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Fwd: 92% say -- Modi is New Face of India: CNN-IBN Face the Nation programme

jan 3rd, 2008

amazing, a kerala christist is telling some home truths!

maybe he is detecting a sinking ship called sonia-stan and attempting to be one of the first rats fleeing it.

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Subject: 92% say -- Modi is New Face of India: CNN-IBN Face the Nation programme

Modi's style
Varghese K George : Thursday, January 03, 2008 at 0000 hrs
Thursday January 3, 02:04 AM
R. Balashanker says Narendra Modi is the new national icon and election victories in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh have enthused the BJP cadres. "The huge, unprecedented reaction of the netizens to Narendra Modi's exquisite and comprehensive win is a manifestation of the hope it has evoked. Modi received maximum support from women and youth. He was able to marry his development record with the sense of security he provided taking his battle to the hideouts of terror modules and providing safety to life and property. He raised both the living standard and life of the people of the state. Sonia Gandhi's acerbic, shrill harangue, prime minister's weepy, dodgy, unsure skullduggery or Rahul Gandhi's road shows were no match for Modi's hands-on record of credible, clean and decisive leadership".

"The mood was most appropriately summed up in the question put out by CNN-IBN in its Face the Nation programme: Is Modi the new face of India? The response was overwhelming, a whopping 92 per cent said 'yes' . Such polls may not be accurate indicators of the public mood at the national level. But a series of other polls across the country before and after the Gujarat verdict pointed to one significant aspect: Narendra Modi, his style, his diction and delivery have struck a new resonance across the country. He has emerged a cult figure, a new national icon."


M.S.N. Menon writes on Islam. "The men who want to close the
historical process and pronounce the 'last words' of history are most
dangerous men. Beware of them! The Muslims were the first to do so.
They foreclosed the future of man. Then came the Americans. The
Communists were the latest... The books, alas, have turned out to be
less and less reliable today! But the peoples of the books will not
admit it, for to do so is an offence against their gods. No one in his
right senses will do such a thing. So they repeat the lies in the
books ad infinitum. But today even the Pope will not dare to say that
the Bible is the 'last word'. It is dangerous to say so after what the
peoples of the books have suffered from their first folly.

"But the Muslims are steadfast in their faith. M.J. Akbar writes:
'Most Christians might simply shrug if asked whether they really
believed that Jesus turned water into wine... Muslims, in contrast, do
not doubt that the angels of Allah helped the Prophet at the Battle of
Badr.' The only country where Muslims were exposed to reason and logic
was India, says Akbar..."

He continues, "Remember, the days of absolute sovereignty are over.
Nations and peoples have to work within an evolving framework of
freedom and democracy. Those who fall out of it will meet the fate of
the Fascists, Nazis and Communists. What is happening in Iraq was
bound to happen. The Arab people have failed to evolve the democratic
process. In today's condition, this will invite foreign intervention."


srikanth said...

Bibek Debroy, the erstwhile Director of the Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies at Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (RGF), says that Modi won the recent Gujarat elections on the plank of development alone.

In the course of his article (, he lists the various reasons for Modi’s success and raises some very pertinent questions such as:

Would a Congress government have dared institute criminal cases against more than 1.5 lakh farmers for power theft? How do voters trade-off assured power supply against these? Are a few farmer suicides more important than overall agricultural prosperity? Is populism necessarily popular? Does secularism mean rejection of religion for formulating public policy and neutrality across religions, or does it mean positive affirmation in favour of minority religions?

He goes on to say that mixing caste and religion in politics is the legacy of Congress, as exemplified during the deliberations on the draft document of the eleventh five year plan at the NDC meet held recently.

Incidentally, Bibek Debroy was eased out of his position at the RGF by Sonia Gandhi in 2005 for his report (see this- on economic freedom in Indian states which gave top ranking to Gujarat, although the report was not thought to be an endorsement of Modi's government. The disgraceful way in which Bibek was thrown out of RGF reminds us of how, ten years ago, she declared herself Party President, after locking the then Congress President Sitaram Kesri in a toilet with the help of party goons.

That is the vindictive and power-hungry Sonia for you!

sansk said...

the summary is that a CRPF jawan is suspected of conspiring/abetting the attack on the CRPF camp in Rampur earlier this week.

This jawan renounced terrorism and joined CRPF. Apparently, he was in control room on the morning of attack. According to his claims, he was sleeping at the time of attack, but could not satisfactorily answer why he did not do anything even after hearing gunshots.

socal said...

The Kerala Christist is quoting Organiser. The article is title view from the right. His other articles give away his "secular" leanings.

s0i0d said...

The Other Jihad: Islam's War on the Hindus

From 'American Thinker'

An interesting review of the book ''The Art of War on Terror: Triumphing over Political Islam and the Axis of Jihad''
By Moorthy Muthuswamy

rathore said...;_ylt=AtZrugmEEjbCVWPSoMykDv4XvTYC

Once again, Hindu stereotypes abound. Contact info for Universal who syndicate Ted Rall:

for, and

or call
(816) 300-6500
1 (877) 6UCLICK
1 (877) 682-5425

HAF needs to follow-up on this one??