Monday, January 07, 2008

Satire on two bit Christist preacher attacking Hindus

Ted Rall is a hardcore christist always lamenting the "decline" of christism in America. The "penniless wisecracking two bit preacher" Mike Huckabee is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame in the Republican primaries and is understandably evoking consternation among rational Americans due to his christist padre affiliations. There is admittedly a double standard in America, with dhimmi Yanks competing with their Indian counterparts of late in their genuflection to global Islam and rubbishing traditional conservative values. Rather than focusing on the double standards of the American liberals, this christist's poor attempt at satire ends up denigrating Hindus with all the usual idiotic stereotypes.

There is nothing humorous about it - it is denigration of Hindus, plain and simple. The ignorance and arrogance of this Yankee christist is astounding. And, as usual the Indian ELM idiots (see CNN-IBN article in the first link above) fail to comprehend Rall's convoluted logic. The fellow is lamenting what he perceives as "unfair" criticism of the two bit Baptist preacher, as opposed to the celebration of someone like, say Keith Ellison, the black Muslim congressman who recently took his oath of office swearing on The Book of the ROP. One can understand irritation with the latter case, but drawing cartoons of Mohammedans can result in consequences such as .....emasculation and more. So, what does the christist do? Of course, attack Hindus - a perpetual soft target for any ignorant fool to mock at.
Perfect trailer trash logic, wouldn't you say? Quite like the lynching of the poor Sikh chap in Arizona after 9/11 because he "looked Arab"..


siva said...

The beginning of the cartoon itself shows his ignorance. Fundamentalist Hindu? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

There is no underlying fundamental dogma that one needs to believe to be a Hindu. On the other hand a Muslim or a Christian have to believe in certain basic dogma. So a person who strongly believes in those dogmas of their respective religion are called fundamentalist Christian or fundamentalist Muslim. But when there is no central dogma that a Hindu needs to believe how can there be a fundamentalist Hindu?

Again this is a question for a thinking mind, not for bigoted morons and clueless pseudo secular idiots who run the ELM in India.

Eternalsoul said...

Hindu bashing seems to be in vogue these days with these ignorant rascals since they can get away scot-free with it.

Shahryar said...


Ted Rall said...
I was tempted to return to the Zoroastrian America series to tackle Mike Huckabee, but I realized that there's no obvious difference, even to fairly educated Americans, between "fundamentalist" Zoroastrianism and mainline Zoroastrianism. I needed a religion to compare to that Americans were familiar with, but that weren't typical punching bags, like Judaism and Islam. It also helps that there just aren't really many, if any, "fundamentalist Hindus" around.

Far from being offended, I expect that most Hindus will understand the comparison. If a Hindu with extreme beliefs were to run for president in the U.S., he wouldn't stand a chance. The only reason Mike Huckabee gets a free pass from the media for his outlandish beliefs is that he is Christian, and the majority of Americans are Christian.

I plead guilty to the crime of not being an expert in Hindu theology. Fortunately, this cartoon doesn't require such expertise to be understood in its proper context.

1/6/08 1:54 PM