Sunday, January 06, 2008

kashmiri emporium by other means

jan 6th, 2008

the fellow sounds like he's one of those kashmiri mohammedans -- who believe india is their colony. the name sounds kashmiri, like the famous 'daughters of the millet' madwoman asiyah andrabi.

if this blighter hadn't made it to the US, he'd be running a 'kashmiri emporium' (aka sleeper cell) in some tourist resort like goa or kanyakumari, allegedly selling kashmir carpets in a hot climate. (yeah, a lot like benazir's sunroof lever story -- you have to suspend your disbelief to work with all these mohammedan stories that the indian ELM pushes so hard.)

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A must read, see how persistent these "scholars" are!
-- S

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anand said...

Rajeev, the name of the author, Kaveh Afrasiabi, sounds Persian, NOT Kashmiri. Secondly, Asiya Andrabi claims to be of Arab descent, not Kashmiri, and says she is NOT a Kashmiri. Probably trying to position herself as an Ashraf, meaning from the original "pure" raider/ rapist stock than having a bloodline of the inferior victims whom the raiders raped.