left with lumps and scars on his head from the assault.

"I am lucky to be alive, all my friends and family thought I was going to die," Mr Singh said in the statement.

He said he suffered from dizzy spells and had undergone counselling after being plagued by nightmares and flashbacks.

The court heard his injuries had been potentially life-threatening and meant he had been unable to work for five months, may not be able to complete his studies and was too frightened to live alone.

Hussein had pleaded guilty to armed robbery, recklessly causing serious injury, and six counts of recklessly causing injury.

Judge Jenkins said Hussein had not used his wooden weapon but had planned to before being knocked out of the way by a co-offender.

She said the victims had tried to cower from their attackers and had done nothing to provoke the attack.

"Your victims presented no threat to you or your co-offenders whatsoever. They did not provoke you, they did not fight back and indeed they made every effort to escape from the assaults," she said.

"Notwithstanding these circumstances the victims were beaten apparently for the sheer thrill, Mr Singh being subjected to a particularly savage beating with the terrible consequences for him."

Judge Jenkins said the assault was among a number of racist attacks that had rightly provoked international and local community outrage and should be condemned.

"Short of becoming prisoners in their own homes, there is little potential victims can do to prevent such attacks," she said.

Judge Jenkins sentenced Hussein to four-and-a-half years' jail with a minimum non-parole period of two years.

Hussein, dressed in a black suit and white shirt and supported in court by family, bit his nails throughout the hearing and stood with his hands clasped while he was sentenced to serve his time in an adult prison.

The court heard he had migrated to Australia from Somalia, aged about six, with his older brother and mother, who were both later diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

His younger sister had died from malaria shortly before the family left Africa where they spent time in a refugee camp in Kenya.

The court heard Hussein had experienced a difficult childhood and by his final year of school was drinking and taking drugs daily.

His defence had argued Hussein played only a minor role in the attack, had been drunk after consuming about 10 beers, and was remorseful.

But Judge Jenkins said despite Hussein not having hit any of the victims he had entered the store armed with the intention of hurting someone and had yelled encouragement to his friends.

She said it was "particularly shameful" that the Somali immigrant had vented his rage on international students and other young immigrants.

"There is no question that the offending constituted an extremely violent and indiscriminate rampage by armed youths exhibiting the worst traits of a pack mentality," Judge Jenkins told Hussein.

Hussein had prior convictions including, for robbery, assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.

Four of Hussein's co-offenders, aged between 14 and 17 at the time of the attack, had already received 12-month sentences in a youth detention centre and a fifth teen received a 12-month youth supervision order.

The Director of Public Prosecutions Jeremy Rapke has appealed against the sentences, arguing they are "manifestly inadequate".

The Court of Appeal is yet to hand down its judgment. A sixth offender, who has pleaded guilty in the Children's Court, will be sentenced following the result of the appeal.

Hindu-Sikh girls from India and Britain forced into Pakistani brothels

oct 27th, 2009

where the victims of 'love-jihad' end up.

the story of the sikh girl sounds authentic.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ravi

Hindu-Sikh girls from India and Britain forced into Pakistani brothels


Monday, 1 January 2007

British Indian girls working in Pakistan Brothels

Indian girls tricked into prostitution

South Asia News Agency SANA
03 October 2006

Lahore Pakistan - Gullible young girls from as far as the Middle East, India and UK are being forced into prostitution after being lured by organised syndicates promising them glamorous careers and lucrative jobs, a humans rights group has said.

"Some are the girlfriends of these men, such as the cases we have had from the UK. These girls think they are going on holiday or honeymoon to visit his friends and family"

"The situation is extremely serious with smart operators hunting for good looking young girls for modelling assignments or jobs in call centres with good salaries," said Hasina Kharbih, chairperson of Impulse NGO Network, a rights group working in rescuing women trafficked.
"But in reality, many of these women were pushed into the notorious world of prostitution."

