Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Local issues causing tension in Orissa, although conspiracy is national

This article by Ram Madhav on Rediff is an eye opener. There has been a sustained disinformation campaign in the ELM, the TV channels in particular about a "pan-India conspiracy" by Hindu nationalists targeting christists. Whereas, the recent outbreak in Orissa was born out of local feuds. If there is any consistent, pan-India thread in all such incidents, it is the element of christist aggression, intolerance and imperialism. The nexus of christist evangelicals with the lawless "Naxalites" adds an ominous dimension to their designs for enslaving India. They're clearly aiming to replicate their "scorched earth" policy from the "tribal" regions of the North east in Orissa, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Telangana etc.


Shahryar said...

Excerpt from Evangelists tie up with Maoists to create mayhem in Kandhamal

The Real Cause
The attack over the revered Swamiji opens the Pandora’s box of missionary activities in Kandhamal district. On the eve of Christmas day, the Christians made a decorative tent for the worship of Jesus Christ. It was forcefully built over a Hindu puja mandap, over which Hindus used to worship Goddess Durga. This misdeed of the missionaries was strongly protested by the local Hindus. It was finally turned into a clash between the two groups and the situation further aggravated when Pana Christians attacked the Kandhs.

According to the VHP sources, one such person promoting missionary activities in the area is R.K. Nayak, who after retirement from IAS has been elected to Rajya Sabha from Sonia Gandhi's Congress party. According to Swami Laxmanananda, Shri Nayak is a converted Christian but by producing false caste certificate as a tribal, he got himself selected for IAS. One can see a conspiracy in the fact that Swamiji was attacked in the ancestral village of R.K. Nayak. But Shri Nayak has cleverly clarified that he is not involved in the incident and he does not know who Swami Laxmanananda is! This statement of Shri Nayak is meaningless as even tiny tots know the revered Swamiji in the Kandhamal district, then how does this man of 65 does not know him? Among other such persons who are spewing venom are one John Nayak, a former DGP of state police and one Ijak Behera, an IAS (retd.). Both allegedly support the missionary activities, as they are converted Christians, revealed Shri Subhas Chauhan, national co-convener of Bajrang Dal.

“Demand for reservation to converted Pana Christians is the root cause of all problems. It creates turmoil among the Hindu Vanvasis. It is a matter of irony that even after having been converted to Christianity, the Panas enjoy all shorts of facilities meant for the Vanvasis,” said Sangh’s Prant Pracharak of Orissa Shri Ajit Prashad Mohapatra while talking to Organiser. “When a Vanvasi is converted from Hinduism to Christianity, he ceases his Hindu identity and as such he should not get any such facilities. In Kandhamal district, the government has no correct information regarding the real number of persons actually converted. The converted Christians also knowingly do not change their Hindu surnames even after the conversion. So they easily get all the facilities meant for Hindu Vanvasis. It is no secret that a number of Pana Christians have managed to get government jobs on the basis of false identification of being Hindu Vanvasis. It creates a havoc among Kandha Vanvasis,” Shri Ajit Mohapatra added with grave concern.

Suchin said...

why cant VHP/Bhajrag Dal or any Hindu wellwisher take a video of this incident (christians putting up a tent over a Hindu puja mandap)?

we have the free internet for us to show facts to the world. trying to educate people after the city has burned down is a waste of time.

do we already have the videos somewhere posted? please let me know.