Monday, January 07, 2008

Anil Kumble's Nuclear Deal

This blog usually does not dabble in cricket - but I have decided to make an exception this time. To highlight the Indian habit of accepting agreements in good faith that come back to bite us in the ass

It's the same with the Nuclear Deal that MMS has signed with the US. Interestingly, with abundant Uranium deposits Australia again stands to benefit!


karyakarta92 said...

Typical Indian trait of genuflection before evil - the bloody Aussies, a nation of convicts acting all uppity. BTW, cricket is a bad thing for India to be obsessed with, but it is hard to stay immune from the national disease. I happen to know two people on the team - one, a current star is a friend and the 2nd, a retired one is a distant relative. So, that makes me semi-royalty!!!!! Hey, christist
you better prostrate your stinking self at my feet.

siva said...

What good faith? Only a na├»ve will believe an opposing captain, especially a cutthroat like Ponting. Even then why Kumble did not go to Ponting and ask him to leave citing the “agreement” when he was standing his ground after edging the ball to keeper. Umpires did a woeful job all right but Indians should have stood up to the uncultured Aussie brats. They did not and surrendered meekly. Aussies did not deserve to win but Indians deserved to lose. It makes me laugh when I think about the coming blood bath at Perth.