Monday, January 07, 2008

Kerala christist discusses "Ethnic Indians" with Malaysia

LMAO alert - Kerala christist A.K Antony discussing the issue of Hindu oppression with Malay Mohammedans. The UPA dhimmis might as well have designated MOPLAH BUTCHER E. Ahamed to represent Hindus. Quite contrary to the hostile posturing by the Malays, GOI idiots are actually enhancing defense cooperation with the Malays, including training and maintenance for their fighter aircraft and submarines!! What next, Shikhandi MMS? Are we going to supply nuclear warheads to "Bangladesh"?

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siva said...


You are half right, it is idiotic to have any type of cooperation, let alone defense, with the bigoted Malays at any given time, but it is preposterous to have this visit and to have an agreement at a time when Hindus are protesting. This UPA is run by shameless bastards who will not hesitate to sell their women if it gets them vote and power.

On the other hand I do think A.K. Antony, correct me if I am wrong Rajeev since Antony is from Kerala, is a decent politician. I do not think he is communal or wears his religion on his sleeve. I do not think he is a pseudo secular either. He once famously accused the Church and Mullahs as organized mafias, on the same line as former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura. We need more people like Antony in politics.