Tuesday, January 08, 2008

WSJ.com - Bhutto Killing Roils Province, Spurring Call to Quit Pakistan

jan 8th, 2008

say, why are sindhis complaining? doesn't mohammedanism mean "submission" to the will of allah -> mohammed -> local mullah -> musharraf?

wouldn't it be entertaining if the first converts in india to mohammedanism decided they had enough of it and not only quit pakistan, but mohammedanism as well? it is pretty clear that mohammedanism has brought them pretty little, other than racism from punjabi pakistanis.

pretty good article from the wsj, thanks to manju.

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Fanatical Arab cult arrived in Bharat when Mohammed Bin Quasim defeated Raja Dahir of Sindh. Only Narendra Modi of all Indian politicians said assasination of Bhutto would lead to separation of Sindh (Probably Punjabi refugees like Kuldip Nayar hate Modi).

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witan said...

Atlantic Free Press | Thursday, 03 January 2008 A Grassy Knoll in Pakistan by Peter Chamberlin
“All things have come full circle in the mountains of Pakistan. The "great game" has been played-out. ... recent revelations by various neocon-men points to a covert US plan to eliminate [Benazir] ... Musharref [sic] seems to be laboring under the illusion that the United States government supports his efforts to contain the building political explosion, when, in fact, the explosion of Pakistan is what the neocon traitors have been waiting for. With big “events” come big opportunities. Bush does not intend to do anything to help him stave off the inevitable. Their aim, all along, has been to plan for the day after the catastrophic event, for the day when their real plans could be fully implemented. The Pakistani leader let their ceaseless warnings about the day after move him into cooperating with them, in allowing the new expansion of the war into Pakistan. The actual neocon objective, according to Professor Michel Chossudovsky, is:
"...fomenting social, ethnic and factional divisions and political fragmentation, including the territorial breakup of Pakistan."...”

Sudarshan said...

How many still recall Bush's post-9/11 "we'll smoke em out of their holes" speech? If I remember correctly, he said also one significant phrase viz. "... we'll turn them against each other..." or words to that effect. Whether by intention or not, things are certainly much like a fission reaction taking place in Pak. Time we sent off the Geelanis, Andrabis and other certified Paki agents over the line, they shouldn't feel left out. The fun has merely begun over there.