Impulse activists recently rescued at least four young girls from Lahores 'Heera Mandi' district. "The girls were Hindus from Northeast India and were lured by agents who promised them good modelling roles and handsomely paid jobs in call centres," Kharbih says.

... deleted

The Story of a British Panjabi girl who was tricked into prostitution

My story started when I was 16 years old living in Handsworth, we had just finished our last GCSE exams. To celebrate, we all decided to go to a bhangra gig during the day, as we knew we would not have been allowed to go in the night. There were 4 of us, best of friends, we decided to go, although we knew we would get into trouble if are parents found out, but we thought that we "only live once" and as it was a special occasion, so we went.

... deleted

It was not until a couple of weeks later, that some one kept ringing my house number, anonymous caller, and my gran, bless her, would go over to answer the phone, but no reply. Then one day, as my gran was cooking my roti, the phone rang and I answered, it was that guy from the club. I didn't know what to do. I was scared and yet anxious to what might happen. He wanted us to meet up again, he wanted to know how we were? This was going to be my first relationship. I got to know "Abs" over the next couple of months, we would arrange, the best times for him to call me, it was exciting, no one knew about him, I felt needed and loved. He was 18 at the time, and I had just turned 16. He drove a really nice car and worked for his uncle, in I.T.

It got to a stage were we would meet up in the middle of the night, I would sneak out of my house, he would pick me up at the bottom of my street, and we would go everywhere together. I was loving every minute of it and every time we would not see each other, I felt like dying, I was truly in love with him. I did notice that he was not Punjabi, he dressed different to normal Punjabi boys that age, and he didn't drink and smoke. He knew a lot of Muslims, but I decide to ignore that fact, as I was having the time of my life.

I had a funny feeling he was Muslim, but he wore a Kara? and I never had the courage to ask him, because I didn't want to ruin anything between us. But finally that day came when he revealed that he must go to the mosque, I was taken back, I didn't know how to respond, my boyfriend was a Muslim, and I loved him too much to let him go. I asked him about his name, his nickname was Abs. he had told me his name was Harbinder, but in fact his name was Yasseen.

... deleted

I quit uni, and moved into a flat with him, he got me another job, and again his cousin helped us financially. I never told my parents that I had done this, they would phone me, I would say everything was going excellent, and I would lie to them.

During this time, I started to stop going home, I would say that I had too much uni work to do, and so I couldn't come home. Then, I stopped answering my phone from my family and friends, because I knew all they would say is to stop seeing him, and come home etc. so I changed my number, that's not the only thing I changed, a few months later I changed my name!

We were happy together, we were in love, we were made for each other!! A few months later I even changed my faith, I became a Muslim, I was happy then to finally be apart of something that was so great, everyone loved me, and I was finally at home and peace. Islam then offered everything to me, it made sense and was the truth, Sikhism had to many flaws in it, or that is what I was told, and I believed everything he said, it all made sense, Sikhism was a man-made religion, it believed in caste (we had Gurdwara made on caste) we would make our women dance half naked on bhangra video's, while Islam would teach us to cover the women because she is so precious, like an diamond. I was duped, I knew nothing about Sikhism, my parents never told me, and I never learnt anything at the Gurdwara, never understood what the Granthi's were saying. And as a result I believed everything he told me.

We then decided to get married, but he said we should go to Pakistan to that, because his sisters were there, and they were all dying to meet me! So I agreed, we went. The year was 1994, I was 19 years old.

... deleted

When we reached Pakistan, there were a few people there to greet us, I had worn the hi-jab, as a sign of respect to my new in-laws and faith. They were so happy to see me. We were then herded into a 4x4, and then of we went to meet the rest of Yasseen's family.

... deleted

It seemed like ages, while I waited in that room, on my own. I was getting very worried for Yasseen. During this time, two more cars and a jeep had come to this police station. Finally, a middle aged man came over and started to ask me personal questions. I had trouble understanding what he was saying, he spoke so fast, in Urdu. I kept asking him to take me to Yasseen. He said "Yasseen has gone", those three words stopped my heart beating, I was alone in a remote village in Pakistan, with no belongings and locked up a room. I did not know what to think? What was happening? This was not supposed to happen? Where had Yasseen gone? I cried, and pleaded with the men there to take me to Lahore, they would simply laugh at me and beat me.

