Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mullahs in Afghanistan censoring "Hindu" tv

"In an echo of the strict religious laws of the Taleban era, the Islamic Council of Scholars won the backing this week of a powerful government minister in its campaign to get dozens of wildly popular Bombay dramas off Afghanistan's television screens.
After meeting the President, an Islamic council spokesman said: “The unrestrained programmes on TV have angered and prompted the ulemas [scholars] to react. Hop ... is spreading immoralities and hurts the sacred religion of Islam. Afghan Star encourages immorality ... and is against Sharia.” ..."

ROTL. For some inexplicable reason, the wise mullahs insist on associating Bollywood and Star/NDTV trash with Hindu religion and culture. Rather ironic that they should feel threatened by the likes of Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai. Actually, it may not be too bad if obnoxious Barkha were forced to wear a burkah and learn a thing or two about Mohammedan oppression of women. It was nauseating to watch footage of her visit to Pakistan on NDTV (to cover the Bhutto assassination), where she lost no opportunity to suck up to the Pakis, demurely covering her head with a purdah and spouting charming Urdu couplets: "Nawaz saab" this, "Begum sahiba" that... It was like all her unsatisfied urges for proper Urdu were being fulfilled in that visit to the "land of the pure".

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Eternalsoul said...

We dont see any less crimes and immoral activities in those Islamic countries even after all this strict control! And why are they harping on 'stone worship' repeatedly? Arent they worshipping and idolating the Kaaba 'stones'?!