Monday, January 07, 2008

Dhimmitva on Steroids

Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi on Sunday said controversial Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen should apologise with ''folded hands'' for hurting the sentiments of Muslims of the country, and hinted that her book ''Dwikhandito'' could be banned.
Everything is kosher to defend the tender egos of mohammedans.
Oh, sorry -- saying kosher itself is an affront.
This coming from a man -- an entire Government machinery -- that said Ram does not exist, but promptly kneels to kiss mohammedan bottom.
What a shameless brown-noser! The picture on NDTV does him justice -- he looks like a rat running for his life.


Shankar said...

This same Dasmunshi granted 3 crores to a school in Delhi. Reason? Priyanka's son was admitted there. Even ToI criticized him in an editorial. (That is surprising as ToI would normally sell that space).

Moksha said...

Dhimmitva manifests itself on a different front: Cricket. I know this blog is not about cricket but take a look at what is happening in cricket and we understand that these congress bred politicians will bow down to anything that is not Indian.
Australian cricketers(Hypocrites all) accuse an Indian player of racism. Without any circumstantial evidence, the Indian player is deemed to be a racist by a white judge based on the sy of 5 white players and Sharad Pawar of the BCCI (and erstwhile Kangress and now NCP) says that we do not want to spoil relations with Australia! So we will taken everything into consideration. Belatedly manages to save face in the media by taking somewhat tough stand publicly and assures Cricket Australia privately that the test series will go on.

If that is not dhimmititude then what is?

Didnt mean to change the topic or start blabbering about my cricket passion but this dhimmitude runs deep into our kaangress politicians and I wonder when will the rest of India become aware of this?

anand said...

Would any popular channel / paper / forum convene a debate calling the Muslim clerics to point out what PRECISELY is it in Taslima's writing that affronts them that they call for her death?