... deleted

By now I had realized, I was not going home and Yasseen was not coming to my rescue. The building I stayed at was 3 storeys, and was very big. It must have had more than 30 rooms. It was the only building there, there was nothing anywhere around this building, just fields and 1 tarmac road. It was a brothel.

I was not alone there were 3 other girls (Sikh) that were in the same situation as me. We were all kept on the top floor, we were all given one room each. The other girls had been there longer than me, we would get a chance to speak during the night. They told me of their stories and how they got here, they sounded familiar. It would be very cold during the night. They told me, on the 3rd day, what happens here. This where, the locals came to enjoy themselves. I was very frightened.

This is where they would come to quench their desires. I remember how they treated us, they would treat us like animals, they would rape us, and then spit on our faces after they were done. It was a living nightmare, with no escape.

I spent 15 months here, over that period of time, I have seen 36 more girls been brought here, I have some commit suicide and some taken away by rich businessmen who would use them in their own brothels. I saw and lived in HELL, I saw young girls being raped, I herd the screams of these girls and their frustration, that no one would help them. I saw this with my own eyes, and no-one ever helped us.

A time came when me and another girl, got the opportunity to escape, we had been taken to a local tribesman's house, a fight had broken out, in his house, the confusion gave us an opportunity to escape, we took a jeep, and set out on the roads, we didn't know where we were going, we just went, where ever the road took us. We got close to a town Called Eminabad, here we informed the police of what had happened to us, they helped us, we were handed over to the British embassy and sent back to the UK.

Once back in the UK, the police tried to hand us back to our families, OUR OWN families had disowned us, my family told me to go away, that I had brought shame to the family name, I tried to apologise, and they would not accept it. I even tried to get help form the Gurdwara, they said they could not help us. We had to go back to the police, who then put us in a witness protection programme. The year is 1996, I was then 21.

We both were given a new chance to start a fresh, the police helped us a great deal. In the programme we were given a place to stay and they gave us new jobs, to rebuild our lives.

I am now 29, married and have a 3 year old girl. I re-initiated into Sikhism in 1998, me and my friend, we took Amrit and took an active role to combat what had happened to us and help others in the same situation.

There is not a single second that goes by, without me thinking about those poor girls locked up in Pakistan. I have been scared for life. But I must do everything I can to try to create awareness to help those girls that scream every night and go through that abuse. I am thankful to the Police who are trying to help those girls, but I think we as a community need to do much more.

We must come out of hiding, and face the danger these girls now face. But what we find is a really negative attitude employed by all parties, the families, Gurdwara and the girls, to do anything about this. I know what happened to me and what is still happening to those that are in Pakistan.

Accordingly to the latest figures, there are 300 girls there right now, facing constant abuse, who are getting drugged up everyday and then raped. One of them is your relative!! Just keep that I mind, your cousin who you have not seen for over 3 years, went to university and never came back!

When you ask your uncle and auntie, where is your cousin who you nor your family have seen for so long, you get the reply, that she has brought a house there and she has found herself a good job, and so she is constantly busy. I beg you please stop these lies, please help my sisters' in Pakistan, who no-one helps, their families are too scared, or they don't know where she is?

We must put a stop to this, I saw what is happening there, believe me, I do not even wish this to happen my enemies, when you see a young girl being raped by savages, who beat her and then spit on her.

Posted by SarabhaPanjab at 15:50 37 comments

China Expands Cyberspying in U.S., Congressional Advisory Panel Report Says

oct 27th, 2009

hans doing their thing. 

