Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The situation is out of control

The video is about negationist dhimmitude of "secular progressives" at work, in Sweden. But, the video could accurately portray the situation in India, accurate to a fault, with a few transposed images of Mohammedan aggression in India and it's dhimmi "secularist" enablers. An Indian mutation is the never ending Kaangressi/Babu refrain of "The situation is tense, but under control" as opposed to "Out of control". Otherwise, there is nothing to distinguish Indian dhimmi footsoldiers of Mohammedanism from their European counterparts, except perhaps their physical characteristics.


Sameer said...
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Shankar said...

Totally unrelated comment.

India closes down Missile program. WTF? How much more are we going to give up for a lousy nuclear deal?


Sameer said...

I seem to be making a lot of silly typos these days... 'Hindi' news media became 'Hindu' and changed the whole meaning. Deleting the above comment and re-posting..


This article takes a swipe at the Indian esp. Hindi news media.