Saturday, January 05, 2008

UPA pandering to christist evangelicals in Orissa

For the first time in recent history, there are "communal riots" involving Christists and Hindus in Orissa with an elderly Swami being attacked by the Semitic bigots. Apparently, the christist population has reached a critical mass in Orissa to indulge in open rioting. This is a precursor to a full blown "insurgency" similar to christist Nagaland & Mizoram. NDTV and the other psec channels parrot a distorted story of christian "persecution" whereas local Hindus were at the receiving end, forced to flee their homes en masse. The prize dhimmi idiot, Shivraj Patil, whose official job title is the UPA's Home minister, making a visit to "assess the situation" deliberately avoids going to Hindu villages attacked by christist bigots! The very acknowledgement, leave alone mention or condemnation of christist bigotry is offensive to the evangelical brigade. Hence the negationist dhimmitude of Shivraj Patil, refusing to take cognisance of the root causes of reaction by the Vanvasi Hindus takes the cake....

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