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From: Ram Narayanan  


OCTOBER 23, 2009 

China Expands Cyberspying in U.S., Report Says 

Congressional Advisory Panel in Washington Cites Apparent Campaign by Beijing to Steal Information From American Firms


WASHINGTON -- The Chinese government is ratcheting up its cyberspying operations against the U.S., a congressional advisory panel found, citing an example of a carefully orchestrated campaign against one U.S. company that appears to have been sponsored by Beijing.

The unnamed company was just one of several successfully penetrated by a campaign of cyberespionage, according to the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission report to be released Thursday. Chinese espionage operations are "straining the U.S. capacity to respond," the report concludes. 

... deleted

Monday, October 26, 2009

His Master's Voice

The Atlanticist-led Left are increasingly impatient with their flunky Obama for not responding quickly enough to their tugs on his puppet strings. In their impatience, they are increasingly taunting him to "Man Up" and push through all their hardline leftist goals. An editorial in the WSJ addresses this schoolyard baiting.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Indebted Farmers Sell Wives

CNN reports on indebted Indian farmers selling their wives to pay their debts. So much for brand India.

While we might wish to dismiss any unfortunate incidents of this type as propaganda, the reality is that such feudal exploitation is a direct result of the agrarian economy. In the agrarian economy, land ownership is king. If you don't own land, then you get trod upon.

One of the advantages of an industrial economy is that factory workers can earn a higher wage without having to own the factory. And factories themselves don't take up as much land, which is itself a scarce commodity.

Without a transition to a more industrialized economy, India will always face class tensions between the landed and the landless, the haves and the have-nots. Additionally, I think that the collective farming or co-operative farming model might also help to buffer individual families against economic pressures. Better than having to sell your own wife.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

India-China Border Tensions

TIME covers the growing India-China border tensions.

And now the Germany That Can Say 'No'

It looks like the list of countries wanting to say 'no' to the United States is growing. Now the new German coalition govt is saying that they want the US to remove all of its nukes from German soil.
No bases in Japan, no nukes in Germany - what's a poor Yankee to do?

Apparently, the only ones extending a smile to American forces are the Pathans busily sharpening their knives.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Krugman Fumes at China

Once soaring high on their own hot air, economists like Paul Krugman have recently been deflated by China's deft moves towards divesting itself of its dollar burden. As a result, Krugman now fumes impotently at China's beggar-thy-neighbor policies. Sorry Kruggy baby, but the world is only big enough for one emperor, and that means the Chinese will not be carrying Obama's royal coattails - especially since he has no clothes anyway.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Suicide Bomber Attacks Pak Nuclear Installation

A fidayeen suicide attacker has blown himself up at a Pakistani nuclear installation at its Kamra air complex, killing 7 people.

So what about the much-vaunted statements by Pakistan that its nuclear facilities are secure from fundamentalists? Not looking very believable these days.

Bloomberg Looks to India

The Japan That Can Say 'No'

The Japanese lefties seem to know how to say a whole lot more than 'no' these days. And all this time, the Western lifafa journalists have been focusing on demonizing the Japanese right-wingers as the enemies of pro-Western solidarity, only to find themselves upended by the left. Looks like the Western attempts to keep herding Japan along are now falling apart.

Japan seems to be increasingly toeing China's line these days, which is making the US nervous. But what does this portend for India? If Japan and China join hands to become founding members of an East Asian Economic Community, will India end up left out and always begging from the outside to be let in, like Turkey? We'd better watch out, or we too could end up on Japan's 'no' list.

subramaniam swamy after visit to china

oct 23rd, 2009

i have to disagree with the man. china is, has been, and always will be, india's mortal enemy.


