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YUKTI PRASAKTI: conference in bangalore dec 27-30

dec 13th, 2007

good stuff from heritage. worth participating in.

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From: Heritage

Bangalore – December 13, 2007 :




Greetings of the season!



YUKTI PRASAKTI - A workshop that marks The Meeting; of the ancient and the contemporary, is a four-day residential workshop being held between the 27th and 30th of December 2007 at the School for Ancient Wisdom, Devanahalli Road, Bangalore.


YUKTI is a Forum started under the aegis of the Heritage Foundation and brings together people from various walks of life; scholars, performing artists, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, professionals, CxOs, and others; the common thread being a sincere devotion to reviving awareness and practice of the salient aspects of India's incredibly rich and ancient heritage.


The event spans workshops, seminars, and discussions conducted by practioners of these disciplines and include renowned scholars, guides for meditation and chanting,  musicians for deep relaxation techniques, theatre and dance experts and imaginative story tellers.


Faculty members for the program include Michel Danino well known French Indologist, Dr.Yellappa Reddy retired IAS and environmentalist, Kumaresh of the famed Ganesh Kumaresh violin duo, Priyadarshini Govind the famed danseuse,

T V Ananthanarayanan behavioural scientist, Shathavadhaani Dr.R Ganesh scholar of renown, Dr.S R Leela professor of Sanskrit, Dr.K Venkatesh Medical Director, NU Hospitals, Dr.Gangadharan Jt Director FRLHT, Prof K V Raju of ISEC, Prof Renuka Prasad Chairman dept of geology among others.


Founders of the Yukti Forum who include Vijayakumar and Vijayalakshmi of the Heritage Foundation, Prakash Belawadi journalist and eminent theatre personality, Jawahar Bekay Chief Strategy Officer of GCI Inc and a co-founder of Microland, K V Pradeep an India returned entrepreneur, the Gundecha brothers and Kumaresh the violin virtuoso feel that the mandate for Yukti stems from "the need to delve deep into knowledge centuries old yet pristine and in the present applicable to life today"


The event is a unique opportunity to participate, debate and learn about India's ancient systems and their applicability to modern living. A separate program is also being conduced simultaneously for Young Adults as the Yukti Forum believes strongly that if the youth of India are exposed early to the rich heritage and the practices they will be the torch bearers of generations to come.


The workshops would cover various aspects including talks and discussions on ancient Indian civilizations and the Ashtadasha Vidyasthanas that encompass both dharma and knowledge such as health and wellness systems, music and art forms, environment and ecology systems, ancient systems of astronomy, maths and science. In addition, the program for Young Adults will focus on an appreciation of Sanskrit, music, theatre and story telling.



Michel Danino says "Human nature is the same everywhere, yet different cultures impact it differently. Indian culture has unique strengths, which have been demonstrated in the past, and it holds keys that could help solve humanity's growing problems. But to understand this, you need to study Indian history at a deeper level. Unfortunately history is treated so shabbily in Indian education that young Indians hardly know anything about their own country and all those kept the stream of civilization flowing down the millennia."


About Yukti and the Heritage Foundation


YUKTI – The Meeting ; is a forum founded by like minded Indians from various walks of life who wish to explore avenues of bringing forward the knowledge of the ancients to mingle and blend with the contemporary mind, enriching it with a wisdom that has withstood the ravages of invasion and colonization and the passage of time -  and is yet shining bright.


The Heritage Foundation started in 1994 is a not-for-profit charitable trust established with the vision of "To nurture a powerful balanced inspired Indian spirit that will create Values in our living environment." Its areas of attention include our villages, the environment, classical education and the performing arts. Heritage aims to create an awareness of the vastness of Indian knowledge systems, their robustness and vitality.

For more information please visit our website or write to  or call us on 080-2660 4742 / 2662 2355.



Warm Regards and look forward to your interest and response.


Vijayalakshmi V


(Secretary, Founder Trustee Heritage)




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