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Indian PM and his Malayalee 'mafia'

jan 2nd, 2008

i wrote some time ago about the deleterious effects of a malayalee mafia at the center. the last time we had one (krishna menon, m o mathai et al), india lost tibet. now with the likes of the famous stenographer vincent george who actually rules the country, along with e ahamed the famous mohammedan, hormis tharakan the kerala christist who runs raw, and all these other worthies mentioned, india has lost nepal. and i am pretty sure arunachal pradesh has already been bartered away to china in return for... nothing! or to be more precise, the communists not pulling the plug on manmohan singh's chair.

bad news, bloody malayalees. either communists, or semitic-brainwashed by padres, or mohammedans. there are 30% christists, 30% mohammedans, and 30% communists in kerala. the poor 10% hindus are severely oppressed.

if you guys don't watch out, this is the future of the rest of india as well, although it may well be 60% christist, 30% mohammedan, 0% communists. that's the way tamil nadu, andhra and orissa are heading, and soon this will be repeated in up, bihar, mp, etc. as well, thanks to godman ratzy and the baptists.

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Indian PM and his Malayalee 'mafia'      

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Friday, 28 December 2007

(The Straits Times) - NEW DELHI - SEVERAL times a week, before he turns in for the night, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh makes a call on his restricted access exchange telephone.

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The man on the other end, National Security Adviser M.K. Narayanan, is usually still at work.

Alert to a fault, Mr Narayanan, who shuns meat and neither smokes nor drinks, offers his advice in crisp, matter-of-fact tones. Reassured, the Prime Minister says good night.

If India's influential classes are to be believed, Mr Narayanan is at the apex of a 'mallu mafia' that runs New Delhi.

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ramesh said...

Rajeev u deserve to be congratulated. I noticed that in India people are generally hesitant to criticize their own communities in front of others. Despite being from kerala ( if I am right) u have gone ahead and issued a warning regarding the chrstist "malyalee" mafia. Really admire your sense of being an Indian first.