    1.. I returned yesterday from a four day visit to Beijing, China, where I had gone to address the Asian African Development Research Institute [AADRI] of the State Council of the Chinese Government on "South Asia and Sino-Indian Relations". The State Council is the equivalent of India's Cabinet, and AADRI is its think tank that prepares policy documents for the Chinese government. 
    2.. I also met Mr. Ai Ping, Director General of the International Department of the Chinese Communist Party and had a detailed discussion with him on the current state of Sino-Indian relations and how it could be improved. 
    3.. At present there is possibility that India and China may be sucked into a serious border conflict by miscalculation and self-fulfilling hype. Such a war will end in a stalemate, and damage the economies of both nations. 
    4.. Much of the hostility to India in the Chinese media is seen in Communist Party organs such Peoples Daily and Global Times newspapers. This is claimed to be in reaction to Indian media's "false anti-China" reporting that Chinese allege is motivated by the Indian government sources. In India much of the hostile anti-China reporting is based on events such as border incursions by China, which events used to sporadically happen earlier but did not come to media's knowledge and was not reported. These local events, Indian media hold are directed by Chinese government. 
    5.. Both these presumptions are wrong. Hence, the Prime Ministers of the two countries should use the "hotline" set up recently, before the Bangalore BRIC meeting, and clear the air. The two PMs should see to it that media reports do not generate a hysteria in the public, which could spiral into an armed conflict on the border by miscalculation on both sides. 
    6.. Border incursions have been made by units of Chinese internal security armed police and not by Chinese army as reported in Indian media. Moreover, India has now moved a squadron of Sukhoi jets to Tezpur and strengthened Ladakh cantonment. Hence, a rational Chinese strategist would recognize that an armed border attack today will not be of the same result as in 1962. 
    7.. The situation has spiraled because Indian opinion today unfortunately is dominated by the trauma of 1962 and the public perception of a repeat "Chinese betrayal" when in fact 1962 border war was the outcome of the foolishness of Prime Minister Nehru in failing to first develop defence capability before asking the army to "throw the Chinese out". Our jawans had to fight on the icy hills with tennis shoes. To hide such truths is why the government is still refusing to provide the Hendersen-Brookes Inquiry Report under the RTI. 
    8.. In China too, the people and Chinese media exhibit the same kind of trauma with regard to Japan's alleged militarism, despite Japan being one of the most peace loving countries today. This is because of the savage invasion and occupation of China by Japan in 1937-45 period. 
    9.. India has accepted [vide agreements signed by Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1988, and by Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee in 2003, thus making this acceptance bi-partisan] that the border has to be negotiated and settled on the ground. At the moment there exists no legal border. Till such a border is negotiated, border crossings by China's Tibet police and by our ITBP are inevitable. The media should report it, but the people should not get into a hysteria. 
    10.. However, our defence preparedness for a possible Chinese attack should always be up to date, even as our foreign policy should strive for friendly relations with China. India and China will have to create a new global order as two very large and fast progressing countries. We should not allow ourselves to be derailed by micro events but be guided by macro and global perspectives in Sino-Indian relations. 
    11.. I urge Prime Minister Manmohan Singh not to be intimidated by jingoism in the media but to boldy and frankly talk on the hotline, and discuss with visiting Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiaobao in Bangalore next week on how the two nation can moderate the current negative hype, and get back to developing a productive strategic partnership with each other, especially against the common terrorist threat arising from the Taliban ascendancy in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and well as the fragility of the global financial architecture. 

look closely at map: limeys have long given kashmir, all of it, to pakistan

oct 23rd, 2009

so hans can claim that they are simply following limey custom.

religion of Love sees Devils everywhere and Gods nowhere

oct 23rd, 2009

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From: K

"We have to face the fact that Christianity has been and remains a cult of devil-worship. That is why its adherents see only devils and demons wherever they go. There is no other explanation for the hallucinations of Varthema and Company. The fact that the Devil is described as God in the Bible should make no difference." (

rich mohammedan female ex-employee with dubious past betrayed galleon hedge-fund's sri lankan head

oct 23rd, 2009

whether the insider-trading accusation is proved correct or not, rajaratnam is finished.

i suppose the mohammedan female figured that she might as well screw over the hindu even though she had made many millions working for him. ah, the wonders of jihad! there is never a bad time to screw over a kafir, right?

