Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mohd. Afzal unpunished 6 years after attack on Parliament

New Delhi (PTI): As a nationwide debate raged over executing the death sentence awarded to Afzal Guru for the Parliament attack five years back, BJP and the family members of the slain security personnel on Wednesday voiced their anguish over the "delay" in hanging the convict.
Nine persons, including five Delhi Police personnel and a CRPF woman constable, were killed by armed militants who entered the Parliament precincts on December 13, 2001. Afzal's clemency petition is pending with the President. As a mark of protest over the sentence being not carried out yet, the family members of the slain security personnel said they will boycott the commemoration function in the Parliament House premises on Thursday.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh when asked by newsmen about the Afzal Guru issue at Ahmedabad on Tuesday said "There is a rule of law and anyone who is howsoever guilty is entitled to the process."
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Shikhandi MMS is indulging in dhimmi obfuscation of the issue. The issue is not about legal process or rule of law. The legal process has been thoroughly exhausted and the luminaries of the highest judiciary in the land have pronounced their weighty verdict rejecting clemency for the Mohammedan terrorist. The real issues here are the obstruction of justice by secular progressives, lack of political will to implement the judiciary's verdict and the concomitant encouragement to anti-national Jihadi elements. The sight of GOI crippled with indecision by perverse secular lobbying, brought down to it's knees intimidated by the fear of Mohammedan rioting is an aphrodisiac to Islamic terror.

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Uddharet said...

1. The Hindu, like other members of the so-called Fourth Estate (Fifth Columnists?) uses the word, "militants". Synonyms used by this fraternity are, extremists, ultras, radicals, etc. Why can't they say TERRORISTS?
2. "christian" appears to be a terrorist sympathiser. One wonders whether he is a Christian or a Mussulman. I request Nizhal Yoddha to bar him from the list, or at least remove this particular scurrilous post.