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francois gautier: update on FACT/call for funding

jan 9th, 2008

worthwhile cause, indeed. please contribute.

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From: Francois Gautier

Dear friends,

Here below a summary of what FACT is going on at the moment. Please pass it around, FACT has shifted into higher gear and we need desperately funds to keep all the projects going:

1)    We have started the preparation for a film on Christian Conversions in India with some indications by HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. It will be shot in Gujarat and in the Bangalore slums, with maybe some footage from Delhi. Should be ready by Feb end.
2)    We will use the stills to make a traveling exhibit for India and the West.
3)    We have completed a  film "The Trauma of 1947 "with testimonies of survivors.
4)    We will start filming testimonies of recent victims of terrorism (Varanasi, Hyderabad,Mumbai, Delhi) soon after that and an exhibition will come out of it.
5)    We are now doing an exhibition on Sikhism in collaboration with the President of the Gurudwara Committee of Delhi. Tentative inauguration: 25th Jan, New Delhi
6)    We are trying to also show exhibits on Aurangzeb and Shivaji in Delhi gurdwaras
7)    Big show for Shivaji in Mumbai on 9th March with HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and hopefully Bal Thakeray (if his health permits)
8)    Audio CD on Hinduism with particular reference to western societies. This is a big project and we need sponsors
9)  A film on families of killed/murdered military heroes. Funds needed
10) Aurangzeb exhibition was successfully shown in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. Next stop: Mumbai and MP
11) We are starting this year a new exhibit on Dara Sukhoh, or 'the true spirit of Sufism'.
 12) we have upgraded our websites. Please have a look:
But overall,as you know, FACT has an ultimate goal: To build an Indian Memory museum. No nation can move forward, unless it faces squarely its past. As His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of the Art of Living Foundation, pointed out recently, " the courage to remember, helps us not to repeat the same mistakes and to build a better future for our children ". We have got the land now in Pune, but we need funds to start leveling, fencing etc.

If you want to help for all these noble endeavours, you can help us raise funds, as we operate on shoestring budgets. FACT India is a registered Trust with tax exemption. If the donation is in Indian rupees, a cheque can be made in the name of FACT and mailed to Fran├žois Gautier, Auromodel, Auroville, 605101, India. If it is in $, £, or €, it can be made in the name of Fran├žois Gautier, specifying in an accompanying letter for which project it is meant. I will transfer the rupees in the FACT account which is Canara Bank, Pondichery a/c N° is 27147

 Take care

Francois Gautier
Editor in Chief La Revue de l'Inde
41 Jorbagh, New Delhi 110003
tel (91-11 24649635)/ (91) 9343538419

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