The “Love Jihad” – by Stephen Brown

oct 23rd, 2009

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From: Shahryar"love-jihad"-by-steven-brown/

The "Love Jihad" – by Stephen Brown

Posted By Stephen Brown On October 16, 2009 @ 12:13 am In FrontPage

To the "hard jihad" of Muslim terrorism and the non-violent, "stealth jihad" challenging Western societies, the oxymoron "love jihad" can now be added.  But this latest form of Islamist aggression has nothing to do with love but rather, like its soulmates, with hatred for the infidel and women.

The love jihad's modus operandi involves a heartless strategy of luring vulnerable girls and young women to convert to Islam by feigned love and promises of marriage. But instead of marital bliss, the girls unwittingly trapped in its deceitful web usually wind up in the hands of Muslim fundamentalist organizations.

The south-western state of Kerela in India [1] is the latest place where this perverse practice has raised its ugly head. Authorities in this state of 32 million are holding in jail two young Muslim men who stand accused of "luring" two non-Muslim university students with promises of marriage "for the purpose of conversion."

In court, both students testified the two men "trapped" them and forced them into converting. One told the court she fell in love with one of the men, a senior student at her college, and eloped with him. But instead of the expected marriage, she and the other woman were taken to a Muslim center where they were subjected to Islamic extremist propaganda.

The case has created such concern that Kerela's High Court ordered the police to investigate the organization responsible for the conversions, the Campus Front, which serves as the student wing of the Muslim fundamentalist organization, the Popular Front of India. It is believed more than 4,000 Hindu and Christian young women in Kerela have converted to Islam in the last six months.

The Times of India [2] reports that Kerela's Hindu and Christian religious authorities are so alarmed at this development that they are cooperating to "combat the 'social evil' which. . .is hitting their respective communities hard." It is suspected that college girls and working women are especially targeted.

"It's shocking but it is happening. Many Christian families are getting affected," said a member of the Kerala Catholic Bishops Council.

One report states the "jihad Romeos" in Kerela are given cell phones, bikes and fashionable clothes to accomplish their sinister mission. They have two weeks to find a girl of another religion and six months to convert her to Islam. If the girl shows no interest within two weeks, they are to leave her and find another.

For every conversion, the men also receive a monetary reward. The money for the "love jihad" in Kerala is reported to come from "foreign sources."

If a recruiter does marry his convert, he is encouraged to have four children with her. Some believe this capability to bear offspring is the reason why young women are targeted. With conversion, their reproductive powers are taken away from a competing religion and increase instead the Muslim extremist demographic.

But while the term love jihad may be new, the tactic is already a known one. In the 1990s, Sikhs in England believed young women in their community were being targeted for conversion. Young Muslim men looking for prey were even thought to have attended parties for young Sikhs, while pretending to be Sikhs themselves.

Sometimes, however, the jihad Romeos in England used a more brutal approach. A story in the Daily Mail [3] two years ago stated that police were targeting such Muslim extremists and working with universities against "aggressive conversions." These involved Hindu and Sikh girls being beaten up and terrorized by the Muslim men they were dating until they converted.

The Hindu Forum of Britain, the story says, claimed hundreds of Sikh and Hindu girls were victims of such vicious intimidation. Some even had to leave their university to escape their tormentors.

"Some girls are petrified because they are constantly being phoned up, having their door knocked on," a Hindu Forum member said at the time.

But the best evidence that this form of jihad has been in operation for some time comes from a former Muslim extremist, who converted to Christianity. In the book, Why We Left Islam, a compilation of testimonies by former Muslims who left their faith, the unidentified apostate gives a powerful account of his days as a jihad Romeo in Egypt who targeted Coptic Christian girls.

Like in Kerela, the former Muslim testifies that money was paid for conversions and that it came from outside the country. And the higher the educational and social status of the victim's family, the more money the jihad Romeo received.

Unlike in India though, the recruiters would parade the converted girl through the streets, playing music and waving flags, while yelling "Allah Akbar." The goal, he said, was to humiliate the Christians, especially the men, and dishonor their families in a country where the women are the family's honor. But such parades were banned in 1985.

