Monday, January 07, 2008

Imminent corpse-worship of a 'saint' who had the Devil for a sparring partner...

jan 7th, 2008

haven't heard much lately about jesus (existence be upon him!) and his 13 foreskins. good thoughts by goel. thanks to k for trenchant commentary.

and what a pathetic devil! one would think he'd have more interesting things than to wrestle with some idiot padre.

i guess this is along the same lines as 'saint' somebody having orgasms when she sucked on one of the alleged foreskins of the alleged jesus.

truth by repeated assertion -- its efficacy in hoodwinking gullible christists is the true miracle here.

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From: K

"Archbishop Domenico D'Ambrosio announced at the weekend his intention to lift the saint from his crypt in southern Italy and put it on full view for several months starting in April.
"It is our duty to allow the generations that come after us the ability to venerate and best care for his mortal remains," D'Ambrosio said in a sermon.
"Padre Pio's popularity is hard to overestimate. A Catholic magazine once found far more Italian Catholics pray to him than any other icon of the faith, including the Virgin Mary or Jesus. Born Francesco Forgione, the Capuchin friar was said to have wrestled with the devil in his monastery cell and also to have predicted future events."
Reminds me of what S.R.Goel wrote about these practices:
What is still worse, Monotheism and the monstrosities that logically follow from it such as the saviour, the prophet, the revelation, the ilhãm, the church, the ummah, have been selling the most degenerate type of idolatry known to human history. Being dead to the intimations of immortality conveyed by icons of Gods, the monotheistic mind manufactures any number of myths about its all-too-human saviours, prophets, saints, and sufis, and attributes any number of miracles to them. Being bereft of any true sense of divinity, this materialistic mind starts seeing the supernatural in the dirt and dross of its prophets and saints such as the saliva, the hair, the shoe, the shirt, and the shroud. And this mind ends up by kissing and kowtowing before these dead objects in a surfeit of sickening superstition. There is a brisk trade in "holy relics" till the total number or weight of each relic reaches fantastic proportions, far in excess of what had really survived the prophet or the saint. Stinking tombs and sepulchers take the place of sublime temples. Less said about the slaughter of innocent animals in a round of so-called sacrifices, the better.
The monotheist reaches the limit of the ludicrous when he struts around as an iconoclast or a butshikan , saying that the false Gods of the infidels could not save themselves from his sword and fire. He secretly expects the idols to perform the same sort of miracles as he attributes to the saliva, the hair, the shoe, the shirt, and the shroud of his own prophets and saints. But if he is requested that his own relics be subjected to the same physical test, he loses his balance, shouts that his religion is being insulted, and takes to violence at very short notice.

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