Saturday, January 05, 2008

Teesta Setalvad on NDTV justifying Mumbai serial bombings

Teesta on camera justifying Mohammedan terror in Bombay. In the constitution of "secularist" fantasy, Mohammedans have a "right to riot", a "right to terrorise", a "right to rape and murder" in addition to the normal democratic rights, which incidentally Hindus are deprived of. In the past, I have defined Indian democracy as "Rule of the Mohammedans, by the Mohammedans and for the Mohammedans". It is all that with a license to riot, rape, murder and bomb at will.

This NDTV program is a few months old, but it is worth highlighting the lengths which the "secular progressive" dhimmis will go to in their genuflection to Islamist intransigence. In this case, Teesta's inviting "come hither" posturing for the benefit of Mohammedan terror is noteworthy. Thanks for the link, Kashyapa K.


Usually you will find that "psuedo secular" crowd saying that "Two Wrongs don't make a right" .

But Teesta Satalvad herself on NDTV has said that Bomabay Blasts of 1993 should be seen in the context of 1992 Bombay riots. She has said that 93 blasts wouldn't have happened if the riots didn't take place. She says we should took at the context on which this issue should be seen.
The video is available in NDTV website itself. She said this on "We the people" program and the website shows the date as August 5th 2007. The link is

You can also see the programs of NDTV by clicking in Videos in and then by clicking on "NEXT" to reach the "We the people" link. In this link, you can click on "more" to see the various videos of this program. The program is titled " Is sympathy for Sanjay justified? "



slim_shady said...

It is ironic that she urges others to broaden their memory and look for cause therein, but herself restricts her memory and reasoning to only surface causes and short timeframes. What is keeping her from seeking root cause as far as say a decade, century, or even a millenium?

Shahryar said...

Why isn't Teesta in jail for perjury?

Excerpt from The strange case of Zahira & Teesta (April 28, 2005)

"Now, however, it seems that the Gujarat government may have the last laugh as Zahira Sheikh accuses Mumbai activist Teesta Setalvad of physically controlling her from July 6, 2003 to November 3, 2004 and tutoring her to give a certain type of testimony in the court. The state government also pounced upon the fact that an affidavit submitted to the NHRC in the name of Zahira was actually signed by Teesta Setalvad.

When Zahira Sheikh turned against Teesta Setalvad last year and insisted she had not signed any affidavit before the NHRC seeking transfer of the Best Bakery Case outside Vadodra, the NHRC discovered that the 600-odd pages of documentation filed by Setalvad's Citizens for Peace and Justice, did not contain a single signature by Zahira."