All kinds of tricks, he writes, were used to convert the girls. From outright expressions of love and attending their churches to trapping them in moral scandals, everything was fair game. In this, the extremists were often helped by young Muslim women who identified likely targets, encouraged the Christian girl in the "relationship," and would even help set up the morally compromising situations.

While ruining the lives of others, the former Muslim states he thought he was serving his religion, since Muslims "were in a perpetual war with the 'filthy infidels'." He lived for three years with one woman he had converted, tormenting her mercilessly, while converting seven other Christian women during that time.

In essence, the love jihad is a form of demographic aggression. Like the "stealth jihad", which employs political activism to achieve Islamist aims in Western societies, it employs deception and is viewed as a useful tactic in bringing about Islamic world domination. 

That, however, is of little solace to the many precious young women whose lives it has destroyed.

Article printed from FrontPage Magazine:

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[1] Kerela in India:

[2] Times of India:

[3] Daily Mail:

[4] Image:

indian diplomacy: pusillanimous and pedantic

oct 23rd, 2009

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From: Shahryar

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lacking in aggression

Rajiv Dogra

Our diplomats are squeamish about striking an aggressive posture at international fora, especially when it comes to Jammu & Kashmir. On the other hand, the Pakistanis are belligerent and make their point effectively. As much was witnessed at the recent UN General Assembly session

... deleted

Freed scribe trashes US policy

oct 23rd, 2009

if anybody at the NYT actually read what rhode wrote, they would stop sucking up to pakistan

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009 

Freed scribe smashes US policy

Barry Rubin

Journalist David Rohde is no longer a prisoner of the Taliban, but Washington is still a captive of its foreign policy which ignores Pakistan's sponsorship of terrorism

When reality breaks into the mainstream media it can be of earthquake intensity. Such is The New York Times article by David Rohde, a journalist held prisoner by the Taliban for over seven months and finally released.

Rohde's conclusions aren't of much comfort for the Obama Administration, or for those who are naïve about radical Islamists, or indeed for his fellow journalists. But his honest thinking out loud should affect their writings and policies.

During his captivity, Rohde writes: "I came to a simple realisation. After seven years of reporting in the region, I did not fully understand how extreme many of the Taliban had become. Before the kidnapping, I viewed the organisation as a form of 'Al Qaeda lite,' a religiously motivated movement primarily focused on controlling Afghanistan."

But he came to understand from close observation as a prisoner: "I learned that the goal of the hard-line Taliban was far more ambitious... They wanted to create a fundamentalist Islamic emirate with Al Qaeda that spanned the Muslim world.

... deleted

Social Cause Newsletter - Issue dated October 01-15, 2009

oct 23rd, 2009

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October 01-15, 2009 issue of 'Social Cause' is now available at


It contains the following items



"Be the change that you want to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi


News - Is India marching ahead?
Indian-American Ramakrishnan wins Nobel prize for Chemistry
India scouts for lunar realty
Indigenous cryogenic engine ready for take-off
Software tools and fonts released for six more Indian languages
Indian women peacekeepers have set an example: Hillary Clinton
On Dashami, Jammu housewife kills jihadi with axe
Baba Ramdev buys Scottish island                                                                                            


News - Matters of concern
PM winds up survey of flood-hit Karnataka, Andhra
Endogamy made Indians 'vulnerable' to genetic diseases
Two million under five Indian children die every year: Report
World's one-third child brides live in India: UNICEF
India may lose $160 bn due to strokes, diabetes: Assocham-PWC
I&B Ministry, cops don't watch TV!
President's son Congress candidate from Amravati
India's preparation for 2010 Commonwealth games in Delhi are embarrassing
Pak terror outfits to push in 5 dirty dozens into J&K
Go to jail or join jihad against India: ISI tells surrendered Taliban
Two crore illegal Bangla migrants, 600 deported last year: States report
Terror toll in Maharastra was more than J&K in 2008
Naxal violence claims 2,600 lives in three years
UN set to treat caste as human rights violation                                                                            


