Tuesday, January 08, 2008

MMS says security of Indian diaspora is a priority!

What he left unsaid was that the sole priority for the UPA dhimmis is to ensure the security of the Indian "Minority" diaspora, in particular Kerala christists in the Gulf and Mohammedans everywhere like that Jihadi doctor in Australia. The security of people of Hindu origin would be the last thing on the minds of the Kaangress/UPA thugs. There have been several incidents in the recent past where the life and limb of members of the Hindu diaspora was imperiled in foreign lands, which offered an opportunity for GOI to prove it's bonafides.

The most prominent case, i.e. the brutal oppression of Hindus in Jihadi Malaysia was sought to be negated by advocates of "secularism". What signal does the UPA seek to convey by the minimisation of the "Ethnic Indian" issue and simultaneous augmentation of "defense cooperation" with their Malay Mohammedan oppressors? That the Malays are free to indulge in religious persecution of Hindus while the 3M thugs and their UPA enablers do so in India proper?

My B.S detector started beeping immediately upon reading this statement by MMS.


socal said...

First priority or second priority? Because Indians seem to be last priority for him, so that's out of question.

Does he loose sleep over the security of NRIs, all NRIs, not just minority ones?

habc said...

"My B.S detector started beeping immediately upon reading this statement by MMS."

I think he must have made this statement after he found out that Malaysia was kicking out all ethnic Indians and not just Hindus.