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Indian Muslim's dilemma, Ather Farouqui: Times of India

jan 2, 2008

fairly sensible thoughts about mohammedans' self-inflicted wounds.

however, there is another culprit: the mohammedan rich. they want to have a lot of poor, easily excited mohammedans available who will riot at the drop of a hat, so that the rich mohammedans can extort more and more out of the government. and they want the poor mohammedans to breed like mad so that a) there are more votes, b) they remain poor.

it's people like the rafiq zakarias of the world who are thus exploiting the poor mohammedans and keeping all the benefits to themselves. they are the ones the mohammedans should rise up against. these, for instance, were the rich mohammedans of UP who moved to pakistan, leaving the poor behind.

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Indian Muslim's dilemma
31 Dec 2007, 0001 hrs IST,Ather Farouqui

Following cataclysmic events such as 9/11 and the Iraq invasion that followed, the questions facing Muslims globally face Muslims in India as well.

Of course, some of these questions are justified. They are relevant from the point of view of a fast-changing world where many in a community are blamed for being static, backward-looking and atavistic.

But many of the questions being raised are also stereotypical in that they seek to straitjacket Muslims everywhere regardless of their variegated conditioning. In the process, even those Muslims who have done nothing to deserve the epithet of being backward-looking are stigmatised; the fact that they might be as normal as others in the common civic space is ignored.

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Ghost Writer said...

It would not be so bad if all of them moved to Pakistan - some have still been left behind. This man for instance, was also interviewed by Naipaul in is Million Mutinies book.

The world is full of these types (and the likes of his father); proudly standing up to call for great events in history; and when history answers the man runs away. They run away from the partition to safe havens. They run from Iran as Khomeini obliges with a revolution , they run from the ruins of Babri which they called the very blood of their being.

The well fed among them who invent Arab ancestry - they are the people whose quest for identity is soaked by the blood of illiterate Muslims - and Hindus