News - Law and Judiciary watch
Kerala HC wants probe into 'love jihad'
SC moves Delhi HC over judges' assets
Rs. 50k fine, jail stay for drinking in public places in Delhi
Change of regime can be a ground for dismissal of governors: Centre
No state money for Churches, clarifies AP High Court
Madras HC for strict censoring of TV content
Justice Dinakaran's elevation to SC hits roadblock                                                                       


News - Foreign affairs watch
Australia to light up main installations for Diwali
Obama to celebrate Diwali at White House on October 14
UK Church removes power from women bishops
Fear for their lives making Pakistani Hindus leave their homes
ISI behind attack on Indian embassy: Afghan envoy to US
International firms to tap India's security business
India-US military relations growing rapidly
Al Qaeda suicide bombers new technique nearly kills Saudi prince
German publisher drops novel over fears of Muslim backlash                                                        


News - China watch
Anxiety in India over separate China visas for Kashmiris
India on the road to ramp up China border infrastructure
India seeks high-speed boats to tackle LAC intrusions
'Tibet' topples 'China' in Delhi
No Chinese, please: Delhi speaks payback language
India building defence capabilities like China: Antony
China will not be able to repeat 1962 now: Air Force Chief
Indian Army capable of countering Chinese military threat: Kapoor
On 60th anniv, China rolls out red carpet for Indian guests
China's new vision: Net-driven nuke weapons                                                                               


News - Environment watch
Gangetic dolphin is National Aquatic Animal
A small village in North East is India's 'green and clean' village
Cow dung cremations catch on in Bihar
Fresh bid for cleaner Ganga
India 9th in world tree planting
Now, photo identity cards for tigers
Aravalli mining can go on: SC
India generates 150 million tonnes of waste per day
Impasse over emissions may continue
India, other developing nations resist binding emission norms
UN climate talks end without any consensus                                                                              


Articles - Indo-China Relations
The govt has to be firm with China - Ram Madhav
We need a strategic vision - Ram Madhav
Time for India to wake up to China - Arun Kumar Singh
Chinese checkers - Gurmeet Kanwal
Stand up to China - Kuldip Nayar
Stand up to China - B. Raman
India should suspend work visas for Chinese - B. Raman
China's Mission Creep - M.J. Akbar
China's naval nationalism: Has A.K. Antony blinked? - C. Raja Mohan
India plays down Chinese incursions - Priyanka Bhardwaj
Why deny Chinese succeeded where we failed? - Jayshree Sengupta
Coping with rising China - K. Subrahmanyam
China's move towards global engagement - Rup Narayan Das
Neither Bhai Bhai nor Bye Bye - Dileep Padgaonkar
China's vision 2012 - Nimmi Kurian
The China one would like to see - Pravit Rojanaphruk
America is a pushover - Only Karma threatens China - Rajinder Puri
Communist China, predatory capitalism - Pranab Bardhan
A curious revolution - Swarn Kumar Anand
The China puzzle - Editorial, The Statesman
Growing pains - Editorial, The Telegraph
Report of a discussion on 'India China border - The current situation' - Santosh Pathak        


Editorial Comments
Sound policy calls for sound data - Editorial, The Economic Times
Challenge for Sibal: Can Indians in India get a Nobel? - Editorial, Economic Times
Under UPA vote-back dictates the course of law - Editorial, Organiser
America keeps pampering Islamabad - Editorial, The Pioneer                                                       


Book Review
Review of Amartya Sen's "The Idea of Justice" - M.V. Kamath                                                      


Humble Homage
290 precious lives lost in flash floods in Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh
Naxals gun down 17 cops in Maharastra
Founder of THP Institute of Research and Rehabilitation for the Mentally Handicapped passes away            

Donate to the flood victims through Chief Minister - K. Rosaiah, AP CM
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