Monday, January 07, 2008

how to ensure the kaangress and communists don't steal any more elections

jan 7th, 2008

does this scheme make sense? anybody have more info? can this be implemented in india? i suspect there's lots of rigging going on, esp in communist-run states and kaangress-dominated areas.


ramesh said...

This is the "gorment of India."

In today's Hindu:
Antony in Malaysia, to enhance military cooperation"
Kuala Lumpur “is a cornerstone” of India’s Look East diplomacy in the defence sector

I suppose the Malaysian govt. can outsource activities like demolishing temples and dealing with the irritating Hindoos to the Indian army.

Sameer said...

Hi all,

Reading today's news paper was do depressing...
The first one was the height of Dhimmitude, PriyaRanjan DasMunshi's threat to Taslima and an inside editorial by super stealth christist Angana Chatterji (I have a doubt on her surname, somebody correct me if wrong). She was writing on the Orissa Riots, the version was so one sided, biased and coloured, one can clearly see who her paymasters are.
And now this news of the idiot Anthony... I wish the Malays also frisked him like a common criminal, like how the Russians did to him.
Also read about Mayawathi's speech, key points were ofcourse, reservation in private orgs for dalits (the paper used this, not me), reservation for economically backward in Upper castes, some other promises and 'Reservation for Dalit Christians'.
All sounds fine in her thing, except the last one.
I doubt whether she genuinely wants the uplift of SC as she is projected. I see her more of a personality cult (esp. her building of statues of herself and her lavish B'days etc etc) and her Amberkarite Busshism also carries questions, because they are more affiliated to Christists, and are different from the actual Buddhists who are wary of chsirtists and are more respectful of Hindus unlike these.

Regarding rigging, long mentioned in a post about 'scientific rigging' used by CPM in west Bengal, using the government machinery, police, babus, teachers, etc etc. Looks like Kaangress is learning some tips from its ally.

Arvind said...

I have a doubt on her surname, somebody correct me if wrong