Saturday, January 05, 2008

Brahma warns of the dirty Hans

You will sense a new urgency - and complete exasperation with the political class in Brahma's latest articles related to the Nuke 'Deal' and of course Yechuri's Chinese Masters. Pranab Mukherjee may have been singled out - but reality is that Sonia & Raul are the ones who really have it coming (as does Comrade Vaypayee)

Note the number of Han incursions - which the innumerate media never informs us about; 141 in 12 months i.e. approx 12 a month - i.e. 3 a week - i.e. nearly once every two days - yes thats right - China attacks India nearly once every two days!!

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KapiDhwaja said...

I wouldn't worry too much about China or any other country attacking us as long as Kaangress is at the helms. Afterall the Kaangress are the pioneers of "ahimsa" & satyagraha.

Incase the Chinese do attack us, they would have to face mass satyagraha from all the Gandhis and assorted Kaangressis, spinnin g their charkas & practicing ahimsa. That would throw those Chinks out. And most important, that "frail old bald fool"(thanks Shivaji) would be happy.