Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Victorian Holocaust: Hitler and Stalin were rank amateurs compared to the British Empire. So how come no one knows about it?

jan 9th, 2008

i have consistently tried to expose these monsters, see some of my columns on 'the predatory state' or 'europe's hypocrisy' etc.

but the 'eminent' unhistorians of india are not keen on talking about how it was christist greed that destroyed india's economy.

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It is finally coming out....


siva said...

Simple, victors get to write history.

As a famous African proverb says 'Until the lion writes it own history, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.'

But there is no reason why India has to accept their version of history but the problem is those who run NCERT are commie bastards and they have to suck up to their Christist, Islamic and long gone Commie masters. By repeating the self-serving history written by European Christians and Middle East Muslims in Indian classrooms what do we get? An “educated” population that hates its own civilization, history, religion, arts etc. Want proof, just look at the ELM in India.

Ekal Bangalore said...

Read the first few pages of this amazing book here.

Ghost Writer said...

What really irritates is that in spite of mountains of such evidence - even great minds like Naipaul think that India should be thankful to the British imperialists for bequeathing it institutions. These 'institutions' are entirely alien and unsuited to the Indian temperament and social conditions. The court system in India is a joke - and the legislative and executive governance systems are there for everyone to see.

The only thing the Brits 'did' for India was to finally leave us alone.