Thursday, December 27, 2007

nayvashastra references

dec 12th, 2007

a friend wrote to me about navyashastra. i told her that i found the group dubious.

i remember that some honcho in navyashastra was given an award by a mohammedan group; that he appeared in a forum with assorted communists like vijay prashad and biju mathew (or clones thereof), bad-mouthing hinduism; and other such self-destructive/deluded, but, alas, standard hindu "all religions are equal-equal behavior", which of course the communists, christists and mohammedans take full advantage of.

much like that idiot swami agnivesh was bamboozled by godman valson thampu. haven't heard much from agnivesh lately, whereas thampu presides over st stephens, vigorously repelling any attempts to bring in reservations into his domain, because, let's face it, he doesn't want his hoity-toity college 'polluted' with lowly low-caste people. why doesn't agnivesh object to this?

does anybody have any references to this navyashastra fool being serenaded, given awards, and misled by the clever semites, and his supping with the sepoy communists? i don't remember the fellow's name but i remember reading about these and shaking my head in disbelief. how very typical and how very unfortunate. this reminds me the story of the christists convincing the priest at sabarimala to visit one of their satan's abodes... er, churches, which the poor man did in good faith. the christists then used a video of this to tell ayyappa bhaktas: "see, your priest comes to our church, so you should also become christists." typical. well-meaning hindu gets used by scheming semites.
so please send me any references, thanks.

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